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Marvel Us Disney Episode 83: An R-rated “Deadpo...
Aaron & Jim talk about why “WandaVision” wound up beating “Falcon and the Winter Soldier” to Disney+. Then they hazard a guesses as to which high profile MCU member will be making a surprise appearance on this limited series
43 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 58: Why Kevin Feig...
On their last podcast as a team, Dan Zehr & Jim Hill pay tribute to the late Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in “The Empire Strikes Back” & “Return of the Jedi”
43 min
Disney Dish Episode 304: The Muppety “Mermaid” ...
In our main segment, Jim talks about the history of the Voyage of the Little Mermaid attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.
41 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 105: W...
Drew Taylor & Jim Hill talk about how many of the animated features are hopefully headed into theaters in 2021. Then Drew takes a look back at the development of Disney’s “The Emperor’s New Groove”
47 min
Disney Dish Episode 303: Looking ahead to 2021 ...
Len Testa & Jim Hill discuss the Company’s post-pandemic plans
40 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 82: Why Kevin Feige hu...
Aaron Adams & Jim Hill talk about how Tom Hanks believes that Marvel Studios may hold the key to movie theaters in the US reclaiming their audiences post-COVID-19.
41 min
I Want That Episode 12: Which Disney books from...
im Hill starts off this week’s episode by paying tribute to his late father. Then he & Michelle Valladolid look back at how The Walt Disney Company’s decision to shut down its theme parks in March of 2020 impacted McDonalds’ Happy Meal schedule.
50 min
Disney Dish Episode 302: Which Beatle really en...
Jim and I look back at what happened when a key member of the Fab Four stayed at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort back in late December of 1974.
45 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 104: Ge...
Drew does a deep dive on the historical significance of WDAS’ 1990 release, “The Rescuers Down Under”
42 min
Disney Dish Episode 301: Why Disney supposedly ...
In our main segment, Jim talks about the history of the Country Bear Jamboree Christmas Show.
30 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 81: Robert Downey Jr. ...
Aaron & Jim discuss whether a more appropriate title for “Marvel Studios: Legends” might be “Previously on the MCU.” They also reflect on all the Marvel-related news that came out of Disney’s recent Investors Day event
53 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 57: Disney+ goes a...
Lucasfilm-related news that was revealed as part of last week’s Investors Day presentation.
55 min
Disney Dish Episode 300: The secret behind Disn...
Len talks Spice Road Table and Jim talks about the history of Disneyland’s Christmas tree.
39 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 103: Du...
Drew Taylor talks about the worst kept secret in television animation. then Jim looks back at when Walt Disney Animation Studios seriously toyed with setting 1973’s “Robin Hood” in the Deep South.
38 min
Disney Dish Episode 299: Disneyland’s first rea...
Len Testa & Jim Hill describe WDW’s new character caravan, and they look back how Disneyland Entertainment director Tommy Walker made holiday celebrations look bigger & grander than
35 min
Wondery Little Stories Everywhere
Wondery presents Little Stories Everywhere
4 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 80: Holiday shopping t...
Aaron shares his thoughts on “The New Mutants," Jim talks about which actors are already quarantining for Marvel Cinematic Universe projects that are expected to start shooting in January
46 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 56 : Remembering D...
Dan Zehr & Jim Hill start off this week’s show by discussing how much they enjoyed the “LEGO Star Wars Holiday Special.” They then move on to talking about the most recent episodes of “The Mandalorian” as well as “Willow” casting news.
51 min
Disney Dish Episode 298: Park hopping returns a...
Len Testa & Jim Hill look back on the career of Joe Rohde Jim then concluded his series on the renaming / rebranding of Disney’s Dixie Landings Resort
44 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 102: Wh...
Drew Taylor & Jim Hill start off this week’s episode by sharing their thoughts on the “Animaniacs!” reboot which debuted on Hulu on November 20th. They then go on talk about how Warner Bros. decision to release “Wonder Woman 1984” to theaters on the exact same day this Patty Jenkins film debuts on HBO Max may change Hollywood forever
37 min
Disney Dish Episode 297: WDW adjusts its 50th a...
Len Testa shares the Cube Rule of Food. Jim Hill continues his series about the development of the Port Orleans & Dixie Landings Resort for the WDW Resort
45 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 79: Did Square Enix’s ...
The new “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” action-adventure game from Insomniac Games and an update on “WandaVision,”
46 min
Universal Joint Episode 42: How to get a pretty...
A look back at last year’s “Universal Christmas” event and some of the new food & entertainment offerings at the 2020 edition of “Holidays at Universal Orlando"
56 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Ep 55: What really drew Ge...
Thoughts on the first three episodes of Season Two of “The Mandalorian” and what really drew George Lucas to Red Tails
38 min
Disney Dish Episode 296: What to expect from a ...
“Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure” at Epcot won't open ‘til the first quarter of 2021 and a recent survey throws a spotlight on what the WDW Resort is considering offering to lure Guests back down to Central Florida once a coronavirus vaccine is readily available
66 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 101: T...
Drew Taylor shares his thoughts on Pixar's “Soul,” which will begin streaming on Disney+ December 25th
46 min
Disney Dish Episode 295: Is WDW considering a s...
News! And Is Disney World preparing for a New Year’s Eve event? And in our main segment, Jim tells us about the history of Disney’s Dixie Landings resort, and how re-making that might give us clues as to how Splash Mountain will be re-themed.
36 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 78: Get an early look ...
Aaron Adams & Jim Hill are joined by an extra special guest for their Election Night recording session.
34 min
Universal Joint Episode 41: Could USH’s Upper ...
Universal Parks & Resorts are now transitioning from terror to tinsel and why “Fast & Furious 9” now seems to be taking the slow lane to theatrical release
55 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 100: T...
On the 100th episode of “Fine Tooning.” Bob Hilgenberg shares his memories of working at Circle 7 Studios.
67 min
Disney Dish Episode 294: How soon might we see ...
News! Listener questions! And in our main segment, Jim tells us how Disney is supposed to tie River Country into the Reflections DVC Resort.
42 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 54: The truth abou...
Dan Zehr starts off this week’s episode by talking about “The Star Wars Book,” a DK release that he co-authored with Pablo Hildalgo & Cole Horton. Then Jim Hill reveals how an oversized prop from Disney’s “One of Our Dinosaurs is Missing” wound up buried in sand in the Tunisian desert
45 min
Disney Dish Episode 293: Is Disney getting rea...
Is Disney getting ready to close Fantasia Gardens?
63 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 77: Why are paparazzi...
Why are paparazzi staking out the “Spider-Man 3” set
42 min
The Universal Joint Episode 40: Bela -- not Bo...
Bela -- not Boris -- as Frankenstein’s monster
59 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 99: How...
How “Trollhunters” traveled from Disney to DreamWorks
41 min
Disney Dish Episode 292: Which Presidents visi...
Which Presidents visited what Disney Parks?
66 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 53 : What Rian & G...
What Rian & George both wanted to do with Luke
53 min
I Want That Episode 11: When the Sanderson Sist...
When the Sanderson Sisters went to the supermarket
43 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 98: The...
The road to Disney Double Dare You
44 min
Disney Dish Episode 291: Why doesn’t Shanghai D...
Why doesn’t Shanghai Disneyland have any indoor roller coasters?
40 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 76: How many limited s...
How many limited series is too many limited series?
41 min
Universal Joint Episode 39: Who did Universal o...
Who did Universal originally want to cast as Dracula
54 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor: Episode 97: What...
What happened to Henry Selick’s “Shadow King”
49 min
Disney Dish Episode 290: What would WDW’s Pixie...
What would WDW’s Pixie Hollow mini-land have been like
38 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 52: Get ready for ...
Get ready for Mando Mondays
41 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 96: Ins...
Inside Pixar’s “Burrow”
31 min
Disney Dish Episode 289: The latest on WDW’s “S...
The latest on WDW’s “Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser” hotel
47 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 75: Will stunt casting...
Will stunt casting add even more magic to Marvel’s “Multiverse”
43 min
Universal Joint Episode 38: How to stalk a sca...
How to stalk a scarecrow at the Universal Orlando Resort
56 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 95: Wha...
What will “Inside Pixar” reveal about Emeryville’s inner workings
33 min
Disney Dish Episode 288: What was Disneyland li...
What was Disneyland like 6 weeks prior to its opening?
42 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 74: Will Marvel push b...
Will Marvel push back “Black Widow” ‘s theatrical release yet again?
43 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Ep 51: So what does the St...
So what does the Star Wars The Mandalorian cereal really taste like?
47 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 94: Don...
: Don Bluth launches new animation studio
36 min
Disney Dish Episode 287: Why it took Ariel 7 ye...
Why it took Ariel 7 years to find a home in Anaheim
45 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 73: What happens next ...
What happens next with “Black Panther 2”
43 min
Universal Joint Episode 37: Epic Universe paus...
: Epic Universe paused. But for how long?
60 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 93: Which...
Which animated feature will Disney remake next?
30 min
Disney Dish Episode 286: How was Disneyland Par...
How was Disneyland Park different in the 1960s?
61 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 72: Remembering Chadw...
Remembering Chadwick Boseman (1976 - 2020)
26 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Ep 50: Why you really need...
Why you really need to watch “Red Tails”
39 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 92: “Over...
“Over the Moon” gets ready for its October 23 rd debut on Netflix
30 min
Disney Dish Episode 285: How Eisner’s cost cont...
How Eisner’s cost containment efforts changed Kali River Rapids
47 min
Marvel Us Disney Ep 71: Should Sony be learnin...
Should Sony be learning from Warner Bros. mistakes?
23 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 91: Behin...
Behind-the-scenes on Disney’s “The Black Cauldron”
48 min
Disney Dish Episode 284: WDW Cast Members assem...
WDW Cast Members assemble a DIY “Great Movie Ride”
39 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 70: Is seeing “The New...
Is seeing “The New Mutants” in theaters worth the risk?
41 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 49: Celebrating St...
Celebrating Star Wars Celebrations of the past
49 min
Disney Dish Episode 283: Are Disney World & Uni...
Are Disney World & Universal Orlando heading for not-such-a-great Fall?
50 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 90: When ...
When Disney went to pot to help “Fantasia” turn a profit
32 min
Disney Dish Episode 282: Introducing the Carou...
Introducing the Carousel-of-Progress detective
47 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 69: Get ready for COVI...
Get ready for COVID Corn (patent pending)
42 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 48: Remembering Wi...
Remembering Wilford Brimley & Tom Pollock
43 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 89: What ...
What will Disney+’s “Beauty & the Beast” prequel series be called
67 min
Disney Dish Episode 281: Disney World refines i...
Disney World refines its reopening plans
40 min
Disney Dish Episode 280: The significance of WD...
The significance of WDW’s deeply discounted 2-day tickets
61 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 47: “The Bad Batch...
“The Bad Batch” to make good on Disney+
59 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 68: What Tony almost s...
What Tony almost said to Thanos
39 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 88: Get r...
Get ready for Don Hahn’s “Howard”
48 min
Disney Dish Episode 279: What’s fine at Epcot’s...
What’s fine at Epcot’s new Food & Wine
75 min
I Want That Episode 10: Brushing up on Disney’s...
Brushing up on Disney’s “Mulan:
55 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 87: The “...
The “Popeye” feature that Fleischer almost made
46 min
Disney Dish Episode 278: What Disney did to get...
What Disney did to get WDW’s Magic Kingdom ready to re-open
70 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 67: So the Infinity St...
Joss Darn It
43 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 46: The Star Wars...
The Star Wars / Star Trek connection
58 min
Universal Joint Episode 36: Universal Orlando ...
Universal Orlando opens “Stuntacular,” lays off Team Members
54 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 86: Remem...
Remembering Kelly Asbury (1960 - 2020)
31 min
Disney Dish Episode 277: How Redd plowed the ro...
How Redd plowed the road for a Princess Tiana ride
51 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 85: That ...
Gad Zooks!!!
59 min
Disney Dish Episode 276: What you’ll see at the...
What you’ll see at the Seven Seas’ DVCs
56 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 45: How to proper...
How to properly start a Star Wars story
46 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor Episode 84: Remem...
Remembering Walt Disney Feature Animation - Florida
45 min
Disney Dish Minisode # 3: Disney Park Pass rese...
Disney Park Pass reservation system
13 min
Disney Dish Episode 275: When Disneyland’s Aunt...
When Disneyland’s Aunt Jemima was sent packing
39 min
Disney Dish Minisode # 2: WDW gets ready to reopen
WDW gets ready to reopen
17 min
Marvel Us Disney Episode 66: Untangled “Spider-...
Spidey Film Rights So Wrong.
52 min
Fine Tooning with Drew Taylor - Episode 83: Po...
Pocahontas in the Park
41 min
Disney Dish Episode 274: Which WDW revenue stre...
Which WDW revenue streams have now gone dry
49 min
Looking at Lucasfilm Episode 44: Does it have...
Does it have to be called “Star Wars”?
56 min