Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Each week host Laurie Hardie brings you the issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and the people making a difference in our community and sometimes beyond. Expect compelling conversations with local leaders and influencers. Spotlight is dedicated to presenting you with issues that matter - including education, health, mental health, and the environment.

News Commentary
Society & Culture
Spotlighting Please Touch
Please Touch is an art exhibit sponsored by Revision Art.
26 min
Spotlighting Are You Ready with Death Doula Dr....
Death Doula Dr. Kimberly Harms tells us what is really important at end of life.
25 min
Spotlighting Furniture Repair Bank
As the founder of Furniture Repair Bank Xenia saw the need to recycle furniture and set out to make it happen.
26 min
Spotlighting Body Motion PT
Body Motion PT helps women through fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond.
27 min
Spotlighting Youth Mental Health with Dr. Janzen
Youth suicide and mental health issues are on the rise.
24 min
Spotlighting Pets are Family
Beyond grief, the narrative emphasizes the need to integrate pet loss into societal norms.
25 min
Spotlighting Alzheimer's Speaks with Lori LeBay
Lori LeBay walked through an Alzheimer's diagnoses with her mom and wanted to help others navigate this journey by starting a podcast!
29 min
Spotlighting Boo2Bullying
Dr. Purdy shares an acronym that can help make anti-bullying tips memorable - "H.E.A.R.T":
25 min
Spotlighting WA 529 with Luke Minor
Exploring the types of college saving plans.
25 min
Spotlighting Free Your Joy with Lisa McCourt
Lisa McCourt outlines her unique formula for sustainable happiness
27 min
Spotlighting Strong Like Mom
Meghan and Marie with Strong Like Mom, talk about stigma, stereo type and dignity.
32 min
Give Big Shattered Glass Project & Tahoma Bird ...
27 min
Spotlighting Little Bit Therapeutic Riding Center
27 min
Spotlighting Secrets of the Octopus with Sy Mon...
Affectionally dubbed the “octopus whisperer”, acclaimed author SY MONTGOMERY, returns to the species she knows and loves, offering current and compassionate stories about the scientists on the front lines of octopus research and conservation.
28 min
Spotlighting Give Big WA Reclaim, 501 Commons &...
It is that time of year again for GIVE BIG WA.
27 min
Spotlighting Forgive Yourself with Brenda Reiss
25 min
Spotlighting There is Another Way to Happiness
A rare blend of science, mindfulness and spirituality, the steps Dr. Ski used to overcome his own cycle of fear, anxiety and self-doubt.
25 min
Spotlighting Washington Tax Credit
WFTC is a program administered by the Washington State Department of Revenue that helps low-to-moderate income workers and their families receive money b ack on sales taxes already paid.
25 min
Spotlighting Rally to Read
Their Rally to Read program is wrapping up in March and it has been very successful.
26 min
Spotlighting Skills inc
Skills Inc. stands as a role model for a more inclusive and innovative future in the Pacific Northwest.
25 min
Spotlighting The Negative Space
Caregivers are so necessary and often feel invisible.
26 min
Spotlighting Eagle Wings DisAbility Ministries
Kinder Smoots, the Executive Director of Eagle Wings Disability Ministries talks about all the fun events they have for people with disabilities.
26 min
Spotlighting Broken Water with Barbara Lane
The incredible journey of 11 sisters who navigated through a childhood filled with abuse, neglect, and separation in the foster care system.
26 min
Spotlighting Un-Addiction with Nzinga Harrison MD
~A revolutionary guide that will change the way we understand, talk about & overcome substance use disorders~
24 min
Spotlighting Street Smart Safety for Women
Dedicated to educating women in personal safety and showing them a defensive living strategy and trusting in themselves can reduce their probability of becoming a victim of a crime.
24 min