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Combine Review Donovan Smithe Re-Signed
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast In tonight's recording, we discuss the wild weekend that was the 2019 NFL combine, Bucs re-sign Donovan Smith and Devonte Bond, also we answer the fans questions. Lots of fun topics, plus a special quest at the end of the show. Be sure to give it a listen, its can't miss episode! If you enjoy the episode, feel free to subscribe, share, and comment. You can follow us @realbucstalk on twitter, instagram. Also be sure to rate and review on itunes and google play
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Bucs News (Combine Preview)
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast Tonight we talk about shout outs from fans via Twitter, and what we are bringing to Instagram. Then we dive into questions from fans and cover multiple topics. Finally, we go into what we look for when watching the 2019 NFL combine which is this weekend.  That and much more!  Be sure to rate and review on Itunes and Google play if you enjoyed the episode.  Also follow us on twitter and instagram @realbucstalk
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Bucs Off-Season Talk Special Guest (Connor Rogers)
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast We had special guest Connor Rogers join us from Bleacher Report and Stick to Football podcast. Connor gave us some background of what his lifestyle is like and how his yearly schedule works, to sum it up Connor is living that great life. Next we dove into some football and talk about Todd Bowles and what he can bring to this Bucs defense. Also we dive into how this Bucs roster looks and what the priorities will be going forward. Finally, Connor gives us some insight to his draft favorites and who to look for in the 2019 NFL Draft.   If you enjoyed the episode, please subscribe, share, and comment. Please give a rating and review if you love the show.
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Buccaneers Offseason Talk (Curry Cut, Matt Brya...
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: a podcast covering the Tampa Bay Buccaneers!!! In this episode, we cover a lot of topics as we go over the news from this week. Vinny Curry was cut which was expected, also we talk about the potential match of Matt Bryant coming back to Tampa. Then we get into Jameis and his comments from this past week, plus talk about Bucs GM Jason Licht and much more.  If you enjoy the episode please subscribe, like, and comment. Please rate and review as well.  Go Bucs!
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What To Expect??? -Special Guest (Jess Root-Ris...
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast We welcome special guest Jess Root, host of the Rise Up See Red podcast and also editor/writer for Cards Wire. We ask Jess about the Bucs new coaching staff and what to expect from the team going forward. Jess provides great insight into what a Bruce Arians team will look like, plus talks about what Todd Bowles can bring on defense. We discuss multiple topics plus it looks like it will be a busy off-season for both teams that we cover.   Be sure to subscribe, share, and comment if you enjoyed the episode. Also rate and review on itunes if really enjoy the content.
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Super Bowl Recap, Hall of Fame, Free Agency Talk
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast In this one we discussed last night's Super Bowl and talk about what makes the Patriots so good. Then we dive into some hall of fame talk and why former Buccaneers Ronde Barber and John Lynch should be in. Then we give a little free agency preview and how the Bucs might approach it along with some possible free agency targets. Last, we answer your questions and discussed multiple topics.   If you enjoy the podcast be sure to share, subscribe, and comment...
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Special Guest Cory Draper-The Play Reaction
Welcome to a new episode of RealBucsTalk: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast In this episode, we welcome another special guest in Cory Draper from The Play Reaction. We cover multiple topics and really find out who Cory is as a person when he is not making awesome Bucs content via youtube. We talk super bowl predictions and a little insight on the Atlanta Falcons. Then we dive deep into what is in-store for the Bucs this offseason and what kind of direction they may go! If you enjoy the episode, be sure to subscribe, like, and comment... Go Bucs!
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Harold Goodwin and Fans Questions
Welcome back to another episode Bucs fans, today we talk about our weekends and provide some fun stories about the Bucs Superbowl win back in 2003. Also we discuss what Harold Goodwin can bring to this team, what he expects, and his relationship with Bruce Arians. Lastly, we answer your questions and discuss multiple topics!   If you enjoy the episode, please share, subscribe, and comment...
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Special Guest (MrBucsNation James Hill)
Hello Bucs fans, we are back and this is a big episode! We were joined by special guest MrBucsNation James Hill! We talked Bucs football and covering all topics in regards to the upcoming off season. It was great conversation and be sure to follow him on twitter @moneyjameshill and check out his youtube channel at MrBucsNation. We also answer your fans questions.   If you enjoyed the episode be sure subscribe, like, and comment.
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Byron Leftwich New OC (Fans Questions)
Welcome back Bucs nation, in today's episode we talk about the Bucs new OC Byron Leftwich and what he can bring to this team. Leftwich is all in on Jameis Winston as the Bucs starting QB and believes they will get the best out of him going forward. It's more about the relationships and building a strong foundation which it looks like this coaching staff is going bring in 2019. Then later in the episode we get to your questions and talk about a variety of topics. Everyone have a great weekend and we will be back next week. If you enjoyed the episode please like, share, and subscribe. Go Bucs!
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BA Press Conference and Staff
The excitement is real in Bucs land right now! Bruce Arians means business and believes this team has the key pieces to be successful going forward. We talk about how the coaching staff is going to put the players in positions to be successful. We also answer fans questions, and much more in this upbeat episode. It is a fun time to be a Bucs fan right now.   If you enjoy the episode, please subscribe, share, and comment!!! Go Bucs!
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Bucs finally tell us the most unkept secret of Bruce Arians becoming the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 12th coach. BA brings great leadership, culture change capability and one hell of a coaching staff. We Jump into the the hiring of BA, our initial thoughts and ALL of YOU the FANS questions reguarding the future of OUR Tampa Bay Buccaneers!   If You liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Have We Found Our Coach!?
Have the Bucs found their new coach? Let's hope so! We dive into all the latest news and rumors surrounding Bruce Arians and the Bucs, as well as possible Coordinators moving forward. Packers strike first with LaFluer as head coach will the Bucs be next!?   Remember to Like, Comment and Subscribe if you liked the Podcast! LETS GO BUCS!
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Coaching Search Recap, Brent Grimes Drama
Bucs are doing their due diligence and looking into coaches as we wait and see. We dive into who has been talked about and what we feel about it. Mark is back from Iceland and gives his take on the Bucs situation. We also look into the Brent Grimes Drama and look into other facts he told about the coaching staff and why the Defense looked like it did. If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Bucs Fire Dirk Koetter-New Direction
It was time for a change! The Bucs fired Dirk Koetter after going 5-11 for the second straight year. In this episode, Michael Pless discusses the change and why it was necessary. Both Jason Licht and Jameis Winston are staying for 2019, is that the right call? Jason Pierre Paul has become the leader of this team and he talks about changes are good and he will make sure this team gets on track. Later in the episode, talk coaching candidates and the rumors of Bruce Arians possibly coming to Tampa, is that the right move?    If you enjoy the episode, please share, like, and comment below...
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Week 17 Falcons vs Bucs Preview (Special guest ...
This is it! The final game of the year for our Buccaneers as they go up against the Falcons. In this episode, we talk with the host of Buc What Ya Heard Gene Thomas and get his thoughts on the team and what direction they should take going forward. A lot of topics were discussed in this one and we both feel this team has the potential to be good just needs the proper guidance going forward. Feel free to comment below on the topics shared in this episode. What direction would you take going forward? what kind of coach are you looking for? What are the biggest needs for this team right now?   Please be sure to subscribe, share, and rate five stars if you enjoyed the episode!
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Week 16, (Bucs vs Cowboys Preview)-Matt Lafleur...
The holidays are here and a Bucs win against the Cowboys would be a great present. In today's episode, we talk about what the Bucs can do to win and how they matchup against Dallas. Both Mark and I feel this will be a close game that will ultimately come down to the run game and turnovers. Can the Bucs play a complete game tomorrow? It should be a fun game either way.  In the second half of the podcast, we answer fans questions and discuss the possibility of Matt Lafleur Titans OC being the next Bucs head coach.  If you enjoy the podcast be sure to subscribe, share, and leave comments. Follow @realbucstalk on twitter
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Week 15, Bucs vs Ravens (Preview)
Hello Bucs nation, in today's episode we take a look at the Bucs next opponent in the Baltimore Ravens. This looks to be a tough matchup as the Ravens defense is top notch and the Bucs will have to be creative on offense to have success. On Offense for the Ravens it starts with containing the run game and Lamar Jackson. We dive into the matchups and where we see the Bucs could win.  Towards the end, we dive into the fans questions and get into some fun topics. Let's hope the Bucs can get a win on the road and keep their small playoff hopes alive. Be sure to share, like, and comment if you enjoy the podcast!
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Week 14, Saints vs Bucs (Recap)
Bucs fall short against the Saints and offense ends up getting shutout in the second half. Offense didn't do enough and Defense ran out of gas. Give the Defense credit for holding the most efficient offense in the NFL to 3 points in the first half.  Not enough adjustments where made and the Saints had our number.    If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 14, Saints vs Bucs (Preview) -Lincoln Rile...
Can we get 3 in a row!!! Hell its at home and the defense has been playing better as of late. Saints coming off their first loss since last losing to the Bucs in week 1, so they will be ready to bounce back in Tampa. In this episode, we look into how the Bucs can attack on offense vs the Saints defense and how the Bucs defense can stop the high powered Saints offense . This should be a close game as it always is when it comes to division matchups. Later in the episode we talk about a new coaching candidate in Lincoln Riley from Oklahoma who is a bright offensive mind, but is he ready for the NFL?  If you enjoy the episode, feel free to like, share, and leave comments... Go Bucs!!!
41 min
Week 13, Panthers vs Bucs (Recap)
BUCS WIN!!! That's 2 people haha Bucs come out on top and held the lead the entire game and came out forcing 4 turnovers. The D-line played well and Jameis took care of the football. Times are good in Tampa yet again. We give our quick initial thoughts and dive into YOU THE FANS, QUESTIONS! We truly enjoyed this Podcast and hope to continue more moving forward.   Bucs are now 5-7 and still holding on to dare I say... A playoff hunt!   If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 13, Panthers vs Bucs (Preview) -Eric Bieni...
Bucs are at home again vs the Carolina Panthers. What will we see after the vitcory over the 49ers? Has the Bucs coaching staff learned how to utilize their talented play makers and execute shorter routes or will they continue the usual push the ball down the field mentality we all have seen far too often. Panthers come to town with a DANGEROUS run game leading the way with McCaffrey and the Defense has been slowly improving. With Players coming back from injury (David, Evans) can they hold the Panthers enough to pull another game out at home and save Koetter's job?   If you enjoyed the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 12, 49ers vs Bucs (Recap)
BUCS WIN!!!!!    29-7 over the 49ers! Can you believe it! We haven't felt it since the Browns game but we can feel it again! I'm proud the Bucs win and our work week can be a little less stressful now haha. (Mark) claims his love for Winston again and we both discuss the lack of ways to utilize Winston's talent to his best ability. Discuss Twitter questions and give our thoughts on the offense and defense.   If you liked the Podcast Please Like, Comment and Subscribe!   We will be back later in the week to discuss the matchup with the Panthers and the next head coach candidate Eric Bieniemy.
51 min
Week 12, 49ers vs Bucs (Preview)
Ok Bucs fans heres another week and yet feels like another loss. Bucs will be taking on the 2-8 49ers under young offensive minded coach Kyle Shanahan.  We will be in attendance for this game and although we would like to see a victory, we have to be real and call it how it is. The snow ball effect may truly take over if we lose this 3rd very winnable game.  49ers have a very good run game and we have non gap filling LBs in there. This could be a recipe for a disaster and a loooong day for the Bucs.  Let's hope for the best and see what will happen. If you liked the Podcast please Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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Week 11, Bucs vs Giants (Recap) -Bruce Arians (...
Bucs lose again! 38-35 to New York Football Giants. Bucs Linebackers looked lost at all times and didn't know what a gap was. Offense shot itself in the foot as it usually does. Winston comes in and leads us back to within a field goal.... Why have I heard this story before? Again we dive into the game and give what we thought of the coaching and game play. We Also dive into Head Coach Candidate Bruce Arians per fans request. Hint, We like him a lot but that a given for a 2 time coach of the year.  Give us a listen and if you liked the Podcast be sure to Like, Comment and Subscribe!
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