50 Years Ago In Hockey

The 50 Years Ago in Hockey Podcast is a weekly trip back in time as we report on hockey news and events from half a century ago.Presented by The Hockey Podcast Network@hockeypodnet Thehockeypodcastnetwork.com

March 9-15, 1970: What's Wrong With New York an...
In this episode, we look at what’s wrong with the NY Rangers and Montreal Canadiens, we examine more drama in Vancouver with their coaching situation, and we have highlights of a very entertaining Boston - Toronto game that kept a very unusual...
47 min
March 2-8, 1970: The Trade Deadline
This week’s show features the NHL trade deadline, which was in 1970 nothing like the media circus we experience today. Only one trade was made, but it was a big one, with Leafs legend Tim Horton leaving the only NHL team he had ever known. Also, a...
47 min
February 23-March 1, 1970: Attendance Up In Eve...
This week’s show is jam-packed with news! We have a couple of big NHL trades to talk about, the Canucks finally announce their General Manager, and the whole thing turns into a mess that costs incumbent GM-coach Joe Crozier his job! I’ll also...
45 min
February 16-22, 1970: The Wayne Maki Assault Tr...
In this week’s episode, it’s one of the busiest news weeks of the entire NHL season. We have the Wayne Maki assault trial in Ottawa, where he testified in his own defense, The new Buffalo NHL team finally gets a name and we’ll tell you what that...
52 min
February 9-15, 1970: Bowman Shakes Up His First...
In this week’s show, we’ll talk about Blues Scotty Bowman shakes up his 1st-place team, some bad behaviour by hockey people land them in trouble with their leagues and the police, and we learn a bit more about Toronto goalie Bruce Gamble.
53 min
February 1-7, 1970: A Surprising Poll
We have some surprising results of a poll of NHL players conducted by Hockey Pictorial Magazine, and we talk at length about some news out of Vancouver that could spell the end of Joe Crozier’s hopes of becoming the new NHL team’s first General...
48 min
January 26 - 31, 1970: The Tragic Story of Mich...
In this week’s show, we learn about St. Louis Blues Trainer Tommy Woodcock and what he thinks about hockey equipment in the 1970s, and we learn a little more about Pittsburgh Penguins young star Michel Briere, including a rather ominous interview he...
52 min
January 19-25, 1970: The NHL All-Star Game
In this week’s show we report on this year’s NHL All-star game, we learn a bit about Hockey Hall of Famer Dick Duff, and we have all the news and notes from the week.
50 min
January 12-18, 1970: The Sad State of the Toron...
This week we report on the sad state of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey club, and we take another look at baseball player Curt Flood’s law suit against baseball’s reserve clause, and how a scheming Sam Pollock might be able to acquire highly-touted...
47 min
Jan 5-11, 1970 - A Heroic Act By An NHL Star
This week’s show covers the time period from Jan. 5-11, 1970.  Some of the stories we cover include reaction from around the world to Canada’s withdrawal from international ice hockey competition, a heroic act by an NHL star, and the...
46 min
December 30 1969 - Jan 4 1970: Canada Withdraws...
Big news of the week includes Canada’s withdrawal from inernational hockey competition, Gump Worsley’s possible retirement and so much more!    
49 min
December 22 - 29, 1969
This week’s episode talks about the Canadian national team’s exhibition game against the Russians, more about the move by the Boston Bruins to get the NHL to mandate the wearing of helmets by all players,  and about Emile the Cat Francis,...
50 min
December 15-21, 1969
This week’s episode covers the week of December 15-21, 1969. Big news of the week centered on two firings - Flyers GM Bud Poile and Kings coach Hal Laycoe. We also talk about a situation that puts the World Hockey Championship tournament, to be held...
50 min
December 8-15, 1969
This week, we take a look at major issues developing over Canada’s use of professionals in international hockey, a strange situation arising around the venue for gamers for Buffalo’s new NHL team, and lots of news and notes for the week - plus...
57 min
December 1 - 7, 1969
This week’s episode covers the week of December 1-7, 1969. All the big news this week centres on the formal announcement of the expansion of the National Hockey League from 12 to 14 teams with the addition of the cities of Buffalo NY and Vancouver...
54 min
November 23 - 30, 1969
On this week’s show we have stories about the NHL expansion process as progress is made in Buffalo and Vancouver towards getting NHL teams for those cities. We’ll also discuss the Assault Causing Bodily Harm charges levied against Ted Green and...
55 min
November 15 - 22, 1969
In this week’s podcast there were three very big stories dominating the hockey news and we’ll talk about them: Harold Ballard and Stafford Smythe return to the helm at Maple Leaf Gardens, Bobby Hull’s holdout from the Black Hawks ends, and some...
57 min
October 18 - November 7, 1969
61 min
The 1969-70 NHL Season Opens
The 1969-70 NHL season opens, lots of Ted Green - Wayne Maki news, and we remember a two great guys who were just starting their NHL careers in 1969 - one of whom we lost far too early and the other who, sadly, left us this week. All this and more in...
62 min
NHL 1969-70 Season Preview
62 min
50 Years Ago in Hockey - Trailer
The 50 Years Ago in Hockey Podcast is about to begin! Join us for a weekly trip back in time as we report on hockey news and events from half a century ago.
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