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Week 10, Redskins vs Bucs (Recap)
Bucs fail yet again and that snow ball effect is truly in action. Bucs lose 16-3 to the severely unmanned Redskins! Dirk looks like a lost man and is truly showing his true colors as every press conference looks as if he's throwing in the towel. Missed kicks, Turnovers and lack of execution result in one of the most boring games in recent history. Yet we seem to have broken a record with over 500 yards and only totaling 3 points. WOW!  We angrily discuss this crap show that was the Bucs vs Redskins, "Hope" ya'll like it haha. If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe! Of course we will be back later in the week with our preview of what the Giants will bring us come next Sunday.
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Week 10, Redskins vs Bucs Preview
Well the Bucs are coming into a 3 game stretch with very winnable games... Hopefully, but lets look at the Redskins first.  Redskins are extremely injury riddled all along the Oline with 3 starters out and a lack luster offense. Can the Bucs take advantage and execute plays properly? We better damn pray they can. We take a look at the weaknesses and strengths as we always do! Also we will be at the game on Sunday so anyone who wants to come meet us up or just have a drink with some fellow Bucs fans hit us up on twitter. @Realbucstalk   If you like the Podcast be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 9 Bucs vs Panthers (Recap)
Bucs lose again! Bucs lose the turnover battle... AGAIN! Bucs defense gives up 42 points and offense doesn't get started till down 35-7. We dive into the anger of all Bucs fans and how we see coaching as a HUGE reason behind this usual Bucs performance. Missed Tackles and being in a Hole earlier was the big killer. How much more can we take!? Let us know buc fans!   If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe   We will be back later in the week to look at the Redskins
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Week 8, Bucs vs Bengal Recap (Jameis BENCHED)
It's official Koetter seems to have broken up with Jameis as well. Winston has been benched in favor of FitzMagic and rightfully so. Throwing 4 terrible interceptions and putting your team in a position to lose isn't what football is all about. We talk about the Winston Benching and what Fitzpatrick can bring. How do ya'll feel?  OPTIMISM.... 3-4 still has us in playoff contention and the season is not dead. Just like every bucs fan the ultimate goal is winning. So lets see if Fitz can make some more MAGIC.   If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 8, Bucs vs Bengals Post Game Reaction
WE SUCK AGAIN! Bucs lose to the Bengals 37-34! Winston gets benched after 4 BAD interceptions and FitzMagic comes in and damn near leads us back to a Victory. We look at the game and give our reactions. Never feels good after a dumb loss. Feel for you my fellow Bucs fans!   If you liked the podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe.
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Week 8, Bucs vs Bengals Preview
Bucs coming off a win against the Browns have a tough task on the road against the Bengals who look very similar to what the Bucs bring. We dive into the injury riddled Bengals and where we see our offense should attack and where the defense can succeed.  The Bucs badly need to start stacking wins together, can they do it this week on the road against the bengals? WE SHALL SEE!   If you liked the Podcast Please Like Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 7, Browns vs Bucs Recap (Optimism!)
WE WON!!! It's hard to think we did after our post game reaction podcast but we are WAY more Optimistic in today's Recap of the Browns vs Bucs Game. We look into the positives moving forward and also where we can find help moving forward after losing middle linebacker Kwon Alexander. Huge loss and we hope nothing but a speedy recovery to the heart of this defense. We got to stay positive Bucs fans and remember... We are 3-3, anything can happen moving forward. If you liked the Podcast please Subscribe, Comment and Like!   We will be back later in the week with the Bengals Preview.   GO BUCS!
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Week 7, Browns vs Bucs Reaction
HOLY SH*T the Bucs somehow came out on top. A game that we should have won with conviction came down to a FG with less than 2 minutes left in OVERTIME! This team turned the ball over 4 times and somehow still came up on top.  We react to a game in which no team truly wanted to win the game but luckily it was our Tampa Bay Buccaneers!   If you liked the Podcast please Subscribe, Comment and Like!   We will continue to bring you up to date Bucs coverage and expect a Bengals preview later in the week.   Go BUCS!
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Week 7, Browns vs Bucs Preview
We got the Browns this week people! The BROWNS! Bucs coming off their third straight loss in a row and the browns are actually winning games.... Could this mean more bad news for the Bucs? As usual we dive into strengths and weaknesses of the Browns and where the Bucs NEED to exploit, if coaching will allow it....   If you liked the Podcast PLEASE Subscribe, Like and Comment! Let's see if we can pull one out at home!
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Week 6 Bucs vs Falcons Recap
Different week same results! defense blows in the first half and offense finds its mojo in the 2nd but come up short.  Mike Smith is fired.... (about time) and Bucs move forward with Mark Duffner as D-Coordinator.   We dive into the offense and defense and where the game fell apart. What do we expect moving forward? all in this episode of RBT   If you liked the Podcast please Subscribe, Like and Comment!   We will be back later in the week with Browns vs Bucs coverage   GO BUCS!
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Week 6 Bucs vs Falcons Preview
We go into what the Falcons bring on both offense and defense and how we should attack them. This is a matchup the Bucs should win not only based off how injury riddled the Falcons are but off of how many mismatches we present for their defense.   If you liked the Podcast please Subscribe, Comment and Like   Lets go BUCS!
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Bye Week Recap
Coming out of the Bye, what did we learn? What will the offense look like with Jameis Winston at QB full time? What will the defense do to improve and change?  A lot of questions that need answers and we dive into them and give a quick limpse at what the Falcons have to offer this Sunday. It's game week Bucs Fans!   If you liked the show please Subscribe, Like and Comment!   Let's get back on the right track!
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Week 4, Bucs vs Bears Preview
Bucs and Bears coming into this game and both could be 3-0. We talk the importance of this game, matchups we should exploit and provide our thoughts on why we think the Bucs should win this game.   If you enjoyed the Podcast please be sure to subscribe, share and like!   We'll be back next week for our game break down and thoughts on the 1st quarter of the season while going into the BYE Week.
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Week 3 Steelers vs Bucs
Bucs lose to Steelers due to poor first half filled with turnovers (4) and didn't have enough fire power to over come deficit in the 2nd half. Listen how we broke down the game into two halfs. A team that gave the game away and a team that tried to come back. Bucs are slowly learning how to win games and a loss by 3 to a great offense is a learning process. Let's get back on the right track next week against Chicago!   If you enjoyed the podcast make sure to share, like and comment on itunes!   We will be right here with you through thick and thin... LET'S GO BUCS!
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Week 3 Steelers vs Bucs Preview
We go into strengths and weaknesses of the Pittsburgh Steelers and we discuss how the Bucs can exploit them. Can the Fitz Magic continue or will it disappear?   If you enjoyed the show please Subscribe, Comment and Share   We will be giving fresh Bucs content weekly!
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Week 2, Eagles vs Bucs
HUGE win! Bucs move to 2-0 against the defending Super Bowl Champs. Fitz Magic still alive and Defense shows improvement. We go into the offensive "Power house" of the Bucs and how the defense made big strides after week one. In addition we go into our experience at the game and deal with an overwhelming Eagles fan base at a Buccaneer home game.   Please like, share and subscribe if you enjoyed the epidsode!
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Week 1 Bucs vs Saints
Premiere episode of the Real Bucs Talk Podcast! Brought to you by Michael Pless and Mark Ramirez. We go into the week 1 victory of the Bucs over the Saints and give you detailed reasons and analysis of why and how they won. We provide a breakdown of the offense, defense, and special teams and finally give a quick breakdown of the Bucs next matchup, against the Super Bowl defending Philadelphia Eagles! Please like, share and subscribe if you enjoyed the episode!
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