The Windy City Benders Podcast

Just a couple of the boys getting together to talk Chicago Blackhawks, NHL, and all things hockey

The Bolland (Playoff Shockers)
On this episode the boys touch a little bit on the Rockford Ice Hogs perfect playoff so far, talk about where the hawks will be drafting this June, World Championship update, and then wrap up Hawks Talk with some off season rumors.   In NHL talk they cov...
72 min
The Esposito (Working From Home)
On this episode the boys attempt to record remotely for the first time so bear with us.  On this episode the boys recap their first round picks and check their standings after round one. Talk about which series was the most surprising and which was the m...
69 min
The Olsen (Wolves, Hawks, and Playoffs)
On this episode the boys talk about their night as special guest at the Chicago Wolves vs Rockford Icehogs game.Then they move on to discuss the Hawks exit interviews and whether or not they feel confident enough in this group of guys to turn it around ...
77 min
The Byfuglien (Playoff Preview)
On this episode the boys take a look at the first round match ups and give their picks for each game. 
53 min
The Scott (Season Wrap Up)
On this episode the boys wrap up the silly season that was the past year in hockey. They open the show talking about the tragic event that happened in Humboldt and the hockey community coming together once again. Hawks talk covers the news of Coach Q and...
55 min
The Hackett
On this episode the boys try to find some interesting things to talk about regrading the Hawks during their lost season. They ask the question is Ovie the best goal scorer in NHL history and much more! 
52 min
The Belfour (What We Missed)
On this episode the boys are finally back after a few months of being on hiatus. They catch up on what is going on with the hawks and their disaster of a season and talk about whats next for them after missing the playoffs for the first time since 2008. ...
68 min
The Passmore (#Struggle)
On this episode the boys talk about the roller coster ride that has been the Hawks season as of late and with a quarter of of the season almost done is it getting close to Panik time?   Then in NHL talk they dive in to this years hall of famers, talk abo...
59 min
The Larmer (Kendall Coyne)
On this episode the boys talk the so called unelite Crawford and his amazing shutout streak.  Then they are joined by USA Womens hockey and Chicago's very own Kendall Coyne. They talk her expereinces so far with Team USA, growing up playing the game and ...
68 min
The Roenick
On this episode the boys try and figure out what is going on with the hawks over the last 6 games and if it is time to make a big move in the front office, behind the bench or from the roster. During NHL talk the boys give there top 5 power rankings for ...
83 min
The Sullivan
On the Episode the boys talk about the Hawks struggles against the Blues and Oilers. Nolly Talks about what its like to watch McJesus up close and begs fans to stop chanting Detroit Sucks. They move to NHL talk and cover the League admiting they messed u...
75 min
The Stalberg (Hawks Talk)
On this episode the boys break down the first 6 games of the hawksseason and talk about some of the special and most surprising momentsso far in the early stages of the NHL season.
78 min
The Havlat (24 is Best)
On this episode Poetz skips out on the 24th show so the guys bring in the one and only Tanner Houston.  For Hawks Talk the guys talk about the NHL ruling Hossa can go on LTIR but he wasnt alone. They talk about the state of the team right now and how the...
91 min
The Versteeg/Open Ended
On this episode the boys talk Blackhawks preseason hockey and gradehow the team looks so far. They then move in to Hossa and the possiblyof not being LTIR eligible as well as the joke that is the LTIRsystem. They get in to the soft suspensions and rule c...
72 min
The Pilote
On this episode the boys talk about the Blachhawks Championship win at Prospect Tournament. The new guys invited to camp on PTOs and the start of Training Camp. They move to NHL talk where the Olympics are finally over for NHLers and Ovechkin finally bac...
83 min
The Mikita
On this episode the boys during Hawks talk the guys talk about Cody Franson and his PTO, preview the prospect tournament, logo controversy, and Crows new baby with a solid goalie name. They take a call from the one and only, The Crestwood Kid Chris Cimoc...
70 min
The Secord
On this episode the boys talk about the the Hawks Prospect Tourney Roster, Saad as the 3rd Line center, The god awful NHL Top 20 Defensemen list and much more! 
76 min
The Toews
On this episode the boy talk about Toews changing his off season work out again, Coach Qs first pitch, The NHLs top 20 centers and preview the Top DMen list 
84 min
The Savard | Eric Semborski Interview
On this Episode Poetzy and Jarom sit down and talk with Eric Semborski about his time as the Chicago Blackhawks and Philadelphia Flyers emergency back up goalie.
34 min
The J.P. Dumont
On this episode the boys talk about Panarins interview, The Phil's amazing day with the cup picture, Top 20 wingers list, and Usa Hockeys stupidity in changing the rules of the game.
103 min
The Olczyk
On the episode the boys talk dance to some T-Pain, talk about the sad news about Eddie Olczyk, Charity Hockey, NHL Bullshit top ten goalie list and much more!
96 min
The Ruutu
On this episode Nolly and Poetz talk about their time at the Hawks convention. Nolly talks about the national memorable show that was in Chicago this past weekend. The boys talk about The Preds unreal off season, Hockey Canada 4th string team and Riding ...
95 min
The Fleury
On this episode Nolly is back but still heart broken after the Hjammer trade. The boys talk about free agency and share some stories about past Blackhawks Convention
73 min
The Zhamnov
On this episode, Nolly is still gone to Florida so the boy bring in the one and only Dice Reyes to fill in. They talk about pending moves the hawks can make leading up to the start of start of free agent frenzy. Recap some trades and signings and talk ab...
111 min
The Madden
In this episode the boys talk about the roster freeze, NHL Protection lists, the shitshow that is the Arizona Coyotes, and NHL Awards
86 min
The Amonte
In this episodes the boys are back and talking about The Stanley Cup Final, Dive in to a little bit of Silly Season and even have a special guest call in.
80 min
The Hull (Penguin Gnome)
On this episode the boys talk about the hawks staying indoors next season and their continued bad luck with salary cap. They also break down the NHL State of The League conference and dive in to game one of the Stanley Cup Final. As always they wrap the ...
94 min
The Schmaltz (Final is Here)
On this episode the boy talk about Patrick Kane's comments about the disaster end to the season, Adidas talking over the NHL Jerseys and a look at the Stanley Cup Final Match up between the Preds and the Pens
77 min
The Chelios (Salty Episode)
On this episode the boys are a little salty. They talk about how the Hawks did at the World Championships, Trading Ovi and Price, playoff updates and Nolly and Poetzy go head to head.
86 min
The Housley (Playoff Distraction)
On this episode the boys are distracted watching game 3 of the ANA/NSH series but manage to talk about where Darling could of landed. Stan Bowmans busy weekend, the conference finals and Vegas getting an AHL team and adding more confusion to this expansi...
55 min
The Sopel (The Stan Plan)
On this episode they boys talk about The Stan plan and try to figure out what is next for the hawks. They also talk about the game 7s, make conference final predictions and answer a very interesting question in Riding Pine
78 min
The Hjalmarsson (Koval-what?)
On this episode the boys talk worlds, game 7 and Scum Kovalchuk wanting to walk his way back to the NHL
53 min
The Magnuson (Episode of Three)
On this episode the guys talk new Blackhawk signings, Darlings deal with Carolina, Goalie Interference, Sid and Ovi and much much more.
87 min
The Keith (Draft Lottery Shocker)
In this episode the guys talk about the Scott Darling Trade and if this means Crowford is safe in Chicago. They also talk about how Darling will fit in Carolina and if he is going to sign or not. They also talk about the craziness that was the Draft Lott...
85 min
The Hall (Numero Uno)
Welcome to the very first episode of The Windy City Bender Podcast. In this episode the guys talk about what went wrong with the Hawks this year and what could be done to make sure it doesnt happen next season. They also talk about some of the best and w...
114 min