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All About Fitness is a free podcast that explores how exercise can successfully manage the aging process. From popular fitness programs to recently-developed exercise equipment, discover new trends and evidence-based solutions that can help you slow down the effects of time and stress on your body. No matter your age, learn how to burn calories, build stronger muscles and get YOUR best body straight from the people who conduct the research, invent the products and create the workouts that make you sweat. Host Pete McCall is a master personal trainer, education content creator and blogger for leading fitness organizations including the American Council on Exercise, Nautilus, StairMaster and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, he is the author of Ageless Intensity: Effective Workouts to Slow the Aging Process and Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple as well as multiple textbook chapters on exercise science. With extensive experience traveling around the world teaching workshops to personal trainers and group fitness instructors, Pete is an engaging host with the unique ability to translate the science of exercise for all to understand. The Quick Fit Tips deliver practical, actionable advice in under 15 minutes; while the interviews are in-depth, informative and engaging conversations with top health and fitness experts. New episodes are posted weekly; listen and subscribe to the All About Fitness podcast in order to learn how exercise can enhance your quality of life while extending your lifespan.

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Mark Salamon - From Mechanical Engineer to Phys...
Mark Salamon is a physical therapist who uses humor to help put his patients at ease. Mark wrote a book, Does it Hurt When I Do This? which uses humor to help the reader learn more about their body and how to keep it pain-free. On this episode, Mark shares how we went from studying mechanical engineering to the human body and how that relates to one another; in addition he offers his insights on how you should workout and which exercises to avoid so that you can enjoy your favorite activities while remaining injury-free.
59 min
Amy Connell - Your Worthy Body
Exercise and proper nutrition can provide the means for achieving what you want in life, but it can be a challenge to find the best exercise program that fits your needs. Amy Connell is a personal trainer, fitness instructor and mother who has worked to achieve balance in all areas of her life. Amy hosts the Graced Health podcast and has written, Your Worthy Body: Find Freedom in Health by Breaking All of the Rules so that she can help others in her stage of life to find balance in theirs. This is a fun and fast-paced conversation about how to make time in your life for the things that are important to you.
61 min
Dr. Kris Verburgh - The Science of Longevity
Dr. Kris Verburgh is a MD, researcher and leader in the field of nutrigerentology, the study of how nutrition can influence aging, as well as an author who wrote the Longevity Code to help readers learn about the aging process and what could be done to slow down its effects. On this episode, Dr. Verburgh shares how nutrition and exercise could help slow the effects of aging and provides valuable insights on what you can do to adds years to your lifespan.
41 min
Fit Over 40 with Aimee Nicotera - Scheduling Ha...
What do you do to manage stress when life gets hectic? How do you make time for exercise when life happens at full speed and your schedule gets out of control? What can you do to gain control when life seems just a little overwhelming? On this episode of Fit Over 40, Aimee Nicotera joins Pete to talk about life hacks and how to make your needs a priority when your schedule allows little time for exercise. You will learn some helpful techniques and strategies for how to make your health and wellness a priority during the holidays or any time of year.
53 min
Thomas Myers - Understanding Your Body from the...
Thomas Myers is a soft-tissue therapist, educator and author of Anatomy Trains, a book that explains how your muscles and fascia work together to produce movement. On this special rerun episode of All About Fitness, originally recorded in 2018, Thomas talks about what makes the fascia and elastic connective tissue so special as well as sharing insights into the types of exercise that could help you to develop a body-wide network of strong, vibrant and injury-resistant connective tissue.
42 min
Sue Hitzmann - Self-care for Your Muscles
Sue Hitzmann is a manual therapist who created the MELT Method to reduce the amount of stress that accumulates in your muscles and soft-tissues during exercise so that you can get the results that you want from your workouts. Recorded LIVE at a fitness education event for the first time since 2019!!! - Sue provides insights on how our connective tissue is different than muscle and shares why it is so important to focus on self-care for your connective tissue so that you can achieve optimal health through movement. Learn all about how your body is designed to move on this episode of All About Fitness.
60 min
Fitness Over 40 with Aimee Nicotera - The Futur...
On this edition of Fitness Over 40 with Aimee Nicotera, we discuss how fitness has evolved, what that means for you and share our thoughts on how we will all be sweating differently in 2022 and beyond. Fitness Over 40 is a series of Facebook Live conversations that Aimee and I will be having to talk about all issues related to staying fit in our 40s and beyond; the purpose is to provide a different perspective on how to make exercise a part of your daily life.
37 min
Gerry Drefahl - How to Exercise Injury-Free
Gerry Drefahl is an athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning coach as well as an entrepreneur involved in a number of fitness-tech companies; we talk about common gym injuries and, most importantly, how to avoid them. We also discuss the benefits of massage guns and foam rollers in addition to talking about the types of exercises and workout programs that could help you to stay injury-free. It's all about exercise and human movement on this episode of All About Fitness.
85 min
Quick Fit Tip - How to Avoid Common Exercise In...
23 min
Fitness Over 40 with Aimee Nicotera
Aimee Nicotera is a personal trainer, group fitness instructor and fitness educator (she teaches other trainers and instructors how to make people sweaty). On this episode, Aimee and I talk about how to encourage your kids to be active; Aimee has a young son and I have 2 daughters in elementary school. Issues covered in this episode include: which is better for young kids - sports or activities? How to help your kids develop physical literacy, how to model healthy behavior for your kids and what that means. This is a fun and engaging conversation that will help you identify ways that your entire family can be more active.
47 min
Jay Glazer - How to be Unbreakable
Jay Glazer covers the NFL for Fox; he is also a retired martial arts competitor who started the Unbreakable studio to help high performing individuals to train for success. Jay also started Merging Vets and Players (MVP), a program that holds conditioning workouts that double as support groups for both retired soldiers and athletes so these individuals can support one another in an effort to achieve optimal mental as well as physical health. On this episode, Jay talks about his experience in martial arts, how he leveraged that to start Unbreakable and discusses the impact that the MVP Program is having on helping veterans and retired athletes address their mental health.
50 min
Steve Cotter - The Benefits of Kettlebell Training
Steve Cotter is a former martial artist, the founder of the International Kettlebell Fitness Federation and the author of Kettlebell Training, a book that will teach you what you need to know to get a great workout using only 1 piece of equipment! Steve explains the benefits of using kettlebells, why kettlebells can be the perfect training tool for athletes (or people who want to move like them) and how to get started with a kettlebell workout program. On this episode, it's all about kettlebell training with author and instructor, Steve Cotter.
87 min
Quick Fit Tip - The Science of Longevity
Currently in the United States, the average lifespan is approximately 78 years-old; scientists are studying the aging process, what can influence it and how we might able to extend our lifespan. Recently the Washington Post ran an article on Longevity that addresses many of the topics about aging that scientists are currently studying. This Quick Fit Tip is a review of that article which identifies what you could be doing to slow down how the passage of time effects your body.
32 min
Dr. Jeremy Loenneke - How Blood Flow Restrictio...
Dr. Jeremy Loenneke is an Associate Professor of Exercise Science at the University of Mississippi who studies muscle fiber physiology. As one of the leading researchers on the topic of blood flow restriction, Dr. Loenneke has conducted a number of studies on how blood flow restriction stimulates muscle growth; we discuss his findings and he offers his insights into how BFR can be implemented into your workout programs. This episode is all about the science of how blood flow restriction causes muscle growth.
64 min
Quick Fit Tip - Self Care and Blood Flow Restri...
Self-care is important; whether that's taking a few minutes a day for quiet meditation, going to the doctor for an annual visit or turning off your devices to enjoy some screen-free time with family or close friends. The first part of this Quick Fit Tip discusses the benefits of self-care and why it's important to make your health needs a priority. The second part of this Quick Fit Tip discusses the science of blood flow restriction training and how it could help accelerate the results from your strength training workouts. This Quick Fit Tip reviews a few simple ways to use exercise to enhance your quality of life.
13 min
Debra Atkinson - There IS Life After 50
Men over the age of 50 experience andropause and women over the age of 50 go through menopause. The good news is that exercise can help reduce the effects of these age-related change in our bodies. Debra Atkinson is an educator who hosts the Flipping 50 podcast and runs online fitness programs for women experiencing menopause. On this episode, Debra talks about the changes a woman will experience in menopause, the types of exercise that could help manage those changes and provides important insights on how guys can be supportive during this stage in a woman's life.
54 min
Quick Fit Tip - Smarter Workouts
It doesn’t matter what type of exercise you do, but if you want the benefits from your efforts, the two most important things are being consistent and exercising to the point of mild discomfort. The one common denominator from any type of exercise is that it will stimulate a response from your endocrine system which produces hormones, the chemicals that control how cells function. This Quick Fit Tip, straight from Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple, will help you to understand more about the hormones that are responsible for controlling how your body functions.
19 min
Tony Horton - Age is Only a Number
Now in his 60s, Tony Horton is a ball of energy and loves to challenge himself with a variety of workouts that includes his new passion of crushing obstacle courses. On this episode, Tony shares how he got started in the fitness industry, how he evolved to become one of the most influential personal trainers and how he maintains a high level of fitness at an age when most people are slowing down. This is a riveting and motivational conversation that will help you to realize that age is only a number and that you are the only obstacle that can limit what you are able to achieve.
72 min
Kathy Smith - How to Stay Fit and Look Great at...
Kathy Smith has been a fitness icon ever since MTV actually played music videos; she has promoted the benefits of an active lifestyle through books, exercise videos, TV shows and now a podcast. On this episode, Kathy shares her insights for how she has used exercise to take control of the aging process, the workouts she credits with giving her the strength to maintain an active lifestyle (and look amazing while doing it) and how you too can use exercise to live your best life no matter your age. This is an inspirational and riveting discussion with one of the true titans of fitness.
77 min
Quick Fit Tip - The Secret to Successful Aging
Aging is inevitable, it WILL happen, but HOW you age is up to you. Over the past 10 years of studying how exercise affects the aging process I have written blog posts and articles, delivered presentations at conferences all over the world and started this podcast to share what I have learned in an effort to help others learn how exercise can slow down the effects of time. My latest book, Ageless Intensity - High Intensity Exercise to Slow the Aging Process is the culmination of this work; in the book you will learn will how exercise slows down aging, and, more importantly, the types of exercise that you should be doing to add years of high-quality living to your life. This Quick Fit Tip is a preview of Ageless Intensity and how to use exercise to achieve successful aging while extending your lifespan.
13 min
Dr. Gil Blander - Understanding Your Body from ...
InsideTracker is a company that tests specific biomarkers in your blood to provide you with data about how your healthy lifestyle is affecting your body. InsideTracker is used by elite athletes to ensure that they are achieving the highest level of performance possible for their respective sports. You too can use the test to access to the same information on the best nutrition, exercise and lifestyle interventions for your body's needs. Dr. Gil Blander researches the biology of aging and, more importantly, applies his discoveries into new ways of detecting and preventing age-related conditions. On this episode, learn all about the benefits of quantifying your body's health with Dr. Gil Blander, the Chief Science Officer for InsideTracker.
47 min
DeMarcus Ware - What it takes to be a Super Bow...
DeMarcus Ware was a first round draft pick by the Dallas Cowboys who helped the Denver Broncos win Super Bowl 50. Since retiring from the NFL DeMarcus has earned a personal training certification and now runs 3 Volt, a fitness studio near Dallas, TX. On this episode of All About Fitness, DeMarcus talks about his reaction to being drafted by the Cowboys, the amount of work it takes to be an elite professional athlete and how you can train to achieve your highest level of performance.
26 min
Roy Holmes - Preparing to Succeed in Profession...
Exos is an organization that provides fitness solutions for all types of clients from corporate wellness centers to military special operators. While Exos serves many clients, the organization specializes in helping elite athletes prepare to compete at the highest levels of their respective sports. Roy Holmes is a Performance Manager at the Exos facility in Carlsbad, CA and runs the draft academy program that helps college football players prepare to play in the NFL. On this episode of All About Fitness, Coach Holmes talks about how an athlete can prepare to earn a scholarship, the types of training that goes into preparing for the combine and, most importantly, how you can apply the lessons of the pros to your own life so that you can achieve your highest level of performance.
60 min
Quick Fit Tip - The Benefits of Training like a...
The human body was made to move and in order to get the best results, your workouts programs should feature different types of movement to engage ALL of your muscles, not just one or two at a time. This Quick Fit Tip uses the start of gridiron football season to review and discuss the benefits of training like an athlete and why you should add speed, agility, reactivity and quickness (SPARQ) exercises to your workout program
22 min
Olivia and Jim Karas - Confessions of a Divisio...
Olivia Karas fell in love with gymnastics and pursued her passion to the point of earning a scholarship to the University of Michigan where she helped the team win multiple Big 10 championships. Her father, Jim Karas, is a personal trainer and best-selling author who works with an exclusive clientele in Chicago. Father and daughter collaborated to write Confessions of a Division 1 Athlete in order to share their stories about what it takes to ascend to the highest levels of a challenging and competitive sport which requires years of grueling practice to achieve success. On this episode of All About Fitness, Olivia and Jim share some of their insights on how to navigate the process from regional to elite competition, in addition, they provide valuable perspective on the role a parent should play when a child is motivated to compete.
66 min