Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you'll hear from the some of the nation's best guides and anglers.

JURASSIC WATER PARK: Red Lake Is Bringing Back ...
They call them dinosaurs. Sturgeon are among the oldest living creatures on the planet and they're being reintroduced into one of their original homes...Red Lake. Patrick Brown of Red Lake Nation Fisheries discusses the Red Lake Sturgeon Restoration Project.
21 min
Amicus Briefs, Appellate Courts, Precedents...Bemidji Attorney Jay Pederson, also a MN-Fish Board member, is the first lawyer we've ever had on the show and he gives us the details of a very important Minnesota Supreme Court decision that sets precedents for public access to public waters. He's got all the details on today's podcast.
24 min
THE PRIDE OF CANADA: Gussy Brings The Bassmaste...
Jeff Gustafson won the Bassmaster Classic last month and we had the chance to hear the story first hand . Gussy tells the tale of this amazing accomplishment
28 min
WE BOOKED PAUL RADOMSKI: Aquatic Biologist Paul...
"Walleye, A Beautiful Fish Of The Dark" is a great book on walleyes. It covers the biology, the behaviors, fisheries management and restoration case studies. We hear from the author, Paul Radomski.
31 min
WALLEYE ALLIANCE: Nate Blasing Talks Spring Ban...
Nate Blasing of the Brainerd Walleye Alliance joins Kev to talk about their annual spring banquet, other events, their goals and recaps what has been a challenging ice season. Plus a Fast Five, of course.
24 min
WE TALK TURKEY: NW Regional Wildlife Manager Bl...
Turkey season starts April 12, so Northwest Regional Wildlife Manager Blane Klemek stops by to talk turkey. We also do a final wrap on the deer season and the latest picture on CWD.
30 min
Terry Belanger of the Knights Of Columbus talk tourney and where you can get your raffle tickets to win that boat. Plus Brad Liefermann will stay in Florida for awhile. Why not join him?
35 min
THE WIZARD OF OS(berg): Erik is back to talk ha...
Erik Osberg is back to discuss the hot bites in cold weather, including some pout and sturgeon talk. Plus a Fast Five and the art of being a "controlled psycho".
31 min
BRUCE JEAN Expands His Horizons: He Teams Up Wi...
Bruce Jean has been guiding on Rainy Lake for a long time, but on his way from Elk River to Rainy, he'll now stop at Mille Lacs. He tells us about the new Mille Lacs Guide Service and his fellow guides. Plus, we preview the Rainy River Early Season Walleye & Sturgeon run. Plus we prepare him for his Washington DC vacation with a special historical Fast Five.
31 min
Will Pappenfus updates the ice fishing scene in the Bemidji area. He talks all bites and previews what we might expect in the softwater season based on what's been happening on the ice.
16 min
POUT PASSION: Jason Rylander Checks In To Talk ...
Jason Rylander of NorthCountry Guide Service LOVES Eelpout. This is the best time of year to catch them, so we discuss all things Burbot Nation. Plus other icy topics and we preview soft water too. All that and a Fast Five to boot!
29 min
BRO BROSDAHL: One Of Ice Angling's Best Months ...
No Walleyes, But March Means Panfish, Perch and More Panfish...Oh & Don't Forget The Eelpout. Bro Brosdahl Has The Details, And A Fun Fast Five Too!
30 min
A visit with Matt Breuer of North Country Guide Service is not a single topic conversation. Ice angling, turkey hunting, edibles, and Florida fishing.
30 min
TV (or YouTube) MAGIC: Mandy Uhrich's Epic Tale...
Mandy Uhrich recently was featured in a 22 minute MeatEater episode about ice fishing on Devil's Lake. On the latest podcast, she tells us what happened the other 95 hours & 38 minutes. Epic.
37 min
THE KC CLASSIC IS BACK! Knights Of Columbus Wal...
The Knights Of Columbus Walleye Classic is BACK for the 22nd time June 10th. BIG prizes, YOU can win a beautiful new boat...and a big rule change. John Marcum has all the details, plus we check in with Doug Schultz of the Walker Area Fisheries Office for our latest Lake of the Week!
19 min
KEEP IT CLEAN: We Hear From Area Reps Of A New ...
Upper Red Lake Association President Robyn Dwight and DNR Conservation Officer Nick Prachar discuss the Keep It Clean program and the need for people to take their stuff off the ice once they are done ice fishing. They discuss how you can get involved, what you should do on the lake and why we needed this campaign.
25 min
JASON DURHAM: Not Bull Durham, because it's all...
It's Ice Fishing Tournament season and Jason Durham checks in prior to a couple of biggies last week. He talks about the current bite and what's yet to come. Plus some eel pout and of course a Fast Five.
33 min
BRUCE JEAN: Rainy Reports, Dad Jokes And A Not ...
Bruce Jean of Rainy Lakes Guides checks in to talk about some BIG northerns coming through the ice, along with several other hot bites. Plus, we talk gear, get a couple of dad jokes and a Fast Five...that doesn't go real fast. Great stuff though!
34 min
CHUCK CHECKS IN: Hardwater Tales From Chuck Has...
Chuck Hasse has been on the ice hauling fish houses to the hottest spots (figuratively, of course) on the Lake. Leech has had a strong year and Chuck has the story.
27 min
DICK & BRADY: Beardsley and Laudon on Ice Adven...
Dick Beardsley with a harrowing tale of the dicey ice of 2023, plus updates on how it's looking now. There are fish to be caught, Brady and Dick discuss. Plus an update on cool outdoor happenings with Visit Bemidji and much more!
35 min
FRESH FRISCH! Mike Frisch Checks In To Talk Ice...
Mike Frisch is a busy dude! So busy, he hasn't even had a ton of ice fishing opportunities. Nonetheless, he's a veteran and has some great hard water wisdom. We get caught up on what we'll see on "Fishing The Midwest", talk about the School Of Fish, and even throw in a Fast Five.
27 min
ICE OASIS: Carl Adams Details A Couple Of Place...
It's been a very spotty winter for ice. And even where there's good ice, there's often slush and snow piled on top of it. But there are a couple places that have great ice and fairly good access...Red and Lake of the Woods. And who knows more about Red and Lake of the Woods than Carl Adams? Well, probably somebody...but I don't who they are.
22 min
GARETT SVIR: Seeking Slabs On The Hard Waters O...
Garett Svir's business name says it all: Slab Seekers Guide Service. With ice finally firming up on Otter Tail Country lakes, Garett is finding fish and action while dealing with the slush that s prevalent throughout Minnesota this year. Plus, the new panfish regs effects on slab sizes and much more.
26 min
BRAINERD BASH! And We Go East For The Lake of t...
The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza is on the way and we get the details from Tournament Chair Tad Johnson. Plus, we head over Grand Rapids way and check in with Dave Weitzel to find out about another Grand Rapids area gem for our latest Lake of the Week.
19 min
HOYER HEROICS: A National Title, Team USA and ...
John Hoyer has had another amazing year. He captured his second Cabela's National Walleye Tour National Championship, he was part of Team USA at the World Predator Classic in Czechia. On top of all that...he got his deer, Robin Hood style. Great stuff from John Hoyer on the latest podcast.
30 min