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Catfish On Ice- EPISODE 67
We finish off our Preds Season Preview Series with the goaltenders. Also, a recap of the prospect showcase in Tampa and the debut of Perk's Picks
76 min
Catfish On Ice- EPISODE 66-Season 1
Season Preview Series continues with the Predators defensemen. Also, we set realistic season expectations! Season 1 is a wrap!
75 min
Catfish On Ice- EPISODE 65, Season 1
Our Nashville Predators Season Preview Series starts off with the forwards! Also, Preds Trivia returns!
64 min
Catfish On Ice- EPISODE 64
EPISODE 64: Pekka Rinne left off NHL Network's top goalies list, Over/Under Point Totals for Central Division, and we're joined by On the Future to discuss Preds prospects
89 min
Catfish On Ice- EP63- S1
Recap of the Predators Development Camp and which prospects stood out. Also, we dish out some bold predictions for the upcoming season!
56 min
Catfish On Ice- EP62- S1
Juuse Saros has a new contract extension, and Nashville Predators development camp is underway. Also we join the Tell It Avs It Is Podcast that covers the Colorado Avalanche!
118 min
Catfish On Ice- EP61- S1
The NHL Offseason Grind: John Hynes is at a crossroads as Predators head coach. Also, Preds Meme King Kyle Perkins joins the podcast!
72 min
Catfish On Ice- EP60- S1
Nashville Predators Free Agency Review, Juuse Saros Arbitration Trouble, and the Stacked Central Division
68 min
Catfish On Ice- EP59- S1
Free agency is upon us. The crew discusses what the Predators should do, and also look at their picks from the 2021 Entry Draft!
76 min
Catfish On Ice-EP58- Live Expansion Draft Edition
Live Expansion Draft Edition: The crew's reactions as the Seattle Kraken make their expansion draft picks!
81 min
Catfish On Ice-EP57- S1
Ryan Ellis traded, the Predators reveal their protection list for the Expansion Draft, and Shea Weber's uncertain future in the NHL.
56 min
Catfish On Ice- EP56- S1
Pekka Rinne announced his retirement. We pay salute to him, dive into the 2021 NHL Entry Draft coverage, and look back at the memorable Preds draft classes!
88 min
Catfish On Ice- EP55- S1
Who else should be on the Predators' trade block? We discuss that, the Stanley Cup, plus Kristopher Martel joins the show!
83 min
Catfish On Ice-EP54- BONUS EDITION
Viktor Arvidsson Traded to the LA Kings. Instant reaction to his Preds legacy and what this means for Expansion Draft and more!
33 min
Catfish On Ice- EP53- S1
Stadium Series coming to Nissan Stadium in Nashville. Also, free agents for the Predators to target and Mark Borowiecki's inspiring message about equality
65 min
Catfish On Ice- EP52- S1
Finishing up our all-time Nashville Predators lineup with defensemen, and list off our prospects who need to take the next step in 2021-22!
81 min
Catfish On Ice- EP51- S1
The Catfish Crew begins building their all-time Nashville Predators lineup. Also, they discuss Barry Trotz's legacy in Nashville.
58 min
Catfish On Ice- EP50-S1
Expansion Draft Preview: Who are we protecting and who are we losing on the Preds?
69 min
Catfish On Ice- EP49- S1
76 min
Catfish On Ice- EP48- S1
We have analysis and reflection as the Predators season comes to an end. .
44 min
Catfish On Ice- EP47- S1
Predators give us a glorious weekend and tie the series with the Canes. Reaction to that and John Glennon of Broadway Sports joins the show!
69 min
Catfish On Ice- EP46- S1
We have reaction as the Predators collapse in Game 2 and now trail in the series 2-0 to Carolina.
74 min
Catfish On Ice- EP45- S1
Predators drop Game 1 to the Hurricanes .Instant reaction and what adjustments need to be made for Game 2.
50 min
Catfish On Ice- EP44- S1
PLAYOFF EDITION: Preds get ready for Game 1 against the Carolina Hurricanes!
69 min
Catfish On Ice- EP43- S1
Pekka Rinne gets the shutout in the Predators season finale. Could it really be his last game? Also, we preview the first round series against the Hurricanes!
64 min
Catfish On Ice-EP42- S1
Predators flop in Columbus. We dive into the different playoff scenarios and look back on the 2016-17 Stanley Cup run team.
73 min
Catfish On Ice-EPISODE 41- Complete
Preds sneak by Columbus with an ugly win to get one step closer to the playoffs. Also, Nashville musician and Dallas Stars fan Clayton Stewart joins the show!
79 min
Catfish On Ice- EP41- S1
Preds win ugly in Columbus, but they're one step closer to the playoffs. Also, is this Pekka Rinne's farewell?
79 min
Catfish On Ice- EP40- S1
Predators get set for the game of the season against Dallas. We preview it, plus we welcome Max Ritzh to talk about the NFL Draft and the Predators offseason priorities.
76 min
Catfish On Ice- EP39- S1
Predators get statement win over Florida to continue their playoff push. Also, Juuse Saros is in the Vezina Trophy conversation.
60 min
Catfish On Ice- EP38- S1
Predators suffer biggest collapse of the season as the playoff race tightens up. Are we overreacting? Also we welcome the WCBP Podcast to the show to talk about the Preds/Blackhawks rivalry
68 min
Catfish On ice- EP37- S1
It's another win over the Blackhawks for the Nashville Predators. The crew reacts to that, and also unveils their top-5 Stanley Cup contenders..
56 min
Catfish On Ice- EP36- S1
Nashville Predators still can't figure out the Hurricanes Also, the Philip Tomasino watch is heating up and we bring back the game "Pick one, Lose one"
81 min
Catfish On Ice- EP35- S1
Trade deadline reaction as the Nashville Predators keep their roster together, and also Wray Perkin of The Hockey Writers joins the show to talk about the playoff push and the expansion draft!!
69 min
Catfish On Ice- EP34- S1
Predators route the Red Wings as we look at the top trade additions in team history and look at the NHL awards races
81 min
Catfish on Ice- EP33- S1
Looking back at the best rookie seasons in Nashville Predators history. Also, the Predators continue their playoff push after beating Chicago again.
72 min
Catfish On Ice- EP32- S1
Predators 6-game win streak snapped, and they're up against some tough lineup decisions in the coming weeks. Also we rank our top superheroes and villains!
60 min
Bonus Episode Featuring The Ice Guys Podcast
Nashville Predators Podcast On The Hockey Podcast Network
8 min
Catfish On Ice- EP31- S1
Predators win streak grows, but are we prisoner's of the moment? Also, how does this change the trade deadline outlook?
59 min
Catfish On Ice- EP30- S1
Rocco Grimaldi Erupts for 4 goals, best/worst trades in Preds history, and our reaction to Tim Peel's hot mic controversy.
74 min
Catfish On Ice- EP29- S1
Our top takeaways from the Nashville Predators 8-game road trip, previewing Detroit and Chicago, and the best nicknames in Preds history.
64 min
Catfish On Ice- EP28- S1
Predators earn their second-straight upset win and we welcome Rick Stephens of Rocket Sports Radio to talk North Division and Shea Weber
64 min
Catfish On Ice- EP27- S1
Preds get their most impressive win of the season, we appreciate Pekka Rinne's greatness and reveal our March Madness brackets
70 min
Catfish On Ice- EP26- S1
Predators are ravaged by injuries, so we're looking ahead to 2021-22 and discuss the NHL/ESPN deal
69 min
Catfish On Ice- EP25- S1
Preds narrowly escape Dallas with a victory, John Hynes' hot seat is hotter than ever, and Eeli Tolvnanen is emerging into a future star
74 min
Catfish On Ice- EP24- S1
Predators Fire Sale is Inevitable, we fire back at a St. Louis Blues podcast, dish out some Preds trivia and get a prospect report from CJ Wodushek
89 min
Catfish On Ice- EP23- S1
Winning vibes after Preds beat Columbus again. Also we revisit our preseason predictions and welcome Ultimate Predator to the show!
59 min
Catfish On Ice-EP22- S1
Another tough series for the Predators against the Red Wings, and also we talk about possible trade scenarios and Juuse Saros' uncertain future with the Nashville Predators
67 min
Catfish On Ice- EP21- S1
We have an awesome interview lined up with the infamous Catfish Jake, and also discuss the Filip Forsberg trade rumors, and preview the Detroit Red Wings series.
66 min
Catfish On Ice-EP20-S1
Predators can't find a goal against Columbus. Which key players are we about to lose before the trade deadline? Also the players in Predators history to wear #20.
73 min
Catfish On Ice-EP 19-S1
The Catfish Crew gives out their Quarterly Report Cards for the Predators as a winter storm hits Nashville
77 min
Catfish On Ice-EP 18,-S1
Reaction to the Predators getting a much needed win over the Red Wings
72 min
Catfish On Ice - EP17 - S1. Predators suffer an...
72 min
Catfish On Ice - EP16 - S1, Feat. the Florida H...
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Catfish On Ice - EP13 - S1
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Catfish On Ice - EP12 - S1
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Catfish On Ice - EP10 - S1
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Catfish On Ice - EP9 - S1
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Catfish On Ice - EP8 - S1
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Catfish On Ice - EP7 - S1
Nashville Predators Podcast On The Hockey Podcast Network
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Catfish On Ice - EP6 - S1
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Catfish On Ice - EP5 - S1
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108 min
Nashville Predators - Catfish On Ice - EP4 - S1
70 min
Nashville Predators - Catfish On Ice - EP3 - S1
55 min
Nashville Predators - Catfish On Ice - EP2 - S1
Episode 2 of Catfish on Ice podcast presented by The Hockey Podcast Network
50 min
Nashville Predators - Catfish On Ice - EP1 - S1
53 min
Nashville Predators - Catfish on Ice Podcast
Introduction to the Catfish on Ice Podcast presented by The Hockey Podcast Network
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