Center for Congregations Podcast

Your congregation is important. And we know that leading and serving in congregations is hard work. Join current and former Center for Congregations consultants Dr. Terrance Bridges, JC Campbell, Abby Miller, Shellie Riggs Jordan, McKenzie Scott Lewis, Ben Tapper, Matt Burke as they interview thought leaders and experts to encourage, inspire and help you find the right information and resources to address your congregation's needs. Center for Congregations staff will share what they're learning through work with congregations. Speakers, authors and congregational practitioners will share their stories and best practices to help your congregation thrive.

Religion & Spirituality
S4 B1: The Review - Learning from Mars Hill
What went wrong at Mars Hill?
22 min
S4 E1: 3 Big Questions
57 min
S3 E11: Ghosts
Exploring the ghosts of congregations past, present and future.
38 min
S3 E10: Gloriously Out Of Place
A Conversation about cross-cultural, interfaith relationship
48 min
S3 E9: The Joys of Evaluation!
The importance of metrics, analytics and evaluation with Kelly Minas.
38 min
S3 E8: Forced Into The Water
Post-Pandemic Adaptions in Religous Education
60 min
S3 E7: Memento Mori
Remember You Must Die
49 min
S3 E6: Don't Be A Clergy Killer
The Importance of Sabbatical
50 min
S3 E5: Who Are You? Marketing and Branding for ...
Knowing Your Identity In Marketing and Branding
55 min
S3 E4: Make It Personal
Multicultural Congregations
63 min
S3 E3: Worship as the Work of the People
Worship beyond singing
59 min
S3 E2: Never-ending worship: Where preparation ...
Unpacking worship as both experience and lifestyle
65 min
S3 E1: Stay Ready: Preparing to Prepare
A conversation with Aimee Laramore and Louise Jackson
63 min
S2 B2: Tips on Working with Tech Volunteers
John Stange provides tips on tech volunteers in your congregation.
24 min
S2 E12: The Value of the Enneagram in Congregat...
How to use the enneagram well with Leanette Pokuwaah
55 min
S2 E11: The Marriage of Mental Health and Ministry
Exploring how therapy and congregational leadership go well together with Dr. Christina Jones Davis
64 min
S2 E10: Storytelling that Changes the World
How we are changed through story with Propaganda
70 min
S2 E9 Rural Congregations: A Story of Pain and ...
The importance of rural congregations with Allen Stanton
65 min
S2 E8: Getting Schooled on Interim Ministry
Considerations when exploring interim ministry with Rev. Janae Pitts-Murdock.
55 min
S2 E7: A Primer on Racial Equity
The Center for Congregations own McKenzie Scott Lewis joins Ben and Matt to discuss diversity, inclusion and equity.
63 min
S2 B1: Basic Tech Infrastructure for Livestreaming
Pastor Bruce Colbert of Custom Sound Design shares information on the basics of setting up livestreams.
19 min
S2 E6: Fear and Anger: Christian Nationalism am...
Research findings about Christian Nationalism among young people in America with Michael Rotolo.
66 min
S2 E5: Courting Justice
The unique challenges and opportunities of leading multi-cultural and multi-lingual congregations with Pastor Bere Gil Soto.
64 min
S2 E4: Bring Your Whole Self
Creating Trauma Informed Communities with Dr. Alma Zaragoza-Petty
54 min
S2 E3: Tech: It's Not as Complicated as You Think
Congregations and audio/visual technology with Pastor John Girton
54 min