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In Thrillist’s Best Podcast, our infinitely curious host Wil Fulton (Senior Writer/Producer at Thrillist) takes each episode as a new challenge: to learn as much as he can about one topic in food/drinks/travel/entertainment with the help of Thrillist’s best resources -- whether that be internal editors and writers, outside experts, or personalities and comedians who can share their own perspectives. Listeners will get a crash course education in the finer things in life: what to eat, how to travel, and…. the best things to watch on Netflix this weekend. This is the primer you need to be fun at parties. This is everything you love about Thrillist distilled into approximately 40 minutes of weekly audio. This is an entertaining way to get highly educated on a topic that always revolves around fun. This is Thrillist’s Best.

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Film Reviews
"Binging with Babish" on the Best Food Movies, ...
In this episode, Rae (aka Babish) himself calls into the pod to talk about his favorite food moments in film history, his one (disastrous) shift as a line cook, and much, much more.
42 min
The Best Movies (and Shows) For People Who Love...
In this CROSSOVER episode, host Wil Fulton is joined by Thrillist Senior Entertainment Editor Leanne Butkovic and Food Staff Writer Kat Thompson to talk about the best food movies of all time, the best food moments in movie history, food-centric shows you can stream right now, the video game with the best food, and much, much more.
42 min
The Best Road Trip Stories Ever (Fake Kidnappin...
In this episode, we fully embrace this concept by delivering a trio of the wildest, funniest, and most thought-provoking road trip stories we've ever heard, told by the people who lived through them.
40 min
Truckers' Advice for Road Trips, Their Wildest ...
On this episode, we call four different truckers on the road to get the answers to these questions and more. You'll hear their expert insight on traveling, some of the wildest stories from their many cross-country jaunts, and overall, get a sense of what it's like to be a trucker in the age of COVID-19.
54 min
The Weirdest Roadside Attractions in the United...
The Britney Spears Museum, the upside down White House, or the world's largest ball of twine -- and these are just some of the weird roadside attractions host Wil Fulton and Thrilist Senior Travel Editor Andy Kyrza dig up on this episode.
61 min
All the Gear (and Advice) You Need For Your Hik...
In this episode, Host Wil Fulton is tapping the advice of writer and podcaster Lauren Gay, aka Outdoorsy Diva, and Thrillist editor Alex Robinson. They’ll detail the gear you need, the advice you should heed, and also their own personal favorite hiking/camping destinations of all time.
49 min
Our Favorite Summer Blockbusters From Every Decade
Host Wil Fulton is joined by Thrillist Entertainment Team to break down the best summer blockbusters of the 80s, 90s, 00s, and 10s
51 min
The Craft Beer Festival You Can't Miss and the ...
On this episode we're speaking with comedians Day Bracey and Ed Bailey, hosts of the Drinking Partners podcast and two of the driving forces behind Fresh Fest, the first black beer festival in America.
49 min
Margaret Cho's Favorite LGBTQ+ Movies, Virtual ...
In this episode host Wil Fulton is joined by activist, comedian, and general icon Margaret Cho to talk about virtual Pride, her podcast, and why she loves the movie Bound.
39 min
This D.C. Restaurant Has Hosted Protestors (Inc...
In this episode, host Wil Fulton is joined by Virginia Ali, owner of Washington D.C.'s iconic Ben's Chili Bowl, to talk about what she's seen over her 60+ years in business, the similarities between the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s and the current protests, and what she remembers the most about the Reverend Martin Luther King, one of her "regulars."
41 min
Why Silence Is Never an Option for Ben and Jerry's
On this episode, host Wil Fulton is joined by Chris Miller, Ben and Jerry's "Activism Manager," to discuss the company's statement on "Dismantling White Supremacy," how Ben and Jerry's has fostered a longstanding culture of activism, and what brands need to consider when making political statements.
51 min
The Disaster Movies You Need to Watch Right Now
Thrillist's Entertainment team put together the definitive list of the best disaster movies of all time, and sat down with host Wil Fulton to discuss it.
50 min
Tim Chantarangsu (DeLaGhetto) on His Name Chang...
In this episode, host Wil Fulton is joined by Timothy Chantarangsu (
46 min
Why You Should Definitely Learn Your Grandma's ...
In this episode, host Wil Fulton learns the enduring value and myriad benefits of learning family recipes, especially those passed down over generations.
46 min
We Found the Best Mother's Day Song of All Time
Wil Fulton sits down with his own Mom to try and pick the best song about Mother's Day
45 min
The Definitive Best Order at McDonald's, In-n-O...
This week we're returning to our greasy, drive-through roots by discussing some of our favorite fast food restaurants, and delivering our definitive answers on their best menu items.
43 min
The Board Games You Should Be Playing Right Now...
In this episode of Thrillist's Best Podcast host Wil Fullton hops on Zoom to play a spirited game of Codenames.
39 min
How Pro Athletes Use Cannabis for Performance
On this week's episode, host Wil Fulton is speaking with several professional athletes (and one doctor who works out a lot) about cannabis in the sports world, and how they use it to recover physically and mentally.
32 min
Why 'The Office' is the Perfect Comfort TV Show...
On this week's episode of Thrillist's Best and the Rest, host Wil Fulton surveyed dozens of his friends and colleagues on their current go-to comfort TV show, and the results were (disturbingly) unanimous: everyone is turning to the Office.
40 min
We Found the Best Frozen Pizza in America
Wil Fulton is asking the question that has plagued pizza purists and freezer evangelicals alike: is there really such a thing as a great frozen pizza?
45 min
How an Adult Performer, My Mom, and People All ...
On this jumbo-sized SEASON 2 PREMIERE, host Wil Fulton (recording from his own kitchen in Brooklyn) is calling people all around the world, from all walks of life, to see how they are adjusting to working from home
55 min
How the Service Industry Is Helping Each Other ...
In this bonus episode, we're looking for the helpers in the restaurant world: those individuals who have taken it upon themselves to bolster their own communities during this unprecedented crisis -- and, we'll cover how you can help, too.
44 min
How Covid-19 Will Change the Way We Travel
In this episode, host Wil Fulton talks to ER Doctor Calvin Sun, and Scott Keyes to discuss the current pandemic.
38 min
What You Actually Need to Know About Natural Wine
In this episode, Wil delivers a primer on all-things natural wine.
43 min
How to Cook a Surprisingly Excellent Steak With...
In this episode Wil dives into Marie T. Smith’s cult classic cookbook: Microwave Cooking for One.
44 min
The Best Hidden Gems on Netflix
In this episode, WIl Fulton sits down with the entertainment team to detail the Netflix original series that we all should be watching.
48 min
What’s the Perfect Fast Food Meal?
 On this episode Wil and his guests give the details on the Thrillist Fast Food Awards (the Fasties!), play a quick fast food trivia drinking game, and then partake in a fast food fantasy draft.
42 min
BONUS EPISODE: The New Definition of Fast Food
In this very special BONUS EPISODE, Thrillist host Wil Fulton sits down with the Thrillist team settle a debate that has raged in the Thrillist office for months: what actually counts as fast food in 2020?
18 min
How to Travel Like an Expert (and the Mistakes ...
On this episode, Wil is joined by two experienced solo travelers who share their tips, and regrets from vacationing alone. In the back half of the episode, Wil talks all about traveling with new romantic partners, how to navigate bachelor/bachelorette parties, and more.
51 min
Best Easy Ramen Hacks and Winter Beers
In this episode, Wil Fulton helps us deal with the winter blues and helps us figure out what part of America has the worst winter.
47 min
2020 Oscar Predictions (Joker Won’t Win!)
On this episode Wil Fulton talks Oscar predictions, snubs, and upsets.
44 min
Thrillist’s Guide to Wellness (Lots of Water, S...
Wil goes over simple things you can swap out of your diet to make your January a little healthier.
44 min
How to Find the Best Cheap Flight Deals Ever
Scott Keyes (founder of the wildly popular “Scott’s Cheap Flights” site) joins Thrillist host Wil Fulton and Executive Travel Editor Keller Powell to basically deliver every cheap flight hack he knows.
44 min
In 2020, It’s All About Simplicity
Thrillist host Wil Fulton finds out what the food (and beer!) world will be like in 2020.
45 min
The Best Movie of the Decade is... Complicated
Thrillist host Wil Fulton is joined by Senior Staff Writers to look back at a decade of movies.
49 min
What’s the Best Cure For a Hangover? (with Thri...
Thrillist Host Wil Fulton undergoes an intravenous hangover hydration treatment from the IV Doc, and learns a little bit about the science behind hangovers.
48 min
The Best Holiday Movies of All Time (and are th...
Come to hear us try to figure out why people like those crappy Netflix Christmas movies, stay to hear our picks for the best Holiday movie of all time (spoiler: it’s not Love Actually).
40 min
How We Found the Best New Restaurants in Americ...
We talk about the biggest food trends of 2019
45 min
The Best Thanksgiving Side Ever, Holiday Horror...
...what the hell is “canberry” sauce?
43 min
What’s the Best Pixar Movie Ever?
Senior Entertainment Writer Esther Zuckerman, and Entertainment Staff Writer Emma Stefansky dive deep into the world of Pixar
46 min
What’s the Best Craft Brewery in America?
We're diving deep into the hoppy depths of craft beer culture.
45 min
What’s the Best Scary Movie of All Time?
Listen with the lights on! Or off. It actually doesn’t really matter.
49 min
What’s the Best Thing to Order at Taco Bell?
Get your sauce packets ready because Thrillist has ranked every item on the Taco Bell menu in order to make its definitive pick for the best thing to order.
48 min
What’s the Best U.S. City For Bar Hopping?
In our opinion, one of the best ways to get a crash course in a city’s history, culture, vibe, and ethos is by hitting up some of its most legendary watering holes.
56 min
Introducing: Thrillist's Best (and the Rest)
2 min