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Dark Tank with Yedoye Travis

Dark Tank is a podcast where white people try their best. In each episode of Dark Tank, Yedoye Travis asks a melanin deficient guest to undo the mistakes of the past by pitching solutions to pressing minority issues--to a panel of people of color. We're solving racism, one white ego at a time. Produced by the Forever Dog Podcast Network and the Brain Machine Network.

Society & Culture
Blockers For Race - Nick Naney Tries His Best
Nick Naney proposes his best solution to racism: blockers to prevent people from seeing race. Martin Urbano and Eudora Peterson tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
47 min
Being Your 2020 Best
In a special minisode, Yedoye reflects on 2019 and muses about mental wellness and what's to come in 2020.
5 min
Tariffs On Uggs - Drew Anderson Tries His Best
Drew Anderson proposes his best solution to racism: taxing shoes that conservatives tend to buy, e.g. Uggs. Wyatt Cenac and Clare O’Kane tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
54 min
Teach Kindness and Accountability - Ian Fidance...
Ian Fidance proposes his best solution to racism: intergration, accountability and general acts of kindness. Wanjiko Eke and Monroe Martin tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
45 min
Wealth Distribution Through F***ing Each Other ...
Rosebud Baker proposes her best solution to racism: a robust reparations plan that includes splitting assets when hooking up and teaming up as a species to fight kangaroos. Saurin Choski and Carmen Christopher tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
52 min
Make Black Products The Default - Jess Salomon ...
Jess Salomon proposes her best solution to racism: calibrate shampoos, makeup, cameras and other products for use by black people so that white people know what it's like. Ayanna Dookie and Ike Ufomadu tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
54 min
Grant Black-Owned Businesses National Sovereign...
Marcia Belsky proposes her best solution to racism: giving black-owned businesses the perks of independent countries with all the benefits of American citizenship, whatever those might be. Dulcé Sloan and Shalewa Sharpe tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
49 min
Blade Runner-Inspired Racism Tests - Sam Taggar...
Sam Taggart proposes his best solution to racism: a sort of racist emissions test and higher taxes paid by those who fail it. Sonia Denis and Jes Tome tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
46 min
Endless Phone Trees For Paranoid White Women - ...
Julia Young proposes her best solution to racism: use word recognition software to send paranoid white 911-callers down a rabbit hole of menu options. Ziwe Fumudoh and Joyelle Johnson tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
66 min
NYCF With Panelists Saurin Choski, Kerry Coddet...
Live from NY Comedy Festival: send canceled celebs to a trash island, guilt yoga, Bernie Sanders for "last non-POC president," reparations but with crystals, rationing pinot grigio and much, much more!
97 min
Remake "The Color Of Friendship" - Mary Beth Ba...
Mary Beth Barone proposes her best solution to racism: trick everybody into reenacting Disney's "The Color of Friendship." Marie Faustin, Larry Owens and Alex English tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
54 min
Everything Is Pussy - Tommy McNamara Tries His ...
Tommy McNamara proposes his best solution to racism but everyone thinks it should be: call everything pussy. Larry Owens and Alex English tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
43 min
Outlaw Sunscreen - Wendi Starling Tries Her Best
Wendi Starling proposes her best solution to racism: outlaw sunscreen so that sunburned white people can feel less superior. Jay Jurden and Gastor Almonte tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
63 min
Dark Tank is coming to the New York Comedy Festival! Join Yedoye and some very special guests on Sat. November 9th @ 9pm at Union Hall in Brooklyn, NY. Get your tickets here: foreverdogpodcasts.com/live
1 min
Change History - Mary Houlihan Tries Her Best
Mary Houlihan proposes her best solution to racism: change the textbooks to say slavery ended in 1963 so that more white people feel responsible for it. Nore Davis and Karolena Theresa tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
64 min
Reverse-Cast Unpopular Characters - Brett Davis...
Brett Davis proposes his best solution to racism: recasting unpopular black characters with white actors so that people stop being mad when white characters are diversified. Lorelei Ramirez tolerates. Yedoye Travis hosts.
47 min
Maybe Poison - Steph Tolev Tries Her Best
Steph Tolev proposes her best solution to racism: poison. Vincent Bryan and Atsuko Okatsuka tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
51 min
Kidnap The Men - Merrill Davis Tries Her Best
Merrill Davis proposes her best solution to racism: kidnap and reprogram white men. Madison Shepard and Danielle Perez tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
50 min
New Jesus - Dave Ross Tries His Best
Dave Ross proposes his best solution to racism: sacrificing Mark Wahlberg. Christine Medrano and Teresa Lee tolerate. Yedoye Travis hosts.
35 min
Racism CAPTCHA - Julia Loken Tries Her Best
Julia Loken proposes a CAPTCHA code for racism. Clark Jones and Maggie Maye tolerate.
56 min
Dark Tank LIVE : Good Good Comedy Club
86 min
Introducing Spanish Aquí Presents
Here’s a new podcast for you! Spanish Aquí Presents is a brand new show from Earwolf that brings you the best of the best of lo mejor of Latinx comedy. Hosts Raiza, Oscar, Tony and Carlos chat with special guests, discuss what’s on their minds about Latinx culture, and wrap up the show with an improv set that’s muy fuego. (to be read in the voice of Pitbull) Spanish Aquí Presents is out NOW - listen wherever you get your podcasts.
2 min
Dark Tank LIVE: Montreal
55 min
Dark Tank Best of Volume 1
This is a best of episode from some of our favorite episodes. Go back Check them out and enjoy. Josh Gondelman, James Hamilton, James Hamilton, and Alice Wetterlund all try their best. Dulce Sloan, Rob Haze, Ayo Edebiri, Otto Fernandez, Nonye Brown, Kenice Mobley, France French, and Haywood Turnipseed Jr. tolerate... More or less.
49 min
Anya Volz Tries Her Best
56 min
Julie Mitchell Tries Her Best
61 min
The Internet: Leif Enoksen Tries Again...
64 min
Segregation: Janet His Tries Her Best
61 min
Dark Tank Live at Union Hall
103 min
Mike Abrusci Tries His Best
This week we talk about hand shakes and sending CEOs to jail. Mamoudou N'Diaye and Courtney Fearrington tolerate.
64 min
Jess Salomon Tries Her Best
Erica Hernandez and Rachel Pegram Tolerate.
66 min
Dark Tank LIVE: Treefort Festival Tries Its Best 
The whites of the Treefort Festival really make a concerted effort here and we actually appear to be making some real progress until Sam Tallent gets his hands on the mic. Luckily, Jackie Kashian follows through on her promises and gathers her white...
74 min
Tribalism - Chloe McGovern Tries Her Best
In this one, we talk about aliens, study abroad programs, and protecting our white women. There's levels to this shit. We talk unnecessary distinctions and Israel, and Pussy throws its hat in for 2020. LeClerc Andre and Eman El Husseini tolerate.
75 min
Dark Tank LIVE: Dave Chappelle (Very Briefly) T...
The Darks are joined by a mystery guest with a pitch that just might work. We round out the show talking about selling Montana, robot nannies, and the gentrification of prisons. Jak Knight regrets everything while Dave Helem and Sydnee Washington...
65 min
Matt Braunger Tries His Best.
I have a one on one chat with Matt Braunger, who seriously buries the lede here. Sure, we talk about the N word for a while, but when have we not?
65 min
Climate Change: Ahamed Weinberg Tries His Best
This week, we talk about God's role in intergalactic gentrification and how humanity is a virus. Finally someone gets it. Baron Vaughn and Dani Fernandez tolerate.
51 min
Dark Tank LIVE: Philly Tries its Best 
The whites of Philadelphia pitch to a sold out crowd at Good Good Comedy Theater. Nicole Phoenix, Chanel Ali, and Kyle Harris tolerate nonsense about the Jabbawockeez, cookouts, and stolen slang from Ari Fishbein, Molly Hanulec, Chris Stenta, Dan...
79 min
Hate Crimes: Natasha Vaynblat Tries Her Best
Wanjiko Eke and Taylor Garron tolerate.
50 min
Black Cops : Leif Tries His Best
This episode we talk about Black Cops and producer Leif finds a mic.  Ariel Leaty and Dekunle tolerate.
39 min
Dark Tank LIVE - Union Hall Tries Its Best
Kenice Mobley, Marie Faustin and Nore Davis tolerate.  Kevin Saucier, Sarah Hartshorne, Jane Harrison, John Rosenberger, James Hamilton, and Kenny DeForest present.
95 min
Passing - Ben Wasserman Tries His Best
In this one, we talk about augmented reality.  Mamoudou N'Diaye and Eudora Peterson tolerate.
71 min
The N Word - Emily Flake Tries Her Best
In this one, we talk about the N word, Ricky Gervais, and all that shit. Akilah Hughes and Janelle James tolerate.
48 min
Color Blindness - Erin Dewey Lennox and Jordan ...
This week I have no moral support as I face the prospect of dog cops and color blindness.
49 min
War on Drugs - Dave Ross and Georgea Brooks Try...
Thank god we conclusively solved this with Brodie Reed. On to the next one.
46 min
Thanksgiving Wrap-Up Part 2
Everybody's still out of town so I'm just bullshitting, playing Pokemon and working out my feelings. It's weird when the holidays are relatively tame but you've got other people's racist uncles in your mentions.
60 min
Thanksgiving Wrap-Up Part I
Everybody's still out of town so I'm just bullshitting, playing Pokemon and working out my feelings. It's weird when the holidays are relatively tame but you've got other people's racist uncles in your mentions.
47 min
Communist Repto-Sapiens - Sam Rose Tries His Best
This episode was recorded by aliens. Jourdain Searles and Randall Otis are lizards in an Islamic conspiracy.
47 min
Cultural Appropriation - The Narcisistas Try Th...
We kinda just talk shit on this one. Hope that's okay!
48 min
Babies of a Different Color - Remy Kassimir Tri...
In retrospect I still don't know if I'm sold on this one, but Ben Katzner and Sydnee Washington feel better about it than I do. Issa good episode tho
42 min
911 - Krystyna Hutchinson Tries Her Best
These white ladies keep calling the damn police and Kofi Thomas and Nonye Brown-West want to know why. This one has a surprise ending.
65 min
Dark Tank LIVE - Beast Village Comedy Festival ...
The whites of the Beast Village Festival band together but Dante Powell, Clif Antoine, and Justin Luke have the cheat codes.
54 min
Mental Health - Brendan Eyre Tries His Best
Dewayne Perkins and Courtney Fearrington Matrix dodge all this emotional labor.
48 min
Gentrification - Austin Chardac and Andy Sandfo...
The Studio gets gentrified and Elsa Waithe will have NONE of that.
42 min
Interracial Dating - Katie Boyle Tries Her Best
Chanel Ali and Danielle Perez are poised af in this one.
48 min
Fetishization (Whose Mans Is It Anyway?) - Iren...
Irene Morales tries her best while Jim Search and Neruda Willliams throw minimal shade.
56 min
Subway Policing - Maeve Higgins Tries Her Best
AJ Thompson and Lemar McLean demand results.
58 min
Allyship - Alice Wetterlund Tries Her Best
Franqi French and Haywood Turnipseed Jr. really let a lot slide with this one.
44 min
Black on Black Crime - Max Fine Does His Best
Khalid Rahmaan and Dulce Sloan let Max off easy on this one.
68 min
Kanye West - Jane Harrison Tries Her Best
I don't know why this one got so heated. Dulce Sloan and Rob Haze could not solve the Kanye problem.
50 min
Protests - James Hamilton Tries His Best
Okay, Ayo Edebiri and Otto Fernandez got dealt a pretty good hand with this one.
47 min
Prison - Hannah Boone Tries Her Best
Jonathan Braylock and Shanna Christmas really rolled with the punches here.
31 min
Education - Kate Willet Tries Her Best
Wanjiko Eke and Momoh Pujeh are patient AF.
41 min
Appropriation - Josh Gondelman Tries His Best
Nonye Brown and Kenice Mobley knew it would come to this eventually.
35 min
Transracialism - David Tveite Tries His Best
Jourdain Fisher and Tawanda Gona give more time to this idea than it deserves.
31 min
Representation in Hollywood - Blake Midgette Tr...
Brian Bahe and Tawanda Gona hoped for more than this
31 min