Center for Congregations Podcast

Your congregation is important. And we know that leading and serving in congregations is hard work. Join current and former Center for Congregations consultants Dr. Terrance Bridges, JC Campbell, Abby Miller, Shellie Riggs Jordan, McKenzie Scott Lewis, Ben Tapper, Matt Burke as they interview thought leaders and experts to encourage, inspire and help you find the right information and resources to address your congregation's needs. Center for Congregations staff will share what they're learning through work with congregations. Speakers, authors and congregational practitioners will share their stories and best practices to help your congregation thrive.

Religion & Spirituality
S2 E2 Waving the Banner for Youth Ministry
Insights about youth ministry with Mark Oestreicher.
72 min
S2 E1 Wisdom to Start Your New Year
Navigating big changes and using what you have well with Aimee Laramore.
59 min
S1 E8: What Went Right in 2020
Bright spots in the stories of Indiana congregations with our staff
57 min
S1 E7 Exchanging Pews for Strollers
How listening well can help solve problems with Victoria Sun Esparza
47 min
S1 E6 Agents of Unity
Healing the divide in our congregations: a conversation with Bishop Tavis Grant II
38 min
S1 E5 Whosoever
Leading with conviction with Dr. Alton B. Pollard III
45 min
S1 E4: Kicked Off a Cliff
Grappling with rapid change with Pastor Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes
59 min
S1 E3: Do we have to hide our pain?
A dialogue between therapy and faith with Hillary McBride
65 min
S1 E2: Tapping into Experience with Tim Shapiro
Changes in Congregations over the Years
52 min
S1 E1: Where have all the young people gone?
A Conversation with Mike McHargue aka Science Mike
30 min