Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors

Paul Bunyan Country Outdoors features discussion of all things outdoors in the True North. With thousands of lakes and thousands of acres of forest, Paul Bunyan Country is home to some of the best fishing and hunting in North America and you'll hear from the some of the nation's best guides and anglers.

WILL POWER: Will Pappenfus Is Talking Ice & Get...
Will Pappenfus gets us caught up on the ice bite in the Bemidji area. It's one of the few places in the state there's solid enough ice (in many places) to get some fishing in. He has all the facts and good safety advice. Plus, a HOLIDAY Fast Five.
15 min
Mandy's been doing it all. She is hunting, she is fishing and she's waiting (sort of patiently) for ice in the Brainerd Lakes area. Plus, we discuss the state of the outdoors in her neck of the woods and she tackles a Fast Five.
36 min
ISAIAH HAHN: We Recap Muskie Season & Preview I...
Isaiah Hahn of You Bet Fishing Guide Service recapped the fall muskie bite, the overall muskie season, fall fishing in general and previewed the ice bite. This was a few weeks ago, so I assume didn't expect this. Plus a Fast Five, of course, and much more.
24 min
THE WAIT IS ON: Dick Beardsley Has Ventured Ont...
A couple weeks ago we had a chance to check in with Dick Beardsley. He's wasn't ready for ice then (and he's still not!), but he did venture to South Dakota (and did it again!). He also admits that he has joined the 21st Century and deftly handles another Fast Five.
28 min
BLASING ICE: It's Not A Mel Brooks Movie...It's...
Nate Blasing LOVES him some ice fishing. So he's ready to walk on (hard) water. We'll preview the ice fishing season, review the fall and overall soft water season in the Brainerd Lakes area as well as talk new gear, AIS challenges and (of course) a Fast Five.
19 min
BRO KNOWS ICE: Doctor of Hardwater Fish Catcher...
Nobody is more excited about frozen over lakes than Bro Brosdahl. He previews the upcoming season, reviews the softwater season and talks about many other important (and no so important) topics on today's show.
32 min
POTPOURRI: DNR Biologist Don Eaton On AIS In La...
DNR Biologist Don Eaton has the details on Signal Crayfish, an AIS that has been found in Lake Winona in the Alexandria area. Plus, we have our latest Lake of the Week from the Brainerd Lakes area and we Ask The Aquatic Biologist on whether we need to change some rules.
24 min
JOEL NELSON: Joel Got His Deer And Other Great ...
We check in with Joel Nelson and get the scoop on his deer, along with everything else going on outdoors with Joel. We talk about his FAVORITE thing to hunt, his favorite WAY to hunt, what fall fishing looks like in the this weather and much more, including Joel's ideal winter.
22 min
WHISPERIN' BRUCE: Bruce Jean Whispered His Way ...
Bruce Jean has been at deer camp and he tells us what he's seen and the success his crew is...or isn't...having. Plus a fall fishing recap and an ice preview. And of course a whispered Bruce Jean Fishing Dad Joke and a meandering five as well.
31 min
JONESY'S BACK: Jeremy "Jonesy" Anderson Returns...
Jonesy Anderson of Jones Guide Service has been plying the waters well into November and he tells us why...GREAT action. He talks about the many species active now. He's also been in the woods and will be back this weekend as he's still looking for the "right" deer. All that and a Fast Five too.
29 min
HOYER HAPPENINGS: NWT Angler Of The Year (and 2...
John Hoyer is back and he's got ALOT to share. Since winning his 2nd straight NWT Championship (and 3rd overall) and earning Angler of the Year, he's been elk hunting, representing the USA in Europe for the World Predator Championships, AND moving to Iowa (so he can do more deer hunting). All that and a Fast Five too!
37 min
WOODS & WATER: Tony Roach Is Doing It All
Tony Roach is getting it all done this fall. Bow Hunting, Walleye Fishing, Grouse Hunting, Perch Fishing, Pheasant Hunting, Crappie Fishing. We get ALL the details and a Fast Five From One Of The Greats
35 min
Jason D LOVES to fish. In fact, he loves it so much, there's a near 100% chance he'll be on the water reelin' in fish this opening weekend. We get the details on fall fishing in the greater Park Rapids area along with another Fairly Fast Five.
39 min
THE OPENER: It's Time. So We Check In With NW R...
The Deer Opener is Saturday, so it's time to check in with Blane Klemek and talk all things deer. Plus we review the other hunting seasons and discuss any concerns in the wildlife world.
33 min
DUCK THEATHON Part Deaux! Dalton Rosin of Ducks...
Dalton checks in with an update on duck action so far and what will be coming soon, Plus, he discusses DU events and some dream trips for duck hunters.
13 min
CHUCK HASSE CHECKS IN: We Talk Leech, Hunting, ...
Chuck Hasse is back to recap a strong Leech Lake fall bite, give an overview of the season overall, talk a little hunting, sports and of course the Fast Five.
27 min
OTTERTAIL COUNTRY: Emmy Award Winning Erik Osbe...
Erik Osberg and his crew won a Midwest Emmy: Longform Documentary for their show "Rural By Choice". As always, he shares why he's rural by choice, talking fishing and hunting in Ottertail Country
27 min
MR. MUSKIE: Kevin Cochran Checks In To Talk Fal...
The worse the weather, the better the muskie fishing. We check in with Kevin Cochran to see if it's getting better...
26 min
NICK LINDNER: Catchin' (Sort of) Fall Walleyes
Nick LIndner is catching walleyes. You'd think in fall patterns right? Well, we haven't really had fall weather, but they are biting nonetheless. We talk walleyes and everything else biting in the Brainerd Lakes area.
29 min
JONESIN' FOR WALLEYES: Jeremy "Jonesie" Anderso...
Jeremy Anderson aka Mr. Anderson aka Mr. A aka Jonesie of Jones Guide Service joins the show to talk early fall fishing in the Park Rapids area and talks about his favorite new fishing toys.
34 min
LET THE HUNTING BEGIN! NW Regional Wildlife Man...
Several hunting seasons are already underway (and at least one is already done!) NW Regional Wildlife Manager Blane Klemek Talks, about all of them.
43 min
MANDY'S BACK: This Fall Is ALL About Fishing......
Mandy Uhrich checks in and is rockin' it in the fishing world. In fact, it's ALL about fishing for Mandy this fall. Well, at least for a few more weeks...and then all bets are off.
32 min
STATE OF THE FISHERY: NW Regional Fisheries Man...
Marc Bacigalupi is wrapping up his first summer as Northwest Minnesota Regional Fisheries Manager. He weighs in on the status of our lakes and fish populations as we head in to fall and then hardwater fishing.
24 min
JOHNNY FISHING: He Won't Say It So I Will...Joh...
Last week, John Hoyer won his third National Walleye Tour Championship, Second In A Row, AND Won Angler Of The Year. But John Is So Much More Than His Trophies. A Truly Great Conversation With John Hoyer.
21 min
THE BRADY BUNCH: Brady Laudon Leads Visit Bemid...
AGLOW, The Association Of Great Lakes Outdoor Writers, has its annual convention in Bemidji next week. Brady Laudon of Visit Bemidji has spearheaded this convention and the efforts to put Paul Bunyan Country in the national outdoor media spotlight.
19 min