Center for Congregations Podcast

Your congregation is important. And we know that leading and serving in congregations is hard work. Join current and former Center for Congregations consultants Dr. Terrance Bridges, JC Campbell, Abby Miller, Shellie Riggs Jordan, McKenzie Scott Lewis, Ben Tapper, Matt Burke as they interview thought leaders and experts to encourage, inspire and help you find the right information and resources to address your congregation's needs. Center for Congregations staff will share what they're learning through work with congregations. Speakers, authors and congregational practitioners will share their stories and best practices to help your congregation thrive.

Religion & Spirituality
S6 E3: Mental Health Is a Team Sport
Rev. Jermine Alberty discusses the importance of training and community for mental health support.
51 min
S6 E2: Congregations Can Help with Suicide Prev...
Glen Bloomstrom (US Army Chaplain, Colonel, Retired) joins Matt and Shellie to discuss suicide prevention.
42 min
S6 E1: Breathe New Life: Finding Rhythms of Rest
Brenda Jank of Run Hard, Rest Well discusses a framework for rhythms of rest for leaders.
60 min
S5 E21: Young Adults: Which Ones Do You Mean?
Rev. Dr. Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes shares how congregations can engage with young adults.
49 min
S5 E20: Marketing: The Art of Knowing Your Audi...
Tyler Harden shares the impact of knowing who you are as a congregation and who you want to reach.
52 min
S5 E19: Wholeness through Brokenness
Dr. Nii Addy discusses how neuroscience can inform understanding mental health.
48 min
S5 E18: The Liturgy of Politics
Kaitlyn Schiess discusses her book The Liturgy of Politics and how congregations can better engage in political spaces.
62 min
S5 E17: There Has To Be A Better Way: Mental He...
Aaron and Janell Lane discuss mental health and how congregations can serve in this area.
47 min
S5 E16: Multivocational Ministry Can Be Healthy
Dr. Jessica Brown discusses the challenges of multivocational ministry and how to thrive in it.
65 min
S5 E15: Understanding Generational Differences
Rev. Dr. Marcus Carlson discusses how we can better understand generational differences in order to strengthen our congregations.
53 min
S5 E14: Focusing on Health, Not Size
Dale Sellers from 95Network discusses the specific challenges and wonderful opportunities of small- to mid-size congregations.
62 min
S5 E13: Becoming Culturally Intelligent
Dr. David Livermore discusses cultural intelligence and it's value for congregations.
69 min
S5 E12: So What Have We Learned?
Reflecting on the first half of 2023.
40 min
S5 E11: It Takes a Village: Foster Care and Ado...
Michelle Jackson shares about how congregations can support foster care.
65 min
S5 E10: Telephone Poles Passing by the Window
Rev. Greg Pimlott discusses self-care for leaders.
53 min
S5 E9: Hybrid Congregations: You Can Be in Two ...
Jason Moore spends time with McKenzie and Matt to discuss hybrid congregational experiences.
54 min
S5 E8: Laughing Our Way to Perfect Humanity
Dr. Jason Deuman discusses comedy and congregational life.
49 min
S5 E7: The Weight of Grief and Loss
Patrick Riecke shares from his experience as a clergy leader and chaplain on how we can support the grieving in congregations.
44 min
S5 E6: Ministering to the Whole Person
Dr. Jessica Brown joins Shellie and Matt to discuss mental health in congregational life.
54 min
S5 E5: Bringing Good Things to Digital Spaces
Digital Marketing Strategist and all-around great guy Tim Campbell-Smith discusses social media and congregations.
56 min
S5 E4: You Are Welcome Here
Shellie and Matt talk with Dr. Winterbourne Harrison-Jones about the intersection of the arts and congregational space.
55 min
S5 E3: Am I Allowed to Come In?
Marketer and Millennial Kaeli Sweigard discusses her path into congregational life.
44 min
S5 E2: What Do YOU Mean by Community Ministry?
Aimee Laramore joins the Center for Congregations podcast to talk about community ministry.
44 min
S5 E1: Conversations about Race are Hard
In this crossover episode, Ben and Matt have a candid conversation with the Shades of Hope podcast hosts Pastor Jeff Krajewski and Rev. Dr. Clarence Moore.
52 min
S4 E23: Ghosts of Congregations Past, Present a...
Center staff discuss what issues arose for congregations in 2022 and discuss what the future may hold.
38 min