Pull up a seat at the PrevenTable and listen to candid conversations about the intersection of alcohol, drugs, and mental health on everyday lives. It's not all sob stories, but it is raw. We share our vulnerabilities and talk with thought leaders and “normal” people in hopes that it will help others who are struggling with substance use.

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S3 Ep 5: Hear Us
High schoolers Ashok and Nick and PreventEd Associate Director of Community Strategy Kristin Bengtson join the PrevenTable to talk about Hear Us, an annual advocacy event where St. Louis area high schoolers talk to Missouri state legislators about drug prevention, policy, and advocacy. They provide perspective on navigating conversations with elected officials and finding a middle ground while keeping in mind that you don’t need political power to empower.
26 min
S3 Ep 4: Making the Significant Relevant
Matt Woods, Digital Content Producer for KMOV News, discusses his documentary, “Contaminated: The Fentanyl Crisis in St. Louis”, that breaks down the causes behind the rise in fentanyl overdose deaths in the area. Matt hits on barriers to substance use disorder treatment, erasing the stigma around substance misuse from the top down, and making the significant relevant by telling the stories of real people.
37 min
S3 Ep 3: Not Your Typical Summer Camp
Prevention Educator Joy Carter sits down with Nichole to talk about all things Teen Institute along with former participant and intern, Jess Kagan. The pair provide insight into what Teen Institute REALLY is — four days and three nights of fun, combined with small group activities, team building, and leadership exercises that equip high schoolers for preventing substance misuse among their peers.
28 min
S3 Ep 2: The Greatest Gift of Recovery
41 min
S3 Ep 1: Anomaly in Comedy
49 min
Yoga of 12 Step Recovery
Amber Campbell, Yoga Teacher and PreventEd staff person, joins the PrevenTable to talk about the role yoga has played in her life, her journey in recovery, and how the Yoga of 12 Step Recovery (Y12SR) brought the two together.
23 min
Correlation, Not Causation
Huvona Watkins and Nora Mosby from the Missouri Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence join the PrevenTable to talk about the relationship between domestic and sexual violence and substance use, their root causes, and the power...
22 min
Behind the Scenes
Lisa Carter, Co-Director at Mid-America ATTC, and Sherrie Watkins, Technology Transfer Specialist at Opioid Response Network, join the PrevenTable to talk about the importance of supporting service providers, upstream and downstream solutions,...
24 min
Selling Hope for Free
What happens to a child when their parent is incarcerated? The idea for 4 Walls & Beyond came to Lisa Porter, Founder & CEO, 18 years ago when she was incarcerated in Vandalia Women's Prison. She discusses the challenges of...
26 min
Freedom on the Other Side of the Storm
Charlie Backer sits down to discuss sobriety, hot sauce, vulnerabilities and his book, The Sober Impact. He shares how sobriety has shaped him into the man he is today; how he shares his experience and pitfalls with his two kids; and how...
21 min
Knock and Go In
Therapeutic Consultant, Dr. Russell Hyken, discusses how he navigates teens and their families through residential treatment and beyond. He explains how his time as a high school principal led him to his current role working within family...
22 min
Hold On Pain Ends
What do the construction industry and suicide have in common? Unfortunately, a lot. The suicide rate in the construction industry is 3-5x times higher than the national average. Bo Cooper, Alberici Safety Director, and Brandon Anderson,...
27 min
How Can I End This With Me?
Mom, teacher, and author, Jessica Lahey reveals the motivation behind her best-selling book, "The Addiction Inoculation." She talks brain science, middle schoolers, and how being open and honest about her own sobriety keeps her...
21 min
Banking on Community
For almost 15 years, Stacy Clay was an advocate and leader in St. Louis Public Schools, and worked to develop comprehensive Student Support Services. When he stepped into a new role at First Bank, his fresh perspective as a non-banker and...
23 min
Duty of Care
Chris Becker, founder of Better Rhodes, reveals what drove him to create this lifestyle brand that curates alcohol-free offerings and develops community. Listen as Chris discusses the debate and nuance surrounding NA products with a critical...
25 min
The Future of Hospitality is Inclusivity
Founder of Zero Proof Nation, Laura Silverman, describes how she elevates non-alcoholic options and connects people across the sobriety spectrum and across the country. Laura is a booze-free babe in many realms: "soberoke" (sober...
24 min
Not a Moment, But a Movement
Chris Marshall, founder of Sans Bar, joins the PrevenTable to discuss its evolution from SXSW to its second national tour in just a few short years. He talks building community, being a Black man in the AF space, and teaching others through...
18 min
Coming in Hot
Ever wonder how PreventEd decides what, how, and if to comment on issues? Stacie Zellin of PreventEd describes the animation, enthusiasm, and spirited dialogue that goes on behind the scenes when a "hot topic" surfaces. Listen in...
25 min
Andy Cohen. . . Are You Listening?
Heirloom Bottling Co. Founder, Brad Zulick, details his journey from academia to craft cocktail entrepreneur. An early Sans Bar supporter, Brad explains "shrubs" and emphasizes the need for good NA alternatives.
21 min
A Fresh Start
Community coalition leader Gerald Watson stops by the PrevenTable to reflect on "mega" status, misconceptions about Black fathers, and life after active addiction.
19 min
Close to Home Pt. 2
The conversation was so good, it had to continue. Ryan and Kenajo discuss what a recovery-friendly workplace really looks like, the impact of trauma, and making amends.
17 min
It is Never a Survivor’s Fault
Interim CEO of Safe Connections, Cynthia, stops by the PrevenTable to answer questions about domestic violence and sexual assault like, “Can men be victims of abuse?” and “Why doesn’t she just leave?” She also busts myths about the...
20 min
Baden and Beyond
Cal and Djuna reminisce at this PrevenTable about the conversation several years ago around their kitchen table that led to the creation of Living With Purpose, their nonprofit that supports people with intellectual disabilities, mental...
23 min
Not Out for the Clout
Hear what motivated mom of 2, Shavanna Spratt, to pivot from survival mode to community activist as host of “Da Hood Talks” podcast.  She and Nichole talk about elevating urban voices, podcast swag, and why sometimes you just have...
20 min
What's in a Name?
Listen as the newly-married Dr. Kanika Cunningham details why the inclusion of addiction medicine into the primary care setting is a necessary step forward in addressing substance use disorders, particularly in the Black community.
17 min