Content Is Profit

Welcome to the Content Is Profit Show.

In here you are going to get the insights, accountability, and drive to create consistently and increase revenue in your business.

After years building and managing content frameworks, teams and systems with companies like Red Bull, Chet Holmes International, Orangetheory Fitness, F45 Fitness, Jacksonville Wealth Builders and many more, we are finally here to bridge the gap between your content and your revenue.

You'll hear from top entrepreneurs, creators, and anything and everything you need to know about content; all this while having a good time. 

The goal of this podcast is simple: entertain, educate, and turn your Content Into Profit.

Fast-Track Your Content Creation Flow With Thes...
Discover our favorite, most efficient, podcasting tools...
28 min
Do Tools Make Your Podcast Better? —What’s Your...
Do you need the new and hottest tools to have a successful podcast?
21 min
6 Steps To Creating Engaging Content (E401)
Learn the step-by-step behind our content creation service, Content Momentum
12 min
400 Podcast Episodes - What’s Your Top Takeaway...
400 episodes! Here are our top lessons along the journey.
17 min
Lemon8: The New Instagram Killer? | What’s Your...
What's your take on the new app making the ranks by TikTok's parent company, ByteDance?
19 min
From Zero To Podcast To Top 1.5% Podcaster ft. ...
What are the key elements you need to launch and grow a successful podcast?
44 min
Ethically Tapping into 1 Million Views! (Like T...
Most marketers are faced with the same challenge when promoting their brands. How do you find traffic?
19 min
What Is Google’s New Algorithm Update Telling U...
AI Content is rising in popularity. What are Google and other platforms going to do about it?
26 min
Retain Your Audience Attention With These 6 Sto...
Get people's attention, retain it, and grow your podcast with these storytelling tips.
30 min
Grow Your Podcast And Community With John Lee D...
Join us in the conversation with one of the biggest podcasters in the industry, John Lee Dumas.
29 min
From Marketing Agency to $1.2 Billion Exit (E393)
Top lessons from Ryan Reynolds on how he leveraged his influence and marketing agency to grow his business.
20 min
Podcast Growth: 4 Types Of Already-Proven Conte...
Learn 4 proven types of content that will help you grow your podcast.
26 min
Simple Content Marketing: Making Complex Topics...
Learn the value of content, the power of influence and how to earn it, and how anybody can start investing in real estate.
41 min
What’s Your Take: Podcast Intros —Yay or Nay? (...
Discover whether you need a podcast intro or not, or if it’s even necessary anymore.
17 min
Are Facebook & Instagram Ads Still Effective? (...
In this episode, we are going to debunk any myth regarding ads.
53 min
What’s Your Take? AI Generated Content - Join T...
What's your take on AI generated content? Where do you see it going in the next 5 years?
14 min
AI & Podcasting: Fastest Way To Grow And Market...
What will be the role of AI in podcasting?
39 min
5 Reasons That Make Podcasting a No-Brainer in ...
Tune into the conversation to learn the top 5 reasons to lean into podcasting in 2023.
22 min
Top 3 Content Trends For 2023 And How They Rela...
Join us as we discuss the top 3 creator trends of 2023
41 min
Crowdsourcing For Creators & Lessons From A $37...
In this episode we share our opinion on a new crowdfunding platform to fund creators and the acquisition of Doug DeMuro's company.
25 min
Are You Getting Meta Verified? (E383)
Tune in to listen to the BIZBROS take on two current topics relevant to creators all over the world.
37 min
Unlock $100,000 With This 6 Step Process. E382
Unlocking $100,000 of Revenue With Your Publishing
52 min
Unlock Consistent Content & Revenue with These ...
Unlock Consistent Content & Revenue with These 4 Steps!
22 min
Get $10k In New Business Through Cold Email & O...
People only care about how much money you made them or how much money you can make them. Learn how to make them money in this episode.
55 min
More Podcast, More Video & The Rise of ChatGPT ...
Should you do video with your podcast? Should you embrace the up and coming technology of AI?
32 min