Drinks With Johnny

After touring the world with Avenged Sevenfold for 20 years, Johnny Christ sits down to have conversations with some old friends, some new friends, and people of all different walks of life to hear the stories that shaped their lives and careers.

The truth is, we never really know where these conversations are going to go. Sometimes we play a game for some less than thrilling penalties, get lost in the middle of LA, and even just kick back to celebrate a holiday or two. 

Sometimes we drink, other times we don’t drink at all. From cocktails to health shakes, the drink is just a nice icebreaker to loosen up our guests for the wild ride they’re about to embark upon. Whatever it is you're looking for, we're sure to have it on the menu here at Drinks With Johnny.

So stay tuned, stay thirsty, and stay FILTHY AF!

A Saturday Chat with Tucker Rule
We hope you had a great Thanksgiving and survived through the madness of Black Friday, because we have a very special SATURDAY follow up call with L.S.Dunes & Thursday drummer Tucker Rule!
24 min
Life on the Road with Tucker Rule
It’s time to take a look at our current lives and our past lives with L.S. Dunes & Thursday drummer Tucker Rule!
56 min
Down & Dirty with Darby Allin
It's FILTHY FRIDAY & JOHNNY'S BIRTHDAY catching up with friend-of-the-show Darby Allin as he prepares for a match with Sting against Jay Lethal & Jeff Jarrett this Saturday at AEW Full Gear!
28 min
Fancy Like Walker Hayes
Grab an Oreo shake with some whipped cream and two straws because it’s time to get fancy like this week’s guest, singer & songwriter Walker Hayes!
77 min
Life with Louie Gibson
We're spending FILTHY FRIDAY catching up with one of this week's guests, Louie Gibson, as he prepares for the premiere of Manifest West in select theaters and video-on-demand TODAY!
23 min
A Sitdown with the Cast & Crew of Manifest West
This week we are making Drinks With Johnny history as we feature our MOST GUESTS EVER on one episode with the cast and crew of the upcoming film, Manifest West!
80 min
More Drinks With JJ
It's FILTHY FRIDAY and we're following up with JJ after this week's episode and the Deathbats Club Halloween Party + we make a call to M Shadows!
17 min
Drinks With JJ & M Shadows
This week we’re joined by a man who has paved his own path to success, JJ, and the return of M Shadows!
149 min
Golden Ticket Winner : Colin Klein
This Filthy Friday we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to celebrate one of our Golden Ticket winners!
49 min
Come Fly with Mark Tremonti
Let’s fly away with this week’s guest, the multi-talented guitar shredding & Frank Sinatra singing Mark Tremonti!
70 min
The True Story That Inspired "The Retaliators"
It's time for a follow up Friday, and we're joined by Monday's guest Michael Lombardi AND one of the writers of The Retaliators, Darren Geare to tell the full true story that inspired the film.
47 min
105 Minutes with Michael Lombardi
Director Michael Lombardi explains the premise behind his latest film, The Retaliators, and reveals the TRUE STORY that actually inspired the film!
112 min
Best Times with Mark Vollelunga
You know what day it is - THIRSTY THURSDAY! We're following up with Nothing More guitarist Mark Vollelunga as the band prepares for their upcoming release of Spirits tomorrow.
25 min
Turn It Up Like Mark Vollelunga
It’s time to turn it up because this week we’re joined by Nothing More axman and fellow podcaster Mark Vollelunga!
55 min
Pawns & Kings & More Myles Kennedy
It's Thirsty Thursday and we're catching back up with Myles Kennedy to answer some fan questions from Monday's episode.
27 min
Fresh Out of the Oven With Myles Kennedy
With the upcoming release of Pawns & Kings just days away, Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy joins the show to chat about the group’s seventh studio album!
82 min
It's Spooky Season
Halloween is just around the corner, and there's nothing scarier than a catch-up episode with the Drinks With Johnny crew!
37 min
Good Times with Greg Grunberg
Lights! Camera! ACTION! You may recognize this week’s guest from your television screens on shows such as Alias & Heroes, or on the big screen in films including Star Wars, Austin Powers, & A Star is Born - Greg Grunberg!
102 min
More Insight with Edsel Dope
It's Thirsty Thursday and we're catching back up with Edsel Dope for a deeper conversation about the NFL, glam rock, technology and more!
43 min
Live & Learn with Edsel Dope
This week we're joined by Dope visionary, Edsel Dope!
111 min
We Must Protect This House!
It's Freaky Friday, and we're catching up with Matt Money Smith in Kansas City fresh off the heels of the Chargers/Chiefs game from Thursday night.
15 min
Hitting the Gridiron with Matt Money Smith
Just in time for the kickoff of football season we’re joined by NFL broadcaster and voice of the Los Angeles Chargers, Matt Money Smith!
101 min
Still Unstoppable
It's Thursday, which means it's time for our follow-up chat with Monday's guest Eva Marie from the quickly rising band Eva Under Fire!
32 min
Under Fire with Eva Marie
Music is the language of the soul, and nothing could be more true for this week’s guest, Eva Marie of Eva Under Fire!
88 min
Back in the Ring with Brody King
We go toe-to-toe with Brody King for a follow up chat as we head into All Elite Wrestling's All Out show this weekend with a card stacked from top to bottom including Brody in action with the House of Black.
18 min
Six Feet Deep with Brody King
Darkness is upon us as we’re joined by God’s Hate frontman, and All Elite Wrestling star Brody King!
73 min
Follow The Leader
It's time for our Filthy Friday follow-up with Ray Luzier as he calls from the road on KoЯn's tour with Evanescence!
23 min
Lost in the Grandeur with KoЯn's Ray Luzier
This week we’re treated to a reunion of old friends as drummer Ray Luzier from KoЯn joins the show!
91 min
More Multitasking with Demon Hunter's Ryan Clark
We catch up with Demon Hunter frontman Ryan Clark as he gets ready to hit the road for the band's 20 Years in Exile tour starting on September 9th.
22 min
20 Years of Demon Hunter
This week we’re celebrating 20 years of Demon Hunter with the band’s fascinating frontman Ryan Clark!
90 min
Recovering From This Burrito I Just Ate
After slamming a burrito with extra beans & cheese, Suicide Silence guitarist Chris Garza hops on the phone for a follow up chat from Monday's episode!
31 min
The Resurgence of Suicide Silence
Founding Suicide Silence member Chris Garza joins the show to reflect on the roots of the band and the resurgence of deathcore.
79 min
The Best Friends are BACK!
The Best Friends are back, and this time they've brought some friends! Orange Cassidy, Trent Beretta, and Chuck Taylor return to the show with some cameos by Ryan Nemeth & John Silver.
18 min
The Best Friends Show
Ever wonder what it would be like to hang out with All Elite Wrestling’s best group of friends on the planet? Wonder no longer, because the Best Friends are here - Chuck Taylor, Trent Beretta, and Orange Cassidy!
103 min
It Still Ain't Easy Being Skweezy
Need some more insanity in your life? How about another 30 minutes with Skweezy Jibbs, who can easily be considered our wildest guest to date!
33 min
The Most Insane Skweezy Jibbs Interview Ever
Have you ever tried to visit someone in Indiana, and end up in INDIA??? If so, you’re probably this week’s guest, the one and only Skweezy Jibbs!
79 min
Celebrating With Swerve
With a history making celebration on this week's AEW Dynamite now in the books, we catch up with Swerve Strickland to get his take on the events that transpired plus much more!
30 min
Welcome to Swerve's House
You can just feel the stardom radiating off of this week’s guest, one half of the AEW World Tag Team Champions, Swerve Strickland!
92 min
Fuck Covid
Fresh off of a bout with Covid, we catch up with Lil' Joe Raposo to continue our chat from Monday's episode and get even deeper in the weeds!
37 min
Breaking the Camel's Back with Joe Raposo
Fresh off of Fat Wreck Chord’s Live in a Dive release, we’re joined by Rich Kids on LSD bassist Joe Raposo!
123 min
Golden Ticket Winner : Rob Baird
This week we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to celebrate our Golden Ticket winners!
38 min
Golden Ticket Winner : Devin Moore
This week we take a break from our regularly scheduled programming to celebrate our Golden Ticket winners!
31 min
Bask in Keith Lee's Glory
We catch up with pro wrestler Keith Lee live from the Little Caesars Arena as he prepares for the Blood & Guts episode of AEW Dynamite in Detroit, MI!
24 min
Feeling Limitless with Keith Lee
BASK IN HIS GLORY for this week’s guest is none other than All Elite Wrestling star Limitless Keith Lee!
87 min
A Mad Chat with Brad Williams
Fresh off of a flight from the DBC x NYC party, Johnny catches up with comedian Brad Williams for a follow-up from their conversation in Las Vegas!
32 min
Rock, Laughs, & Wrestling with Brad Williams
Live *not really* from Las Vegas we’re joined by longtime friend of the show, comedian Brad Williams!
86 min
Ramble On with Glyn & Charley Johns
It's time to continue our Father's Day celebration and GET BACK to the conversation with legendary producer Glyn Johns and his daughter Charley!
24 min
Get Back with Glyn & Charley Johns
On this very special Father’s Day edition of Drinks With Johnny, we’re joined by the father-daughter duo of Glyn & Charley Johns!
89 min
The Broken Brilliance of Matt Hardy
We're proud to present a WONDERFUL follow up call with Matt Hardy where we take a deeper dive into his life, the Broken Matt Hardy character, and what's going on in All Elite Wrestling.
22 min
The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy
It’s time to get extreme as we’re joined by one half of what can be considered the greatest tag team in wrestling history, Matt Hardy of The Hardys.
57 min
Filthy Friday with Das Rake from Ghostemane
It's Filthy Friday and it's time to follow up with Nolan Nunes after a crazy week together in Las Vegas for All Elite Wrestling's Double Or Nothing event.
30 min
The First Interview Ever with Nolan Nunes of Gh...
You may have seen him on tour with Ghostemane, or in one of The Hangover episodes with Darby Allin & company, but this week’s show bursts the podcasting cherry for the multitalented Nolan Nunes.
63 min
More Drinks with Doc Coyle
It's Thirsty Thursday and we're following up with Doc Coyle after a monumental week for his podcast, the Ex-Man Podcast.
38 min
God Forbid You Miss This Chat with Doc Coyle
The end of the world is here as we’re joined by Bad Wolves & God Forbid axeman, and host of the Ex-Man Podcast, Doc Coyle!
85 min
Things That Don't Suck with Russ Rankin
This Thursday we're keeping it punk with a follow up call to Russ Rankin of Good Riddance as he's on the road traveling to Canada for a few shows.
19 min
Thoughts & Prayers with Russ Rankin of Good Rid...
This week we’re joined by punk rock frontman Russ Rankin of the legendary Santa Cruz band, Good Riddance!
62 min
Johnny Wonders What Jeremiah Watkins is Up To
Johnny catches up with his new friend in Jeremiah Watkins to catch up on life since recording Monday's episode of Drinks With Johnny.
20 min
Double the Fun with Jeremiah Watkins & Peter Ba...
This week we bring you double the pleasure and double the fun as we’re joined by comedians Jeremiah Watkins & Peter Banachowski!
69 min
The Cinco de Mayo Podcast
Celebrate Thirsty Thursday with a very special Cinco de Mayo podcast featuring Johnny, our producer Sam, and Brando's voicemail!
27 min
A Prophecy Told by Ghost's Tobias Forge
An unholy union is upon us as Johnny Christ is joined by Papa Emeritus himself, Tobias Forge.
88 min
Digging Deeper with Mudvayne's Chad Gray
It’s Thirsty Sunday and we’re catching back up with Chad Gray after this week's epic reconnection of old friends from the road.
17 min
Feeling Happy with Mudvayne's Chad Gray
This week Johnny catches up with an old friend from the road, HELLYEAH & Mudvayne frontman Chad Gray!
77 min
Still Lost with Silverstein's Shane Told
It’s Thirsty Thursday and we’re catching back up with Shane Told from the road as he continues to tour the United States with Silverstein.
18 min
Getting Lost in the Ultraviolet with Shane Told
Fresh off the heels of their latest single release, Die Alone, we’re joined by Silverstein frontman Shane Told.
70 min
Down in the Deep with Masked Wolf
This week we feel like an astronaut in the ocean because we’re joined by Australian hip-hop sensation, Masked Wolf!
62 min
Whole Lotta Dean Delray
It's not Thursday, but we're right on time to help you kick off the weekend in style! We catch back up with comedian Dean Delray as he prepares to head out to LA's famous comedy spot, The Comedy Store, for their 50th Anniversary celebration.
19 min
On the Highway to Hell with Dean Delray
We’re back in black and on the highway to hell with this week’s guest, Dean Delray!
78 min
Still Shredding with Sophie Lloyd
It's Thirsty Thursday so we follow up with Sophie Lloyd to chat about Download Festival... and getting drunk.
15 min
Shredding It Up with Sophie Lloyd
This week we’re joined by social media sensation, cyber shredder Sophie Lloyd!
76 min
Cam Rackam Reveals He is Banksy
Mama we made it! Somehow, someway, we actually made it to 100 EPISODES of Drinks With Johnny, and there’s no one better to celebrate with than longtime friend of the show, Cam Rackam.
99 min
Does Ted Stryker Really Have a Tail?!
After searching through our recent guest's Wikipedia page, we discovered some wildly interesting facts about the voice of Los Angeles, Ted Stryker.
29 min
Gimlets & Good Times with Ted Stryker
This week we’re joined by longtime Los Angeles radio personality, host of Tuna on Toast, and close friend to the band - Ted Stryker.
69 min
Chris DeMakes Another Podcast
We're celebrating Thirsty Thursday by following up with Less Than Jake's Chris DeMakes.
23 min
Chris DeMakes A Podcast
This week we’re joined by podcasting pro and Less Than Jake guitarist Chris DeMakes.
78 min
Johnny & Jay Tell The Notorious Wheelchair Story
Fresh off the heels of the latest episode featuring Jason "Jay" James from Kill The Lights, Johnny and Jay relink to discuss how the band received the episode.
22 min
Biting The Bullet With Jason James
It’s time for a couple of old friends to catch up after not seeing each other for over a decade as Johnny sits down with Jason “Jay” James from Kill The Lights. The duo reminisces on the tours Avenged Sevenfold and Bullet For My Valentine had together, and the legendary debauchery that usually ensued while on the road together.
76 min
Even More With Mrs. Christ
Before they need to pick up Frankie from school, Johnny and Lacey sit down for a quick chat to discuss their first episode together.
21 min
The One With Mrs. Christ
Season 4 is upon us and as promised, we kick things off with a very special episode featuring Johnny and his wife Lacey!
89 min
Hey Bartender, Gimme a REFILL!
Johnny gives us an introduction to what Season 4 holds, and then calls Sam & Brando for their input on the new episodes.
25 min
Welcome to Johnnywood
This week we take a look back on some of our favorite guests to have ever graced the big screen!
77 min
Still Witchin'
Johnny catches up with Bobby Schubenski to chat about a Drinks With Johnny x Blackcraft crossover, live podcasting events, and what the future holds for Blackcraft Cult!
22 min
Swapcast: The Witching Hour
We mix it up with Blackcraft Cult as Johnny Christ joins The Witching Hour to give Bobby Schubenski and the world a masterclass in podcasting!
84 min
You're STILL Not as Funny as Us
Enjoy your Thirsty Thursday with some refreshing new chats with Taylor Williamson, Jim Florentine, Shapel Lacey, Zane Lamprey, Chris Porter, and Brad Williams!
118 min
You're Not as Funny as Us
This week we take a look back at some of the best moments from the show featuring comedians!
108 min
We Are STILL The Wheelblocks
Enjoy Thirsty Thursday as Johnny catches up with his fellow Wheelblocks members.
53 min
We Are The Wheelblocks
During the early days of the pandemic, an elite group of musicians came together to form a group known as The Wheelblocks.
51 min
Even More Avenged Sevenfold
Celebrate Thirsty Thursday by taking a look back at the even moments featuring the A7X family. Enjoy some UNRELEASED stories from Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, Brooks Wackerman, and the Drinks With Johnny debut of M. Shadows!
51 min
The Best of Avenged Sevenfold
This week we look back at our best moments featuring the A7X family.
76 min
Punk Rock Role Call : Part II
Part II of this week's episode features even more punk rock legends.
74 min
Punk Rock Role Call : Part I
This week's episode features a who's who of punk rock legends.
77 min
This is the End (of Season 3) : Part II
The time has come to finally put Season 3 (and 2021) to rest with our year end recap episode. Johnny, Sam, and Brando share a few drinks as they reflect back on the year, recall some of their favorite moments, and give insight to how those moments came to be!
58 min
This is the End (of Season 3) : Part I
The time has come to finally put Season 3 (and 2021) to rest with our year end recap episode. Johnny, Sam, and Brando share a few drinks as they reflect back on the year, recall some of their favorite moments, and give insight to how those moments came to be!
70 min
Swapcast: Peer Pleasure Podcast
This week we mix things up and throw it back to Johnny's chat with Dewey Halpaus on the Peer Pleasure Podcast!
73 min
Remix: Best of Wrestling
This week we look back on some of our best wrestling moments from the show featuring "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, "The Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase, Eric Bischoff, Mick Foley, Brandi Rhodes, Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Darby Allin, Chris Jericho, R-Truth, Tony Khan, Frankie Kazarian, The Godfather, Raven, Malakai Black, "Outlandish" Zicky Dice, Alicia Atout, EC3, & Madusa!
151 min
Throwback Episode: Brandon Saller & Dan Jacobs ...
This week we throw it back to our St. Paddy's Sh🍀tshow episode featuring Atreyu's Brandon Saller & Dan Jacobs fresh off of the release of their latest album Warrior.
103 min
Brantley Gilbert
Country superstar Brantley Gilbert joins the show for our Season 3 finale!
67 min
Daniel Warren Johnson
GLUG, GLUG, GLUG BELCHHH! Producer Sam joins us this week to share his comic expertise as we’re joined by comic artist and illustrator Daniel Warren Johnson. We turn the page and take a deep dive into Daniel’s work with both Marvel and DC Comics.
88 min
Josh Balz
82 min
Tech N9ne
This week we’re joined by Strange Music Inc. co-founder & legendary rapper Tech N9ne. The horrorcore chopper checks in from his tour bus as he travels in-between cities on the Strange New World Tour. We break down Tech’s impressive 30+ year career and get into some of his early hip-hop and rock influences.
64 min
Andy Black of Black Veil Brides
After a decade since touring together, I catch up with an old friend in Andy Black of Black Veil Brides. We get into the band’s latest studio release, The Phantom Tomorrow, and talk about the process of creating this album over the last year. Andy even shares some insight & spoilers into BVB’s followup to this record.
64 min