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The Double Pivot: Soccer analysis, an...
<p>Soccer analysis, analytics, and commentary with hosts Mike Goodman and Michael Caley</p>
Emery Out
the state of the top four race
51 min
the narrative cannot be denied
52 min
Spurs' Mourinho era begins
This can only end well.
56 min
What cost City against Liverpool
No, it wasn't handballs.
52 min
Why Liverpool vs. City might get weird
Plus, there may be no races for places in the Premier League this year.
54 min
Unpacking everything from Liverpool vs. Spurs
There was a whole lot going on at Anfield.
55 min
The Premier League is bad
It has not been an inspiring first few months in England.
59 min
Statsbomb Conference Pod
65 min
Checking in on the early season narratives
51 min
Giant Weirdo Grab Bag, Part 1
There's too much going on to organize any of these topics in some clean format this week, so you're just getting it all, in no specific order.
55 min
Teaser: Champions League (P)review
1 min
City Lost Pod
55 min
Soccer and Stuff with Astead Herndon
45 min
Comeback Weekend Chaos
It was a good weekend for the highly unlikely.
57 min
Around the Premier League
games games games games
51 min
Looking back and ahead in the Premier League, a...
Three big matches in the premier league, and one coming up this weekend. And an Italian team. Because.
59 min
Premier League Week 1
featuring some of your questions
63 min
Teaser: Deadline Day Roundup
1 min
Premier League Preview Extravaganza-eleganza Pa...
A preview with no coherent structure other than all the teams will be covered.
67 min
Liverpool and Brooklyn Politics
59 min
The Tale of Mauro Icardi
Salacious Gossip Pod Returns
50 min
Transfers a-go-go with a-Goodman
50 min
Arsenal and Barcelona with Zito Madu
56 min
71 min
Around the World Cup with Meg and Michael
39 min
15 min
Getting Ready for the Knockouts with Julie Foudy
Women's World Cup roundup and a big time guest
40 min
The World Cup Begins!
USA wins by a lot, other teams win by less!
30 min
Teaser: Transferpod
1 min
Women's World Cup Preview (with Meg Linehan)
Double Pivot's new WWC correspondent takes us through the groups
50 min
Champions League Final Preview
55 min
Serie A and Broader Questions of Ethics Related...
55 min
Premier League Teams' Players of the Year, Pt. 1
Searching for the standout player for each of the 20 clubs.
57 min
The Best Champions League Matches Ever, Pt 1
56 min
The Great Gackening of 2019
Does anybody want to win soccer games anymore?
53 min
Teaser: Previewing a Big Week in Europe
2 min
There's A LOT going on in England's Top 4 and 7...
It's time for another episode of Deep Blue Something.
59 min
Teaser: Champions League
2 min
Liverpool top Chelsea, Arsenal survive Watford ...
Mo Salah hits a thunderbastard and Troy Deeney did not get away with a bad idea.
52 min
Everton-Arsenal, Deulofeu's magic, Liverpool & ...
It's a whole mess of soccer in this weeks' Everton-themed pod.
53 min
What to take from recent Liverpool, Spurs and U...
The results haven't necessarily reflected the performances.
58 min
Surprises of the season, Pt. 1
For better or worse, reality hasn't aligned with August expectations for some squads.
53 min
International breaks were made for mailbags
Answering your non-international friendly-related questions!
59 min
Regression and the battle for Top 4 in England
What does regression look like and which PL teams are suffering from it?
50 min
Two draws, infinite chaos from weekend derbies
Four kinds of spin from two somewhat underwhelming rivalry matches.
60 min
No Goals, One Podcast
There weren't any goals in the big games but we still have stuff to pod about
51 min
Teaser: Champions League Stat Takes
1 min
Chelsea's continued stumble and the relegation ...
Breaking down the problems at Stamford Bridge and looking at a six-team fight for survival.
59 min
The Title Race Tightens
Liverpool drop more points as City cruise to back-to-back wins.
61 min
The Return of the Premier League Crisis Conch!
Breaking down which of the Premier League's top six teams currently have the most worrying issues.
59 min
Where did the Premier League cpme from and wher...
an interview with Jonathan Clegg
54 min
Teaser: Stats in Germany and Italy
1 min
Everyone's injured and David Wagner's gone
Assessing the severity of some key absences in the Top 4, and the actual abilities of Huddersfield's former manager.
61 min
Teaser: The Rest of the Non Top 6 Eleven
1 min
Spurs-Chelsea fallout, Real Madrid is bad & Non...
Do the Blues need a striker? How screwed are the Galacticos? How awesome is Felipe Anderson?
51 min
Teaser: La Liga, Mailbag and a new feature
1 min
City - Liverpool - Pulisic
two big stories... one big pod
62 min
Teaser: Premier League Title Race!?!?
1 min
65 min
Football and Race, Chelsea and Man City, Relega...
A grab bag of topics of varying degrees of seriousness
58 min
Sadness Derby I: Caley Edition
but, he's in paradise, so joke's on you
46 min
Special Edition with Brenda Elsey: The Copa Lib...
50 min
What are we doing here, exactly?
The quest to understand what advanced analytics and metrics are trying to accomplish and why and how.
56 min
Der Klassiker's chaos and Manchester United's woes
The things we learned about the Bundesliga, and the things we can't figure out about the Red Devils.
58 min
Teaser: European Super League
It's all the rage right now, so what exactly is this proposal really all about?
1 min
Real Madrid from all angles
Tactical analysis takes a back seat
56 min
Teaser: Champions League Rankings
1 min
What Makes a Team Better? Or Worse?
Methods of evaluating the most basic things that are actually kind of complicated
55 min
Super Extraordinary International Break Mailbag...
You asked. Two Mikes answered.
60 min
Fixer Upper, except with European soccer superp...
The heck is wrong with Europe's elite clubs so far this season?
56 min
Soccer and #MeToo, the allegations against Cris...
53 min
Teaser: More stats!
2 min
Stats around the Premier League
57 min
Teaser: A big week for Spurs, Liverpool and Man...
We got our first defining week of the season for three of England's biggest clubs.
1 min
Examining the Premier League's known unknowns
A handful of clubs are developing new identities or straying from old ones — how's that going for them?
62 min
A quick glance across Europe as we come out of ...
Which teams are off to great starts, and which are already in trouble after the season's first few weeks?
55 min
Teaser: Around the Premier League
2 min
So, uh, about that Manchester United vs. Spurs ...
What are the odds things get better from here for Jose Mourinho and his men?
61 min
Recapping Chelsea vs. Arsenal and then it's mai...
What can we learn from the second match of the season between two rapidly changing squads?
62 min
Previewing La Liga and recapping Arsenal vs. City
Two clubs with different looks in Madrid, Barca out front, and lots of other intrigue.
57 min
Premier League Preview Part 3
58 min
Premier League Preview Part 2 (Teaser)
1 min
Premier League Preview Part 1 (of 4!)
62 min
Mailbag Part 1: Why don't United and Spurs just...
Plus: Jack Grealish to Spurs – useful signing?
57 min
The Quarterfinals
55 min
France to Brazil: Breaking down the matches fro...
Being on this side is no fun, but it's been a lot more fun for those watching.
57 min
Teaser: World Cup Mailbag
2 min
How World Cup teams are faring as the group sta...
Argentina somehow got through, and the favorites all look flawed in their own ways.
58 min
Who's up and who's down at the world cup?
63 min
World Cup Preview Blowout Part 1
The FIFA World Cup is finally here, and the two Mikes have their predictions ready.
54 min
Fantasy Draft
58 min
Not a Teaser: World Cup Previews
50 min
EMERGENCY POD: Mark Hughes Edition
1 min
Teaser: Champions League Final
1 min
The managerial carousel is spinning, and revisi...
Breaking down the fit of the new faces at the helm of noteworthy clubs.
60 min
Teaser: Ted Knutsen Interview
2 min
Europa and F.A. Cup Final previews
Four very weird teams battle for two trophies.
56 min
Teaser: Subscriber mailbag
1 min
How Spurs and Liverpool stumbled to the finish ...
Plus, if Chelsea comes up short, how does the future look at Stamford Bridge?
58 min
Teaser: Exciting CL clashes to chase away those...
We have our two European finals, but we didn't get the same kind of shows to set them up.
1 min
Takes Across Europe
58 min
Teaser: So much Europe
1 min
Spurs are frauds, but at least Serie A just got...
Was the F.A. Cup semifinal loss another defining moment in a dying era for Tottenham Hotspur?
59 min
Teaser: FA Cup Preview
1 min
Is the relegation battle in the Premier League ...
It would take an epic combination of a run and collapse — but it's possible.
56 min
Teaser: Sevilla-Bayern and three others games
Champions League got good, we got into it
1 min
Failurepod: City and Barcelona
City and Barcelona are title winners and today they're losers. What's it all mean?
58 min
Teaser: Champions League Pep Talk
2 min
The Premier League is good and the Bundesliga I...
yeah you heard us
60 min
Explaining xGChain, evaluating defensive midfie...
This week's episode is all about the listeners, and features a special announcement to kick things off.
68 min
International Breakdown
no really we talk about international football
59 min
Is it time to question whether Mourinho's style...
It's everybody's favorite manic game of analysis. It's all the rage.
59 min
The Triumph of Basic Football (and also Juventus)
Barca-Atleti, Barca-Chelsea, and ugh Spurs-Juventus
41 min
Parsing through an extremely deep relegation ba...
Just 12 points separate the bottom 10 teams in England's top flight.
81 min
It's raining tennis balls in the Bundesliga!
Checking in on the Top 4 race in Germany and breaking down Chelsea vs. Barcelona.
72 min
The chaos that was Juve vs. Spurs, and a big pi...
Controversial calls, a crazy atmosphere and...the end of Juve's run?
63 min
Recapping Liverpool vs. Spurs by talking about ...
Why talk about two exciting clubs when you can instead talk about the interpretation of rules?
47 min
Examining the transfer window on the eve of it ...
Which moves have made sense, which haven't and which still could.
57 min
Advanced Studies in Wrongness
The Crisis Conch Blows for the Double Pivot
52 min
Return of the crisis conch: Chelsea, Arsenal an...
With previous conch holders now in calmer waters, it's time to examine their somewhat teetering compatriots.
55 min
Celebrating an oddly exciting January transfer ...
Coutinho, VVD, Alexis and MYSTERY PLAYERS.
62 min
Is there a right way to be a fan?
A Twitter debate revolving around soccer fandom spills over into this week's podcast.
64 min
Shouldn't Manchester United be better, and will...
Jose Mourinho's got excuses, but is anyone buying them?
60 min
The Champions League draw, the crisis conch and...
61 min
The Champions League final 16 are set, so who's...
Coming to you from New York, it's two Mikes sitting around a kitchen table, talking soccer.
60 min
Understanding why Burnley don't break expected ...
Sean Dyche's squad seems to possess a black magic that confuses the computers, sort of.
60 min
The Champions League is boring right now, so le...
Deep dives on the North London derby and Manchester City's tactics.
48 min
Who's the seventh-best team in the Premier League?
Also, how'd all those assessments last week of the Bundesliga work out?
49 min
Is there something wrong with Dortmund and Real...
The two Mikes take a break from Premier League talk to take a look around the rest of Europe.
64 min
Spurs rejoice while the two Merseyside clubs ar...
Things are looking up for Tottenham Hotspur while the two clubs in Liverpool hyperventilate.
62 min
Previewing Liverpool vs. Spurs and worrying abo...
Few managers are as much fun to watch match wits as Klopp and Pochettino, so buckle up.
63 min
Everything is the worst, but can it be fixed?
It took a lot of crazy things to happen for the USMNT to miss the World Cup, but here we are. What's next?
57 min
How injuries may end up affecting the Premier L...
Plus, you know, more about whether Liverpool should be panicking after another weird performance.
58 min
Talking Juventus, Real Madrid and Arsenal with ...
When all of your favorite teams are this interesting, there is no shortage of talking points.
55 min
Everton's mess, the Manchester title race and L...
Checking in on league narratives that seem to change with every result thus far in the young season.
49 min
Palace does a very Palace thing, what we learne...
Also, Spurs looked different and it made all the difference against Dortmund.
58 min
Discussing Arsenal, FIFA, doping & more with Aa...
Can a parallel be drawn between Arsene Wenger and the Simpsons? Is FIFA bad? Was Job a nihilist? This podcast has it all.
68 min
What the heck happened with the current transfe...
All that money from Qatar sure has made a mess.
55 min
Tottenham Hotspur's Serge Aurier problem
The two Mikes get serious about a transfer rumor before turning to two of the weekend's key EPL matches.
50 min
Did the opening fixtures confirm your EPL top 7...
Snap judgments after one week in England, plus speculating on the 2017-18 title races elsewhere in Europe.
61 min
EPL Preview Part 2: The Double Pivot Preseason ...
We're kicking off the 2017-18 season with a two-part blowout preview!
57 min
EPL Preview Part 1: Where will every club finish?
We're kicking off the 2017-18 season with a two-part blowout preview!
68 min
Is this Neymar deal for real? Plus, what the Pr...
Will PSG become a Champions League favorite with his addition, and what the heck will Barcelona do?
59 min
Who's ready for more mailbag? Because we've got...
From Giroud's underrated-ness to the future of sports on TV, our listeners ask the best questions.
65 min
Summer Transfer Mailbag!
The two Mikes take your transfer questions, turn them into larger questions, and then get back to the point.
60 min
Extreme nerding out over expected goals
With good soccer options limited, it's time to do an analytics deep dive.
58 min
Reconciling love for the game with the complica...
Plus, a quick recap of the USMNT-Mexico draw at the Azteca.
52 min
A closer look at where the USMNT stands in WC q...
Bruce Arena has fixed everything, right? RIGHT?
60 min
Real Madrid won the Champions League, and thus ...
Also, that Sergio Ramos guy is a good sport.
64 min
Previewing the Europa League final with Priya R...
The two Mikes chat with the Ajax expert ahead of Wednesday's clash with Manchester United.
57 min
The worst predictions the Double Pivot made thi...
When it comes to analytics, there are two kinds of wrong. We'll explain.
58 min
Who is the worst player getting minutes on a To...
The two Mikes answer more listener questions than ever before because, quite simply, their listeners are awesome.
62 min
The Champions League semifinals are suddenly bo...
Since teams don't come back from big deficits in the Champions League, there's nothing to talk about, right?
54 min
Breaking down huge matches in Manchester and Ma...
Two showdowns. Only one delivered.
61 min
Have Monaco proven they're good enough to win t...
Plus, the magic of the F.A. Cup! No, seriously!
54 min
The fine margins exposed by this week's Champio...
One red card may have decided whether Bayern or Real Madrid has a successful season.
54 min
The top 4 race tightens, but has anything changed?
Chelsea has a stranglehold on first, Spurs are quietly secure, and Liverpool and Arsenal are confusing.
65 min
Pulisic or Dele Alli? It's mailbag time!
In the first of two Double Pivots this week, the Two Mikes answer listener questions.
53 min
Hot takes! Come and get 'em!
The Two Mikes had extremely controversial opinions (not really) that set Twitter ablaze.
59 min
Declining to analyze the chaos that happened in...
Sometimes, there's no analysis to be made. Barca vs. PSG fits the bill.
57 min
Examining Liverpool's bizarre record vs. good a...
The numbers paint an interesting story about the Reds' weird variance.
54 min
The MAGIC of the League Cup and a short trip to...
Michael invites Ben Daniels on the pod to talk Barcelona, Southampton and Atalanta
62 min
Leicester City's fall from grace and the relega...
What the heck happened to the Foxes? A look at the fight for Premier League survival.
60 min
Why Alexis is like the Spartan general Brasidas...
Examining the aftermath of Barcelona, Spurs and Arsenal all suffering (mostly) uncharacteristic defeats.
63 min
Which Premier League results revealed the most?...
Who's in more trouble: Manchester United or Arsenal?
62 min
The beautiful chaos that was City vs. Spurs
Manchester City finally went all-out in attack, and it was a chore for Spurs to contain.
61 min
Premier League: To buy, or not to buy?
As the top of the table tightens up, do certain clubs need to make changes now to not lose their shot at the top of the pack?
54 min
Breaking down Spurs-Chelsea and examining City'...
Sometimes when two great teams meet, the match lives up to the hype.
61 min
Samir Nasri's Twitter mess, Bob Bradley's sacki...
Breaking down the football gossip world's biggest story since whatever weird thing Balotelli last did.
56 min
Can anyone catch Chelsea? What the numbers say
Antonio Conte's group has a massive lead, Arsenal's Ozil problem, and the thing holding Southampton back.
68 min
How exactly do analytics work when it comes to ...
When numbers and defense collide, things get complicated.
54 min
Real Madrid, where tactics are overrated
The world's greatest mediocre squad? It'll make sense when the two Mikes explain it.
61 min
Who will win the Premier League's race to the b...
The lower third of the table is still pretty crowded – who will escape?
66 min
Adventures in the Bundesliga, or why everyone h...
The two Mikes pull the German curtain back a bit with Kirsten Schlewitz of Unusual Efforts.
48 min
The Best of La Liga and the Worst of USMNT
The axes have been sharpening to oust Jurgen Klinnsman, and a 4-0 result against Costa Rica didn't help.
58 min
Gab Marcotti on analytics in football media
How the rise of analytics has changed how the sport is covered
66 min
Breaking down four strikers, plus the "father o...
Deep dives on Ibra, Vardy, Lukaku, and Kane
69 min
How the Premier League title race is shaking up
A closer examination of the six clubs in the hunt
68 min
Two very different Manchester vs. Merseyside cl...
Two draws were received very differently this week. The two Mikes take a longer look at the scoreless draw at Anfield (sorry in advance), and then flip to the 1-1 result at the Etihad. They examine a few questions along the way. Can this United team wi...
55 min
Life cycles and time horizons
During a riveting international break, the two Mikes desperately search for something else to talk about, and land on the windows of opportunity in front of four premier league clubs. How badly do Manchester City need a fullback? Does Liverpool need a ...
58 min
Spurs stun City, Barca in crisis and Bob Bradle...
Tottenham Hotspur played a slightly different style against Manchester City, and it totally freaking worked. The two Mikes discuss whether the outcome outlined the ways in which City are vulnerable, revisit the idea that Barcelona might possibly be in ...
55 min
Introducing The Goalmouth, Howler’s newest podc...
The Goalmouth is a new, 5-minute podcast that will show up on your phone by 7 a.m. EST every weekday morning so you can hear the latest soccer news and nonsense on your commute. In collaboration with the Total Soccer Show and Dirty Tackle. For more inf...
1 min
True injury impact and re-evaluating some hot t...
How much will injuries to Messi and Harry Kane affect Barcelona and Tottenham Hotspur, respectively? The two Mikes dive into the numbers, and then re-examine their preseason assessments of four English clubs: Manchester United, Chelsea, West Ham and St...
57 min
Taking stock of the Premier League's Top 6
After four matches, the two Mikes assess whether their preseason predictions are playing out as they expected. Is Manchester City's terrifying attack enough to overcome issues at the back? Yes, Chelsea looks fantastic, but there are some problems. Spea...
73 min
Expected Goals Extravaganza
This episode answers the age old question: Is football played on spreadsheets? In the heart of the international break, the two Mikes take the extra time to dive deep into everything you could ever possibly want to know about expected goals, and then t...
72 min
Pressing Matters
There's more to pressing than the idea itself.
70 min
Should we be more worried about these English t...
The two Mikes provide the hottest of takes regarding a certain Barcelona star's bleached quaff, but also marvel at how good Barcelona looks in spite of its best player's hair. A bit farther north, Manchester City and Liverpool put in some eyebrow-raisi...
57 min
What we absolutely did not learn from Week 1 of...
You might think you can learn a lot about a team by watching them play for 90 minutes, but when those are the first 90 minutes of the season, all bets are off. The two Mikes review the most interesting results from the Barclay's Premier League opening ...
60 min
Premier League Preview Blowout – Part 2
Get comfortable with life in the middle, as the two Mikes assess the dealings and futures of the "Middle 7" – teams that probably won't win the title, and probably won't get relegated. Much is covered, including: Liverpool’s favorable schedule, Spurs’ ...
67 min
Premier League Preview Blowout – Part 1
The first installment of this preview covers the top 4 (teams with the best shot to win the title), and the bottom 9 (teams that will probably fight relegation). The two Mikes discuss Manchester City’s attacking options, Arsenal’s lack of significant u...
70 min
Transferpalooza 3: The Legend of Florentino's Gold
The upset of the transfer window? The Galacticos (mostly) standing pat.
64 min
Transferpalooza 2, The Paul Pogba-ing
When a transfer fee climbs this high, it affects far more than the two teams involved.
55 min
Transferpalooza! A guide to strategies, styles ...
Do you think the math in the Sadio Mané and the Henrikh Mkhitaryan transfers is a little fuzzy? Are you trying to figure out what the heck Borussia Dortmund and PSG are doing? Ever wonder what's really holding back Liverpool and Everton in the transfer...
64 min
How did Portugal pull that off, exactly?
Why Didier Deschamps probably gets too much blame, and Fernando Santos not enough credit
63 min
France's attack vs. Portugal's impenetrable wal...
Would Portugal winning the tournament be the most anticlimactic result possible?
47 min
Euro 16 mega episode: Recapping the quarterfina...
We're left with two teams we expected, and two that have stunned the field.
61 min
Previewing the Euro 2016 quarterfinals
Load up at the tactics buffet before you settle in to watch the four matches
58 min
Messi's Argentina woes continue, and the Euros ...
Perhaps the best week of soccer this summer provided plenty of talking points.
56 min
USMNT Copa América postmortem, plus a Euro knoc...
The reason that U.S. lineup failed may be a little different than you think
49 min
Can the U.S. stop Argentina?
Realism is setting in for teams in both major international tournaments.
53 min
What do we really know about the U.S, England, ...
Now that we've seen each group a few times, what can we make of Besler at left back for the USMNT, Roy Hodgson's striker and midfield decisions, France benching its two best players, and Belgium not quite living up to its potential on paper?
50 min
Episode 4: The wrong way to talk about sexual a...
Our fellow fans pay the price when we cast aside serious allegations
43 min
Holy goals, USMNT and Argentina
The two squads' scorelines looked great, but what did we really learn?
53 min
The Euro 2016 favorites + more Copa América Cen...
Breaking down the Euro 2016 favorites before more Copa America Centario talk
50 min
Podcast Debut: Previewing Copa América Centario
Introducing The Double Pivot, hosted by Mike Goodman and Michael Caley.
48 min