Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you'll hear from the some of the nation's best guides and anglers.

MANDY'S WORLD: We Find Out What Mandy Uhrich's ...
We talked to Mandy Uhrich right before the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza to get great ice fishing info for our Extravaganza show. The info still works and we talked about a ton of other great stuff too, so take notes for some late season ice fishing success.
22 min
The ice is a big question mark throughout Paul Bunyan Country and Brainerd Lakes is no exception. Nate Blasing checked in prior to the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza but his thoughts still hold. We cover it all including another Fast Five.
19 min
BRO BROSDAHL: Ice Ice Baby...Bro's Back To Talk...
Bro Brosdahl was in to talk Brainerd Lakes Ice Fishing Extravaganza last week, but there was a ton of other hardwater talk as well. Plus, a Fast Five and a shopping list.
30 min
TECH TALK: DNR Fisheries Specialist Storm Kettl...
DNR Fisheries Specialist Storm Kettlehut out of the Glendwood Area Office is back and this time he's talking all things tech. The DNR has started a technology work group to determine the effects (good or bad) that technology is having on fishing and fish health. Social media, live scope,'s all being looked at and discussed in today's show. And yes, we do dive in to barotrauma.
38 min
EXTRAVAGANZA UPDATE: Brainerd Jaycees Tourney I...
The heat is back and so are the tenuous ice conditions. But, the Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza will go on. But, they've gone hybrid and the app is back. Tourney Chair Katherine Thoennes has all the details on what you need to know before next Saturday.
11 min
The Knights of Columbus Walleye Classic is coming. There's a bigger prize, a slight adjustment to the bag limit, and a tweak to when you can register. If you were in last year's tourney, set your calendar alarm for 8am February 1st! We talk about it all with the Tourney Chair Phil Hodapp
25 min
It was looking pretty dicey a few weeks ago, but now thanks to the coooold temps, it's looking pretty icey. The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is set for February 3rd and there's no one loving these temps more than Tourney Chair Katherine Thoennes and the Jaycees. She has all the details on this year's event on today's show.
11 min
HASSE HAULS HOUSES: It's Time! Chuck Hasse Chec...
Chuck Hasse of Leech Lake Fish House Rental checks in, frozen beard and all, as he hauls houses on to the lake for another weekend of ice fishing. He talks ice thickness, how the bite is going, his predictions for the 2024 softwater season, what to use your Christmas money for and of course a Fast Five.
25 min
STEVE SCEPANIAK Talks Mille Lacs Ice Bites
Steve Scepaniak LOOOOOVES Muskie Fishing...But he's also pretty happy about the thick ice and good bites he's finding on Mille Lacs and other area hardwater spots.
16 min
GUSSY'S GETTING READY: Defending Bassmaster Cla...
We check in with Bassmaster Classic Champion Jeff Gustafson. Gussy is getting ready to head south, start the new season and defend his title. But for now, he's up in Ontario Sunset Country ice fishing. We get the details on all of it, along with a Fast Five, on the latest PBCO Podcast.
29 min
MATT BREUER: He Hunts For Everything & Fishes F...
Matt checks in to talk ice fishing (now that we can do it in many more places). Plus, we talk about one of his favorite fish to catch...Eelpout. He also recaps his hunting seasons, discusses what's happening in the woods now, gives his take on wolves and works his way through another Fast Five.
31 min
SCOTT MACKENTHUN: A Watched Lake Never Ices Up....
Scott Mackenthun talks patience as he and his fellow southern Minnesotans wait for ice. He previews what he expects once the ice is safe, talks a little Eel Pout, recaps his hunting seasons and discusses the first several months of two line fishing in the Minnesota River. Plus, a Fast Five, of course.
33 min
JOEL NELSON: The Wait For Ice & The Anticipatio...
It's a battle to find ice this year. But Joel Nelson has found some, and he's caught some fish. We talk weird weather and the frustrations of not having winter when we're supposed to. Plus a Fast Five, How to Spend your Christmas money and how softwater season is looking.
24 min
TONY ROACH: There IS Fishable Ice,...But You Be...
Tony Roach has been finding places to ice fish, but it's not easy. You need to know the lakes, take the time to check it out and measure, measure, measure. He talks about how to be safe, what they're biting on, and what it's going to take before he feels safe taking vehicles and fish houses out.
35 min
DR. OS CHECKS IN: Erik Osberg, Doctor of Ottert...
Erik Osberg has all the details on what's happening in Ottertail country. He discusses the ice status, what's happening where there IS ice, what you should use your Christmas money on and cruises through a holiday themed Fast Five.
31 min
Bruce Explains It All. With the ice situation d(ice)y, Bruce talks about the success he's had when he has found safe ice. In addition we discuss dealing with weird weather, how to spend your Christmas money, a Holiday themed Fast Five and the "joys" of reffing. Check out all the nonsense on the latest PBCO Podcast.
36 min
JASON DURHAM: Lament Of The Ice Anglers & The S...
Jason and Kev lament the lack of ice and the challenges of getting some fish on. Plus, Jason discusses what you should spend your Christmas money on...and a sordid truth is revealed in the Fast Five!
39 min
CARL ADAMS: Ice Is Nice!
The bite on Red is STRONG and the ice is good. But as Carl notes, you need to be aware of where you are and what is going on around you. Plus, we discuss the hunting season and get ready for January and beyond fishing. PLUS, a Holiday Fast Five.
15 min
WILL POWER: Will Pappenfus Is Talking Ice & Get...
Will Pappenfus gets us caught up on the ice bite in the Bemidji area. It's one of the few places in the state there's solid enough ice (in many places) to get some fishing in. He has all the facts and good safety advice. Plus, a HOLIDAY Fast Five.
15 min
Mandy's been doing it all. She is hunting, she is fishing and she's waiting (sort of patiently) for ice in the Brainerd Lakes area. Plus, we discuss the state of the outdoors in her neck of the woods and she tackles a Fast Five.
36 min
ISAIAH HAHN: We Recap Muskie Season & Preview I...
Isaiah Hahn of You Bet Fishing Guide Service recapped the fall muskie bite, the overall muskie season, fall fishing in general and previewed the ice bite. This was a few weeks ago, so I assume didn't expect this. Plus a Fast Five, of course, and much more.
24 min
THE WAIT IS ON: Dick Beardsley Has Ventured Ont...
A couple weeks ago we had a chance to check in with Dick Beardsley. He's wasn't ready for ice then (and he's still not!), but he did venture to South Dakota (and did it again!). He also admits that he has joined the 21st Century and deftly handles another Fast Five.
28 min
BLASING ICE: It's Not A Mel Brooks Movie...It's...
Nate Blasing LOVES him some ice fishing. So he's ready to walk on (hard) water. We'll preview the ice fishing season, review the fall and overall soft water season in the Brainerd Lakes area as well as talk new gear, AIS challenges and (of course) a Fast Five.
19 min
BRO KNOWS ICE: Doctor of Hardwater Fish Catcher...
Nobody is more excited about frozen over lakes than Bro Brosdahl. He previews the upcoming season, reviews the softwater season and talks about many other important (and no so important) topics on today's show.
32 min
POTPOURRI: DNR Biologist Don Eaton On AIS In La...
DNR Biologist Don Eaton has the details on Signal Crayfish, an AIS that has been found in Lake Winona in the Alexandria area. Plus, we have our latest Lake of the Week from the Brainerd Lakes area and we Ask The Aquatic Biologist on whether we need to change some rules.
24 min