The Big Ticket with Marc Malkin

Each week Marc Malkin, one of Hollywood’s most recognizable journalists on and off the red carpet, interviews today’s biggest stars. While the primary focus is on film (who doesn’t love to talk about movies?!), guests are also weighing on the hottest stories of the day all while Marc gets them to open up like never before.

TV & Film
Willem Dafoe & Chloë Sevigny
Willem Dafoe on Robert Pattinson and “The Lighthouse.” He also recalls working with Madonna on “Body Evidence.” Plus, Chloë Sevigny on that time Bill Murray took her for a joyride in a cop car.
37 min
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves talks “John Wick 3,” the upcoming third “Ted and Bill’s Excellent Adventure” and he imagines another “Speed” with Sandra Bullock.
23 min
Halle Berry & Elisabeth Moss
Halle Berry recalls her early days in Hollywood as a woman of color and why she’s starring in and directing an upcoming movie about women’s MMA fighting. Plus, Elisabeth Moss reveals she’s up for a “West Wing” reunion.
35 min
Jared Leto & Kevin Costner
Jared Leto talks about his new doc “A Day in the Life of America,” starring in the new Spider-Man villain movie “Morbius” and why he’s up for playing The Joker again. Plus, Kevin Costner reveals he’s getting ready for his return to directing.
37 min
“Avengers: Endgame” Special—Part 3: Paul Rudd, ...
Paul Rudd can’t quite get behind that deadly Ant-Man/Thanos theory and Don Cheadle recalls being cast to replace Terrence Howard in the franchise. Plus, make sure not to miss Karen Gillan’s celebrity impersonations.
33 min
“Avengers: Endgame” Special—Part 2: Chris Hemsw...
Find out if Chris Hemsworth is ready to leave the “Avengers” franchise. Plus, Jeremy Renner explains why he wasn’t in “Infinity War” and the Russos reveal that they’re not thinking of making another “Avengers” movie anytime soon.
31 min
“Avengers: Endgame” Special—Part 1: Scarlett Jo...
The launch of Variety and iHeart’s new film podcast kicks off with Scarlett Johansson talking Black Widow, her directing dreams and why she may run for public office. Plus, Brie Larson weighs in on “Captain Marvel’s” blockbuster success, diversity in Hollywood and more.
20 min