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POPSUGAR’S podcast for the pop culture obsessed. Our hosts, Becky Kirsch and Zareen Siddiqui, break down the biggest moments in celebrity and entertainment news, providing the kind of in-depth analysis, banter, and theories that take over your group texts and happy-hour conversations.

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Season 1 Finale: Super Bowl, Oscar Nominations,...
We've reached the finale of our first season of "Not Over It," but before we head out for a long winter's nap, we're leaving you with our thoughts on Kanye West's latest antics, the Super Bowl, and our bets and predictions for the Oscars — now with an all-woman lineup of hosts!
41 min
Watch Guide: "Inventing Anna," "Pam & Tommy," J...
To help you determine what to watch and what to skip, we're sharing our favorite new shows on this week's episode of "Not Over It."
47 min
January Rewind: Britney vs. Jamie Lynn, Kanye v...
On this week's episode we're breaking it all down, plus the rest of January's head-scratching and heartwarming headlines.
45 min
The Best and Worst of TV Reboots: The Wonder Ye...
We’re breaking down the different ways Hollywood has capitalized on our TV nostalgia — by bringing back beloved characters only to kill them off; rebooting a series, then making it feel stale; or simply wearing out storylines that were never meant to go on forever.
33 min
This Year's Messy Award Season, Explained
To help make sense of it all, we're giving the rundown on what happened with the Globes, the underlying controversy surrounding the Grammys, and our predictions for what's to come for the rest of award season.
39 min
The Return of Euphoria and What’s in Store For ...
In this week’s episode of Not Over It, we’re recapping all the things we had forgotten about season two, giving our reactions to the season-two premiere, and making predictions for the upcoming episodes (which hopefully include more Lexi and Fezco).
34 min
The 2021 Moments We're Still Not Over
In this week's episode, we revisit some of our favorite things that happened and the highlights among what we discovered, watched, and discussed.
40 min
Succession Season 3 and That Game-Changing Finale
Cue the iconic theme music, because this week's episode is all about Succession.
42 min
We Need to Talk About the Sex and the City Reboot
The first episodes of Sex and the City's reboot, And Just Like That..., were released last week, and we haven't gotten this many angry texts about a TV show since the Game of Thrones finale.
42 min
The Holiday Special: Endless Christmas Movies a...
On this week's episode, we're previewing some of the latest holiday offerings that actually seem worth watching (and the ones that don't), plus revealing our favorite underrated Christmas movies and figuring out which celebrity products would make the best and worst gifts for our friends.
35 min
November Rewind: Kim K and Pete Are Still a Thi...
In this week's episode, we're recapping all of the biggest headlines of the month, complete with an update on Cardi B's latest celebrity BFF and a check-in on what exactly is happening with Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian.
41 min
A Guide to Your Thanksgiving Binge-Watch Marathon
On this week's episode of Not Over It, we've narrowed down a few key recommendations for movies and TV series to stream, no matter who you're with.
32 min
Why the Backlash Against Marvel's Eternals Is O...
In this week's episode, we break down why the movie is getting flak, and give our own thoughts on the film and why it's actually an exciting entry into the Marvel universe.
33 min
October Rewind: Travis and Kourtney’s Engagemen...
Before we say goodbye to spooky season and hello to holiday season, we're breaking down some of the biggest things that happened in October on this week's episode.
43 min
Cancel Culture and Dave Chappelle's Controversi...
In this week's episode, we're discussing the controversy as well as Chappelle's comments on cancel culture.
44 min
What We Learned From the New Brittany Murphy Doc
In this week’s episode of Not Over It, we’re discussing the documentary, why Brittany Murphy deserved better, and the painful parallels we’ve seen in other famous women of her era — and now.
33 min
Why Is TikTok So Damn Addicting? We Asked an Ex...
In this week's episode, we speak with Dr. Julie M. Albright, who specializes in the psychology of interactive media, to ask her all of our questions about what makes TikTok so hard to look away from and whether it's rotting our brains.
44 min
Fall TV: What's New, What's Ending, What's Fina...
We're so excited about Succession finally coming back after a two year hiatus that we had to do an episode to celebrate.
34 min
September Rewind: The John Mulaney Mess, Drake ...
This week, we're digging through some of the biggest moments of the month, like John Mulaney's eyebrow-raising interview with Seth Meyers, the latest on Britney Spears's conservatorship (and the many documentaries about it), and of course, Zareen's take on Drake's long-anticipated new album, Certified Lover Boy.
48 min
Emmys Recap: The Best Speeches, the Biggest Snu...
In this week's episode, we're talking all things Emmys!
32 min
Why Nepotism in Hollywood Is More Out of Contro...
In this week's episode, we're discussing the rising stars who got a boost from their well-known parents (looking at you, Jack Quaid and Lily Collins), celebrity family connections you never knew about, and what happens when Hollywood nepotism goes awry (sorry, Olivia Jade).
35 min
August Rewind: Scarlett Johansson’s Disney Dram...
We couldn't say goodbye to summer without another round of head-scratching celebrity headlines.
37 min
Does Netflix’s Remake of She’s All that Live Up...
In this week's episode we're re-visiting She's All That and how it stacks up 20 years later, plus reviewing the Netflix remake and forecasting whether or not it's a classic for a new generation.
38 min
How The White Lotus Became the Must-See Series ...
On this week's episode of Not Over It, we're getting into why the series has sparked so much conversation and how we became hooked on following the most cringe-worthy vacation money can buy.
30 min
Busy Philipps Talks Girls5eva, Auditioning For ...
Actress, author, and podcast host Busy Philipps joins us to talk about a little bit of everything
69 min
July Rewind: Adam Driver Is a Centaur, Issa Rae...
July gave us so much to discuss (maybe a little too much), and we're breaking it all down in this week's episode.
48 min
Tokyo Olympics: The Controversies, the New Spor...
In this week's episode, we're discussing the long, pandemic-paved road that got us here, what's different about this year's Games, and which athletes and sports have us tuning in.
31 min
Why We Love Never Have I Ever (With Lee Rodrigu...
45 min
Pack Your Bags, We're Going to Love Island
In this week's episode, we're debating whether the reality dating series lives up to the hype (and the time investment).
32 min
Disney's Live-Action Movies: The Good, the Bad,...
On this week's episode, we're taking a closer look at these remakes and whether they're actually elevating beloved stories for a new generation or leaving us yearning to dust off our Disney VHS collections.
35 min
June Rewind: #FreeBritney, Chrissy’s Apology, t...
On this week's episode, we're looking back at some of June's biggest headlines, controversies, and memorable moments
54 min
Convince Me to Watch: Marvel Movies
In this week's episode of Not Over It, we're having a good old-fashioned debate about whether or not Marvel movies are worth the hype. Pick a side!
33 min
Why Everyone's Talking About Bo Burnham's New N...
On this week's episode, we're diving into the incredibly catchy songs and the deeper conversations that Burnham has sparked with Inside.
42 min
The ’90s Summer Jams No One Should Ever Get Over
On this week's episode, we're revisiting our favorite summer songs that defined the '90s, so close your eyes and queue up your Will Smith playlist, because it's summer, summer, summertime.
44 min
The Messy Journey of Reality Dating Shows
In this week's episode , we're discussing some of the most memorable — and messy — reality dating shows we've watched (and cringed at) over the years.
34 min
The One Where They're Not Over Friends
On this week's episode, we're gearing up for the Friends reunion special by re-visiting some of our all-time favorite guest stars, one-liners, and episodes of the show.
38 min
The Return of Bennifer
On this week's episode, we're breaking down all the latest developments of Ben and Jen's reunion.
40 min
Same Time, 10 Years Ago: Where Are the Rising S...
On this week's episode, we're checking in to see where some of the biggest "rising stars" of 2011 landed since getting their big break 10 years ago.
41 min
Why Do We Love to Hate-Watch?
In this week's episode of Not Over It, we're digging into the art of hate-watching: why we do it, when we know it's time to quit, and how complaining about shows like Riverdale and Emily in Paris can actually bring us closer together.
39 min
Welcome Back to The OC, B*tch! (with Rachel Bil...
California, here we come — on this week's episode we're going back to The OC with two of the stars from the show that became a phenomenon.
45 min
Adele Dazeem and the Oscars Moments We'll Never...
This year’s strange (and mostly virtual) award season wraps up with the Oscars on April 25, and on this week's episode of Not Over It, we're giving you a taste of what's in store.
56 min
Regé-Jean Page and the Phenomenon of the "Netfl...
47 min
Reality TV Showdown
From The Challenge to Love Island and back again, this week's episode of Not Over It is all about the wild world of reality TV.
42 min
Celebrity Couples Lightning Round
On this week's episode, we break down the latest in the world of celebrity couples, pondering questions like, "What if Harry Styles was your stepdad?" and, "How exactly did Machine Gun Kelly get that necklace of Megan Fox's blood?".
46 min
Are Scam Docs the New Murder Docs?
This week's episode of Not Over It is all about famous scams and the entertainment we've reaped from them.
37 min
Breaking Down Meghan and Harry's Tell-All
In this week's episode, we examine some of the biggest revelations with the help of special guest and royals aficionado Allie Merriam, who answers all of our questions about "the Firm" and more.
50 min
Why We Can’t Stop Watching Grey’s Anatomy
On this episode of Not Over It, we're revisiting some of the show's most iconic moments (for better or for worse), storylines we still can't get over, and the show's most heart-wrenching character departures. Join us as we try to remember all 17 seasons of ups, downs, and close encounters in the elevator at the hospital formerly known as Seattle Grace.
47 min
The 2021 Movies We Can't Wait to WFH (Watch Fro...
On this week's episode, we dig into the movies we can't wait to see — Mortal Kombat, Don't Look Up, and In the Heights all made the cut, because we deserve the best of all genres!
34 min
And Just Like That, Sex and the City Is Coming ...
Sex and the City is getting a reboot, and Becky and Zareen attempt to answer all of your questions
32 min
Things Becky and Zareen Are not Over (and Proba...
In our first episode, we break down some of the craziest moments of 2020
28 min
Introducing: Not Over It
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