The Virtual Staffroom
Welcome to the Virtual Staffroom. Join the Technology 4 Learning team of teachers as they explore the latest in educational technology minus the ‘geek speak’. What can you expect? Each episode follows the school day all the way from assembly to the car park and everything in-between! New episodes added fortnightly! Disclaimer: Please note all views expressed by the podcast presenters are their personal opinions and not representative of the NSW Department of Education. Discussions are not endorsements of third party products, services or events. For all the show notes and additional information visit for more. Description by Technology 4 Learning.
Tech News
Ep. 35: Brewongle - where technology and ecolog...
19 min
Ep. 34: Revolutionise learning experiences with...
Join the virtual staffroom team as we talk with Nav Virdi from the Braille and Large Print team who has developed a library of curriculum connected 3D objects that have the power to revolutionise the learning experiences of students in your classroom!
12 min
Ep. 33: Behind the scenes at EduTECH 2022
In this Virtual Staffroom first, join the team on location at EduTECH 2022 as they explore the latest in technology innovations and trends in the classroom.
16 min
Ep. 32: What’s next in EdTECH at EduTECH?
Are you keen to know what’s next in EdTECH? you’ll learn all about the latest tech tools and programs that were highlighted at EduTECH, a huge educational technology conference that took place in August 2022.
27 min
Ep. 31: Virtual resources from the Australian W...
The team chats with digital learning education officer Jo Taplin at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra
11 min
Ep. 30: Explore the halls of NSW power
Walk the corridors of power with learning manager Daniela Giorgi who shares the power of online resources from the sacred halls
10 min
Ep. 29: Bring the world into your classroom
Virtual excursions expert Bonnie Tratt talks us through taking your students to the Great Barrier Reef or even blasting off to the NASA launch station
19 min
Ep. 28: #HourofCode special edition: coding and...
Tune in to find out how these robots-on-wheels have the power to support students in the classroom from a remote location
36 min
Ep. 27: The future of tech ft Trevor Long
Trevor reviews his picks for top tech in 2021 and then casts an eye to the future to make some bold predictions
36 min
Ep. 26: The modern writer’s toolbox – with best...
Meet Heather Morris, the Australian author of the Tattooist of Auschwitz, and hear about how she works, what tech infuses her creative life and get a snapshot into the toolbox of the modern storyteller
21 min
Ep. 25: The Data Detective
Ever thought about how the power of online data can positively impact the world? The team chats with data ‘detective’ Chris Poulter from Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
42 min
Ep. 24: Unpacking the power of Esports in the c...
T4L explores the huge appeal of Esports among students and tackles some of the questions around its place in the curriculum and school
34 min
Ep. 23: The future of mobility
The T4L teams pulls out the crystal ball in this episode as they explore the future of transport, roads and mobility with Amelia Johns – NRMA's Electric Vehicle (EV) Division Manager
36 min
Ep. 22: Creating with Canva ft Cameron Adams
T4L is joined by Canva co-founder Cameron Adams, who shares the story of Canva and their vision of putting the power of design in the hands of many – including teachers
37 min
Ep. 21: Digital + Mindfulness – Not such an unu...
In this final instalment of a three-part series focused on teaching and learning online, the team speak with Mary Morrison Education Wellbeing Lead from Smiling Mind
29 min
Ep. 20: Cloud Normal – A day with a digital dynamo
In part two of a three-part series on teaching and learning online, the team get down on the ground and speak with Virginia Cluff, Head Teacher Science from Aurora College, NSW’s Online Selective High School
25 min
Ep. 19: The Evidence – What works when teaching...
The first in a three-part series focused on teaching and learning online, the team speak with Zhi Soon General Manager of Evidence and Impact at the Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership
27 min
Ep. 17: Cooking with Artificial Intelligence ft...
Tune in to Episode 17 of the Virtual Staffroom as we talk with Google Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Specialist Sara Robinson
28 min
Ep. 16: Fossil hunting with Dr Matthew McCurry
Matt and the T4L team have been working behind the scenes on creating an exciting virtual tour of the museum for kids everywhere. Matt also gives us an inside look at paleontology
24 min
Ep. 15: Vroom vroom - take a spin with Molly Ta...
T4L gets revved up in Episode 15 of the Virtual Staffroom with Molly Taylor – Australian rally car driving champion
24 min
Ep. 14: Drones doing good
Look up in the sky! Is it a bird, is it a plane? No – it's a drone! Drones can deliver everything from books to groceries to coffees – but what if we used them for the good of humankind?
23 min
Ep. 13: micro:bit...mega possibilities
The team meets Waris Candra from the micro:bit Foundation all the way from Hong Kong and he updates us on a global micro:bit challenge getting students to problem-solve real-world problems and work towards UN Global Goals
22 min
Ep. 12: The Modern Storyteller
Get your creative juices flowing with Episode 12 of the Virtual Staffroom. Award-winning author for kids and teens, Tristan Bancks shares his insights on how he writes, his observations on how students create today
26 min
Ep. 11: Digital Wellbeing
In Episode 11 of the Virtual Staffroom, we meet thought-provoking neuroproductivity researcher Dr Kristy Goodwin and chat about digital wellbeing and the impact of technology on our productivity
32 min
Ep.10: Safer Internet Day
Have you thought about your digital footprint? You might after this discussion. In Episode 9, we talk cookies, cybersafety and fake news with special guest Kellie Britnell from the Office of the eSafety Commissioner
27 min