Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Hi, I’m Dax Shepard, and I love talking to people. I am endlessly fascinated by the messiness of being human, and I find people who are vulnerable and honest about their struggles and shortcomings to be incredibly sexy. I invite you to join me as I explore other people’s stories. We will celebrate, above all, the challenges and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment. What qualifies me for such an endeavor? More than a decade of sobriety, a degree in Anthropology and four years of improv training. I will attempt to discover human “truths” without any laboratory work, clinical trials or data collection. I will be, in the great tradition of 16th-century scientists, an Armchair Expert.

TV & Film
Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder)
Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn, Masters of Scale) is a software entrepreneur and author. Reid joins the Armchair Expert to discuss being obsessed with role-playing games as a kid, how he wanted to go to boarding school to have more experiences, and what it was like to work at Apple before the return of Steve Jobs. Reid and Dax talk about how we are already living in the metaverse, the ethics and responsibilities of operating a large scale company, and how to successfully pitch your idea to a room of investors. Reid explains how the most successful companies prioritize speed over efficiency when they launch, that he started a social network before MySpace and Facebook existed, and why people need to learn how to fail early in order to succeed later.
105 min
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper (Nightmare Alley, A Star is Born, The Hangover) is an actor and filmmaker. Bradley joins the Armchair Expert to discuss their long-standing friendship that started at the beginning of their sobriety, exploring the mysteries of the human experiences through storytelling, and how he almost didn’t get his breakthrough role in The Hangover. Bradley and Dax talk about how their careers took drastically different paths, how they were both once involved in an FBI investigation, and how beautiful Bradley’s new movie Nightmare Alley is. Bradley explains that he was very surprised when he was voted Sexiest Man Alive, how he used to be obsessed with reading the comments about his character in Alias, and being held at knifepoint on a New York subway.
113 min
Chris Wallace
Chris Wallace is a journalist, author, and television news anchor. Chris joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how being the son of a famous journalist shaped his career, who his most memorable interviews have been, and his views on how we ended up with an opinion-driven 24-hour news cycle. Chris talks about how he has always tried to be an unbiased journalist, why he decided to write a book about Bin Laden’s capture, and what it was like to moderate a presidential election twice. Chris explains how he once attended the Republican Convention as Walter Cronkite’s assistant, that he was sat in the last row for his first Emmy’s win, and what hard-nosed question he asked Vladimir Putin.
110 min
Nick Offerman
Nick Offerman (Where the Deer and the Antelope Play, Parks and Recreation, Devs) is an actor, comedian, and carpenter. Nick joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up on a farm outside of Chicago, how he is often introduced as a master woodworker, and the story behind Ron Swanson. Nick talks about how his new book is about people getting more in touch with the nature around them, how it was tough to go from the theater scene to the television scene, and how he was once commissioned to make a kitchen table for Rainn Wilson. Nick explains that he has always kept the mentality of a student to keep learning new things and what it means to him to be a patriotic American.
103 min
Erin Lee Carr Returns (documentarian of Britney...
Erin Lee Carr (Britney Vs Spears, I Love You Now Die, Mommy Dead and Dearest) is a documentary filmmaker, writer, and producer. Erin joins the Armchair Expert to discuss producing her new documentary Britney Vs Spears, her thoughts on conservatorship reform, and why Britney had such widespread mass appeal. Erin explains how the level of scrutiny on Britney was the same as someone like Princess Diana and how the lawyers in Britney’s case took financial advantage of the situation. Erin talks about recently trying to reduce her screen time, her upcoming murder documentary, and what documentaries she and Dax love right now.
76 min
Rachael Ray
Rachael Ray (This Must Be the Place) is a cook, businesswoman, and best-selling author. Rachael joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how she dealt with losing all her material possessions when her house burned down, how her sense of privacy changed after filming a show from her home, and how she loves to create an experience for people through food. Rachael talks about how she has never cared about money a day in her life, how she has modeled her work ethic after her grandfather and mother, and how teaching a cooking class eventually led to a Food Network deal. Rachael explains that she achieved a lifelong dream to own property in Italy, how she doesn’t care at all what people think about her, and that a home is a frame of mind and not the stuff in it. 
77 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: Secret Societies
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55 min
Khalil Gibran Muhammad
Khalil Gibran Muhammad (Some of My Best Friends Are) is a Harvard professor and historian. Khalil joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how the Civil Rights movement was shaped by the Cold War, how Chicago politics gave black people the opportunity to exercise their political muscles, and how the post-slavery system of institutions sought to control those who just received their freedom. Khalil and Dax talk about how the redlining of the mortgage system disenfranchised many hopeful black homeowners, how the political system fits into the equation of progress, and how interviewing Rodney King influenced him to pursue a career in the legal system. Khalil explains that teaching critical race theory can shape how laws are written in the future, his experience having a white guy as a best friend, and why all Americans should fight against fascism.
100 min
Stanley Tucci
Stanley Tucci is an actor, writer, and producer. Stanley joins the Armchair Expert to discuss why he decided to move to England, the motivation for writing a cookbook with his parents, and his experience eating and talking all day on his food show. Stanley and Dax talk about the reason Stanley is routinely described as being sexy, making cocktails on social media, and how Italians are very territorial about their food. Stanley explains that understanding the quality of food doesn’t make him a snob, the differences between English and American actors, and what it was like to lose his ability to taste from a tumor.
119 min
Paul Bloom
Paul Bloom is a psychologist and professor at Yale University. Paul joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how he loves to debunk simple ideas that people commonly have, how a full life requires both logic and emotion, and how people’s empathy rarely extends past our own family or friends. Paul and Dax talk about why people seek out suffering in order to find pleasure, the fascination people have with villain types, and why hedonism can often lead to boredom. Paul explains how toxic positivity has actually prevented people from finding true happiness, the differences in the sexual fantasies between men and women, and whether or not having kids makes people happy.
104 min
Ed Sheeran
Ed Sheeran is a Grammy award-winning singer, songwriter and producer. Ed joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his experience breaking onto the British music scene, how he documents his achievements on bottles of wine, and how he thinks camera phones are ruining the self-confidence of performers. Ed and Dax talk about British musicians sounding American in their songs, how success should be defined by how much you love your work, and how Ed came to be on Game of Thrones. Ed explains the differences between American and English culture when it comes to sex, how he doesn’t care much for award shows, and the reason why he turned an old barn on his property into a pub.
105 min
David Copperfield
David Copperfield is an Emmy award-winning illusionist. David joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how his curiosity about the world led him to discover magic, how he wants his audience to be totally immersed at his shows, and how magic tricks have often influenced future technologies. David and Dax talk about the message behind his Statue of Liberty illusion, what their favorite magic movies are, and what his tactics are for keeping the secrets of his magic. David explains that he often doesn’t enjoy the journey of creating a trick but loves the result, how being involved in Broadway improved his show performances, and that it is important for people to still have the ability to be amazed.
115 min
Gwyneth Paltrow Returns
Gwyneth Paltrow (Sex, Love & Goop, Iron Man, The Royal Tenenbaums) is an actress, author, and businesswoman. Gwyneth joins the Armchair Expert to discuss her experience starting her own company, some of her medical ailments, and the topic of female sexuality. Gwyneth and Dax talk about the journey to quit smoking, how infidelity means something different to men and women, and how couples sometimes need to have some uncomfortable conversations. Gwyneth explains that people shouldn’t be ashamed to not know something, how her sexuality is a very personal thing for her, and Monica opens up about her sexual history.
87 min
Amishi Jha
Dr. Amishi Jha is a neuroscientist and professor of psychology at the University of Miami. Amishi joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up as an Indian-American in Chicago, why she started studying neuroscience, and her new book “Peak Mind”. Amishi and Dax talk about what percentage of the brain we actually use, how people use confirmation bias to write their own story, and the power of attention on our perception of the world. Amishi explains how she manages her nervousness and anxiety, what the study of mindfulness actually is, and how she defines attentional rubber necking.
111 min
Ron Howard
Ron Howard (Parenthood, The Da Vinci Code, Happy Days) is a director, actor, and producer. Ron joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his personal and professional relationship with his brother, how instrumental his parents were in him becoming a child star, and his experience directing some of the best actors of all time. Ron and Dax talk about what they learned from testing their projects with audiences, what he learned from raising twins, and what mistakes he has made in his career. Ron explains that he was an introvert in high school, how he used to watch wrestling with his dad, and why he decided to write a book about his childhood.
102 min
Armchaired & Dangerous LIVE: Ted Bundy
Armchaired & Dangerous Live from Salt Lake City at Eccles Theater. September 16th, 2021. ​Today’s episode: Ted Bundy
89 min
Van Jones
Van Jones is an author, journalist, and lawyer. Van joins the Armchair Expert to discuss choosing activism after graduating from Yale Law School, his perspective on what “having privilege” means, and how he can work with both Democrats and Republicans. Van and Dax talk about how he became friends with Prince, being forced to resign from the Obama Administration, and what it’s like to raise black children in America. Van explains that he still feels like a nerd at heart, what it was like being raised by a tough father, and why he's never had a drink of alcohol.
119 min
B.J. Novak
B.J. Novak (The Office, Inglourious Basterds, The Premise) is an actor, producer, and writer. B.J. joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his time on Punk’d, that he regrets not enjoying his time on The Office more, and what it was like to get cast by his hero Quentin Tarantino. B.J. and Dax talk about how they could never be on a celebrity roast, how Pulp Fiction made him want to be a writer, and that people will always find their way around censorship. B.J. explains that he thinks everyone is actually smart, that he never thinks people are jealous of him, and that one of the most creative things he ever did was write a children’s book.
130 min
David Sedaris Returns
David Sedaris is an author and comedian. David joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his new book A Carnival of Snackery, why he can get away with saying things other people can’t say, and how he takes five mile walks at midnight. David and Dax talk about the things they would get into before sobriety, knowing where every bathroom in New York City is, and how he is just never offended by anything. David explains that he loves when people are rude to him in real life and what he does when he's solicited for sex on the street.
108 min
Elijah Wood
Elijah Wood (Lord of the Rings, Green Street, No Man of God) is an actor and producer. Elijah joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how New Zealand became his home while shooting Lord of the Rings, the connection he has to other child actors of his generation, and how he learned to form his identity at a young age. Elijah and Dax talk about their shared loved of Austin, quitting smoking after 20 years, and wishing he could have gone to college. Elijah explains that he made a conscious decision to take smaller roles, what his tattoos mean to him, and what it was like playing an FBI agent in his new movie, No Man of God.
90 min
Steven Pinker
Steven Pinker is an award-winning experimental cognitive psychologist, best-selling author, and Harvard professor. Steven joins the Armchair Expert to discuss correlation versus causation, why people have certain beliefs in conspiracy theories, and the difference between individual and collective rationality. Steven and Dax talk about free will, the effectiveness of a dictator’s messaging, and how people will often believe their own experience over science. Steven explains that checks and balances are essential for societal accomplishments, how people want to put everything into discreet boxes, and that fear is the most powerful emotion.
81 min
Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore (The Drew Barrymore Show, E.T., Charlie’s Angels) is an actor and producer. Drew joins the Armchair Expert to discuss being a child star in Hollywood, going through treatment for addiction at a young age, and how becoming a parent changed her life. Drew and Dax discuss how alcohol makes you feel invincible, that forgiving yourself can be the hardest thing you will ever do, and how hard dating can be when you have been famous for most of your life. Drew explains how she hates the idea of parent shaming, that work has always been an anchor in her life, and how she has always searched for stability because she never had it as a child.
130 min
Andrew Huberman
Andrew Huberman (Huberman Lab) is a neuroscientist and Stanford professor of Neurobiology. Andrew joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how testosterone treatment affects the development of the brain and body, what it means to have “roid rage” and how he considers anorexia the most dangerous disorder someone can suffer from. Andrew and Dax discuss the connection between blinking and our concept of time, going through trauma and what people do to prevent going through it again, and how lowering estrogen levels can have negative effects on the body. Andrew explains how sunlight can affect people’s drive to be attracted to one another, alternative sleep aids that he would recommend over melatonin, and what it means to have a dad bod.
143 min
Alicia Vikander
Alicia Vikander (Ex Machina, The Green Knight, Blue Bayou) is an Academy Award-winning Swedish actress. Alicia joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how her ballet training translated to her film career, moving to Stockholm at 15 from a small town, and her experience on the set of Ex Machina. Alicia and Dax talk about the difference between Swedish and American cultures, how we overuse the phrase I love you, and how she was terrified about doing an American accent in her new movie. Alicia explains how her dad can have deep conversations with strangers, how New Orleans is one of her new favorite cities, and that she hopes to have some comedy roles in the future.
88 min
Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz
Dr. Harold S. Koplewicz (The Scaffold Effect) is a psychiatrist and founder of the Child Mind Institute. Dr. Koplewicz joins the Armchair Expert to discuss child mental health advocacy, the controversy of medication as treatment for children, and how he deals with parents who don’t believe in child psychiatry. Dr. Koplewicz and Dax discuss the problem with calling children normal or abnormal, how young people use alcohol and marijuana to self-medicate their social anxiety, and how dyslexia can be seen as a gift. Dr. Koplewicz talks about how people’s attitudes towards science has changed, how certain prescriptions can affect a child’s development as an adult, and the new film, Dear Evan Hansen.
95 min
Amanda Peet
Amanda Peet (The Chair, Saving Silverman, Brockmire) is an actress, producer, and screenwriter. Amanda joins the Armchair Expert to discuss her early dating life, growing up in New York and London, and showing her kids inappropriate movies. Amanda and Dax talk about being Capricorns, how Amanda thinks Dax sounds like Bill Gates, and how difficult is it to be a showrunner. Amanda explains her parenting strategies, that she created her own show because she wasn’t happy with the roles she was being offered, and what she thinks about people who named their kids after Game of Thrones.
116 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: Dark Tourism
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58 min
Kate Bowler
Kate Bowler is a New York Times best-selling author, podcast host, and professor at Duke University. Kate joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up around Mennonites, the debate over religious authority, and the Christian crisis of conscious. Kate and Dax talk about the many different American religious denominations, going through cancer treatment while still writing a book, and how some people confuse faith with certainty. Kate explains that she strived for a dream job in academia because of her father, that she used to treat life like a problem to be solved, and how the middle class is raised to be optimistic about the future.
83 min
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Awkwafina (Shang-Chi, Nora from Queens, Crazy Rich Asians) is a Golden Globe award-winning actor, comedian, and rapper. Awkwafina joins the Armchair Expert to discuss being self-conscious about her raspy voice, playing the trumpet because everyone wants to play percussions, and traveling to China to learn Mandarin. Awkwafina and Dax talk about hosting SNL, being rejected from college, and recognizing their parent's regional accents. Awkwafina discusses the pressures of being a first-generation Asian American, her role in an upcoming Marvel movie, and being in a depressive state starting out her rap career.
91 min
Carmelo Anthony
Carmelo Anthony (Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised) is a 10x NBA All-Star, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Carmelo joins the Armchair Expert to discuss dealing with depression as a child, his relationship with his blue-collar stepdad, and being recruited to play basketball for a Catholic high school. Carmelo and Dax talk about the similarities in growing up in Baltimore versus Detroit, learning how to survive in tough neighborhoods, and how he tried to go by another name when he started a new school. Carmelo explains that he never sought out approval from his older brothers, that he always wanted to see his friends succeed more than they did, and his experience dealing with depression.
70 min
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We Are Supported By, hosted by Kristen Bell and Monica Padman is a 10 episode limited series podcast. Each episode deep dives with a woman who has put a crack in the glass ceiling. Episode 10: Sheryl Sandberg
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Brie Larson
Brie Larson (Room, Captain Marvel, Learning Lots) is an Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and director. Brie joins the Armchair Expert to discuss being home schooled as a child, how she knows her way around set from being an actor for over 20 years, and how she used to be a touring pop singer. Brie and Dax talk about trying to be people pleasers, learning how to accept success and failures, and whether you should comment on how attractive someone is. Brie explains how indie films rely heavily on strong performances from the actors, how she’s trained really hard to be in Marvel movies, and that she sometimes benefits from being mistaken as Alison Brie.
104 min
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60 min
Samantha Bee
Samantha Bee (Daily Show, Full Frontal, Detour) is an Emmy-nominated writer, comedian and television host. Samantha joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how she never thought her career would pan out, that she used to be very uncomfortable during auditions, and how doing an all-female sketch comedy group helped her confidence. Samantha and Dax talk about her combative interview style, what she learned from her time on The Daily Show, and her objections to ill-informed people trying to bend the world to their will. Samantha explains how she has always had a hard time respecting authority figures and that one of her mom’s boyfriends lived in a haunted house.
108 min
Matthew Rhys
Matthew Rhys (The Americans, Perry Mason) is an Emmy Award-winning actor. Matthew joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his fascination with Ernest Hemingway’s overt masculinity, the process of buying and restoring an old boat and wanting to pass on Welsh culture to his kids who are growing up in Brooklyn. Matthew and Dax talk about their newfound love of Formula 1 racing, growing up with a chip on your shoulder, and being drawn to characters who thrive around chaos. Matthew explains why he was overwhelmed by his role on Perry Mason, that the most awkward conversations on The Americans always happened when their characters were in their undercover costumes, and how he perfected his American accent by imitating George Clooney.
78 min
Padma Lakshmi
Padma Lakshmi is a food expert, author, and television personality. Padma joins the Armchair Expert to discuss moving to America from India at a young age, how she feels people from India have been misrepresented in American pop culture, and that people need to start having more complex nuanced conversations that might be uncomfortable. Padma and Dax talk about how American culture is really a mixture of many cultures, how learning recipes from your ancestors brings you closer to them, and why Americans love monster trucks so much. Padma explains the importance of teaching your kids about seasonal foods, how she came to write multiple cookbooks, and how Indian food is a good baseline for eating healthy.
102 min
Cecily Strong
Cecily Strong (SNL, This Will All Be Over Soon, Schmigadoon!) is an Emmy-nominated actress and comedian. Cecily joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the loyalty of Chicagoans, being expelled from high school for having pot, and doing improv comedy on a cruise ship. Dax and Cecily discuss how much they love the midwest outdoors and how they both want Puerto Rican funerals. Cecily explains why she likes to view coincidences as gifts, how important levity and laughter are for grief, and her realization that her thoughts aren’t facts.
90 min
Maya Shankar
Maya Shankar is a Behavioral Scientist and former Senior Advisor in the Obama White House. Maya joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the concept of identity foreclosure, how people craft a narrative about themselves in order to connect to other people, and that there is a danger in tying our identities to our opinions and values. Maya and Dax discuss how they each define manifestation, the difference between bragging and self-promoting, and that admitting you are wrong about something actually gives you more credibility. Maya explains that changing minds is the most coveted form of change, that we are terrible cognitive forecasters, and how people can shift their reality based on their belief systems.
123 min
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Kristen Bell Returns
Kristen Bell is an actress, singer, and podcaster Dax Shepard’s wife. Kristen rejoins the Armchair Expert to discuss her experience shooting Family Game Fight, which animal she thinks is the cutest on the planet, and how she feels we can solve the collective male rage that exists in the world. Kristen, Dax, and Monica reveal what they love most about each other, how women are expected to self-regulate, and what you should do if you are ever buried in an avalanche.
71 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: QAnon
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: QAnon
59 min
Daryl Hall
Daryl Hall is a singer, songwriter and the lead vocalist of Hall & Oates. Daryl joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his relationship over the years with John Oates, learning how to sing from his mother, and being immersed in the R&B music scene in Philadelphia. Daryl and Dax talk about what having perfect pitch means, the amount of #1 hits Daryl has had, and how musicians today have more avenues for success than he had. Daryl explains how the music business can be compared to organized crime, what it’s like to have Lyme disease, and how he met John after leaving a show because a fight broke out.
83 min
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64 min
Matt Damon
Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting, Ocean’s Eleven, Stillwater) is an Oscar Award-Winning and Golden Globe Award-Winning actor, producer, and screenwriter. Matt joins the Armchair Expert to talk about his experience writing Good Will Hunting with Ben Affleck, what it was like attending the Monaco Grand Prix with Brad Pitt, and how your subjective experience changes when you become famous. Matt explains how easy it is to be generous when things are going your way, how he picked his movies based on the directors rather than the roles, and what he learned after surrounding himself with oil roughnecks for his new movie. Dax explains the role Matt has had in Monica’s life and Dax and Matt bond over their love of Lisa Bonet.
115 min
Mark Ronson
Mark Ronson is a 7x Grammy Award-winning, Oscar Award-winning, record producer and DJ. Mark joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how he was obsessed with music from a very early age and his experience producing artists like Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, and Amy Winehouse. Mark and Dax talk about getting hyped up to perform on stage, growing up around strong women, and what it was like to see Quincy Jones’ wall of Grammy’s. Mark explains that he is not an expert at one specific instrument, how he was blown away by Bradley Cooper’s talent, and that it doesn’t bother him when other musicians don’t recognize him.
103 min
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63 min
Leon Bridges
Leon Bridges (Gold-Diggers Sound, Coming Home) is a Grammy Award-winning R&B recording artist and songwriter. Leon joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the Fort Worth music scene, developing his aesthetic, and his desire to keep evolving his sound. Leon talks about being bashful and quiet as a kid, tasting fame at his senior year talent show, and how he likes to recharge in solitude. Leon discusses how pressured he felt during the process of his second album, how he had to learn to embrace discomfort, and Dax asks Leon about his dating life.
98 min
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We are supported by, hosted by Kristen Bell and Monica Padman is a 10 episode limited series podcast. Each episode deep dives with a woman who has put a crack in the glass ceiling. Episode 5: Diane von Furstenberg
51 min
Tim Grover
Tim Grover is a mental and physical performance coach. Tim joins the Armchair Expert to talk about training athletes like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, how his parents really wanted him to be a doctor, and what he’s learned over the years about defining what winning means. Tim and Dax discuss the difference between the physical and mental aspects of being a great athlete, his perspective on The Last Dance documentary, and that waking up at 4 am to work out isn’t for everybody. Tim explains that being selfish to work on yourself is not a negative trait, how people can achieve greatness by taking it step-by-step, and what Dennis Rodman would eat before every basketball game.
63 min
Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher
Mila Kunis & Ashton Kutcher rejoin the Armchair Expert to explain how they got into cryptocurrency, how a decentralized currency can exist at the same time as a national currency system, and how El Salvador has recently adopted Bitcoin as their national currency. Mila tells us about her new NFT animation show stoner cats, how people can purchase a token to view it, and how it differs from current production models. Ashton explains that the cost of crypto is linked to the amount of energy used to produce it and what fail-safes you can implement to avoid losing large amount of cryptocurrency to hackers.
72 min
Esther Perel Returns
Esther Perel is a psychotherapist and New York Times best seller. Esther joins the Armchair Expert to talk about how social boundaries were affected during the Covid-19 pandemic, how helping people during this time helped her feel less anxious herself, and her thoughts on how people re-entered society after the lockdown ended. Esther explains the difference between fidelity, exclusivity, and loyalty when it comes to romantic relationships, how confirmation bias plays a role in how you deal with people you live with, and that you should be thankful more often to loved ones for things they do for you. Esther, Dax, and Monica play Esther’s new card game, Where Should We Begin - A Game of Stories.
119 min
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76 min
Kate Beckinsale
Kate Beckinsale (Jolt, Underworld, Pearl Harbor) is an English actress. Kate joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the impact of her father dying at a young age, how she’s never been drunk, and how people often troll her for her height. Kate discusses her time at Oxford studying Russian literature, how it almost ruined reading for her, and the experience of being cast in Pearl Harbor. Dax and Kate discuss their love for Brad Pitt and how often women come up to her and tell her that she’s their husbands’ hall pass. In the fact check, we check in on Dax’s road trip and Monica’s camping trip.
119 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: Medical Misinformation
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: Medical Misinformation
58 min
Michael Pollan
Michael Pollan (This is Your Mind on Plants, The Omnivore’s Dilemma) is an author, journalist, and professor at UC Berkeley Graduate School of Journalism. Michael joins the Armchair Expert to discuss changing your consciousness through plant-based drugs, how drugs are nature’s tools for coping with the ego, and the stigmas associated with psilocybin mushrooms. Michael and Dax talk about addictions to drugs like alcohol and caffeine, the social norms that were created for everyday drugs like nicotine, and getting into hot water for growing opium in his garden. Michael explains that there are evolutionary reasons for plants to produce psychedelic effects on humans and animals, how the war on drugs affected the public perception of controlled substances, and that psychedelics need to be regulated if they are ever made legal.
104 min
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47 min
Quentin Tarantino
Quentin Tarantino (Once Upon a Time of Hollywood, Pulp Fiction, Reservoir Dogs) is an Academy-Award winning & Golden Globe-Award winning film director, screenwriter, producer, author, and actor. Quentin sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss how movie crews have a military aspect to their hierarchy, the phenomenon that is Pulp Fiction, and what it was like starting a sub-genre in crime and gangster films. Quentin explains how Reservoir Dogs made him a rockstar in Britain, how cool is an aesthetic and not an attitude, and that he doesn’t want to work with actors who just want to be in a “Tarantino” movie. Quentin talks about how good-looking Brad Pitt is and his take on movie theaters closing.
106 min
Barack Obama
Barack Obama (A Promised Land, Dreams From My Father) is a politician and served as the 44th President of the United States. President Obama joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the expectations that were set on him from his mother and how sports shaped his youth. Barack and Dax discuss being the brunt of the jokes from their children, growing up in single-mother households, and what it was like to be guarded by LeBron James in a pickup basketball game at the White House. Barack explains what he learned about being a father from his time helping to raise his siblings, why he transferred to Columbia after two years of college, and how most politicians will do anything to avoid public failure. 
73 min
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75 min
J.B. Smoove
J.B. Smoove (Curb Your Enthusiasm, Spider-man: Far from Home, May I Elaborate?) is an actor, comedian, and writer. J.B. sits down with the Armchair Expert to discuss his attraction to the era when men wore nice suits and shoes, how he custom-built his closet, and thrifting to find unique clothing. J.B. talks about his time starring on Curb Your Enthusiasm, his approach to working with Larry David, and how he feels like he can say things as Leon that J.B. would never say. J.B. talks about taking a job as a Saturday Night Live writer, his admiration for Jerry Seinfeld, and how you should look a man straight in the eyebrows when you meet him.
71 min
Tara Stoinski
Tara Stoinski is a primatologist and President, CEO and Chief Scientific Officer for the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund. Tara joins the Armchair Expert to discuss studying gorillas for more than two decades, her desire work with animals from a young age, and how ecotourism in Africa is helping the conservation efforts and the local economy. Tara explains gorilla mating rituals and communication tactics, the new technology they use to study and collect data on primates, and how gorillas have an effect on global climate change. Tara also talks about losing her husband to cancer and how she threw herself into her work to help cope with the trauma. 
89 min
We are supported by... Gloria Steinem
We Are Supported By, hosted by Kristen Bell and Monica Padman is a 10 episode limited series podcast. Each episode deep dives with a woman who has put a crack in the glass ceiling. Episode 1: Gloria Steinem
69 min
Introducing... We Are Supported By
The producers of Armchair Expert present a new 10 episode podcast, We Are Supported By with hosts Kristen Bell and Monica Padman. Kristen and Monica will talk to a woman each episode who has made a significant crack in the ceiling. They will talk to women in many fields - entrepreneurship, entertainment, sports, politics and activism - and during these conversations, they will talk through their guests' accomplishments, struggles, points of resilience, inspiration and fears. Through these stories, we learn about lifting one another up, how to continue to break the glass, and the importance of keeping the door open for generations to follow.
21 min
Luke Wilson
Luke Wilson (12 Mighty Orphans, The Royal Tenenbaums, Idiocracy) is an actor. Luke joins the Armchair Expert to discuss cameramen being the coolest people on set, his interest in reading about music, and growing up as the youngest brother in Texas. Luke and Dax talk about wishing they had bought property in Austin back in the ’90s, being fascinated with other people’s acting process, and having to be reminded about storylines for their acting roles. Luke explains how he got involved in working with Wes Anderson, being nervous about playing a football coach, and that Dax does a pretty good Owen Wilson impression.
82 min
Fresh (Richfresh, Henry Mask) is a fashion designer based in Los Angeles. Fresh joins the Armchair Expert to talk about getting into fashion in middle school because he was told he didn’t dress well, teaching himself how to tailor suits because no one would apprentice him, and being the youngest and only black tailor in most shops in New York. Fresh explains how he ended up in a homeless shelter because of his drug addiction, raising a daughter on his own, and becoming a symbol of alpha male culture which he later rejected. Fresh talks about how his father’s passing affected his outlook on life, that he used to blame everyone else for his misfortunes, and how he identified the sacrifices he needed to make to achieve success.
64 min
Barry Meier
Barry Meier (Spooked, Pain Killer) is a Pulitzer Prize-winning writer and a former New York Times journalist. Barry joins the Armchair Expert to discuss investigating the opioid crisis, how Big Pharma played a role in perpetuating the problem, and the depths in which people will go to make money on people’s addictions. Barry and Dax talk about the modern-day private spy industry, news media bias, and how the spread of misinformation has shaped the political landscape. Barry explains how spy companies use digital tactics to acquire information, how phone hacking has become harder and harder to police around the world, and that the use of dirty tactics in private espionage is being solicited more frequently.
71 min
Jessica Biel
Jessica Biel (7th Heaven, The Sinner, Cruel Summer) is an actress and producer. Jessica joins the Armchair Expert to discuss having a baby during the pandemic, her experience on a hit sitcom early in her career, and starting her own production company at 22 years old. Jessica and Dax talk about being typecast in acting roles, trying to sell their tv scripts to studios, and Jessica’s attraction to her husband Justin Timberlake. Jessica explains that she has always been a people pleaser, whether or not she wants her kids to get into show business, and what it was like hanging out with Jay-Z and Beyonce.
94 min
Chris Bosh
Chris Bosh is an eleven-time All-Star, two-time NBA champion, and an Olympic gold medalist. Chris joins the Armchair Expert to talk about growing up in Dallas, what it was like being 6’ 11” in high school, and going to Robotics Club before basketball practice. Chris and Dax discuss young athletes learning how to manage their money, winning championships with your friends, and how much they both love Austin. Chris talks about being forced into early retirement because of health issues, finding a new identity outside of basketball, and writing his first book, “Letters to a Young Athlete.”
91 min
Russell Brand
Russell Brand (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Revelation, Under the Skin) is an English comedian, actor, podcaster, writer, and activist. Russell joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how addiction is just amplified attachment, his tendency to use material means to resolve his spiritual issues, and his initial reluctancy about recovery. Dax and Russell talk about their relationship with women, their shared impulse to move towards chaos, and the importance of valuing your inner life more than your outer life. Russell explains how he came to find transcendental meditation, the role community plays in his life, and how our brains are a tangled fishing net.
77 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: UFOs
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: UFOs
68 min
Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace is a professional stock car racing driver in the NASCAR Cup Series. Bubba joins the Armchair Expert to talk about growing up in North Carolina, learning to race in his Dad’s go-kart, and how he was more interested in playing basketball as a kid. Dax and Bubba discuss the mental strength needed to be a race car driver, the Confederate flag being banned by NASCAR, and becoming an activist for cultural change in his sport. Bubba talks about having Michael Jordan as his new boss, wanting to be known more for winning races, and being tougher on himself than anyone else. 
72 min
Vincent D'Onofrio Returns
Vincent D’Onofrio (Full Metal Jacket, Jurassic World, Mutha) is an actor and author. Vincent returns to the Armchair Expert to discuss his new book of short poems, his acting process to find his character’s voice, and being a perfectionist about learning his lines. Vincent and Dax talk about their love for Chris Pratt, their scuba diving experiences, and that they want to collaborate on a project involving Dax’s drawings. Vincent explains that he never gets nervous around other actors and that he wants Dax to move to Europe with him someday.
91 min
Susan Stryker
Susan Stryker is a professor, author, filmmaker, and theorist whose work focuses on gender and human sexuality. Susan joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the transgender experience in today’s modern world, consulting on the Lady and the Dale docuseries, and how transgender hate is rooted in racism, colonization, and oppression. Susan and Dax talk about the history of criminalization of non-reproductive sexuality, the cross-cultural view of transgender people, and what transmisogyny means. Susan and Dax debate how people should approach transgender Olympic athletes, beliefs about masculinity, and what actually gives an athlete an advantage.
89 min
Julianna Margulies
Julianna Margulies (ER, The Good Wife, Sunshine Girl) is an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild award-winning actress. Julianna joins the Armchair Expert to discuss her parents splitting up when she was young, growing up in Paris, and how her husband is the perfect person for her after a lot of difficult relationships. Julianna talks about shooting her first movie in Prague with Steven Seagal, her experience working on ER with George Clooney, and wanting to write an actor’s handbook for set etiquette. Julianna explains her need to ignore negative reviews, how she’s only recently joined social media, and why everyone should work in the service industry at some point in their careers.
95 min
Yusef Salaam & Ethan Herisse
Yusef Salaam (Exonerated Five, Better Not Bitter) and Ethan Herisse (When They See Us) both join the Armchair Expert to discuss the impact that the Netflix series has had on popular culture and how their friendship has grown over the years. Yusef talks about not being bitter about his experience in prison, the impact his mother had on him, and how he used meditation to get through incarceration. Ethan discusses moving to LA when he was 12 to pursue acting, narrating Yusef’s new book, and being a student majoring in Chemistry. Yusef explains his perspective on reparations, the law of abundance, and that the memories of prison will stay with him forever.
63 min
Daniel Kahneman
Daniel Kahneman is a psychologist, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics, and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Daniel joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the complexity of human nature, studying judgment and decision-making, and his experiments involving loss aversion. Daniel explains that memories can play tricks on our minds when remembering experiences and how to avoid noise and bias in the corporate hiring process. Daniel recounts his childhood growing up in Nazi-occupied France and his encounter with an SS soldier, he breaks down decision hygiene, and how it relates to vaccines.
95 min
Jonathan Tucker
Jonathan Tucker (Parenthood, Kingdom, Debris) is an actor. Jonathan joins the Armchair Expert from his 1989 Cadillac DeVille to discuss his plan to live in his van before the pandemic happened, growing up in tough Charlestown Boston, and how the neighborhood has changed over the years. Jonathan explains how codeswitching led to acting, getting into ballet at a young age, and how he wants his children to be inspired by their multi-cultural background. Jonathan and Dax discuss getting in shape mentally and physically for roles, how Parenthood changed his life, and the power of authenticity.
89 min
Prince Harry
Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex, is a member of the British royal family. Prince Harry joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how to approach mental health issues, growing up with privilege, and how healing it is to perform a service for someone. Harry discusses how much like the Truman Show his life is, unconscious bias, and how people can change their mindset once they acknowledge it. Harry talks about his time in the military service, how it opened his eyes to the trauma people face around the world, and how much more important mental health is than physical health.
89 min
Seth Rogen Returns
Seth Rogen is an actor, writer, producer, director, entrepreneur, and philanthropist. Seth returns to Armchair Expert to discuss his approach for writing his new book, how awful weed paraphernalia is, and why he started his high-end weed company. Seth and Dax discuss why weed was stigmatized for years, why it should never have been illegal in the first place, and how he’s not afraid to hurt racist people’s feelings. Seth explains getting started in comedy by writing jokes about his grandparents, how he doesn’t understand the tv world as much as film, and how amazed he is when he meets grown men that grew up watching his movies.
81 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: Simulation Theory
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: Simulation Theory
71 min
Kwame Onwuachi
Kwame Onwuachi is a James Beard award-winning chef and author. Kwame joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his experience as a contestant and judge on Top Chef, writing his first book, and cooking for Obama, Oprah, and Dave Chappelle. Kwame and Dax talk about their shared experience growing up in a single-mother household and how as a kid, Kwame was sent to Nigeria for two years to live with his Grandpa. Kwame explains that opening his own restaurants has taught him how to be a better leader and that he's not the best Spades partner if you want to win.
44 min
Kelly Osbourne
Kelly Osbourne is an English television personality, actress, singer, model, and fashion designer. Kelly joins the Armchair Expert to discuss how her reality show changed her life, her history with addiction, and how Dax used to attend meetings at her house. Kelly discusses becoming ruthless after having her heart broken, what it was like always having a camera around, and how she can’t watch the Britney documentary. Kelly and Dax discuss the fellowship of the AA program, relapsing when she was her happiest, and how they’re both most vulnerable when things are great.
99 min
Alexi Pappas
Alexi Pappas is a Greek-American Olympic runner, filmmaker, actor, and writer. Her debut memoir-in-essays, Bravey was published in January 2021. Alexi joins the Armchair Expert to discuss her experience competing at the Rio Olympics, getting into running later in life, and the impact her father had in her life after her mom passed away. Alexi and Dax discuss post-Olympic situational depression, treating mental health the same as physical health, and striving to achieve as many goals in life as possible. Alexi talks about being into improv comedy at Dartmouth, why she wanted to produce books and film, and her future in the arts and performing space.
89 min
William Jackson Harper
William Jackson Harper (The Good Place, Midsommar, Dark Waters) is an Emmy-nominated actor and playwright. William joins the Armchair Expert to discuss feeling like an outsider growing up in a Dallas suburb, not being good at anything as a kid except acting, and his father passing away at a young age. William and Dax discuss him moving to New York to pursue a Broadway career, how he never felt like the television and film world would accept him, and his many bad haircuts over the years. William explains how he almost quit acting and how his experience on The Good Place changed his life.
80 min
Dorothy Brown
Dorothy Brown is an author and law professor at Emory University. Dorothy joins the Armchair Expert to discuss her new book “The Whiteness of Wealth” and how race relates to taxes and wealth inequality. Dorothy and Dax discuss the problems with the current tax system and solutions to the systemic racism of tax law. Dorothy explains the differences in married couples filing for taxes, homeownership value, and how wages are invested among white and black communities.
72 min
Andrew Yang
Andrew Yang is an entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, non-profit leader, and currently running for Mayor of New York City. Andrew joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up as a first generation Asian American in the 80’s, being an older dad to young kids, and running for mayor of New York City. Andrew and Dax discuss universal basic income and how artificial intelligence technology is threatening American jobs. Andrew explains the concept of human-centered capitalism, his ideas about value-added tax for the economy, and reflects on the recent hate crimes against Asian Americans.
72 min
Macklemore is Grammy Award-winning rapper and songwriter. Macklemore joins the Armchair Expert to talk about growing up in a progressive neighborhood in Seattle, falling in love with music when he heard the Beverly Hills Cops soundtrack, and why he chose East Coast Rap over West Coast Rap. Dax and Macklemore open up about their journeys with sobriety and Mackelmore explains how fame fueled his addictions. Macklemore discusses the relationship between artistic ability and narcissism, his new line of golf clothing, and being a white artist in the hip hop space.
103 min
Michael Moss
Michael Moss is a #1 New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize–winning investigative reporter. Michael joins the Armchair Expert to discuss food addiction, the invention of processed food, and what government oversight of the food industry would look like. Michael and Dax discuss free will when it comes to diet, how big food companies use marketing tactics to influence our choices, and that obesity is a crude measure of health. Michael explains the phenomena of dieting and how income inequality affects people’s access to healthy food. 
82 min
Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, Brockmire, The Birdcage) is an Emmy-award winning actor and comedian. Hank joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his addiction and recovery, being mistaken as someone in the upholstery business, and the controversy around his Simpson’s character. Hank and Dax discuss getting in touch with your emotions to help with conflict resolution and how addiction is really just an obsession. Hank talks about his perspective on white privilege, how he’s learned to smile more when meeting people, and that he can’t believe more baseball announcers haven’t been canceled.
101 min
Armchaired & Dangerous: Cannibalism
David Farrier exposes Monica and Dax to a new conspiracy theory each month. Today’s episode: Cannibalism.
80 min
Daniel Goleman
Daniel Goleman, PhD is a two-time Pulitzer Prize-nominated author and science journalist. Daniel joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the differences between cognitive empathy, emotional empathy, and empathic concern, and that emotional intelligence starts with being aware and able to name your feelings. Daniel explains the importance of cognitive control, that the same circuitry that helps you focus also calms you down, and the impact your emotional intelligence has on your health. Daniel discusses the flawed understanding of emotion vs logic, that the brain is designed to learn from life when it comes to emotional intelligence, and the science behind how your brain communicates emotions with another person.
91 min
Lamorne Morris
Lamorne Morris (New Girl, Woke, Unwanted) is an actor, comedian and podcaster. Lamorne joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up on the southside of Chicago, how he knew he wanted to get into comedy at a young age and his relationship with his father. Lamorne and Dax discuss systemic racism, the time he got handcuffed after trying to stop a fight, and the conflicting nature of playing a police officer on tv while also confronting what’s going on in real life. Lamorne talks about auditioning for New Girl 15 times before he finally got the role, his new scripted podcast Unwanted, and Dax opens up about a deep insecurity.
77 min
Walter Isaacson
Walter Isaacson is an American author, journalist, and professor. Walter joins the Armchair Expert to discuss his work as a biographer, that it’s important to remember that all people are human, and how much more inspiring they are when you realize that. Walter explains the three great innovation revolutions of modern times, how transformative Jennifer Doudna’s gene editing work is, and how she used her knowledge of CRISPR to help with the fight against covid. Dax and Walter discuss the dilemma of editing out certain negative traits and the effects it can have on shaping a person and the importance of trying to maximize the Utopia of gene editing while minimizing the many unforeseen issues that will arise.
69 min
Rachel Bilson
Rachel Bilson (The O.C., Hart of Dixie, Jumper) is an actress and podcast host. Rachel joins the Armchair Expert to discuss getting her role on The O.C. at twenty-one years old and how being a fourth-generation actor helped keep her grounded. Rachel and Dax discuss Rachel’s tantric sex expert mother, how to talk to your kids about sex, and how poorly certain things they used to watch have aged. Rachel tells us about her new podcast, the time someone broke into her house and took a poop in her bathroom, and Rachel & Monica bond over the Bachelor.
89 min
Sam Pollard
Sam Pollard is an Emmy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated director and producer. Sam joins the Armchair Expert to discuss growing up in Harlem in the 50s, his path into becoming a film editor, and working with Spike Lee. Sam talks about his new film MLK/FBI: the red scare, non-monogamous activity, and racism.
59 min
Susan Liautaud
Dr. Susan Liautaud (The Power of Ethics) is an author, teacher of ethics at Stanford University, and founder of Susan Liautaud & Associates Limited. Susan joins the Armchair Expert to discuss ethics: the six forces present in all ethical dilemmas, why we can’t look at things in a binary manner, and how we’re only as ethical as our last decision. Susan explains that there’s no place for blame, shame or guilt in ethics, what incentive people have to make ethical decisions, and the need to make ethics accessible to everyone. Dax & Susan discuss the need to think about the consequences that could happen, not just the consequences that will happen and in the fact check, we have a visit from the man whose simulation we are all living in.
113 min
Race to 270: Septoplasty and 2X Neck Girth
We check in three months later with both contestants: Aaron has a girlfriend, septoplasty, lasik and colonoscopy while Charlie’s arms are back to looking huge. Dax & Monica present them with trophies and a framed photo of the baby in the white dress. 
46 min
Robin Thicke
Robin Thicke is a singer, songwriter, record producer, dancer, musician and actor. Robin joins the Armchair Expert to discuss losing his home to the Malibu fires, his time on set of Growing Pains with his dad, and getting his first recording contract at 16 years old. Robin opens up about losing himself after the death of his father, how he was still searching for his dad’s attention and approval, and how important focusing on balance in his life is. Robin discusses what he learned from the commercial flop of his first album and how his partnership with Pharrell started.
84 min
Ethan Kross
Ethan Kross (Chatter) is an experimental psychologist, neuroscientist and writer, who specializes in emotion regulation. Ethan joins the Armchair Expert to discuss the usefulness of your inner voice and how to harness it. Ethan explains how important context is when triggering emotions, how negative emotions are just as vital as positive ones, and the ways language can shape our emotional experiences. Ethan discusses how having the ability to feel the way we want all the time could be problematic and tips on how to be in the past and the future without being sucked in the chatter. In the fact check, Dax & Monica discuss the Royals.
92 min