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Home Stretch ~ Episode 131
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76 min
Trade Deadline BayBay! ~ Episode 130
Chicago Blackhawks Podcast on The Hockey Podcast Network
58 min
The Comeback ~ Episode 129
Chicago Blackhawks Podcast on The Hockey Podcast Network
83 min
The Dach Is In ~ Episode 128
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61 min
Big Week Ahead ~ Episode 127
Chicago Blackhawks Podcast on The Hockey Podcast Network
67 min
Midseason March ~ Episode 126
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69 min
Thank You Seabs
Hawks on fire, Seabs Retires, and much more
81 min
Fantastic February
On this Episode Tanner and Jarom break down the last week of Hawks games, as is Subban even good?, and talk how important the month of March is going to be. They also talk Panarins Russia drama, the mental midget that is Jordan Binnington, and give their...
66 min
I Love This Team
Jarom and Tanner are back and boy are they having fun with the Hawks season. They break down the amazing run the Hawks are on and how exciting it is to watch the kids play this year including Lankinen, Kurashev, Suter, Hagel, Mitchell, and more. They als...
70 min
Totally Not Prepared
The guys are back after a week off and man was there a lot to talk about with the Hawks since we last recorded. Tightly fought games, points in almost every game, and the players are starting to buy in to Collitons system. But for as much as we had ready...
59 min
Thanks For Coming Detroit
Jarom and Tanner are back and a little distracted with the Hawks playing at the same time as they record. They break down the losing streak reaching 4 games, coming home and finally getting that first win against Detroit, Lankinen stepping up in a big wa...
64 min
The Start of Something Bad
Hockey is officially back! Jarom and Tanner ask themselves if maybe they didn’t set the bar low enough got the Hawks. They break down the first two games against defending Stanley Cup Champion Tampa Bay Lightning and preview the first game against Coach ...
68 min
The True Silly Season
NHL is almost back! Puck drops in just two days for the Hawks so Jarom and Tanner break down what to expect this upcoming season and where you should put your expectations. They also talk Toews and Dach being out, Crawford retiring and so much more! Host...
73 min
Best of 2020 Interviews | WCBPodcast
The Nightmare that is 2020 is finally at its end and while it was a brutal year it wasn’t all that bad. We got the honor to talk with a Hall of Famer, Hometown Hero, Cult Leader, Hawks Insider, and the personality that inspired the show. So relive some o...
138 min
The NHL is Back | WCBPodcast
Christmas came early as the NHL announces it is coming back January 13th! Jarom and Tanner break down how this season will be different then other seasons and give way to early predictions on who makes the playoffs and wins Lord Stanleys Cup! This could...
62 min
Nolly is Back | WCBPodcast
Tanner and Jarom are joined by the one and only Nolly as he makes his epic return to WCBP! Topics include: Baseless Trade Rumors All RFA Team NHL is coming back...Maybe New Division Breakdowns and Dream Fights
56 min
Reverse Retro | WCBPodcast
They are finally here! The NHL and Adidas dropped the long rumored and talked about Reverse Retro Jerseys and man where there some absolute hit and absolute misses. The Guys are joined by good Friend Rossy who covers the Florida Panthers for HockeyBuzz (...
97 min
What Is Going On? | WCBPodcast
Tanner and Jarom are back and they brought some friends. With little to zero hockey news out there Nayder and Meegan joined the boys for a fun episode. Hey NHL, what the hell is going and are the Coyotes the biggest joke in the league? (0:00-13:52). The ...
70 min
The Plan | WCBPodcast
Tanner and Jarom are back talking some little but big news around the Chicago Blackhawks as well as around the NHL. (1:45-38:00) The Blackhawks sent out an email to season ticket holders confirming what we already knew, its a rebuild. Stan Bowman went on...
61 min
Welcome To Hell | WCBPodcast
Tanner and Jarom are back and this week they are talking NHL Free Agency. They take a look at some of the moves the other teams around the league made. Discuss landing spots for the big names and who are some of the winners and losers from the first week...
63 min
The Online Draft | WCBPodcast
On this episode Tanner and Jarom are back to break down the lack luster event that was the 2020 NHL Entry Draft that featured no shockers and little to no big moves being made. They break down a few of the Hawks picks that might not seem like sexy picks ...
55 min
Silly Season: 2020 Edition | WCBPodcast
After a long hiatus Tanner and Jarom are back! -Tanner is engaged -Well Done NHL -Is Stamkos Expendable? -What Will The Hawks Do at The Draft -Which RFAs Will Be Back?
58 min
For My Dad (Jarom Solo)
After being gone for a month, Jarom breaks the silence about his Dad passing away and talks about his Dad a bit when it comes to hockey.   Thank you all for understanding this pause and I hope you all will be joining us again very soon as we get back to ...
23 min
Playoff Time Baby! | WCBPodcast
Jarom and Tanner are back talking the 1st overall pick, recap the qualifying round, and preview round one of the playoffs!   Make sure to subscribe to the show on Apple Podcast and YouTube and follow them on Spotify, Instagram, and Twitter. As also drop ...
81 min
Hockey Is Back | WCBPodcast
The title says it all, hockey is back! Tanner and Jarom talk about the 32nd NHL Team Seattle Kraken, Seabs Out, Crow had Covid, Hawks stepping up their our reach to Native Americans, Hawks vs Blues, and last but not least Qualifying Round Previews!
107 min
The One Week Away | WCBPodcast
NHL Hockey is almost back and the boys can taste it. Tanner and Jarom break down some Blackhawk Player updates and look at the pros and cons of winning or losing the qualifying round.   For some NHL Talk the boys talk the bold lawsuit Jeremy Roenick file...
84 min
The Almost Back | WCBPodcast
Tanner and Jarom are back catching up on the latest in Hawks and Hockey News. As usual they kick things off with some Hawks talk breaking down the newest signings in Mitchell, Kalynuk, and Suter. They then talk about Crawford being ruled unfit to play an...
58 min
The What Could Be | WCBPodcast
The Boys are back after an extended 4th of July Break and man is there a lot to cover! Hawks Talk: Hossa and Wilson to the Hall of Fame Will the Hawks Change their name and logo? Wyatt Kalynuk signs Seabs returning? NHL Talk: Draft Lottery Chaos Return T...
71 min
The Darling | WCBPodcast
After a two week break the boys are back and oh boy did they come back swinging. They are joined by the hometown kid, 2015 Stanley Cup Champion Scott Darling! They talk what made him be a goalie, when he realized he could play in the NHL, playing for his...
48 min
The Return | WCBPodcast
Tanner and Jarom do an impromptu episode reacting to the NHL Return To Play plan as well as  how the Draft Lottery will take place. They break down each of the 4 phases of the Return to Play and what it means for the teams who are in and out of the playo...
39 min
The Next One | WCBPodcast
On this episode Jarom and Tanner are joined by good friend Meegan as they breakdown some of the latest in hockey news! First up Hawks Talk! (2:57) The Hawks will not be signing two goalie prospects by the June 1st deadline, so what does that mean for the...
69 min
The Centennial Dangle (with Steve Dangle) | WCB...
Its Milestone episode 100 and it is a fun one. Jarom, Tanner, and Nolly are joined by YouTuber, Podcaster, Author, and hockey Personality Steve Dangle! They start with a little Hawks Talk (2:45) and Coach Colliton channels his inner Coach Q with a hilari...
71 min
The Hockey Illuminati (with Frank Crupi) | WCBP...
On this episode Tanner and Jarom are joined by host of The Hockey Illuminati Podcast Frank Crupi! Frank talks about starting his podcast, some of his favorite guest, his playing days as a goalie and fun memories about college hockey, and a little Toronto...
84 min
The Eagle (with Ed Belfour) | WCBPodcast
Today marks 3 years of The Windy City Benders Podcast and boy is it a good one. Tanner and Jarom are joined by Chicago Blackhawks Legend, Hockey Hall of Famer, Stanley Cup Champion Ed Belfour! First the boys dive in to the John McDonough firing and what ...
54 min
The Powers of McJesus (with Scott Powers) | WCB...
On this episode the boys are joined by Senior Writer for The Athletic covering the Blackhawks Scott Powers. They talk when the season might come resume, Hawks Prospects, and more. They also hold the first WCBP Fantasy Draft, where they selected from any ...
69 min
The Bure | WCBPodcast
On this episode Nolly is back! The Boys cover a wide range of topics that include: Covid-19 Update and NHL Playing in North Dakota?  Colby Caves  2 years after Humboldt  Top 5 Fictional Bars NHL Playoffs Trade Strome? Riding Pine Be sure to check out wcb...
72 min
The Sikura | WCBPodcast
On this episode Jarom and Tanner play a little catch up on news that has come and gone since last episode. -COVID-19 Update -Player self isolation extended to April 15th -Teams are melting ice -Will we see hockey again for 2019/2020 season? -NHLPA Player...
58 min
The Perreault | WCBPodcast
Welcome to the first episode since the suspension of the NHL Season! Jarom and Tanner are joined by Meegan to try and figure out what is next with no hockey and boy do things get out of hand. -Covid-19 pauses the season, how does the league start back if...
82 min
The Gilmour | WCBPodcast
On this episode Jarom and Tanner touch on... Hawks Talk: -Recap on games vs the Oiler, Red Wings, and Blues -Crawfords streak of games -Beaudin recalled and the Future D Core could be scary NHL Talk -Playoff Picture with 15 games left -Coronavirus creati...
52 min
The Nylander | WCBPodcast
Episode 92 aka The Nylander -Jarom goes solo -Hawks are 3-1 since the trade deadline -Can they really make the P word? -Patience is key -GM Meetings +Much More Be sure to check out for all things Benders! Here you can find past episodes, bl...
33 min
The Richards | WCBPodcast
Episode 91 brings the return of Meegan and boy does he hit the ground running. The Boys break down the Hawks Trade Deadline Moves and why fans should hate on the haul we got for each guy. They also discuss Lehners reaction to being dealt and how it might...
80 min
The Conditional Pick | WCBPodcast
Oh baby the boys are buzzing on this one! On this episode Tanner, Nolly, and Jarom highlight the last 8 games for the Hawks and how much damage it had done to their playoff hopes. They talk about if the team should be buyers or sellers at the upcoming de...
66 min
The Houston | WCBPodcast
We have ourselves a Jarom solo episode, he talks a little bit about the game vs the Coyotes, Nick Seeler being claimed and Ovi one step closer to history Be sure to check out for all things Benders! Here you can find past episodes, blogs an...
24 min
The Filmmaking Emoji | WCBPodcast
On this episode Nolly is back! The Boys talk Coach Q’s return to Chicago, All Star weekend, and grade the Hawks performance through 51 games so far. They then wrap things up with a little Riding Pine! Be sure to check out for all things Ben...
69 min
The Showtime | WCBPodcast
On this episode Jarom and Tanner are back to recap the Hawks Canadian Sweep, Kaner joining the 1,000 point club, Hawks just dominating the decade awards, and is it time to start believing in this team as a playoff team? Then they talk about how good Ovi ...
71 min
The Teravainen | WCBPodcast
The first episode of 2020 is here! On this episode Jarom and Tanner recap what we missed during the holiday break with the Hawks, Talk about some rumored moves that the Hawks might be looking to make and much more. They then wrap things up with some NHL ...
65 min
The Best of 2019 | WCBPodcast
It has been an amazing year for the show and being able to talk to some of the guest that we had was an absolute pleasure. We thank each of them from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to come on and speak with us. Also thank you to each and ev...
70 min
The Sterrrt (With Tyler Johnston) | WCBPodcast
Jarom and Nolly wrap up recording for 2019 with a very special guest. They are joined by star of the mega hit Letterkenny, everyones favorite skid Stewart himself Tyler Johnston! They talk Tyler growing up playing hockey, making peace on the epic rivalry...
36 min
The 83 BayBay | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys are back after the Thanksgiving Holiday. For Hawks Talk, they get in to the continued up and down season the Hawks are having, Jarom lets his hate for Bowman make him sound like a fool once again, talk about the tough schedule th...
68 min
The Kopecky (VHL Interviews) | WCBPodcast
On this episode Poetz is back! He and Jarom talk about the ups and downs the Hawks have faced after winning 4 in a row and then dropping 3 straight. They continue to just talk about the Lehner/Crowford duo but ask if Colliton should consider tossing Crow...
67 min
The Hossa | WCBPodcast
Poetz and Nolly are out so Tanner and Jarom welcome a guest host for this week episode good friend of Tanners, Meegan. Hawks Talk Are the Hawks Back? Shots against are out of control Kaner Being Kaner Looking at the next few games Much more NHL Talk Inju...
86 min
The Vermette | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys are a little distracted trying to record while watching the Hawks game. Hawks Talk -Break down the west coast road trip that saw the team go 1-1-1. -Ask if there will be a time that a true number one goalie needs to be named. -We...
59 min
Scary Stats | WCBPodcast
The boys talk about the good, the bad, and the ugly that was the first month of the Chicago Blackhawks Season. Try to figure out who is to blame for the slow start and if there is any chance that they can turn this year around. They also make their picks...
72 min
The Sopel (with Brent Sopel) | WCBPodcast
Episode 78 aka The Sopel (with Brent Sopel) Jarom is flying solo for this episode so yikes. On this episode he breaks down game 2 and 3 of the Hawks and touches on some of the good and the bad for this early season. The Brent Sopel joins the show to talk...
57 min
The Dach (with Dylan Playfair) | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys break down the first Hawks game of the season and try to talk hawks fans of the ledge.  They are then joined by star of the hit show Letterkenny Dylan Playfair! (49:00) They talk about this show becoming an absolute mega hit, get...
81 min
HAQSSSSS (Blackhawks Season Preview) | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys recap last season and then dive in to what we can possibly expect from the Blackhawks this upcoming season. (aka a lot more than everyone is giving them credit for) Follow the Boys on all Social Media @WCBPodcast. There you can s...
64 min
The Bollig Interview | WCBPodcast
Episode 75 is a good one! We are joined by 2013 Stanley Cup Champion and former Chicago Blackhawk Brandon Bollig! We talk about growing up in Missouri, breaking in to the league, his role as a fighter, one of the better description of what happens after ...
53 min
#WeAreTheWolves (With Lindsey Willhite)
Presented by On this episode the boys break down the Pacific Division and give their predictions on how they think it will play out. They are then joined by the Chicago Wolves Director of Public Relations Lindsey Willhite. He talk abou...
111 min
The Seventy Three | WCBPodcast
The Seventy Three presented by On this episode the boys recap the Chicago Blackhawks Training Camp Festival, the first game of the preseason, and if it is time to get calm down about the Nylander/Jokiharju trade. They also talk about t...
43 min
The Panarin | WCBPodcast
The Panarin Presented by On this episode the boys talk about the Blackhawks Prospects playing in Traverse City, Blackhawk front office messing up paper work…again, Brendan Perlini finally resigning, Some key Free agents finally startin...
58 min
The Backwards 17 Seconds
The Backwards 17 Seconds Presented by On this episode Jarom has some audio issues so it sounds like he’s recording through a can but the rest of the boys so decent so the episode is still a go! Hawks Talk features a breakdown of how cl...
85 min
The Rasmussen (With Bryan Bickell)
The Rasmussen (With Bryan Bickell) Presented by On this episode the boys are joined by Two Time Stanley Cup Champion Bryan Bickell! (10:25) They talk about about his time in Norfolk and being a Black Ace in the 09 and 10 playoffs, bein...
56 min
#Nice (With Cody Karpinski and
Episode 69 aka #Nice (With Cody Karpinski and Presented by Well not much to say about this one but it is a Goalie Episode. Poetzy is in heaven as we are joined by not one but two goalies this week. First up we talk wit...
68 min
The Jagr | WCBPodcast
The Jagr Presented by The boys are back to full strength with Poetz making his return to the show after 2 weeks in the UK. In Hawks Talk the boys get in to Kirby Dach’s play at the World Juniors Summer Showcase, Nolly talks about some ...
62 min
The Frolik (Featuring Daniel Armijo)
The Frolik (Featuring Daniel Armijo) Presented by On this episode the boys talk a little bit of CPHL action from the young prospects and how pumped they are for the era of Dach and Boqvist to start. They also talk about how Toews is wo...
73 min
The Lemieux (Featuring Earl Skakel)
The Lemieux (Featuring Earl Skakel) Presented by On this episode the boys break down the the latest Blackhawk trade that saw Artem Anisimov headed to the Ottawa Senators for Zack Smith and why everyone needs to calm down and see why th...
68 min
The Shaw (Featuring Dave Bolland)
The Shaw (Featuring Dave Bolland) presented by On this Episode the Boys are joined by 2 time Stanley Cup Champion and the man who scored the game winning goal to clinch the 2013 Stanley Cup and finishing off the now famous 17 second en...
71 min
The Kampf | WCBPodcast
The Kampf Presented by On this episode the boys break down the moves the Hawks have made during and leading up to the start of Free Agency and how thing might just be looking up for them. They then break down some of the other trades a...
68 min
The Dahlstrom | WCBPodcast
The Dahlstrom Presented by On this episode the boys the boys talk the Chicago Blackhawks facelift at defense, talking the Kirby Dach third overall pick, and preview what the Hawks could and should be targeting during free agency. Then ...
69 min
The Johnson | WCBPodcast
The Johnson Presented by Beerleaguetalk.comOn this episode the boys kick things off about going to the Game Five of the Calder Cup Final as guest of the Chicago Wolves and how they won the beer lottery at the game.Then they wrap up the 2018-19 NHL Seas...
77 min
The '61 Cup | WCBPodcast
The ’61 Cup Presented by BeerLeagueTalk.comOn this episode its the OG Bender Crew talking Hawks coaching moves and rumors about what they are going to be doing with that 3rd overall pick in a few weeks. They then give an update on the Chicago Wolves run...
50 min
The Delia | WCBPodcast
The Delia Presented by On this episode the boys are buzzing and having some fun. (04:00) They open things up with some Hawks Talk were they give a nice little recap on how the World Championship wrapped up. While talking about prospect...
64 min
The Klinkhammer | WCBPodcast
The Klinkhammer presented by, on this episode the boys dive in to Hawks Talk (2:32) and talk about the Patrick Kane’s record breaking time at the World Championship, how the rest of the boys are doing in the tourney, and even the “grea...
64 min
The Parenteau | WCBPodcast
On this episode the Boys talk about the World Championship and how the first day of the tournament went. Then they wrap up the 2nd round of the NHL Playoffs and update the shit show that has been their predictions. They preview the Conference Finals and ...
65 min
The Van Riemsdyk | WCBPodcast
On this episode presented by, the boys recap 2nd round playoff action including the absolutely insane sweep of the New York Islanders. They welcome Sergeant Brian Moore of the Chicago Blackhawks Warriors to talk hockey, The Chicago War...
75 min
The Gustafsson | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys talk a little bit about Bowmans latest target from Russia and Steeger coming home. Poetz talks about last weekends Miller Show event and then wrap things up with the first few games of round two of the playoffs.
62 min
The Daze (Welcome To Beer League Talk) | WCBPod...
On this episode the boys make a big announcement that they will now be a part of the Beer League Talk Family! Our new one stop shop is now The Boys talk about Kaner being nominated for the Ted Lindsey Award and if he has a shot to win...
84 min
The Ross | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys talk the Blackhawks miracle movement at the draft lottery and what they think should be done with the number 3 draft pick. They are joined by Matt Ross who covers the Florida Panthers for to talk about Coach Q head...
86 min
The Mashinter | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys wrap up the 2018/2019 regular season, talk what the Hawks should do this off season, are join by founder of The Miller Show Charity Hockey game Dylan Martin and then wrap the episode up with playoff predictions. 
120 min
The Bollig | WCBPodcast
On this episode, the boys are joined by good friend Tanner Houston. They get in to the up and down season that the Hawks have been going through, talk about the playoff races heading in to the final week of the season, and answer a few riding pine questi...
71 min
The Campbell (Back Again...For Real)
On this episode the boys catch up on a little Hawks Talk and take a look in to the first month of the Post Coach Q area and try to figure out exactly where the team goes next.  Next the boys dive in to some NHL Talk where they touch on the new projected ...
70 min
The Crawford (Thank You Q) | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys break down the firing of Head Coach Joel Quenneville and what the future might hold for this team the rest of the year under NHLs youngest Head Coach Jermey Colliton.   They also touch on Ubergate in Ottawa and then wrap things u...
69 min
The Leighton | WCBPodcast
The this episode the boys talk about the hot start for the hawks, Crawfords return to the net after 10 months away from the game, John Tortorella's frustration with the new soft NHL, goalies not liking their new gear and wrap things up with who's hot who...
79 min
The Koci (Week One in The Books) | WCBPodcast
On this Episode, the boys break down the first three games of the very surprising start to the Hawks new season. They talk players that are surprised the most by and who are just a huge disappointment. When it comes to NHL talk they touch on the strange ...
69 min
The St. Pierre (Hawks Talk and Predictions) | W...
On this episode the boys preview the up coming season for the Chicago Blackhawks and give their prediction on the Stanley Cup, various awards and which coach will get fired first!
56 min
The Fraser | WCBPodcast
On this episode the boys are joined by reoccurring guest and friend ofthe shows Tanner Houston.They have some fun breaking down the Western Conference and try togive some not bad insights on each team (minus the Hawks)
118 min
The Asham | Eastern Conference Preview
The Boys are back for the first episode of the new season! On this episode they break down the Eastern Conference and take a look at what each team did this off season and if it was enough to get in to the playoffs! 
124 min
The Timonen | WCBPodcast
The boys are back after a brief lets call it a vacation. On this episode during Hawks Talk, the boys talk about Nolly’s time at the 11th annual Blackhawks Convention, Crawford still not being 100%, Panarin saying he wouldn’t mind coming back to Chicago, ...
84 min
The Nathan Dales Interview
The Boys talk with Star of the hit comedy series Letterkenny, Nathan Dales. They talk about about the show and its growth from short 2 minute youtube videos to a 30 minute comedic series. They talk a little hockey and play a different version of the popu...
28 min
The Wisniewski (With Nathan Dales)
On this episode the boys talk about Hossa being traded to the Coyotes and what that might mean for future moves. The Chicago Pro Hockey League is talked about and given a little bit of information on the amazing event that its. Then We are joined by Lett...
93 min
The Klemm (Scary Season)
On this episode the boys talk about.... Hawks Talk: The moves or lack there of from Stan Bowman and try to figure out if this team is a contender or slowly going in to rebuild mode.  NHL Talk: Tavares is a Leaf, EK65 Trade rumors, and free agency winners...
68 min
The Thibault (Pre Free Agent Frenzy)
On this episode the boys recap the NHL Awards and Draft. They talk about the current moves made by the hawks and what might happen once free agency starts. Then they move on to the Hall of Fame class of 2018, LA Kings and their questionable moves. They w...
81 min
The Panger (Holy Jumpin Ottawa)
On this episode the boys talk about the re-signings the Hawks have made so far and if they are in as bad of Cap Hell as they have been in previous years.  They transition to a very busy NHL Talk where they talk about Barry Trotz leaving Washington, Montr...
79 min
The Khabibulin (Ovi's A Stanley Cup Champion)
On this episode the boys take look at some of the rumors surrounding the Hawks and whether or not they should pull the trigger or if any of the core guys are really available.  They then discuss Rocky Wirtz public comments about the teams short leash mea...
75 min
The Hartman (Thank You Hossa)
On this episode the boys take a look back at the legendary career of Marian Hossa and talk some of their favorite memories during his time in the NHL. They discuss they recent signings and whether or not there will be any impact players from that group n...
63 min
The Burish (Poetz and Nolly Show)
On this episode the boys talk the hawks 2nd 1st round pick and if they should trade or use it. They give an update on Kaner at Worlds and then talk the complete domination of the Ice Hogs in the AHL Playoffs.  When they transition to NHL talk they break ...
51 min
The Bolland (Playoff Shockers)
On this episode the boys touch a little bit on the Rockford Ice Hogs perfect playoff so far, talk about where the hawks will be drafting this June, World Championship update, and then wrap up Hawks Talk with some off season rumors.   In NHL talk they cov...
72 min
The Esposito (Working From Home)
On this episode the boys attempt to record remotely for the first time so bear with us.  On this episode the boys recap their first round picks and check their standings after round one. Talk about which series was the most surprising and which was the m...
69 min
The Olsen (Wolves, Hawks, and Playoffs)
On this episode the boys talk about their night as special guest at the Chicago Wolves vs Rockford Icehogs game.Then they move on to discuss the Hawks exit interviews and whether or not they feel confident enough in this group of guys to turn it around ...
77 min
The Byfuglien (Playoff Preview)
On this episode the boys take a look at the first round match ups and give their picks for each game. 
53 min