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Thrillist's Best (and the Rest)
Calling something “the best” is definitely a bold move -- but at Thrillist, we kind of do it for a living. On this new podcast from iHeartRadio, Thrillist Senior Writer/Producer Wil Fulton is joined by a rotating cast of Thrillist editors, writers, and contributors who spend their days covering the best of the best in food, travel, and entertainment. Together, they’ll answer the big questions of our time: “What’s the Best Way to Kill a Hangover?” “What’s the Scariest Movie Ever?” “What’s the Best Thing to Order at Taco Bell?” Our team of experts will suss out the apex of each topic, and along the way cover some highlights of “the rest” (basically, anything that’s not the best). Look, you don’t have to agree with us… but you should probably listen. It’s like all your favorite bar debates are actually going to be settled, once and for all.
Places & Travel
Film Reviews
The Best Holiday Movies of All Time (and are th...
Come to hear us try to figure out why people like those crappy Netflix Christmas movies, stay to hear our picks for the best Holiday movie of all time (spoiler: it’s not Love Actually).
40 min
How We Found the Best New Restaurants in Americ...
We talk about the biggest food trends of 2019
45 min
The Best Thanksgiving Side Ever, Holiday Horror...
...what the hell is “canberry” sauce?
43 min
What’s the Best Pixar Movie Ever?
Senior Entertainment Writer Esther Zuckerman, and Entertainment Staff Writer Emma Stefansky dive deep into the world of Pixar
46 min
What’s the Best Craft Brewery in America?
We're diving deep into the hoppy depths of craft beer culture.
45 min
What’s the Best Scary Movie of All Time?
Listen with the lights on! Or off. It actually doesn’t really matter.
49 min
What’s the Best Thing to Order at Taco Bell?
Get your sauce packets ready because Thrillist has ranked every item on the Taco Bell menu in order to make its definitive pick for the best thing to order.
48 min
What’s the Best U.S. City For Bar Hopping?
In our opinion, one of the best ways to get a crash course in a city’s history, culture, vibe, and ethos is by hitting up some of its most legendary watering holes.
56 min
Introducing: Thrillist's Best (and the Rest)
2 min