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RBT LIVE STREAM- Special Guest Max Browne
<p>We are back with Special Guest Max Browne to talk some Quarterbacks and much more. &nbsp;Max is a former College QB out of USC and Pittsburgh and has his own YouTube channel &nbsp;@maxbrowne</p>
63 min
RBT LIVE STREAM- Free Agency Starts, Shaq Barre...
<p>RBT with another livestream talking NFL Free Agency and the Bucs bringing the band back together.</p>
52 min
RBT LIVESTREAM- Special Guest James Hill Mr. Bu...
<p>Listen to another great episode by Real Bucs Talk featuring special guest James Hill from Mr. Bucs Nation</p>
63 min
RBT LIVE STREAM- Trades, Free Agency, Draft
<p>Welcome to a new Real Bucs Talk Episode, we dive into the latest Bucs and NFL news talking potential trades, upcoming Free Agency and much more.</p>
54 min
RBT LIVE STREAM- Bucs Off-Season Talk Special G...
<p>Welcome to another live stream, this time we have our first guest of the off-season! Cannon Fire's co host Evan Wanish joins us to talk the super bowl win and season that took place, plus free agency and draft that is upcoming!!!</p> <p><br></p> <p>Please follow us on youtube for more great content.</p>
66 min
RBT LIVE STREAM- The Off-Season Begins
<p>The Bucs are Super Bowl Champions but now it's time to break it down and see if this team can do it again as they prepare for Free Agency and the NFL Draft. &nbsp;We provide our outlook for who we think the team should bring back and much more in this jam packed episode.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow us @RealBucsTalk</p> <p>Subscribe and like our YouTube Channel for more content.</p>
57 min
Bucs Dominate The Chiefs- Bucs Win 31-9
<p>Bucs are the super bowl champions and we talk about what the win means for the Franchise.</p>
52 min
RBT LIVE STREAM- Bucs vs Chiefs Super Bowl Week
<p>Check out our latest livestream in which we discuss the big game!!! That's right the Bucs are in the Super Bowl!!!&nbsp;</p> <p><br></p> <p>Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel &nbsp;@RealBucsTalk</p> <p><br></p> <p>GO BUCS!!!</p>
60 min
RBT LIVE STREAM-Bucs vs Packers Recap- Bucs Win...
<p>Bucs Win Bucs Win Bucs Win!!! The Bucs are going to the Super Bowl. &nbsp;We recap the game against the Packers and much more in this episode.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Be sure to follow us @realbucstalk&nbsp;</p> <p>Subscribe to our YouTube Channel @RealBucsTalk</p>
53 min
RBT Live Stream-Bucs vs Saints Divisional Round...
<p>Bucs Win!!!! The Bucs are just one win away from the super bowl after beating the Saints 30-20 in the Divisional round! Join us here as we discuss the latest win and what went right for the team and how they got it done. Plus a preview of the next game against the Packers in which is for the right to go to the Super Bowl.</p>
56 min
RBT LIVE STREAM- Bucs vs WFT Wildcard Recap Buc...
<p>Pless dives into the win over the Washington Football Team. &nbsp;Then a mini preview of the divisional round against the Saints and much more including fans questions and comments.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Follow us @realbucstalk and subscribe on our channel via YouTube</p>
61 min
RBT LIVE STREAM Falcons vs Bucs- Bucs Win 44-27
<p>Thank you all for listening to the latest episode where we discuss the Bucs beatdown of the Atlanta Falcons finishing the 2020 season at 11-5.</p> <p>Be sure to check out our YouTube channel for more great content like this.</p> <p>Follow us @realbucstalk</p>
69 min
Bucs vs Lions Recap- Bucs are back in the Playoffs
<p>Bucs win big 47-7 over the Lions, with that win the Buccaneers are back in the Playoffs! We discuss the win and much more in this awesome episode.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Be sure to check out our channel on YouTube @realbucstalk</p>
63 min
RBT LIVESTREAM Bucs vs Falcons Bucs Win 31-27
<p>In this episode we go over the crazy Buccaneers comeback led by Tom Brady and the offense as the Bucs win 31-27 over the Falcons. We discuss the slow starts and how the offense can put it together so quickly like they did in the second half. &nbsp;Plus we highlight Devin White for the defense who had a great game. This and much more...</p> <p><br></p> <p>Be sure to follow us @realbucstalk on YouTube and all social media platforms.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Go Bucs!!!</p>
54 min
RBT Livestream- Week 14 Vikings vs Bucs Recap
<p>In this episode, we recap the Bucs win over the Vikings by the score 26 to 14. &nbsp;We breakdown what went right and what went right, plus your questions and comments.</p> <p><br></p> <p>be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel for more content weekly.</p> <p><br></p> <p>Go Bucs!</p>
63 min
RBT LIVESTREAM Week 12 Chiefs vs Bucs Recap
<p>In this episode, we break down what went right and wrong against the Chiefs. &nbsp;How can the Bucs move forward and improve with four games left. &nbsp;This and much more...</p> <p>be sure to subscribe to our channel via youtube @realbucstalk</p>
60 min
RBT Livestream Week 11 Rams vs Bucs Monday Nigh...
<p>In this episode we preview the Rams matchup and provide our thoughts on how the Buccaneers should attack this matchup.</p>
43 min
RBT LIVE STREAM Week 10 Bucs vs Panthers- Bucs ...
Welcome back RBT Fans to a new Real Bucs Talk Episode!!! In case you missed our livestream via Youtube, here is the audio discussing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers bounce back win against the Carolina Panthers!   Be sure to check out our YouTube channel @realbucstalk for more great content.
62 min
RBT LIVE STREAM Saints vs Bucs
Hi Real Bucs Talk Fans! Sorry for the delay on this episode, here is the livestream in which we discussed the Saints vs Bucs beatdown 38-3.  This was total domination by the Saints from the beginning.  We discussed what went wrong as not much went right for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in this one.   Be sure to follow us on youtube @realbucstalk
61 min
RBT LIVE STREAM Bucs vs Giants Pre Game
In this episode, we preview the Giants game and discuss the Antonio Brown signing and much more.    Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel @realbucstalk
68 min
RBT LIVESTREAM Bucs vs Raiders Recap
Sorry for the gap in episodes, will be updating weekly going forward with our latest livestreams.  Be sure to subscribe to our youtube channel as all content is there daily.   In this episode, we discuss the latest Bucs win over the Raiders and how they played smart football yet again and pulled away in the fourth quarter.   Be sure to follow us @realbucstalk Subscribe to our youtube channel here below:
58 min
RBT LIVE STREAM-Season Finally Here
Welcome to a New Real Bucs Talk Episode: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast   The season is finally here and it's a big division game against the New Orleans Saints. The RBT team breaks it down and much more in this packed episode.   Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel: @realbucstalk
53 min
RBT LIVE STREAM-2 Weeks Away From Football
Welcome to a New Real Bucs Talk Episode: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Episode We welcome back our friend Gene Thomas from Buc What Ya Heard to discuss the latest news surrounding the Buccaneers.   Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to catch more content @realbucstalk
31 min
RBT LIVE STREAM-Special Guest Evan Winter
Welcome to a New Real Bucs Talk Episode: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers podcast In this episode we welcome Evan Winter to the show. Evan writes for Bucs Nation and discusses the Bucs off season so far and much more.   Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel for more content  Follow @realbucstalk
65 min
RBT LIVE STREAM-Training Camp Pads Are Here
Welcome to a New Real Bucs Talk episode: A Tampa Bay Buccaneers Podcast   Here is our livestream talking training camp battles.   Be sure to check us out on YouTube live every Monday at 8pm! Subscribe via YouTube @realbucstalk
63 min