Podcast: The Ride

A show about theme parks hosted by three childless men in their thirties. Strap in as Mike Carlson, Jason Sheridan and Scott Gairdner share the WAY-too-many things they know about Disney, Universal, and beyond. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network.

Kongfrontation with Brett Davis
Brett Davis (The Podcast For Laundry, National Lampoon Radio Hour) joins us to talk New York Area newscasters and banana breath.
97 min
Special Effects Stages with Carl Tart
Carl Tart (Comedy Bang! Bang!, Brooklyn Nine-Nine) joins us to discuss the Universal show where a damn werewolf came to life!
93 min
The Holy Land Experience
We take a look at Orlando's Biblical theme park and tax dodge. And its many weirdo owners.
114 min
Fake Smell Final Four
It’s the Fake Smell Final Four! Which fake theme park smell will win it all?!
123 min
Peter Pan's Flight with Dani Fernandez
Dani Fernandez (Nerdificent, Ralph Breaks The Internet) joins us to discuss the boy who never grew up and his attraction with a very long line.
107 min
Mission: STAY IN! Covid News & Post Office
Our very first Sequestisode! We recap all the Covid-19 theme park developments. Then answer your questions in a new installment of PTR Post Office.
95 min
Kingda Ka with Dan Klein
Dan Klein (A.P. Bio, Good News) joins us to discuss the world's tallest and formerly fastest roller coaster. Plus: errant birds.
98 min
Introducing: The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon
The Last Degree of Kevin Bacon is a Spotify Original podcast, and you can listen to it for free, only on Spotify. Got to spotify.com/bacon!
12 min
Chapek’s Rise, Scott at Fry’s
A new Disney CEO! Sinking Jungle Cruise Boats! And a Good Boy's dream comes true.
112 min
Slinky Dog Dash
We take a look at Disney's most popular attraction based on a Jim Varney character.
94 min
Living With The Land with Carlye Wisel
Carlye Wisel (Eater, Influencer Extraordinaire) returns to talk about Epcot's good and wholesome boat ride.
108 min
The Incredible Hulk Coaster with Chase Mitchell
Chase Mitchell (The Tonight Show, The Fix) joins us to discuss Universal’s big, green launch coaster!
113 min
Turkey Legs with Zac Oyama
We're talking those big bird legs with Mr. Gobble himself, Zac Oyama (College Humor, Adam Ruins Everything)!
86 min
Trader Sam's with Danny Jelinek
Danny Jelinek (Jimmy Kimmel Live!) joins us to discuss these fun tiki bars! Food! Special Effects! Adult Libations!
115 min
Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
Join the cause! We went to opening day of Rise of the Resistance at Disneyland. Hear our many thoughts on this massive new E-Ticket attraction!
159 min
Avengers: Damage Control with Paul Scheer
Paul Scheer (Black Monday, How Did This Get Made) joins us to try the newest, star-studded VOID VR experience!
105 min
Hagrid's Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure
For our first new episode of 2020, we take a look at one of the biggest new rides of 2019! Seven launches! Animatronics! Minimal screens! Bees!
103 min
McGruff the Crime Dog's Music Career - Patreon ...
Enjoy this sample of Podcast: The Ride-The Second Gate. You can find even more exclusive episodes at Patreon.com/PodcastTheRide
110 min
An Intimate Christmas Evening LIVE
Join us in a snowy podcast cabin as we revisit theme park Christmas specials past and present. Recorded live at The Lyric Hyperion Theatre, 12/13/19.
86 min
Shrek 4-D with Griffin Newman
P:TR Legend Griffin Newman (The Tick, Blank Check Podcast) returns to talk about the cultural impact of Shrek, the Shrek that never was, and the next generation streaming service we're all dyring to check out! Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular episode now up at The Second Gate: Patreon.com/PodcastTheRide
147 min
The Boys Go To Orlando
We recap our thrilling October trip to Orlando! The good! The bad! The fine!
121 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 5-3 with Nick Wiger
It's the grand finale! And Nick Wiger (Doughboys, How Did This Get Played?) is back to discuss parking infrastructure!
117 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 5-2
Level 5-Stage 2:
59 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 5-1
Level 5-Stage 1:
53 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 4-3 with Mike Mitchell
Mike Mitchell (Love, Doughboys) joins us for warm sandwiches.
103 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 4-2 with Carlye Wisel
We are fading fast. But Carlye Wisel (Travel & Leisure, Glamour) brought us fun coffee drinks!
88 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 4-1
Level 4-Stage 1
64 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 3-3 with Jason Woliner
Level 3-Stage 3
100 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 3-2
Level 3-Stage 2:
69 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 3-1 with Kyle Mooney
Kyle Mooney (SNL, Good Neighbor) stops by for a drink.
78 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 2-3
Level 2-Stage 3
60 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 2-2
Level 2-Stage 2
48 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 2-1 with Lindsay Katai
Lindsay Katai (Infinity Train, Teen Creeps) joins us.
83 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 1-3 with Eva Anderson
Eva Anderson (Briarpatch, You're The Worst) stops by as we face our first boss.
99 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 1-2
Level 1-Stage 2: Starbucks, Sunglass Icon by Sunglass Hut, CurlSurf
64 min
Downtown Disney Ordeal 1-1
The Ordeal begins! And the Sector Keeper returns! Level 1-Stage 1: The Fountain La Brea Bakery Express La Brea Bakery Cafe World of Disney
88 min
Avatar Flight Of Passage LIVE with Zack Ryder
Sivako! The Good Boys rise to the challenge and discuss this Animal Kingdom e-ticket. Plus, WWE Superstar Zack Ryder stops by for a special edition of Souvenir Smackdown!
98 min
Woodfield Mall LIVE
The Good Boys talk Chicago's many theme park connections. Including the themed experiences that have called Woodfield Mall home! With an exciting cameo!
80 min
The Haunted Mansion Part 2
It's the second installment of our annual look at The Haunted Mansion! An episode which offers this chilling challenge: to actually get inside the mansion!
122 min
Mike Loves Haunts with Lindsay Katai
Hauntcast: The Fright returns! Big brave boy Mike Carlson tells us all about his adventures at Universal's Halloween Horror Nights and Knott's Scary Farm! Plus, the terror of Disney's Skyliner!
120 min
Carthay Circle Lounge with Erin Whitehead
Erin Whitehead (Twitter, Wild Horses) joins us to talk ice speheres, removing ice spheres, and the importance of midday breaks at Disneyland.
106 min
Grizzly River Run with Mary Holland
Mary Holland (Wild Horses, Robbie) joins us to discuss this California Adventure opening day attraction, the splendor of the outdoors, and J. Audubon Woodlore.
114 min
Disney Princesses with Amanda Lund
Amanda Lund (The Big Ones podcast) joins us to discuss all the ins and outs of of being a Disney princess!
103 min
Raging Waters with Rachel Bloom
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's Rachel Bloom joins us to talk about Disneyland, filming in a partially opened water park, and why Raging Waters was Rebecca Bunch's Paris.
112 min
The Sword in the Stone
Pull the sword from yonder stone and become the (temporary) ruler of the realm! Plus, thrilling union talk. And jaw-dropping Foot Golf scores!
95 min
Casey Jr. Circus Train with Jenny Nicholson LIV...
Recorded live at the Anaheim Hotel, 8/24/19
99 min
Dogpatch, U.S.A. With Christopher Cantwell
Dogpatch, U.S.A. was a park based on the staggeringly popular Li'l Abner comic strip. Christopher Cantwell (co-creator, Halt And Catch Fire) tells all about the only theme park where you could catch and eat a trout. These details barely scratch the surface. Prepare yourselves.
164 min
Jurassic World-The Ride with Charles Rogers
Charles Rogers (co-creator, Search Party) joins us to discuss Universal’s redo of this classic attraction.
123 min
??? with Jeff Garlin
Jeff Garlin (Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Goldbergs) returns for a freewheeling conversation about why he loves Disneyland, his 37 years of doing comedy and believe it or not, a few tangents!
85 min
The A-Team Live Stunt Show/Miami Vice Action Sp...
Matt Gourley (Superego, Conan O'Brien Needs A Friend) talks improvising at Disney, Push The Talking Trash Can, and two long gone Universal stunt spectaculars!
115 min
Alice in Wonderland
Let's go down the rabbit hole to discuss this Disneyland exclusive dark ride. Based on a movie Walt Disney was not crazy about!
100 min
Summer Rides Round-Up
We take a look at three newly opened rides: Jessie's Critter Carousel Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind Knott's Calico River Rapids
94 min
Chuck E. Cheese with Jamie Loftus
Jamie Loftus (The Bechdel Cast) joins us to discuss corporate intrigue, orphaned mice, proper costume cleaning, and the wild history of Chuck E. Cheese.
131 min
Live Show Announcements!
Live Show Announcements!
3 min
Disney's Aladdin: A Musical Spectacular with Pa...
Paul Rust (Love, In Voorhees We Trust with Gourley and Rust) joins us to discuss the retired DCA musical, emotional childhood vacations, and topical references. Isn't that right, BRITNEY SPEARS?
108 min
Summer's heating up! Just like the flames in the now retired Universal Studios Hollywood attraction Backdraft.
96 min
Mickey's PhilharMagic
This 16 year old attraction just arrived at Disney's California Adventure so we went to take a look! Plus, who or what is Chucko?
102 min
Superstar Limo LIVE!
Episode 100! Put on your shades and get ready to schmooze as the good boys hop in the limo to discuss Disney's most reviled attraction!
85 min
Star Wars Galaxy's Edge Opening Day Special wit...
148 min
A Quick Note From The Good Boys
Next full episode drops Monday, June 3rd.
2 min
Star Trek: The Experience
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away there was a Star Trek attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton. It featured two rides, Quark's Bar, a Museum of the Future, a gift shop, and, shockingly, none of us ever went to it.
123 min
Duffy The Disney Bear with Lindsay Katai and Br...
Lindsay Katai (Teen Creeps, Infinity Train) returns to talk Duffy The Disney Bear. A character beloved in Japan, and Mike and Lindsay's Apartment.
126 min
Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle & P:TR Post Office
The Dark Arts at Hogwarts Castle is a new projection show at The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter. And we got to see it! Plus, what other hijinks did Jason and Mike get up to while Scott was in Japan? And we answer your questions in a new installment of P:TR Post Office!
93 min
Disneyland Railroad with Mark Rennie
Mark Rennie (Gay of Thrones, Fantasy Flix League podcast) joins us for The Grand Circle tour aboard the historic Disneyland Railroad!
125 min
Scott's Tokyo Top 10
Scott's back from his whirlwind Tokyo trip and he's ready to share his Top 10 attractions!
157 min
T2-3D: Battle Across Time with Griffin Newman
Like a Terminator with a mission, Griffin Newman (The Tick, Blank Check Podcast) is back. Super!
136 min
The Amazing Adventures Of Spider-Man
We hop in our SCOOP to discuss one of the best reviewed rides of all time. And the past comes back to haunt one of our intrepid hosts! With great podcast power comes great podcast responsibility!
113 min
Fake Rock Final Four
The tournament you've all been waiting for! The P:TR Fake Rock Final Four! Which fake rocks will reign supreme! #PTRFRF4
142 min
Tropical Hideaway
An exciting look at Disneyland's newest treat outpost. Dole Whip swirls! S.E.A. oars! Rosita's borscht belt jokes! And Jason buys some pizza.
104 min
Tarzan Rocks! with Kevin Perjurer
Defunctland's Kevin Perjurer joins us to talk about the long defunct Tarzan Rocks! Roller bladers, frosted tips, khakis that become shorts, a Rosie O'Donnell comic relief character. The late 90s are back, baby!
118 min
Roger Rabbit's Car Toon Spin
We spin into our first Toontown attraction! And we dive into the history of Roger Rabbit: his weird books, his friends and enemies, and the differences between movie Toontown and theme park Toontown.
121 min
Galaxy's Edge Preview with Carlye Wisel
Journalist Carlye Wisel (Travel and Leisure, Eater) tells us all about the whirlwind Galaxy's Edge media tour.
133 min
Alita: Passport to Iron City & Epcot News
A jam-packed episode featuring news updates from Epcot and Universal Orlando! Then, we did the Alita: Passport to Iron City experience and talked to iam8bit cofounder Jon Gibson about making it!
130 min
Innoventions with Jenny Nicholson
Jenny Nicholson returns! We talk Disney's CES/World's Fair mashup, Innoventions.
119 min
Disney's Animal Kingdom with Jackie Johnson
Jackie Johnson (Natch Beaut podcast) joins us for a big picture look at Disney's animal and conversation focused theme park.
137 min
The Funtastic World of Hanna-Barbera
A funtastic episode about a Universal Orlando original. Featuring all your favorite characters: Dick Dastardly, Muttley, and two old men.
126 min
Muppet*Vision 3D with Griffin Newman
Griffin Newman (The Tick, Blank Check podcast) joins us to talk about a beloved 3D spectacular, a less beloved TV show, and the devious Constantine.
159 min
Expedition Everest-Legend of the Forbidden Moun...
A snow-capped episode all about the richly detailed Animal Kingdom coaster. Plus, we explain character paint, Travel Channel voice, and MANswers.
120 min
Honey, I Shrunk The Audience with Ify Nwadiwe
Ify Nwadiwe (Nerdificent, Candy Dinner podcasts) tells about working as a cast member on the Astro Orbiter and H.I.S.T.A. And we try to figure out what Dr. Nigel Channing's deal is.
120 min
Cranium Command
By popular demand! It's the Epcot attraction that launched careers, featured the biggest comedy stars of 1989, and did nothing to dissuade childhood anxiety. Buzzy, if you're reading this, please come home!
131 min
2019 Preview Center
We take a look at everything coming to the parks in 2019. Disney, Universal, Dollywood, Knott's, and more!
93 min
Thank you for listening to Forever Dog podcasts this year and please enjoy this year-in-review clips show.
174 min
We take a look at Universal's Seussian holiday event. All your favorites are here: the Grinch, Max, Christine Baranski, and of course, the snout-rich denizens of Whoville.
119 min
Theme Park Toys with Zack Ryder
WWE Superstar Zack Ryder (aka Matt Cardona) joins us to talk toys and living the Orlando dream.
90 min
The Monorail!
We’re talkin’ monorails! The highway in the sky! Disney World’s lil’ death trap! Please stand clear of the doors. Por favor manténganse alejado de las puertas.
120 min
Three Broomsticks with Zach Reino
Zach Reino (Off Book Podcast, CityWalk Saga Theme) stops by as we discuss the Wizard World of Harry Potter's delightful pub.
116 min
Big Thunder Mountain with Molly Lambert
Molly Lambert (Grantland, Night Call podcast) joins us for the wildest ride in the wilderness. And we all agree: the ride is very good.
108 min
Tokyo Disney Resort with Lindsay Katai
Lindsay Katai (Teen Creeps, Infinity Train) joins us to recap her and Mike's trip to Japan. Enjoy their many hijinks in a country filled with theme parks!
161 min
What The Hell Is Going On In Anaheim?
Mayoral and City Council Elections! A Cancelled Garage! A Cancelled Hotel! An Uncancelled Sandwich Restaurant! We discuss some of the dramatic, recent events affecting the Disneyland Resort and Anaheim at large.
115 min
Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure wi...
Brad Evans and Nick Ciarelli (Death Valley Tween Fest, Atlantic City @ UCB) join us to discuss to discuss Bill and Ted's Excellent Halloween Adventure. A show that definitely...occurred.
131 min
The Haunted Mansion Part 1
In the first part of a new, annual tradition, we examine the origins of The Haunted Mansion.
127 min
Halloween Horror Nights & Knott’s Scary Farm
124 min
Snow White's Scary Adventures
108 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 19 with Nick Wiger
THE GRAND FINALE. Nick Wiger (Doughboys, I Love You, America) joins us to once again talk parking garages.
127 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 18
We're all big fans of hotels.
82 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 17 with Nick Mandernach
Nick Mandernach (I Feel Bad, UCB's JV) joins us to discuss The Fallen Sector.
95 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 16
3 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 15
Oh God, it's this one.
75 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 14
The caipirinha is the national cocktail of Brazil.
82 min
The CityWalk Saga - Sector 13 with Jack Allison
Twitter bad boy Jack Allison (Jimmy Kimmel Live!, JackAM) stops by to take us on an old tyme mine cart ride.
81 min