Pull up a seat at the PrevenTable and listen to candid conversations about the intersection of alcohol, drugs, and mental health on everyday lives. It's not all sob stories, but it is raw. We share our vulnerabilities and talk with thought leaders and “normal” people in hopes that it will help others who are struggling with substance use.

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S4 Ep 12: Readiness for Change
Alcohol freedom coach Allison Barber sits down with Nichole to share more about helping people navigate their drinking habits. Allison touches on the difficulty of breaking out of an alcohol-saturated culture, describes how she talks to her family about alcohol, and explains the lifestyle changes she made as a person who no longer drinks.
32 min
S4 Ep 11: In the Weeds: How do we talk about ca...
Associate Director of GuidEd, Presley Menendez, is our second #IntheWeeds guest as we navigate through the questions surrounding cannabis and its legalization in Missouri. Presley discusses her approaches to talking with adolescents about cannabis, ways to rebuild trust between kids and parents, and touches on guiding conversations with empathy and not judgment.
21 min
S4 Ep 10: More than a Name
Tom Etling, President of PreventEd’s Board of Directors, sits down at the PrevenTable to talk more about his marketing expertise and time working with nonprofits. He shares how he helped PreventEd kickstart its rebrand and create the name we all know today, delves into changing misconceptions about people in need while at St. Patrick Center, and even chats about being an Eisenhower Fellow.
34 min
S4 Ep 9: In the Weeds: Cannabis is legal in Mis...
Welcome to In the Weeds, where we dig up answers to big questions about cannabis following its legalization in Missouri. Our very own Stacie Zellin kicks off the podcast this week to share more about PreventEd’s efforts to dispel cannabis myths and stay up-to-date on the most recent cannabis research. She provides insights into the opportunities and challenges that cannabis legalization brings, talks about PreventEd’s ethics trainings, and describes the importance of translating complex information into a digestible form for the public.
17 min
S4 Ep 8: A Generational Difference
Huvona Watkins, Executive Director of Almost Home, is featured on the PrevenTable this week to discuss her organization’s work in assisting young moms with reaching self-sufficiency. She shares how Almost Home provides the stepping stones to end poverty two generations at a time, their goal to create a better life for children, and the different roles and responsibilities of moms that utilize their program.
33 min
S4 Ep 7: Changing the Workplace
Ann McCauley, Missouri Director of the Rural Opioid Technical Assistance Regional Project with MU Extension, sits down with Nichole to discuss recovery friendly workplaces. Ann touches on the philosophy of putting the health and wellness of employees to the forefront of a company’s priorities, the designation process, and her efforts to shift perspectives surrounding hiring people in recovery.
40 min
S4 Ep 6: Doing the Work
The power couple of LGBTQ+ health is on the #PrevenTable this week! Ben Greene, a public speaker, advocate, and author joins us along with his wife, Samantha Levine, a medical and public health student. They share more about gender roles and norms in society, address drinking culture in LGBTQ+ spaces, and explain several social determinants of health that disproportionately impact queer folks. Plus, Ben talks about his book, "My Child is Trans, Now What?" which is coming soon!
47 min
S4 Ep 5: Connection is Universal
Claire Wyneken and Allison Williams, former and current CEOs of the Wyman Center, join the PrevenTable to talk about their programs to empower teens to lead successful lives and build strong communities. They emphasize the importance of investing in partnerships, explain the Teen Connection Project, and describe how they have helped over 350,000 young people form meaningful connections in the community.
46 min
S4 Ep 4: Healing from Within
This week’s PrevenTable episode features Dr. Marty K. Casey and Renee Cunningham, Executive Director and Executive Assistant of UnGUN Institute. After both experiencing and witnessing the ways that unresolved trauma impacts people, Casey created UnGUN to help disarm trauma in individuals. The pair describe how to detect bodily signs of trauma and self preservation, highlight the power of role models, and share more about the company’s self care products that made it all the way to Los Angeles for the 2024 Oscars!
41 min
S4 Ep 3: It's All About the Brain
Podcaster Alex Kaiser joins us to explain the motive behind starting his podcast, “No Lions Here.” He bravely shares more about his journey as a person with a substance use disorder. Alex describes his process of seeking treatment, details how he fights against the stigma of substance misuse, and takes us through his belief that freedom for him means being open about his struggles without concern for judgment from others.
46 min
S4 Ep 2: Inclusivity In Action
This week on the PrevenTable, Beth Elders, the Executive Director of the Greater St. Louis Chapter of the American Red Cross, shares more on her journey of working in disaster relief. A PreventEd Teen Institute participant as a high schooler, Beth comments on how she truly found her place in the program, discusses her experience moving from working for the church to the Red Cross, and opens up on how she stays calm in the face of disaster.
38 min
S4 Ep 1: Creating Good Habits
The PrevenTable is back for our Season 4 premiere featuring rocker and radio host Moon Valjean and his wife, Mallory, a life coach and entrepreneur! In this episode, the pair covers the highs and lows of the rock music world, including their decision to stop drinking. They also share more about connecting with other sober people through social media, trusting the process of establishing healthy habits, and learning to appreciate their accomplishments despite obstacles.
69 min
S3 Ep 35: Feeding Your Life
Musician and songwriter Clint Lowery joins the PrevenTable for our Season 3 Finale! Known for being the lead guitarist for Sevendust and having gigs with Korn and Seether, Clint shares his experience with rock and roll culture. As a self-identifying sober person, he describes the process of making music sober, discusses generational differences in speaking about substance misuse, and shares how music and fitness keep his mind and body healthy.
47 min
S3 Ep 34: Safe Spaces
Jennifer Massie Fadler, Founder and Executive Director of Life House Youth Center, discusses her organization’s objective to provide a safe and loving space outside of the home for children to spend time. Jennifer talks about building relationships with kids, the various ways the organization serves children, and her vision for Life House to exist in communities around the U.S.
36 min
S3 Ep 33: Legacy Starts From Within
Terran Rome, Executive Vice President of Legacy Institute, sits down at the PrevenTable to describe his organization’s mission to teach kids essential skills and knowledge for navigating adulthood. Terran explains the origin of the idea, which came about during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, emphasizes the need for extracurricular alternatives beyond music and sports, and stresses how beneficial it is for people to learn about their history and identity.
36 min
S3 Ep 32: We're All In This Together
Labor recovery specialists James Pursell and Aaron Walsh join us from Lean STL to talk about their work providing resources for mental health and substance misuse for laborers. The duo describes the power of having a peer to confide in, the overlap between work and being in recovery, and the challenge of making prevention appealing to workplaces.
43 min
S3 Ep 31: Not Really the Brotherhood
TW // Sexual Harassment and Assault — Hubbard Radio-KSHE 95 promotions coordinator Rian Gilkerson joins the podcast this week to talk about the reality check she faced during her time in the Marine Corps. Rian discusses her experience as a woman in the military, covering topics such as intimate partner violence, military ranking power dynamics, and how military members often fail to recognize substance misuse.
48 min
S3 Ep 30: Take Care of Your People
John Gaal, Joseph Whiteman, and Scott Greenhaus join us this week to discuss their knowledge of traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), an issue responsible for 25% of fatalities in the construction industry. The trio shares the importance of having good coping mechanisms, improving physical and mental health, and setting new standards for wearing safety helmets.
40 min
S3 Ep 29: Essential Empowerment
Reann Hines, founder of the Behind It All Foundation, takes a seat at the PrevenTable for a conversation on promoting mental health wellness and entrepreneurship opportunities in underserved communities. She describes a few key initiatives encompassed in the foundation, talks about the role of life coaching, and explains her goal to create leaders that spread their impact both far and wide.
37 min
S3 Ep 28: Excelling in Education
Missouri Excel Centers Superintendent Dr. Eric Knost joins us for a conversation about his educational journey and current work helping adults obtain their high school diploma. He discusses how The Beatles kickstarted his passion for education, explains the necessity of providing opportunities for education for all ages, and shares insight on making a difference in students’ lives.
56 min
S3 Ep 27: DJ for Recovery
Kevin Harris joins the PrevenTable for a conversation about his journey to recovery as a former DJ, identifying himself as a functioning alcoholic — a term he and Nichole help break down. Kevin also discusses his book, “From DJ to Deacon: The Life of an Alcoholic,” praises the mentors in his life, and shares more about his current role as a harm reduction coordinator.
26 min
S3 Ep 26: Looking for Signs
Shima Rostami, Executive Director of Gateway Alliance Against Human Trafficking, talks about how her organization works to both prevent and educate people about human trafficking. She and Nichole discuss why it can be hard to detect elements of trafficking, how domestic trafficking is often not heard about, and the power behind knowledge.
41 min
S3 Ep 25: The Writers Table
Dr. Hedva Barenholtz Levy sits down at the PrevenTable to talk about her book, “Maybe It’s Your Medications.” She takes us through the process of writing and publishing the book and hits on some of its major topics, including healthy aging, medication use, being an educated consumer, and how to discuss medicine and supplements with a physician.
44 min
S3 Ep 24: Built Environment
St. Louis native Kelly McGowan joins Nichole at the PreventTable for a conversation about the importance of local politics. McGowan, the founder and executive director of Transform 314, discusses her entrance into advocacy, breaks down structural racism as an issue in St. Louis, and talks about boosting civic engagement.
41 min
S3 Ep 23: Music, Fun, and Connection
Jim Murphy, former board president of NCADA, sits down at the PrevenTable to share more about this year’s RecoveryFest STL, which he founded last year. He explains how the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted the need for connection between people in recovery, details some of the food vendors and live music you’ll see this year, and describes how St. Louis is one of the hotbeds in the U.S. for people in long term recovery.
26 min