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All About Fitness is a free podcast that explores how exercise can successfully manage the aging process. From popular fitness programs to recently-developed exercise equipment, discover new trends and evidence-based solutions that can help you slow down the effects of time and stress on your body. No matter your age, learn how to burn calories, build stronger muscles and get YOUR best body straight from the people who conduct the research, invent the products and create the workouts that make you sweat. Host Pete McCall is a master personal trainer, education content creator and blogger for leading fitness organizations including the American Council on Exercise, Nautilus, StairMaster and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, he is the author of Ageless Intensity: Effective Workouts to Slow the Aging Process and Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple as well as multiple textbook chapters on exercise science. With extensive experience traveling around the world teaching workshops to personal trainers and group fitness instructors, Pete is an engaging host with the unique ability to translate the science of exercise for all to understand. The Quick Fit Tips deliver practical, actionable advice in under 15 minutes; while the interviews are in-depth, informative and engaging conversations with top health and fitness experts. New episodes are posted weekly; listen and subscribe to the All About Fitness podcast in order to learn how exercise can enhance your quality of life while extending your lifespan.

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Graham King - FORMER CrossFit Affiliate Owner
Breaking up is hard to do. Except when the break up is in response to comments that at best are insensitive and at worst show a complete disregard for others. This episode of All About Fitness features Graham King, in Washington, DC who has been...
72 min
Dr. Jenny Etnier - The Benefits of Exercise for...
Cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia can affect millions of older adults, severely restricting the quality of life during the latter stages of the aging process. The good news is that there is a tremendous amount of evidence to suggest...
78 min
Fabio Comana - What to Know about COVID19 and E...
Are you ready for the 'shelter-in-place' orders to be over? Do you want to get back to your regular gym workouts? Did you know that too much exercise could actually weaken your immune system???  Yes, you've been staying at shape while exercising...
64 min
Dani Abasi - the drummer for Neck Deep
The fitness program of a touring rock star
44 min
Going to the Gym in a post-COVID World
Star date 2020... After sheltering in place for what seems like an eternity you will soon have the opportunity to return to sweating at your favorite fitness facility. Yes exercising at home has been convenient, but you're probably ready to lift some...
22 min
Tamilee Webb - Buns of Steel for the 21st Century
In the 21st century all social media fitness influencers like @Kaisafit and @Kirastokesfit have to do to make a killer workout video is set up their phone, hit record and go. Okay, maybe they have to coordinate the right outfit, set up some lights,...
64 min
Dr. Natalia Petrzela - Fit Nation with special ...
On this special episode of All About Fitness, I am a guest speaker for Dr. Natalia Petrzela's college class, Fit Nation. this is the first semester Natalia is teaching Fit Nation which provides a contemporary history of how the fitness industry...
72 min
Judi Sheppard Missett - How Jazzercise Helped C...
Classically trained as a dancer and working as an instructor at a studio in Chicago, little did Judi Sheppard Missett know that when she changed her classes to teach dance as a form of exercise that she was creating an entire new way to get people...
63 min
Shanna Missett Nelson - Jazzercise for the Nex...
When asked to name the most well known fitness brands, the average person would probably mention Jazzercise. Started in 1969 by a dance instructor who realized that many people in her class just wanted to move, not necessarily become professional...
51 min
Paul Chek - Holistic Wellness Practitioner
When most people start an exercise program it's for the purpose of making the exterior more attractive. When was the last time you did a workout for your inner-self? is the , an international speaker, published author, recognized as a medicine man by...
85 min
Josh Clemente - A Space Engineer Talks About Ho...
We all know the old saying, "You can't out-train a bad diet." And that's the truth. There are a number of different ways to get results from your workouts, but one of the most effective, time-proven strategies is by monitoring what you put in your...
50 min
Dr. Martin Gibala - HIIT Solutions for Working ...
High intensity exercise is kind of like wine. Let me explain, the occasional glass of wine isn't bad for you and could provide health benefits. However, drinking too much wine it could definitely be bad for your health. High Intensity Interval...
46 min
Dr. John Medina - How Exercise Changes Your Brain
Do you ever have to stop and try to remember why you walked into a room? Do you ever forget where you left your keys? Are you ever concerned that these common mistakes are an indicator of developing dementia or Alzheimer's? Here's some exciting news,...
57 min
Quick Fit Tip: How Exercise Slows Down the Agin...
Losing weight. Toning up. Enhancing athletic performance. Improving health. There are a number of reasons to start an exercise program, but one of the most important reasons for working out is often overlooked which is the fact that exercise can slow...
14 min
Kira Stokes - The creator of the STOKED Method
The human body was made to move, yet most workout programs use only one muscle or muscle group at a time. Combining many exercises into a single movement can help burn more calories while improving the strength and definition of all of the muscles...
61 min
Fitness Industry Roundtable - Response to COVID19
Industry leaders share how their organizations are adapting to the virus.
66 min
Shauna Harrison, MPH, Ph.D - The Sweaty Profess...
Hip hop, yoga and love in the era of COVID19
80 min
Lauren Jamison - Comedian and Fitness Fanatic
Talking fitness with a comedian
64 min
Artemis Scantalides - Creating Optimal Efficien...
From working to working out, living with the COVID19 virus is challenging us all to adjust and adapt to a new reality of managing day-to-day life. For those already working at home this does not mean a big change, but for others working from home...
57 min
Paul McCullough & Dr. Jess Harmon - Developing ...
Optimizing your performance the O2X way
57 min
6 Ways that Exercise CAN Change the Way YOU Feel
Feeling stressed out? Change that with exercise
19 min
Quick Fit Tip: Buying Exercise Equipment for yo...
Affordable workout gear that can keep you fit when you can't make it to the gym
16 min
Workout Solutions for Home
Ideas for staying fit when stuck at home
11 min
Shannon Weinstein, CPA - Financial Fitness
Financial fitness advice for the tax season
36 min
Kaisa Keranen aka @Kaisafit
A conversation about Movement with @Kaisafit
50 min