Listen & Learn (or Not)

Welcome to Listen & Learn (or Not) featuring Laurie Hardie (a life coach, a divorcee, a grandparent, a Christian and on-air on Seattle station KRWM / Warm 106.9), Claire (her wife is the love of her life, she's Jewish, and you'll hear her newscasts just about everywhere in the U.S.), and Anna D (she and her husband are raising an interracial family, she's Catholic and we're not exactly sure what she does around the office but she walks around like she's important). These three amigas may not have much in common, but they don't mind sharing their different points of views. Follow them and share their journey with real-life everyday struggles, quirky people stories, random conversations, and, occasionally, some heavy topics, too. Come listen & learn a thing or two with us! Or not...we're not forcing you.

Society & Culture
Laurie's Caddyshack Moment & Come Sail Away wit...
47 min
Please Excuse My Typos
26 min
AI is On The Horizon - Are You Excited? Or Scared?
40 min
We Be Trippin
45 min
Paxlovid, Rust Out and Man of Recaps
40 min
St Patty's Day 2023 Episode
St Patty's Day 2023 Episode
49 min
Paper, Chris Rock, Scissors
38 min
Cocaine Bear, Meth Gators and other True Storie...
34 min
Take a Bow, RiRi!
27 min
(Recorded 1/5/23) The Week Everyone Prayed For ...
(Recorded 1/5/23)
35 min
Madonna Controversy / 2023 Edition
Madonna Did Something Controversial...shocker
29 min
Just Do It
Just do it. It's not just a shoe company trademark. It's what could make your New Year's resolution stick. No need to bother to explain or overthink why you can't or shan't. Simply just do. Speaking of New Year's...
34 min
Holiday Arctic Blast Episode
We recorded this HOURS before a crazy blizzard "cyclone bomb" would freeze most of the U.S., causing dips in temps, rare snow/ice rain events in the Pacific Northwest, 50-car pile ups in the Midwest, complete chaos at the Great...
35 min
(Recorded 12/1/22) Listen & Learn on Loss
Sad news. We lost a dear member of our podcast. You know her as someone who drops in from time to time -- her barks and her funny little toenails :'( If you've ever lost a pet, then you know how difficult it can be. Claire shares...
43 min
(Recorded 11/10) Truth Hurts
It's not just a Lizzo song. Truth really hurts - especially if you have to have a tough conversation w/ a coworker who might fall short of expectations. Laurie, Claire and Anna talk about how sometimes the kindest thing you can do is...
49 min
Kanye. Kyrie. C'mon, man.
Maybe Kanye's going through his worst mid-life crisis (since his last one. You know. The one where he put on the obsessive-ex act? That was terrifying). Well, this time around he's caused his sponsors to cancel him. Didn't set...
41 min
Trick 'er Treat (Recorded Oct 21, 2022)
Smell my feet...go on...smell 'em...because Halloween 2022 isn't at all like Halloween 2020 when we had candy shoots and left out candy bowls for the kiddos. We actually get to answer the door, hear jokes, and hand out the sweets....
40 min
Cuckoo Spit Spit Spit
Recorded 9/30/2022. A lot has happened since our last episode. Sadly, we lost Loretta Lynn, Angela Lansbury, Judy Tenuta. We're still mourning the loss of Queen Elizabeth and Coolio. But there was also the welcoming news of Adnan Syed...
36 min
Maren on a Mission
It just so happens we recorded this episode days after a Maren Morris concert in Redmond, Washington...and days before the headlines read that Maren had "Just Turned a Tucker Carlson Insult into $150K for the Trans Community". (Feel...
27 min
RIP, ONJ, We Honestly Love You
This one hurts deeply. Losing Olivia Newton-John feels like we lost a piece of our childhood. It's also been a tough loss for the breast cancer community which has had ONJ on their side remaining positive through the years, channeling...
39 min
Always Plan Things To Look Forward To
Whether it's a wedding that brings family from all over together, or a baby shower for your son and his wife's first child, or a picnic and concert with an old college chum you haven't seen in a while - life feels much better...
39 min
Did Someone Say Shopping?
Claire hires a shopper for the first time to help her pick out clothes for a special event. We talk about the benefits of having a "shopper" pick out clothes for you, especially if you don't know that looks good on you anymore...
28 min
We Need To Talk About The Elephant In The Womb
^ just one of many memes out there since the US Supreme Court overturned the landmark 1973 Roe vs Wade decision. But, yes, we do want to talk about the elephant in the womb....and, yeah, this episode gets deep. This is probably a good time...
20 min
Can U Hear The Words That Are Coming Out of My ...
Is it our imagination, or have people become more emboldened to confront strangers about their behavior? What happened to "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff"? Also, how do you handle a difficult office worker? Anna D plans to keep...
34 min
May is Mental Health Awareness Month, Take Care...
Laurie, Claire and Anna talk about the loss of the beloved Naomi Judd. May is mental health awareness month. We want you to take care of you. Also, has petty theft become worse in your community? Quick! - Someone in your office building...
35 min