Spotlight with Laurie Hardie

Each week host Laurie Hardie brings you the issues affecting the Pacific Northwest and the people making a difference in our community and sometimes beyond. Expect compelling conversations with local leaders and influencers. Spotlight is dedicated to presenting you with issues that matter - including education, health, mental health, and the environment.

News Commentary
Society & Culture
Spotlighting Eagle Wings DisAbility Ministries
Kinder Smoots, the Executive Director of Eagle Wings Disability Ministries talks about all the fun events they have for people with disabilities.
26 min
Spotlighting Broken Water with Barbara Lane
The incredible journey of 11 sisters who navigated through a childhood filled with abuse, neglect, and separation in the foster care system.
26 min
Spotlighting Un-Addiction with Nzinga Harrison MD
~A revolutionary guide that will change the way we understand, talk about & overcome substance use disorders~
24 min
Spotlighting Street Smart Safety for Women
Dedicated to educating women in personal safety and showing them a defensive living strategy and trusting in themselves can reduce their probability of becoming a victim of a crime.
24 min
Spotlighting Go Red For Women AHA
Heart attack symptoms can differ for men and women, but the most common symptom for both is chest pain. Women might also have non-chest pain symptoms and less obvious warning signs.
24 min
Spotlighting Life is Hard God is Good Let's Dan...
Brant Hansen is a bestselling author, syndicated radio host and advocate for healing children with correctable disabilities through CURE International Children's Hospitals.
25 min
Spotlighting Continuum Hospice & Palliative Care
Heather Peterson is the Volunteer Coordinator for Continuum and she loves to talk about making the best of now.
26 min
Spotlighting Recovery Gone Viral 2.0
Geoffrey Godfrey has a mission to help people get off drugs using humor, giving people a place to belong.
26 min
Spotlighting Hearts in Sync
26 min
Spotlighting Pathfinder Manufacturing
David Trader is the CEO along with Laura Matthiesen, operations lead and Andrew Vuong, Director of Business Development with Pathfinder Manufacturing talk with us about their mission..
23 min
Spotlighting #BingingSober
Colleen Ryan Hensley talks with us about her movement #BingingSober.
26 min
Spotlighting Unlock the Power of Your Perception
There are many facets to personal development, yet most of what’s talked about is a broad brush and generalized to the point of being tired
25 min
Spotlighting the Unexpected Gift of Trauma Dr. ...
Dr. Edith Shiro’s connection with trauma began in her childhood and is deeply personal.
25 min
Spotlighting WA 529 College Savings Plan
Luke Minor with WA 529 College Savings plan is here to help families get set for when their kids are ready for college.
26 min
Spotlighting Street Smart Safety for Women
Joy and Laura talk dating, dating apps, college, and airport safety.
27 min
Spotlighting Rally To Read
Join Reading Is Fundamental (RIF) for its third year of Rally to Read 100 to foster a joy of reading among children across the country.
25 min
Spotlighting I Am On Watch
Sex trafficking is happening right under our noses and if we know what to look for we might be able to save a life.
22 min
Spotlighting It's Not Your Fault with Laura K C...
It's Not Your Fault: The Subconscious Reasons We Self-Sabotage and How to Stop.
25 min
Spotlighting "My Grief is not Like Yours" with ...
With the help of her "Fairy Blonde Mother's" she was able to walk through the grief and use her story to help others.
25 min
Spotlighting Reboot Recovery
Everybody has trauma, we can heal together.
26 min
Spotlighting Connecting with Grandkids Long Dis...
Jim Marggraff is a serial inventor, entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, speaker, and an energized dad and husband.
27 min
Spotlighting Free Your Joy with Lisa McCourt
Learning about joy is one thing, but it’s the doing that actually shifts your energy.
27 min
Spotlighting "Purposefooled" with Kelly Needham
Author and Bible teacher Kelly Needham reveals how we've been fooled into chasing meaning and purpose in all the wrong places.
25 min
Spotlighting Susan G Komen
Breast cancer survivor Rob Hedquist shares his recovery journey.
25 min
Spotlighting Orion Industries
Orion Industries define themselves as a social enterprise.
26 min