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A podcast all about the rich history of the drums - and how they became what they are today! Join Bart van der Zee as he speaks with experts about the curious journey of the ever-evolving drum set.

Music History
The History of Q Drum Co with Jeremy Berman and...
Jeremy and Max discuss cutting their teeth with OCDP, the origins and rise of Q Drum Co., and also Jeremy's recent heroic battle with stomach cancer that has brought his career as a successful drum tech to a halt, but has brought the drum community together to rally around him like never before. Jeremy Berman and Max Cuzor have built drum kits for some of the biggest drummers in the world, and Jeremy has been a tech with bands such as Slipknot, Muse, Norah Jones, Nine Inch Nails, Katy Perry and many more.
99 min
The History of Power Toms with Kyle Schneider
Was there anything cooler than a brand new gigantic Power Tom Drum Set in the 1980's? The answer is a no! Kyle Schneider is a power tom enthusiast who has put together a great history of this iconic type of drum set that has got a large and passionate following. Kyle is a listener of the podcast who took it upon himself to do the research and put together an episode that would explain the origin story of Power Toms! We talk about the genesis of power toms, famous brands and models, the current status of power tom drum sets and players, and we talk about Kyles dream set that he had built after years of saving. Enjoy this episode!
54 min
A Look at John Bonham's Gear with George Fludas...
This episode is an in-depth look at John Bonham's drum kits, cymbals, heads, and sticks through his prolific career with Led Zeppelin. Terry Keating (Bonzoleum) and George Fludas (Bonhamology) are experts on all things Bonzo and made this episode a ton of fun and very informative. We start with his rusty old Premier kit, then go through his Trixon and Slingerland sets, then go into extreme detail about his iconic Ludwig drum sets and Paiste cymbals. John Bonham lived a very short 32 year life but has a HUGE impact on musicians still to this day.
90 min
Counting Stick Control with Barry James
Barry James has just released a book that he co-wrote with Joe Morello all about how to count the famous "Stick Control" book from 1935. This book is the top selling drum lesson book of all time, and majority of the teachers throughout history haven't known how to properly count this book of R's and L's. Joe Morello and Barry were both students of George Lawrence Stone and they were working hard to keep Stone's lessons alive until Joe passed away in 2011. Barry carried on and took all the knowledge he gained from Stone and his time writing with Morello, and created "Counting Stick Control - The Key to Understanding Counting, and Playing the Exercises in 'Stick Control', The Classic Drum Method Book by George Lawrence Stone".
70 min
(The Vault) Bringing the Slingerland Drum Shell...
This is a great classic episode from Dec 2019 - Bernie purchased the original Slingerland radio frequency drum shell making machinery on an Ebay auction in 2001, and that began his decade long quest to figure out how they work. He went through hundreds of attempts to figure out how these incredibly complex machines created drum shells before he got help from from Jack Moritz, a former Slingerland employee who ran the machines for 22 years. Once that happened, Bernie was off and running and making drum shells in under 5 minutes under his new company, Stone Custom Drum.
51 min
OCDP Builders Roundtable with Corey Manske, Nic...
Orange County was one of the most popular drum brands in the world in the early 2000's, and I am joined today by Corey Manske and Nick Turner who were some of the original builders during the heyday. Jarrod Fallon is a restorer and buff on all things OCDP and he co-hosts the episode with me. This is a follow up to the first Orange County episode with Jarrod and Michael Kelley and we answer tons of great questions that were submitted by fans of the brand. This is a fun one with a bunch of great behind the scenes stories that makes you feel like you are a part of the original crew building one of a kind drums for greats like Travis Barker, John Otto, Adrien Young, Chad Sexton and many more.
73 min
The Evolution of the New Orleans Beat with Robe...
Robert Cataliotti is a music historian, critic, and educator and co-curator of the Drumsville! Evolution of the New Orleans Beat exhibit at the New Orleans Jazz Museum. Bob also wrote the companion book to the exhibit that is a great historical look at the birthplace of Jazz. Bob does a great job in this episode describing the history and importance of the African culture that was at the core of the birth of Jazz and the New Orleans sound at Congo Square, and the famous players from originators like Baby Dodds up to Herlin Riley and Stanton Moore, and much more!
57 min
The Biography of Keith Moon with Tony Fletcher
Keith Moon is one of the most explosive drummers in the history of Rock and Roll. This episode is an in-depth look at the short life of this incredible musician who packed more of the good, bad, and ugly bits of life into 32 years than anyone else. Tony Fletcher is the author of the definitive Moon biography and takes us from Keith's post-war upbringing in bombed out England, through his rise as a gigging drummer around the pubs, to his rise to extreme fame and untimely death in 1978. We cover the fun and cheeky "Moon the Loon" stories about his hotel room antics and automotive shenanigans, but also the very dark and sad side of his life which included depression, addiction, domestic violence, and his overdose.
78 min
The History of KAT Percussion/Alternate Mode wi...
Mario DeCiutiis is not only the co-creator of KAT Percussion who made the iconic MalletKAT, but he also played vibes at Radio City Music Hall for almost 40 years! We learn all about the process of developing an innovative E-Percussion instrument WAY early in the advent of electronic instruments and how that morphed over time to become a staple in the industry. Mario is full of stories and experiences from starting a business and being licensed and sold around to a number of larger companies and remaining the constant that keeps people buying his great product.
58 min
The History of Dixon Drums with Jim Uding
Jim Uding describes Dixon as "the best kept secret in drums" and I completely agree after hearing the history of this unique company! Dixon is the house-brand of a very well established manufacturer in Taiwan that has created drums or hardware for most all of the major players in the drum industry since the late 1970's. We discuss the launch of the relatively new Dixon brand, the partnership with drum legend, Gregg Bissonette, and a few of the partnerships that the factory has had with the largest names in drums. Not much is known about Dixon as you search around the internet so this is a great opportunity to learn more about this brand that is absolutely on the rise.
69 min
A Look at Why Drum Brands Sell with Mike Dawson
Mike and I start by discussing the DW/Roland acquisition that has been on everyones mind since it was recently announced. He uses his industry experience and knowledge to shine some light on what might be happening with this shocking announcement that took the drum world by storm. We then go through some historical examples of what happened to the big four drum brands (Gretsch, Ludwig, Slingerland, and Ludwig) and hear about the ups and many downs of those acquisitions. Mike was the managing editor of Modern Drummer for many years and is now the Chief Creative Officer at Drum Factory Direct.
79 min
(The Vault) Moeller, Gladstone & Stone - The Le...
Dom Famularo teaches us about Billy Gladstone, Sanford A, Moeller, and George L. Stone - the godfathers of drumming technique. He also shares many great stories from his journey through learning from the students of these great teachers including Shelly Manne, Jim Chapin, and Joe Morello. The lineage of educators that run from these three men runs so much deeper than I ever imagined.
63 min
Hal Blaine: The Story of an American Drum Legen...
Hal Blaine is one of the most recorded drummers in history and is an icon from the golden age of session musicians. We learn about Hals parents heroic journey to America, Hal's early years and time in the Army, and his meteoric rise as a first call studio drummer. Mike Megaffin's business card says "Hal Blaine Disciple" and he definitely lives up to that title with this very in-depth episode. Mike spent lots of time with Hal and learned tons of great stories about the years that Hal Blaine spent working for mafia types in seedy nightclubs through his rise to the top and love of all things luxurious.
83 min
Franks Drum Shop Est. 1938 with Rob Cook
Franks Drum Shop was one of the four original drum stores in America and was a Midwest hot spot for drummers like Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Louie Bellson and many more as they passed through town. From 1938 to the mid 1980's, It had a world class repair shop, amazing sales floor, and a lesson program that had teachers that were absolute legends like Roy C. Knapp. Rob Cook wrote his first book in 1993 about Franks Drum Shop which originated from his life being changed by a visit to Franks as a very young man. This is a very interesting episode that his information that only someone like Rob Cook can provide!
68 min
(FREE BONUS) Gigging Horror Story Turns into Vi...
Join Patreon to hear 65+ bonus episodes for only $2 a month and great perks up to $15 a month. This was a really cool bonus with Chris that I wanted to share so everyone could hear what the bonus episodes are like, you can also watch the video on YouTube to see the "No Rhythm Man" which he talks about in this episode.
9 min
Gigging Drummer Survival Guide with Chris Georg...
Chris has come up with a great list of tips and tricks for gigging drummers of all levels. He shares how his Honda Fit has been converted into a mobile drum repair shop and everything that he keeps on hand to make sure he never misses a beat. Not only is Chris a long time gigging drummer around the Boston area, he is a successful animator going back to shows like "Dr. Katz", and "Home Movies". Now he works as a presenter for Adobe by day and a gigging drummer by night.
59 min
A Look at the Northup Drums Museum with Timothy...
The Northup Drums Museum is one of the only "PlaThe Northup Drums Museum is one of the only "Playing Museums" in the world where you can play some of the most rare drums known to man. You can walk in the door and play a Slingerland Black Beauty, a Ludwig Top Hat and Cain kit and 30 other rare drum kits, plus cymbals, traps, and great memorabilia! Tim is an antique dealer by trade and has taken his families historical dairy barn and turned into an antique store upstairs, and one of the finest drum museums in the world downstairs, Enjoy this episode!ying Museums" in the world where you can play some of the most rare drums in the world. You can walk in the door and play a Slingerland Black Beauty, a Ludwig Top Hat and Cain kit and 30 other rare drum kits, plus cymbals, traps, and great memorabilia! Tim is an antique dealer by trade and has taken his families historical dairy barn and turned into an antique store upstairs, and one of the finest drum museums in the world downstairs, Enjoy this episode!
56 min
Drums and Ethnomusicology with William Johnson
Will takes us on a fascinating deep dive into what Ethnomusicology is and how it applies to drums and percussion around the world. We learn the process of how to study different cultures and learn about the music, the instruments, and how to appreciate and apply the styles. Will is a cool guy who has a great way of explaining an interesting educational topic. Enjoy this episode!
62 min
A Look at Wood and Weather Drum Shop with Josep...
Joe has created a very unique drum shop in Massachusetts that offers some extremely rare drum sets that are presented with his unique style. He is a young guy but has accumulated a vast knowledge of instrument through years of hunting down vintage drums and presenting at the drum shows. Every drum shop is different and it is fun to speak with the owners to see what makes their shop different and special - I look forward to doing more in the future!
54 min
The History of Orange County Drum with Michael ...
OCDP is one of the most iconic brand of the late 90's/Early 2000's with endorsees like Travis Barker, Chad Sexton, Adrien Young, and Taylor Hawkins. My guests are Michael Kelley who was a part of OCDP from the very beginning through the mid 2000's and Jarrod Fallon who is an OCDP enthusiast, collector, and restorer. These two guys together cover the somewhat mysterious background of this iconic brand that was a part of the rock and roll zeitgeist of the early 2000's. We discuss the early days as a So-Cal drum shop, the wild designs, vented snares, famous endorsers, the rise and fall of the company and much more!
75 min
(The Vault) The History of Leedy Drums with Rob...
Rob Cook, founder of the Chicago Drum Show and Author of "The Complete History of Leedy Drums" and "The Leedy Way", gives us the complete history of the Leedy Drum Company. The amazing story begins with U.G. Leedy producing snare stands in his apartment in Indianapolis and evolves into becoming the largest manufacturer of drums in the world. Rob also teaches us about George Ways involvement in the rise and fall of Leedy.
56 min
A Look at DrumArchive.com with Andy Youell
Drum Archive is the online home of more drum catalogs in one place than you will find anywhere else in the world! Andy has created a resource that I personally use multiple times a week and has become essential for vintage drum enthusiasts to learn and research about the instrument that we love. He shares the story of how and why he created this site and why he has such a passion for archiving drum catalogs.
42 min
The Biography of Chick Webb with Chet Falzerano
Chick Webb fell down the stairs as a child and smashed multiple vertebrae which left him with a serious physical handicap, but he still managed to become one of the best drummers in the world in his short 30 year life. Chick Webb is one of the god fathers of modern drumming and was revered by Buddy Rich, Gene Krupa, and every top drummer of the 1920's and 30's. Chet is the author of a great Chick Webb biography book and has extensive knowledge about Chick, Billy Gladstone, and vintage Gretsch drums. Chick died very young but accomplished an incredible amount in that time - enjoy this great underdog story!
50 min
(Drum News) Robbery at Gretsch Drum Co. in 1927!
A group of armed bandits robbed the Payroll at the Gretsch Manufacturing Co. in 1927! This article has never been seen by the modern Gretsch family or Gretsch employees and is a glimpse into an exciting and scary situation that happened in Brooklyn at the factory!
3 min
Gretsch: The Eternal Brand with Lucas von Gretsch
Lucas takes us back to the Victorian Era when Gretsch was founded in 1883 and gives a family members inside scoop on this iconic drum brand. Lucas covers the origins of the company up to the 1950's in this episode which includes the birth of the drum set, the explosion of jazz, the great depression, and surviving through World War 2. We hear about all of the Gretsch family members and the important role each person had in the development of the brand over the last 138 years.
76 min
(Drum News) "Drums Behind the Iron Curtain" - P...
English Newspaper articles about Premier selling drums behind the Iron Curtain to Soviet Russia and West Germany. This was a big part of Premiers business at the time and this made the evening news around the UK!
6 min
(The Vault) Discovering Gene Krupas Lost Drum C...
This is a classic episode that I am excited to re-release! Charlie Watts purchased Gene Krupas long lost drum collection - what is better than that?! I also announce the start of a new series that I am launching simultaneously with the release of episode. Listen to learn more!
49 min
(Drum News) 1938 - Gene Krupa Will Teach You Dr...
1938 Drum Newspaper Ad for Gene Krupas "Drum Method" book from the Daily News in New York City. Gene Krupa is one of the god fathers of modern drumming and is responsible for many drummers picking up the sticks in the mid 20th Century.
3 min
The History of Pork Pie Percussion with Bill D...
In addition to Pork Pie, Bill has been the man behind the scenes doing work for DW, Tama, Mapex, new Rogers, OCDP, Gruv-X and a number of other brands for over 3 decades. Bill has also been building drums, doing edges, and painting drums for massive artists like Tre Cool, Chad Smith, Mike Bordin, and countless others all out of his small California shop where he has had a huge influence on the drum industry. This episode is full of great information about the full history of Pork Pie, but also things like the brand new Rogers drums that Bill is building in his shop, the Gruv-X brand he created with Russ Miller, and lots of interesting industry stories along the way.
85 min
The History of WFL Drums with Kurt Ekstrom
WFL Drums was born in 1937 when William F. Ludwig sold the rights to use his name to CG Conn and he became a competitor with Ludwig and Ludwig Drums. Kurt is an expert on this roughly 18-year period where William F. Ludwig and The Chief (William II) operated out of the Damen Ave factory as WFL Drums and created beautiful drum sets and hardware that are still revered today. We discuss the initial opening of the factory, the war-time era, and the eventual purchase of the Ludwig name back from Conn in the mid-1950s. Kurt has a great collection and really knows his stuff - enjoy this episode!
60 min
The Roots of the British Invasion with Daniel G...
This episode is all about the musicians who inspired the famous British Invasion drummers of the 1960's well before the music reached American soil. Daniel takes us through the 1950's in England to learn about the circumstances that created the famous Rock and Roll sounds that swept across the world, and we learn the geographic factors such as growing up in the completely bombed out post-WW2 England. Plus the impact that the first wave of touring American Rockstars had on the young impressionable musicians of the UK.
78 min
From Double Drumming to Double Bass Drums with ...
Cadan takes us through his masters thesis which covers the long and often misunderstood history of the drum kit. His studies included interviews with Thomas Lang, Daniel Glass, Steve White, Matt Brennan and many more which he shares in this episode. The title of his thesis is "From Double Drumming to Double Bass Drums" and we not only discuss many historical elements along the way, but the process in which he researched and documented topics which have no living primary sources and have multiple theories.
58 min
Ludwig Supraphonic History with Uli Salazar
The Ludwig Supraphonic is known as the most recorded snare drum in history and has an amazing background that dates all the way back to 1914! Uli Salazar is the Senior Marketing and Artist Relations Manager at Ludwig and he gives us a great deep dive into the technology that evolved over a 50 year period leading up to the release of the Supra in 1964. We talk about the lugs, the shell design, the throw-off, and tons of great details about the Supraphonic!
59 min
Perspectives on Punk Drumming with Steve Lauden
Steve Lauden is the author of "The Forbidden Beat: Perspectives on Punk Drumming" which explores the history of punk percussion with personal essays, interviews and lists featuring their favorite players and biggest influences. Steve breaks down the early history of punk drumming form the 60's proto-punk, through the iconic 70's and 80's, up to the modern pop-punk of the 2000's through today. We dig into some of Steves favorite stories and lessons that he learned from many of the legends he interviewed including D.H. Peligro, Tre Cool, Rat Scabies and many more!
54 min
(From The Vault) The Death of Trap Drummers wit...
(Originally released in April 2018) What was it like to be a Trap Drummer in the silent movie era as talking pictures take over and your job was becoming obsolete? Listen as Kelli and I discuss how this great percussion genre became extinct. Trap Drummers were percussionists who performed alongside silent films and performances before the advent of "Talkies" (talking pictures). Using a wide array of instruments and devices (contraptions), Trap Drummers aimed to make audiences believe these sounds were one with the film or performance.
42 min
Drums on Sesame Street with Bill Sherman
Bill is the Music Director on Sesame Street and shares tons of great information on the famous drummers that have played on the show like Questlove, Anderson Paak, Evelyn Glennie, plus we discuss Buddy RIch and his performance with with Animal on The Muppets in the 80's. Bill talks about how it works when a Muppet plays the drums and how it is synced up with a real drummer and also the importance of music and rhythm on Sesame Street and all kids programming. Bill has worked on many cool things outside of the muppets including Hamilton, Tick Tick Boom, In the Heights, and he co-hosts a podcast with Questlove called "Questlove Supreme"
42 min
The New Milestone Percussion with Ronn Dunnett
Ronn discusses his new acquisition of the classic Canadian brand, Milestone Percussion! Milestone was founded in the 1970's by Michael Clapham, and then was later purchased by Paul Mason and became the also beloved, Tempus Drums. Now, in 2022, Ronn has brought the original brand back to life and is relaunching with the extreme attention to detail that we have all come to expect from all Dunnett products. Ron doesn't spare any details of what he thinks went wrong with the original run of the company and what he is doing to improve and make it a long lasting Canadian brand. We also learn about Ronn's work process and great info on all of his brands - Dunnett Classic Drums, George Way Drums, and now Milestone Percussion.
62 min
Rare and Unique Drum Finishes with Randy Rainwater
Randy takes us through the decades of rare finishes including Leedy's "Autographs of the Stars", Ludwig's "Top Hat and Cain", all sorts of Pearl and Oyster finishes, and through the psychedelic 60 and 70's with Citrus Mod, Psych Red, and Mod Orange. Randy is a longtime collector and restorer of vintage drums and shares stories of many kits that have come through his hands, and discusses many ultra rare kits that he has seen and learned about in the vintage community.
60 min
Making a Career out of Collecting with Richard ...
Richard King has been collecting and dealing with high end drums since the 1980's, which has led him to be a dealer and broker for celebrities and also provided drum kits for a number of films. He has a very long running business that specializes in rare and hard to find drum hardware that he has meticulously cleaned, categorized and ready to sell out of his house. Richard shares information on his background on collecting, but also the vintage drum industry and drum shows as a whole. He has built up a sparkling reputation on eBay and to other dealers and collectors around the world so tune in if you want to hear Richards secrets to have a long career in vintage drums!
59 min
The History of Street Drumming with Dr. John Owens
Dr, John Owens shares the vibrant lineage of street drumming, the lives of urban percussionists, and the rhythms that make it all happen! He has a history as a street drummer in Washington DC, a performer at Disney, and a member of the US Army Band. He is the author of "Street Drumming: The People, History, and Grooves" which is a soup to nuts guide on everything there is to know about Street Drumming!
72 min
Ludwigs Role in Drumhead History with Bill Ryder
Bill Ryder is a longtime listener of the podcast that decided to step up and do extensive research on Ludwig drumheads and the important role that they played in the history of modern plastic drumheads. Ludwig's crimped style of drumhead was unique and different from how Remo and Evans connected to the flesh hoop with a resin epoxy and how they arrived at the use of Mylar is an huge part of drumhead history. The crimped style was quickly stolen by Slingerland which may be the catalyst that started the legendary feud between Slingerland and Ludwig. Bill got help from Jim Catalano (former Ludwig dir. of Marketing) and Herbie May (Remo R&D Director) on this episode which helped create a very thoroughly researched and fun episode.
54 min
Downsizing a Drum Collection with Louis Bernstein
Louis Bernstein not only had a large, high-end drum collection but he also had a true passion for hunting down many of the original famous drum films and tapes that we all enjoy on YouTube today - but Louis was faced with the challenge of moving to a Condo in 2013 and sell off the majority of his collection. He shares the process of how downsizing a collection of 140+ snares, 4 kits, countless rare tapes, Buddy Rich Memorabilia, and all sorts of other things worked and what he learned from the process.
55 min
The History of the Drum Kit in Brazil with Dani...
Daniel is a professor at the Federal University of São Carlos in Brazil, along with being a contributor to "The Cambridge Companion to the Drum Kit". Daniels history for this episode goes back to 1917 in Brazil and takes us through the amazing history of drum sets, drumming styles, and iconic drummers which has many parallels to the American and European histories we usually hear on the show - but this is uniquely Brazilian!
66 min
The History of Drum Workshop with Don Lombardi
Don Lombardi is the founder of DW Drums and he shares the full story of this legendary American drum brand. Drum Workshop has amazing origins in Don's garage where he recycled the name from his drum teaching business and turned his garage into a workshop where he and his student, John Good, created canister thrones that could raise and lower - and the rest is history! I learned so much about the Camco story, the 5000 pedal, and everything I never knew about DW and Don's background as a professional drummers.
78 min
Carrying on George L. Stones Legacy with Barry ...
Barry James was a student of George Lawrence Stone in the 1950's and is continuing on his teachings to this day by releasing two new books that he worked on with Joe Morello that are finally ready to be released! Barry's new book's are called "Counting the Exercises in Stick Control" which supplements "Stick Control" and teaches how to read it the way Stone originally intended, and the second is "Future Rudiments" which is a concept that Stone created towards the end of his life. Barry is a wealth of knowledge and is working very hard to teach the Stone method at its truest form!
51 min
Ringo and The Beatles "Get Back" with Gary Astr...
Gary Astridge is Ringo Starr's historian and curator of his equipment who does talks around the world about all things Ringo! He shares tons of great information about the recent documentary, "Get Back", including his equipment, the relationship of the band, and what happened to Ringo's drums after the album was finished. I also ask Gary a bunch of great questions that were sent in from listeners on social media. We also learn some very exciting news about Ringos "Let It Be" drums that are coming out of the vault and making an appearance at the Rock Hall!
61 min
A Look at the Delaware Drum Show with Joe Mekler
Joey Boom tells us all about the Delaware Drum Show which is one of the top drum shows in the USA and is happening on February 27th (2022). Joe is not only an expert on World War 2 drums, but he is a master restorer of vintage drums and a staple of the vintage community. In this episode, my old friend Joe shares everything you need to know about this years show and the legacy that he is keeping alive through his passionate dedication to the vintage drum community and the beautiful instruments that collectors like Joe bring to the Delaware Drum Show.
70 min
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Drummers with Mandy Smith
Mandy is the Director of Education at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio and she shares tons of great insider information on how the Rock Hall works! She is a drummer who teaches us things like how many drummers have been inducted twice, can an iconic studio musician be inducted, and how many female drummers are in the Hall of Fame? This is a cool episode that really shines a light on an American Rock and Roll institution that can often be a source of controversy when the nominees are announced, but Mandy has a great attitude and love for her job that is really cool to learn about.
47 min
Studying the Greats with Joe Bergamini
Joe talks about working with Neil Peart and Stewart Copeland on the amazing books that he created to spotlight their legendary careers. Joe Bergamini is a prolific author, drummer and teacher and shares the story of how he convinced these mega drummers to let him in and create books that are detailed transcription books, but also work as a coffee table book that shares all the details of the drummers career. Joe shares lots of great stories about his career and working as a broadway drummer in NYC.
71 min
Collectors Spotlight with Terry Keating (Bonzol...
This is a fun conversation with Youtube legend Terry Keating (aka Bonzoleum) about how his long history of collecting drums and tips and tricks he has learned along the way, He is known for his passion and knowledge about John Bonham, but Terry is also extremely knowledgable about a wide range of vintage and not so vintage drums. He is a genuinely nice guy who has worked very hard on building his 61k subscriber YouTube channel and it was a lot of fun to talk to Terry about his personal collecting and pick his brain about a ton of topics.
82 min
How the Drum Industry Works with John DeChristo...
John worked for Zildjian for 24 years in a number of roles from artist relations all the way up to vice president of the company. I asked him to teach me how the industry works, and he did a great job of breaking down many roles in the drum world and how they all work together. John has personally worked with brands like Simmons, DW, and Zildjian - but these positions and roles are typically industry wide. This is a good way to learn about how it all works if you are interested in a career, but it is also a fun look at how the brands we all love work.
68 min
The John Bonham Episode with George Fludas
George Fludas is a Bonzo fanatic who shares his immense knowledge about John Bonham including a biography of the iconic Zeppelin drummer, a discussion of his touring years with Zep, and a look at what we do and don't know about his famous gear. This is a very long awaited episode that I have wanted to do for a long time and I am very happy that George came on to share a very respectful and interesting look at the favorite drummer of many drummers around the world.
100 min
A Look at Billy Gladstone with Chet Falzerano a...
Billy Gladstone was a legendary performer and the maker of some of the rarest drums in existence with only 61 snare drums and 2 drum sets that are still known to be among us today. Chet Falzerano provides a fascinating biography of Billy and tons of info that is only available from his extensive research he did for his book on Gladstone. This episode also features a short interview segment with the owner of the one of the two Gladstone drum sets that still exists - David Wood. He shares the story of how he acquired the kit from Chet and the very cool thing he is going to do with this holy grail kit.
73 min
Ted Reed Bio (Syncopation) & 2021 Wrap Up
This is a quick episode where Bart shares a short biography of "Syncopation" author, Ted Reed, and discusses some Drum History Pod info about things that are coming up!
18 min
The Snare Drums of Buddy Rich with Tommy Piorek
Tommy teaches us about his amazing period correct collection of snares that Buddy Rich played spanning his career from 1950 to the early 1980's! We dig deep into 15 specific snare drums including Buddy's famous relationship with the forbidden Fibes snare drum that he loved so much, his wood DynaSonic, his on/off relationships with Slingerland and Ludwig, and of course - Buddy playing Trixon! Tommy Piorek is a Buddy RIch expert and has a number of rare Buddy Rich collectibles - but this collection of snare drums was something truly special. This is a great episode that has tons of great Buddy stories and lots of information I haven't heard anywhere else!
71 min
Backbeat Drumming in the 40's and 50's with Jas...
Jason Gianni shares audio examples from artists including Fats Domino, Elvis, Ray Charles, Sister Rosetta Tharpe and many more that showcase the evolution of rock drumming from the 1940's to the 1960's. We discuss the drumming of these great artists plus Jason plays examples on his own kit! Jason is an instructor at the Drummers Collective in NYC and a professor at the New School in NYC and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, and most importantly - he played drums on the "SpongeBob Squarepants" theme :) He has great knowledge on how rock and roll slowly but steadily evolved from one recording to the next and how it was a process of building that led to modern rock and roll as we know it today.
64 min
Drumming Through The Decades with Vicky O'Neon
Vicky teaches us the history of female drummers through the decades in this very in-depth episode that begins 2000 years ago when all the drummers in society were women! Vicky O'Neon is a great drummer, educator, and YouTuber who has created an amazing 12. part series that she was kind of enough to condense all that information in this fun episode. Female drummers have faced countless hardships through the decades but the thing that really struck me in this episode is how unbelievably persistent, hardworking, and talented they are despite all the struggles. We live in a great time now where things have gotten much better but it has been a long and fascinating journey that Vicky expertly teaches.
101 min
The History of Corder Drums with Don Corder
Corder Drums was born in 1979 when Jim Corder purchased the Fibes manufacturing equipment from C.F. Martin after they decided to no longer be in the drum business. My guest is Don Corder, Jim's son, was an employee since day one and helped his dad and brothers learn on the fly and create a drum brand that is now a part of the history of the instrument. Not only is this a great story because of the Fibes and Darwin drums connection, but it is a wonderful story of a family working together to make Jim Corders dreams a reality.
48 min
The History of Paiste (Part 2) with Dan Garza
This is the second in our two part series that covers the history of Paiste Cymbals. We pick up in the 1970's when 2002's were king and all the famous European rock bands were representing Paiste. The company also lost its distribution deal with Ludwig in the early 70's and had a period of about 4 or 5 years where distribution in America was slim to none - until Rogers picked up the slack and began selling Paiste's state-side. This and much much more is discussed in this episode, plus Dan corrects a few things from the first episode that came to light in the short time between us recording these two shows.
77 min
The History of Paiste (Part 1) with Dan Garza
This is an in-depth look at the fascinating history of one of the biggest names in cymbal making - Paiste! Dan is an expert on the history of the company and teaches us the origin story that dates back to the turn of the century in Estonia with the Paiste family up to the 1970's when Paiste was being played by some of the biggest names in the industry including John Bonham, Joe Morello, Carmine Appice and many more. Part 2 will pick up where this episode leaves off with the 70's rock explosion.
96 min
A Look at Basel Drumming with Edith Habraken
Edith teaches us about the amazing drumming culture in Basel Switzerland and the unique style of drumming that the region has made famous. We talk about the construction of the Basler drums and the history of the clubs and traditions that created this unique environment. Edith is a legend in the Basel drumming community and is a great ambassador to the region.
44 min
The History of Kent Drums with Dennis Brown (Mo...
The story of Kent Drums is a tale of the American dream as a family travels from Poland to America in the 1940's and starts a drum company that is created to make affordable drums for people who cant afford the big brands. My guest Dennis Brown aka Mouse, is the author of "History of the Kent Drum Company 1946-1977" and is an absolute expert on Kent with first hand information from his interviews with William and Edward Kent. Mouse has a great reason to be connected to the drum brand which you'll hear towards the end of the episode.
65 min
Bringing Rudiments to the Drum Kit with Jim Clark
Jim Clark is a 57 year veteran of the drums and an expert at applying traditional rudiments to the drum set for an everyday rock/jazz drummer (like myself). We discuss how drummers like Steve Gadd, Billy Cobham, Elvin Jones and many more are masters of the rudimental method, and how they apply it to commercial music without sounding like a traditional marching band drummer. Jim is a educator, historian, performer and author of books such as "Connecticut's Drum & Fife Tradition" and the brand new "Ten Pieces for Field Drums".
61 min
A Look at the Punk D-Beat with Spike T. Smith
D-Beat is a very specific beat that is used in punk music starting in the early 80's in the UK that then grew into its own style of the genre. My guest is Spike T. Smith who is a veteran punk drummer who came up in the D-Beat era of punk in the the UK and has played with greats such as Morrissey, The Damned, Killing Joke, New York Dolls, Steve Ignorant/Crass, Sona Fariq and Sacrilege. He created a great documentary about the history of the D-Beat and he shares the full story with us in this episode!
50 min
The Biography of Mitch Mitchell with Kevin John...
Mitch Mitchell was a successful child star on BBC before he ever became a drummer, then he changed gears to become a drummer full time and had a gold record with Jimi Hendrix by the time he was 20. This is an amazingly in-depth look at the life of one of the most swinging rock drummers that ever sat behind the kit. My guest is Major Kevin John Simon who is the founder of the very successful Mitch Mitchell Fan Club. He is an absolute expert on Mitch, his kits, and every important milestone of his prolific career,
105 min
A Look at Nelson Drum Shop with Bryson Nelson
Bryson Nelson has created a shop that not only is a mecca for vintage drum lovers, but also a place where drummers of all levels can come and enjoy the community that is very unique to our drum world. He shares the story of how he started his shop and the joys and pressures that comes along with starting a brand from scratch, Bryson has a very young family and has been dealing with health issues that has been pulling him away from his shop recently, while simultaneously he is expanding into a much bigger shop in East Nashville - enjoy this episode!
47 min
Desert Island Drums with Bob Henrit
Bob is a world class collector who has been a drummer in bands such as the Kinks. The Daybreakers, Argent and worked as a session/live drummer with musicians like Roger Daltrey and Don McLean. When he wasn't on stage, Bob was visiting mom and pop music stores across the world trying to find rare and unique drums and take them back home to the UK. Bob shares his "Desert Island Drums" that are his absolute favorites and most important to him in his extensive career. This episode is chocked full of rare and unique information from a living legend.
67 min
The History of French Drumming with Josh Harmon
66 min
A Look At Bearing Edges with Jeff Kirsch
Jeff is a great drum builder in Portland, Oregon who has a deep understanding of bearing edges and drum building in general. He spends majority of this episode discussing everything you need to know to understand how edges work, but we also talk about wood plys and other great information throughout.
70 min
Louie Bellson and Tuxedo Bags with Ron Weinstein
Ron Weinstein had a 40 year relationship with Louie Bellson and was the inventor of the iconic Tuxedo Bags. He shares the story of how he created the bags which revolutionized drum cases in the 1980's, and how his friend Louie Bellson rocketed his brand forward by attaching Louies celebrity to the brand . The best part is that Louie didn't ask for a dime and Ron tells many great stories that paint picture of how much of a gentleman the drumming legend really was. This is real drumming history that is not widely known, enjoy this great drum history!
58 min
A Look At Animal Skin Drumheads with Jeff Stern
Jeff Stern owns and operates Stern Tanning Co. which acquired the United Rawhide Company of Chicago in 2001 - the former largest manufacturer or drumheads in the world before mylar became king. United Rawhide was the primary drumhead provider for Slingerland, Gretsch, Rogers, and Ludwig. Jeff teaches us the start to finish process of how a tannery works and creates high quality drumheads, plus lots of great information about how, when, and why you would want to use a calf or goat skin drumhead.
57 min
Can You Copyright A Drumbeat? with Kurt Dahl
Kurt is a drumming entertainment lawyer who breaks down the age old question - can you copyright a drumbeat? We discuss famous songs like "We Will Rock You", "Billy Jean", When The Levee Breaks", "Sunday Bloody Sunday", and many more. Kurt also tells us how song credits work and how we can protect ourselves and get what we deserve as drummers plus tons of other great information. Kurt is the drummer for the very successful rock group, One Bad Son, and has some serious real world experience with his own band and many of his high level clients.
63 min
The History of Fibes Drums with Tommy Robertson
Tommy has been the owner of Fibes Drums since 1994, and he is the perfect person to tell us about the history of this iconic brand that dates back to 1965. They are very sought after and beloved drums that are the gem of many collections and we learn about the different eras and owners of the brand. They pushed forward both the technology of Fiberglass drums and Acrylic drums which helped shape the sound of drummers of the 60's, 70,s 80's through to today.
63 min
The Science of Why We Love Drums with Dr. Krist...
War drums, Primate communication, Indigenous peoples' sacred instruments, and hippie drum circles! Kristen tells us why we are hard wired to love the drums the way we do through her in-depth scientific research that begins 7000 years ago with the earliest drum and ends up today with blistering heavy metal drummers using the primal rhythms to make us feel the fear that our early ancestors felt. This is a really unique episode with a great perspective from a non-drummer who can help shed some knowledge on why we love this great instrument!
52 min
The Right Drummer for the Right Band with Mike ...
Mike Edison joins us to discuss when the stars align and Charlie finds The Stones, Bonzo joins Zeppelin, Ringo meets the Beatles, and Keith explodes into The Who. We talk all about what makes these (plus many another) drummer's the absolute perfect choice for each of the iconic rock groups and play a game where we switch drummers into different bands. Mike also discusses his great book, "Sympathy for the Drummer - Why Charlie Watt's Matters" which is now available on paperback, and he tells us about the phone call he had with Charlie himself to thank him for writing the book.
61 min
Creating A Long Career In Drumming With Peter J...
Pete Jarvis has had a very long and illustrious career that includes composing, arranging and drumming for a Wes Anderson film and the HBO series, "Boardwalk Empire", plus he has performed as a soloist, chamber player, Broadway musician and as conductor/player with chamber music ensembles, orchestras and choruses. Pete shares his story with us and many key pieces of advice on how to plan for a long and diverse career in the world of drumming. He is not only planning his next gig, but he is always thinking of his next 20 years of his musical career.
58 min
The Origins of Tempus Drums with Paul Mason
Paul is a master drum builder who used materials such as Hemp, Carbon Fiber, Carbon Kevlar, and Fiberglass. He started Tempus in Vancouver in 1985 and and ran the company until he decided to wind down and close his shop in 2012. His unique materials and production style made some of the most unique drums on the market that were widely loved by players around the world. Paul made over 7000 in his career and has some amazing stories about learning to use these materials, running a business, competing with the major players, and tons of other great stories along the way.
71 min
The History of Drum Endorsements with Rob Cook
Rob teaches us about the early origins of drum endorsements that dates all the way back to the early 1900's with drummers being featured in "The Ludwig Drummer" and "Leedy Drum Topics" magazines. We then go through the 50's and 60's where big money started to get involved and Rob shares stories of drummers like Buddy Rich receiving massive cash payments to play various drum brands and Gene Krupa's golden deal that he had with Slingerland. Rob also shares great information about how endorsements work with funding clinics and making it so we can all see the drummers we love at events like the Chicago Drum Show.
67 min
The History of Practice Pads with Beth Hamon
Beth is a passionate expert on all things to do with practice pads. She has an extensive collection of her own which she has used to get first hand knowledge, and is also a great researcher who has dug deep to find all the in-depth details that she shares in this episode. This is a fun episodes that is full of info on all the various practice pads that we all grew up with, and the pads of our ancestors.
57 min
Drumsticks of the Legends with Chris Bennett
Chris owns Bopworks drumsticks and he has recreated drumstick models of some of the most legendary players in drum history. Gene Krupa, Shelly Manne, Art Blakey, Mel Lewis are some of the stick's that Chris has gotten the rights to recreate and produce in Austin, Texas. He teaches us the process he had to go through to get the rights from the familys of these legends and then getting the sticks made. We also discuss the impact the different types of sticks can have on the sound and feel of cymbals. This is a great one with lots of different information.
55 min
The History of Zickos Drums with Wes Faulconer
The History of Zickos Drums with Wes Faulconer
61 min
Tony Williams Clinic Breakdown (1982) with Rob ...
This is a very fun episode where Rob Hart plays us multiple clips from a Tony Williams clinic that he tape recorded in 1982 in Boston. We break down each segment and Rob gives us his first hand experiences from being a student of Tony in the early 90's in the San Francisco Bay Area. We hear tony talk about his famous ride patterns, setting up his kit, hi-hat work, using brushes, and much more - and then each topic has a great explanation and discussion with Rob.
70 min
20 years of Prologix Percussion with Jason Edwards
Prologix is celebrating 20 years of creating innovative and high quality practice pads that have become an industry standard. I sit down with company founder, Jason Edwards, about the origins of starting the company in his garage, then slowly growing the business, up to winning multiple "best in shows" at NAMM, to the modern days where Prologix are an international company that has some of the biggest names in the industry as endorsers.
68 min
Before Ringo and Best: The Colin Hanton Story
Colin Hanton was the original drummer for the Quarrymen which featured John Lennon, Paul McCarney, and George Harrison in Liverpool circa 1956. He shares the amazing story of first meeting John Lennon and then the group evolving and growing gig by gig and adding the other future Beatles as time went on. It is amazing to hear the difficulties they faced trying to scrape together money to buy instruments and afford a 2 song EP which is an incredible story all in itself. We cover when Colin left the group and Pete Best became the next Quarrymen drummer and then when things exploded with Ringo. Enjoy this great piece of musical history with a living legend!
59 min
The History of A&F Drum Co. with Ramy Antoun
A&F is celebrating their 5 year anniversary and Ramy Antoun, founder of the company, joins me to discuss the history of the company, his personal background as a successful drummer both on the road and in the studio. A&F is a one of a kind brand that has exploded in popularity in a very short time and stands out with the unique art deco designs and timeless inventions that Ramy is bringing to the drum world. Enjoy this great conversation with a true innovator in the community!
61 min
100th Episode Special - Get to know Bart with S...
In this special 100th episode, Bart gets interviewed by his brother, Spencer, and discusses his background in drumming, audio engineering and the podcast in general. I figure after 100 episodes I should probably let people know some more info about me and how I got to this point. Thanks so much to everyone who has enjoyed the show over the last few years and shared it and sent me such great messages. I am just getting started and have a long way to go!
70 min
The History of Cable Tension Drums with Bryan B...
Bryan is the founder of Dialtune drums and he tells us about some examples of cable tension drums that he discovered in his journey to create a modern day drum that is easily tuned with just two knobs. A cable tension drum by definition is a drum that uses a system of pulleys with cable or string/rope to make it possible to tune the drum using one point of tension, typically a knob or a key. The drums that Bryan teaches us about from his patent search are really remarkable, and I share my experiences with the amazing Dialtune snare drum that I have been using for the last few months.
66 min
The Roots of Reggae Drumming with Gil Sharone
Gil is a world renowned drummer who shares his deep passion and knowledge for Reggae drumming in this great episode, He takes us through all the sub genres such as ska, rocksteady, dub, and dancehall. Plus he teaches us about the legends in Reggae drumming such as Lloyd Knibb and Carlton Bennett, and the gear that these Jamaican drummers would use when playing with icons such as Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, Lee Perry and many more.
53 min
A Look at Rope Tension Drums with Bill Whitney
Bill takes us back over a thousand years to learn the origins of rope tension drums and how the technology evolved over the centuries. We learn about shell construction, head types, guts and snare history, and much much more. Bill is a wealth of information and is the man behind Calderwood Percussion. He is a master drum builder and an all around great musician on many instruments.
65 min
The History of Acrylic Drums with Jim DeRogatis
Jim is an extremely respected music critic on the radio, but he is a drummer at his core. He shares his passion and knowledge of acrylic drums with his starting in 1959 with Zickos, into the 70's with Fibes, and the explosion of popularity with the Vistalites thanks to John Bonham. We discuss the evolution of acrylic shell construction construction, the color varieties of the extremely unique Ludwig stripe kits, the players who made these drums famous like Billy Cobham and Karen Carpenter, and tons of other great info!
57 min
The History of Ludwig Bass Drum Pedals with Ste...
Steve takes us through all the decades of Ludwig bass drum pedals starting in 1909 with the iconic first commercially produced bass drum pedal that completely changed the world of drumming, up to the modern re-introduction of the Speed King. Steve is a passionate collector of Ludwig bass drum pedals and wrote a new book called "The Ludwig Line: Bass Drum Pedals" that is full of detailed descriptions and photos of his collection that covers most everyLudwig pedal that was ever made. He is only missing a few "holy grail pedals" that he describes in this episode.
50 min
Legendary Teachers: Alan Dawson with John Ramsay
John was a student of Alan Dawson for many years and shares many of his experiences with Alan and a great spotlight on the life of this truly legendary teacher. We hear what it was like to walk into the room and learn from Alan Dawson using his extremely musical and innovative techniques. Alan would squeeze the absolute most out of books such as Syncopation and Stick Control, along with countless other ways that teaching Alan became the icon he is today.
66 min
Debunking Cymbal Myths with NickyMoon
Nick and I discuss 11 different popular cymbal myths in this episode, many of which were submitted by listeners of the podcast! We cover things such as "old cymbals are always better", "hand hammering is automatically good", "covering my cymbal in ketchup makes it sound better", and many more. This is a really fun episode where I learned a ton from my pal Nick Margarite aka NickyMoon.
76 min
The History of Military Tattoos with Mark Reilly
A Military Tattoo is a ceremony that dates back to the early 17th century in the Netherlands when Drummers would notify the soldiers at the local bars at 9:30pm that it is time to return to the barracks. This was known as "Doe Den Tap Toe " or "Turn Off The Taps". This tradition continued and evolved over the centuries to be a nightly ceremony that was designed to entertain in the summer months, Fast forward to modern days and it is a worldwide, mega event that celebrates the best drummers and musicians around the globe.
71 min
The History of Bosphorus Cymbals with Emrah Sipahi
49 min
A Look at 1920's Drummers with Nicholas D. Ball
Nicholas and I dissect 9 amazing audio examples of 1920's drummers including Zutty Singleton, Baby Dodds, Gene Krupa and many other greats in this episode. We also talk about that bizarre restrictions that were placed on drummers in the 20's in recording studios such as not being able to play more than one drum/cymbal at a time while recording. Plus, we talk gear, playing styles, and the great musicians of the day.
68 min
The History of Electronic Drums with Justin Gre...
This is an in-depth look at Electronic Drums dating back to the 1960's with Justin Greenawalt of 65 Drums on YouTube. Justin has an incredible passion and knowledge for e-drums and he has done tons of research to understand the full history of the instrument and shares it with us to cover each decade of the history and we end with discussing what we can look forward to in the future of electronic drum kits.
63 min
The Biography of Tony Williams with Dave Goodman
Tony Williams began playing professionally at the young age of 13, but he gained international attention when he joined the Miles Davis Quintet at age 17. My guest, Dave Goodman, wrote his 100,000 word doctoral thesis on Tony and we have condensed all that great information into an hour long episode that covers Tony's early life, lessons with Alan Dawson, rise to fame, evolution of his equipment, and everything you would want to know about the great Tony Williams.
65 min
The History of Tama Drums with John Palmer
Tama's parent company, Hoshino Gakki, dates back 113 years to 1908 in Japan where it started a book and sheet music seller. Hoshino then entered the world of distribution and later instrument production with the Spanish guitar brand - Ibanez. Hoshino didn't enter the drum world until the early 60's as Star Drums, and the world was never the same. Star was a leader in the "Made in Japan" revolution of drums, until the 1970's when star transitioned to Tama Drums and they became a major player in the world of professional drums.
61 min
Legendary Teachers: Freddie Gruber with Bruce B...
Freddie Gruber is known as the teacher of iconic drummers such as Neil Peart, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, and my guest Bruce Becker. Freddie has somewhat of a mysterious background that wasn't well documented, but Bruce fills us in on what is known about his life and career, plus many great stories of what it what it was like to be on the inner circle of his friends. Freddie was a real character of a person and you really get a feel for that with this episode.
61 min