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A podcast all about the rich history of the drums - and how they became what they are today! Join Bart van der Zee as he speaks with experts about the curious journey of the ever-evolving drum set.

Music History
Uncovering the Legendary Sound of Covington Era...
Anthony has been on a mission to discover as much as he can on the history of the legendary Covington era of Rogers Drums! Anthony and his Rogers friends are using state of the art techniques to test the species of each ply on various shells to determine the make up of the shells, and he is utilizing the research that the generation before him has compiled. This has allowed him to put together a comprehensive look at the Rogers drums that were made in the small town of Covington, Ohio between 1954 and 1968. This small town was producing some of the finest drums in the world at this point and was beloved by some of the greatest players in the world such as Buddy Rich and Louie Bellson!
64 min
Vintage Zildjian Collector's Guide with Vincent...
Vincent gives us a deep dive into the history of the American made Zildjian Cymbals from 1929 up through the 1990s. We talk about all the various stamps through he generations that can be used to identify vintage A. Zildjian cymbals, along with notes on the hammering, lathing, and bell size that can help you determine collectibility and value of a vintage Zildjian cymbal. Vincent shares his 9 step process of determining if a cymbal is a good purchase which includes everything from the shape of the cymbal to the source you purchase it from, and everything in between.
89 min
(The Vault) Drum Manufacturing Myths - Europe v...
Enjoy this classic episode from 2020! We are lead to believe that the bass drum pedal was invented in the USA, and that the drum set as we know it today was first created in the states - but Fritz shares examples that show many revolutionary drum inventions that were first created in Europe. We also discuss brands like Sonor, Trixon, Paiste, plus drumming and drum building in communist countries and many other great facts and stories along the way. Fritz is a veteran in the drum industry and has owned and operated DrumHouse Freiberg since 2001 in Germany. He brings a very unique knowledge base to the show and shares lots of information that I have never heard anywhere else. Check out the DrumHouse here: https://www.drumhouse.com/ Enjoy this episode!
60 min
A Look at Neil Peart's Gear with Paul Wells (Pa...
(Part 3) Paul Wells is a Professor of Jazz Drums at Juilliard and he is also a fanatical fan of Neil Peart and his drum sets. This is part 3 of a 3 part series that covers all of the drums, cymbals, hardware, heads, and percussion that helped Neil Peart be one of the best drummers in history. This episode covers Neil's switch to DW drums, his work with Freddie Gruber, his switching to Roland V-Drums and the many iconic kits that were from the last part of his career!
121 min
The History of HQ Percussion / RealFeel Practic...
Rob Birenbaum is the founder of Drum Headquarters in St. Louis, MO and HQ Percussion, which famously produced the iconic RealFeel practice pads and Sound Off drum mute pads. This is a great story of how Rob started as a salesman/drum teacher at a local Missouri drum shop and took that knowledge and created his own shop which became a dominate force in his area, and became the top Tama dealer in the state in the 1980's. Rob then took advantage of a business deal that made him the owner of what became RealFeel practice pads. It was not an easy road though, Rob had to spend lots of money and time to get the pad dialed in to be what became the famous octagonal pad. He later sold the company to D'Addario and learned many valuable lessons about business.
70 min
A Look At Neil Peart's Gear with Paul Wells (Pa...
(Part 2) Paul Wells is a Professor of Jazz Drums at Juilliard and he is also a fanatical fan of Neil Peart and his drum sets. This is part 2 of a 3 part series that covers all of the drums, cymbals, hardware, heads, and percussion that helped Neil Peart be one of the best drummers in history. This episode covers Neil's introduction to electronic drums that he used with the Tama Candy Apple Red Kit and throughout his career, his love of samples, his evolving Ludwig white, blue, and black kits, and info on his personal small Gretsch kit he used at home - and much more!
107 min
A Look At Neil Peart's Gear with Paul Wells (Pa...
Paul Wells is a Professor of Jazz Drums at Juilliard and he is also a fanatical fan of Neil Peart and his drum sets. This is part 1 of a 3 part series that covers all of the drums, cymbals, hardware, heads, and percussion that helped Neil Peart be one of the best drummers in history. This episode covers Neil's very first drum set as a child, up through his iconic Candy Apple Red Tama kit that became famous as a banner hanging on drummers walls around the world.
82 min
The Drum Legends of Wayne Shorter with Mark Gri...
The list of legendary drummers that played with the late Wayne Shorter is absolutely incredible. Mark Griffith takes us through each album and stage in Waynes career and which iconic drummer was involved at any given time. Just to name a few, he played with people such as Art Blakey, Tony Williams, Jack DeJohnette, Elvin Jones, Ndugu Chancler, Peter Erskine, Bryan Blade, Jeff Porcaro and that is just barely scratching the surface. Mark is the Editor in Chief and Director of Content/Education for Modern Drummer and he has tons of great first hand experiences with many of these drummers who all held Wayne Shorter in the highest regard possible.
85 min
(The Vault) The History of U.S. Military Drummi...
Beginning with the Revolutionary War, we learn the role of drummers in the Military and the purpose they served as a form of communication and a way to keep the troops unified. Then we take a deep dive into the Civil War and learn all about the importance of the Fife and Drum Corp on both sides in the war that divided the country.
62 min
A Look at The Great Rock Drummers of the 1960’s...
Bob Cianci, the author of "The Great Rock Drummers of the Sixties," takes us on a trip down memory lane to explore the iconic drummers who revolutionized the sound of rock music in the 1960s. Through fascinating anecdotes and historical insights, Cianci shares his personal experiences and extensive research on drumming legends such as Ringo Starr, Keith Moon, Charlie Watts, and many others. I gained a newfound appreciation for the crucial role that drummers played in shaping the sound and culture of rock music during this transformative decade from this great conversation with Bob Cianci!
51 min
The Ultimate Guide to Syncopation (New Book) wi...
Bruce Becker has written a brand book that takes the iconic "Syncopation" by Ted Reed to the next level and gives Bruce's signature teaching approach to one of the top selling drum books of all time. Bruce's new book is called "The Ultimate Guide to Syncopation: Concepts for the Development of Motion, Melody, and Independence. Bruce starts the conversation by reminiscing about his former teacher Freddie Gruber, and then we dig into the Why, What and How of creating his book and accompanying videos.
61 min
The History of Drumeo with Jared Falk
Jared Falk is the founder of Drumeo which has grown to be one of the top platforms for online education in the world. Drumeo is not only a great source of online education on drumeo.com, but the brand is also a giant across social media and YouTube as with millions of subscribers and followers. Drumeo has changed the way online lessons are presented and is responsible for creating countless new drummers which helps our entire industry grow. Jared and I discuss his early beginnings with filming lessons on his families farm, utilizing the internet to sell lessons on eBay, and then taking full advantage of YouTube to explode onto the scene and become the Drumeo we know today.
53 min
Rhythmic Therapy: Using Drums to Help Kids Thro...
Rob Leytham uses Neuro-Rhythmic Trauma Therapy to help children regulate their emotions with the power of drumming. He uses brain science and his 35 years of drum teaching skills to help kids avoid the normal punishments and suspensions that they would normally face. Not only is his classroom full of Djembes and percussion instruments, but Rob's passion has spread to the entire faculty at Ridgeview where many teachers use percussion to help calm troubled students and the impact has been enormous. Rob has now expanded to traveling around the country to speak about the power of drumming to help regulate kids who need help.
58 min
The History of ASBA Drums with Damien Rabillon ...
ASBA Drums is an iconic French drum brand that dates back to 1927 with a very interesting history. Damo and Saúl share the full story of this brand which began as just an accessory company, and grew to be a fully formed drum brand that made literally everything in house. They created drum heads, they had a foundry and made all the hardware and metal drum shells and the wood shells and everything else along the way. The company had a great long run but unfortunately went out of business in the 1980's. Fortunately though, the brand is back alive as of 2017 with a whole new lease on life and is making the same great quality drums that they are known for, including the iconic Caroline bass drum pedal.
59 min
Drum Shells: From Forest to Factory with Sahir ...
Sahir aka Sai teaches us the process of building drum shells from foraging for the perfect tree in the forest all the way to processing the ply's to create beautiful drum shells. We talk about the modern technology that is used to create sturdy and dependable shells that our drum building ancestors only dreamed about and much much more. Not only does Sai create beautiful drums for some of the biggest names in drumming, he is has a successful career as a tour director and production manager for major world wide productions.
60 min
The Art of Improvising on the Drums with JP Bou...
JP Bouvet takes us on a deep dive into the concept of improvising on the drum kit. We discuss things like how to practice improvisation, the misconceptions that come with it, how you can break out of your "go-to beats" and much more! JP is a monster player very well respected teacher who has built his brand around the importance of improvising on the drum kit and entering the flow mode.
60 min
The History of Black Swamp Percussion with Eric...
Eric Sooy founded Black Swamp Percussion nearly 30 years ago and has built the brand from the ground up by creating extremely high quality orchestral and band percussion instruments. Eric teaches me the nuance that goes into creating tambourines for orchestras and the differences between that and a traditional drum set tambourine, plus we also discuss what makes an orchestral snare special for that type of music and much more! I really enjoyed hearing Eric discuss the ups and downs and risks that go into starting a business and how he has put together a team that creates some of the finest instruments in the world out of his shop in Holland, Michigan.
60 min
The Next Chapter of Modern Drummer with David F...
David Frangioni, CEO of Modern Drummer, makes a huge announcement about the future of Modern Drummer as an exclusive on Drum History! Not only do we learn about the exciting news, we also get an update on what has been happening with the magazine since the Frangioni family took things over in February 2020, just weeks before the pandemic changed the world forever, and how this has shaped the exciting new plans for the magazine. David then takes us through his life which began with eye cancer as a child and his persistent rise to the top in the fields of music, technology, and collecting. This is a really good one that is full of great information!
57 min
The History of Drum Magazines in America with E...
Earl Bennett has been a collector and enthusiast of US drum magazines for the last 40+ years and he shares his vast knowledge of known magazines like Modern Drummer, Drum!, and Rhythm plus other lesser known ones like Traps, Classic Drummer, and Talking Drum. We discuss the many different styles and variations of magazines through the years and how they had to pivot in the digital age to stay alive as long as they could. As of 2023, physical drum magazines have become few and far between but will always be an important part of drum history.
65 min
The Drummers of Late Night with Eric Leiderman
Eric Leiderman is the producer of NBC's Late Night with Seth Meyers and is the man behind the rotating drummer program which has given drummers of all styles the chance to perform with the 8G band on national American television. The 8G Band is the house band for Late Night with Seth Meyers and the band is led by Fred Armisen (Saturday Night Live, Portlandia, Wednesday..etc). Due to Fred Armisens extremely busy schedule, the 8G band has a roster of all star drummers who take turns performing with the group. Some of the drummers who have played with the 8G Band include Brad Wilk, Chad Smith, Questlove, Josh Freese, Matt Cameron and many many more monster players. Together, these drummers bring a wide range of experience and expertise to the band, and their contributions have helped bring drummers to the national stage on a weekly basis.
67 min
(The Vault) Drumming for Charlie Brown with Jer...
This weeks episode is a classic episode featuring Jerry Granelli, who was the drummer for the iconic "A Charlie Brown Christmas" soundtrack. Jerry passed away in July, 2021 so I am very grateful to have spent this time with him. He shares the story of the writing and recording of the album and great info on the creation of the TV special. He tells us about how he wanted nothing to do with Charlie Brown for 30 years, until he came to the realization that he has made millions of happy people and he should embrace it. We also hear the full story of his illustrious career and his background in drumming. Happy holidays and enjoy this episode!
52 min
Working for Buddy Rich with Howie Stulberg
Howie Stulberg worked for Buddy Rich as his roadie/assistant when he was 21 years old in 1978 and had the time of his life for 2 years. He shares great stories of how some days he and Buddy would be drinking malts and going to baseball games, but and other days if you caught Buddy in the wrong mood - he would give you a piece of his mind and fire you on the spot. Howie discusses a day in the life with Buddy, Performing on Johnny Carson, and the famous Buddy Rich Rant tapes (which Howie was present for the recording). Howie was Buddy Rich's right hand man and would carry everything for him so all Buddy had to worry about was being the worlds best drummer.
44 min
Biomechanical Drumming with Brandon Green
Brandon teaches us the importance of using ergonomics to set up your drum set and perform in a correct way that allows you to drum for the rest of your life without any pain. He uses many great scientific examples of ways to improve upon the common mistakes that drummers make which leads to pain in our necks, backs, shoulders, and wrists. We also discuss how some of the greats like Phil Collins and Neil Peart were so negatively affected by back pain that they were forced to stop performing and how players like Lars Ulrich and Travis Barker have seemed to slip by without harm on ergonomically harmful drum setups. Enjoy this episode!
64 min
The History of Q Drum Co with Jeremy Berman and...
Jeremy and Max discuss cutting their teeth with OCDP, the origins and rise of Q Drum Co., and also Jeremy's recent heroic battle with stomach cancer that has brought his career as a successful drum tech to a halt, but has brought the drum community together to rally around him like never before. Jeremy Berman and Max Cuzor have built drum kits for some of the biggest drummers in the world, and Jeremy has been a tech with bands such as Slipknot, Muse, Norah Jones, Nine Inch Nails, Katy Perry and many more.
99 min
The History of Power Toms with Kyle Schneider
Was there anything cooler than a brand new gigantic Power Tom Drum Set in the 1980's? The answer is a no! Kyle Schneider is a power tom enthusiast who has put together a great history of this iconic type of drum set that has got a large and passionate following. Kyle is a listener of the podcast who took it upon himself to do the research and put together an episode that would explain the origin story of Power Toms! We talk about the genesis of power toms, famous brands and models, the current status of power tom drum sets and players, and we talk about Kyles dream set that he had built after years of saving. Enjoy this episode!
54 min