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All About Fitness is a free podcast that explores how exercise can successfully manage the aging process. From popular fitness programs to recently-developed exercise equipment, discover new trends and evidence-based solutions that can help you slow down the effects of time and stress on your body. No matter your age, learn how to burn calories, build stronger muscles and get YOUR best body straight from the people who conduct the research, invent the products and create the workouts that make you sweat. Host Pete McCall is a master personal trainer, education content creator and blogger for leading fitness organizations including the American Council on Exercise, Nautilus, StairMaster and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, he is the author of Ageless Intensity: Effective Workouts to Slow the Aging Process and Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple as well as multiple textbook chapters on exercise science. With extensive experience traveling around the world teaching workshops to personal trainers and group fitness instructors, Pete is an engaging host with the unique ability to translate the science of exercise for all to understand. The Quick Fit Tips deliver practical, actionable advice in under 15 minutes; while the interviews are in-depth, informative and engaging conversations with top health and fitness experts. New episodes are posted weekly; listen and subscribe to the All About Fitness podcast in order to learn how exercise can enhance your quality of life while extending your lifespan.

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Coach Mike Boyle - Strength & Conditioning for ...
This is a special rerun that is actually two interviews with strength coach Mike Boyle edited into one double-length episode. Mike Boyle is a Boston-area strength coach who has helped college teams win national championships, professional athletes...
92 min
Professor Fabio Comana - How Exercise Changes Y...
Use light weights for a lot of reps to tone your muscles. Cardio exercise is for fat burning. Lift heavy weights to get big muscles. These are common gym myths and while each is based on a modicum (thanks SAT prep) of fact the reality is how exercise...
59 min
Professor Fabio Comana - the Science of Fat Bur...
What is the most effective way to burn calories for weight loss? Can exercising early in the morning help burn more fat? How does what you eat influence the hormones that build muscle and burn fat? Originally recorded in December of 2016, this...
59 min
Understanding the Hormones that Produce Results...
Hormones influence a number of different cellular functions, however, they only interact with specific receptor sites. Hormones control physiological functions including: energy metabolism - how the food we eat gets turned into muscle activity (i.e....
27 min
Holiday Fit Gift Guide with Tricia Murphy Madden
Yes, the Holiday season is upon us which means two very important things: a chance to slow down from the usual frantic pace of life to spend time with loved ones and close family AND the insanity of 2020 is almost behind us. This has definitely been...
55 min
DeMarcus Ware - From Professional Football to F...
In order to play at the highest level of their respective sports, professional athletes train to be in peak physical condition all year round, there is NO off-season, but what happens when the career is over and they are no longer being paid to...
34 min
Shana Verstegen Returns
When was the last time that you set a goal that pushed you out of your comfort zone? Do you need competitive goals to ensure that you give it your all when you exercise? Shana Verstegen is a personal trainer, fitness manager, fitness educator,...
49 min
Quick Fit Tip - The Fitness Benefits of Fear
When was the last time you did something that frightened you? Doing something scary can get us out of our comfort zone which is where real change and growth takes place. This Quick Fit Tip discusses the benefits of fear and what that can mean for your...
9 min
Matteo Franceschetti - Technology for Better Sleep
We've all heard of athletes getting in trouble for taking performance enhancing drugs (PEDs). The primary purpose of PEDs is to help athletes recover quicker so they can do more training. What if there was a way to boost your performance that didn't...
44 min
John Buultjens - Executive Producer of The Ride
John Buultjens had a challenging start to life but turned things around thanks to his adoptive parents AND his love of riding BMX bikes. On this special episode of All About Fitness, John shares his story of going from juvenile detention to working...
37 min
Dorian Yates - How a 6 time Mr. Olympia Trains ...
The sport of bodybuilding requires an amazing level of commitment to train and prepare for a competition let alone to win one. Becoming a professional bodybuilder takes the ability to adhere to a strict regimen for both exercise and nutrition....
43 min
Dr. Craig Heller - All About the Science of Sleep
Nutrition, exercise and sleep are the key components of optimal health. Yes, you may workout everyday and count every single calorie yet if you're not paying attention to your quality of sleep, you may not get the results you want from your exercise...
53 min
Quick Fit Tip - Top Benefits of Sleep
What to know any easy, painless, calorie-free way to boost the results from your workouts? GET MORE SLEEP! This Quick Fit Tip identifies top benefits of sleep that could help improve your health and fitness.   Join Pete for 30 min. HIIT Workouts...
23 min
Dr. Sara Bird - All About Your Gut Microbiome
Do you ever make decisions based on your 'gut feeling?' Have you ever noticed how your stomach may react to different foods? Are you looking for that one special thing that can take your fitness to the next level? Well, it's time to understand more...
71 min
Quick Fit Tip - The Benefits of Tracking Your H...
Smart watches can measure how many steps you take. Heart-rate monitors can tell you how fast your heart is beating while you exercise. Rings and mattresses can monitor your quality and length of sleep. All of these devices link to apps on your smart...
16 min
Dr. Skylar Pond - The Benefits of Chiropractic...
The human body is made up of a number of different joints and all of them must work together as an integrated system in order for you to experience optimal pain-free movement. If certain joints like the hips or the upper-spine don't function...
63 min
Dr. Jen Esquer aka DocJenFit - The Benefits of ...
Run two laps then sit on the ground to stretch for 5-10 minutes. If you grew up playing sports this sound like a familiar method of 'warming-up' before practice or a game. Motor units are the connection between the muscular and nervous systems. The...
61 min
Josey Greenwell - Accidental Fitness Star
"Change is the only constant in life," was an observation first made by Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Many of us may now be working in careers that were not in our initial plans when we first set out in life. Josey Greenwell is currently a Lead...
68 min
Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo - Fitness for your Mind
The strongest muscle in the body is often overlooked by most exercise programs. Spending hours a week in the gym can make muscles strong, yet it is the brain and the thoughts it generates that determine what you are able to achieve. Emotions and...
60 min
Quick Fit Tip - the Definition of Fitness
Some people want to become stronger, others may want to add muscle size, while many others may want to lose weight. Why do you exercise? What does fitness mean to you? What is your motivation for making yourself sweaty? This Quick Fit Tip provides a...
17 min
Frances Largeman-Roth RDN - Delicious Nutrition...
There are only 24 hours in a day and in that limited time we need to sleep, work, exercise and consume the proper nutrition for our bodies. A balanced diet is essential for optimal health and to support efforts in the gym, yet it can be a challenge to...
71 min
Jess Cording & Doug Smith - the Benefits of Usi...
Yes, we all know the importance of a well-balanced diet containing all food groups and macro-nutrients, however, given the hectic schedule of daily life it can be a challenge to have fresh food available every time you need it which is where...
64 min
Quick Fit Tip - Prepping for the Calorie-laden ...
The air's a little cooler, the days a little shorter and pumpkin-spice everything is everywhere which is a sign that it's Fall and 2020 will soon be coming to a close! Walk into almost any retail store and you'll see Halloween and holiday season...
14 min
Dr. Stuart McGill - the Best Sex Positions for ...
Back pain is an issue that bothers many people, for some it's an occasional bout of discomfort while for others it can be debilitating, keeping them from their favorite activities. There can be numerous reasons for back pain, for many cases all that's...
59 min
Chef Mareya Ibrahim - The Fit Foodie Shares How...
Carbohydrates supply energy. Healthy fats supply energy too, as well as helping produce important hormones for your body. Proteins are used to repair damaged tissues and help grow new ones. A well balanced diet should include all three macronutrients...
79 min
Quick Fit Tip: Exercise and Your Immune System
Having just written an article on exercise and the immune system, this Quick Fit Tip reviews some important facts regarding how your workouts could weaken your body's ability to respond to a virus.  As we turn the corner to the final phase of...
17 min
Aimee Nicotera - Creative Fitness Solutions for...
Let's face it, 2020 is not quite turning out the way any of us originally planned when the calendar flipped from December 31 to January 1. While there may be little that we can do to control the chaos that is defining the year, what we CAN control is...
66 min
Kenny Santucci - One of NYC's Most Passionate T...
When life throws an obstacle in your path you can let it defeat you; or you can find a way through it. Fitness professionals do what we do because we sincerely love helping clients get results from exercise; when COVID shut down gyms and studios not...
77 min
Michael Cummings - The Creative Force Behind To...
One of the most effective pieces of exercise equipment is the one you're born with, the human body. However, if you want to add a lot of muscle, increase explosive power or improve your flexibility then using equipment is necessary to get those...
60 min
Brett Jones - Director of Education for StrongF...
Strength is the ability to generate muscular force against an external resistance. Okay, there are more technical descriptions than that, but in general muscles generate force to produce and control movement. Many people start an exercise program with...
63 min
Quick Fit Tip - How Fitness Professionals Are A...
There are almost always 3 options for almost any situation in life: lead, follow or get out of the way. As the COVID closures were happening in the Spring of 2020 and fitness facilities around the world were shut down many fitness professionals...
12 min
Daniel Stein - Founder of Special Strong
Fitness for those with Special Needs
69 min
Juan Carlos Santana - Leading Innovator of Func...
How many times have you dreaded a workout because it was tedious or boring? Fitness takes place during our free time; in order for your workouts to deliver the best results they should be fun so you actually look forward to doing them. Let's face it,...
75 min
Quick Fit Tip - Mask or No Mask?
How many people remember driving without seatbelts? How about smoking in an airplane or at the office? Before 1900, the average lifespan was 45-50 years old. Over the past 100 years public health initiatives have helped to almost double that to about...
14 min
Army Captain Kasandra A. Clark - American Hero
Did you know that if you are a member of the US military that you could become a professional athlete? It's true! Each branch of the military has all-service teams where athletes in a particular sport such as volleyball, baseball or basketball compete...
55 min
Dr. John Mandrola - Cardiophysiologist and co-a...
You spend hours focused on training for your favorite activity. You regularly push yourself beyond your comfort zone. You are one of the elite athletes of your sport and should be the paradigm of excellent health, yet why are you in a hospital being...
41 min
Dr David Minkoff - Co-founder of the Lifeworks ...
Once you get over a certain age, visiting the Doctor brings with it a certain level of fear and apprehension. Yes, you are active and exercise regularly, but is it enough to make sure you are maintaining great health? And when you go to the doctor,...
62 min
Aleisha Fetters - Reporter, Author, Strength Coach
Have you ever read a really insightful article and thought about how much fun it would be to write for a living? Even though we're in the digital age, well-written content is essential and a good writer will always stay busy. and on this episode of...
67 min
Tricia Madden and Abbie Appel -
Every modern health club has three main features that members love: the cardio equipment, the weight room and the group fitness studio. If you've been developing your own home workout solutions over the past few months, recreating the first two areas...
64 min
Kia Williams and Maurice Williams - Diversity i...
The human body functions as a single unit, not a collection of individual parts and to be at its best, the fitness industry should function the same way. As efficiency expert Stephen Covey noted, "Strength lies in differences, not in similarities."...
81 min
Eric Smart - The ABCs of CBD
The benefits of the transdermal application of CBD
47 min
Matt Lombardi and Kevin Moran - Former Pro Athl...
If you're like many people, you're probably curious about the recent explosion of CBD products inundating the market place. The human body's innate cannabinoid system helps regulate many functions including appetite, mood, sleep and pain. Cannabidiol...
50 min
Quick Fit Tip - Post Exercise Recovery Strategies
Yes, you plan your own workouts. Yes, you push yourself hard during instructor-led workouts. Yes, you like that feeling of being a little sore after a good workout, but remember, tomorrow's workout starts at the end of today's - how you refuel, how...
19 min
Graham King - FORMER CrossFit Affiliate Owner
Breaking up is hard to do. Except when the break up is in response to comments that at best are insensitive and at worst show a complete disregard for others. This episode of All About Fitness features Graham King, in Washington, DC who has been...
72 min
Dr. Jenny Etnier - The Benefits of Exercise for...
Cognitive diseases like Alzheimer's and Dementia can affect millions of older adults, severely restricting the quality of life during the latter stages of the aging process. The good news is that there is a tremendous amount of evidence to suggest...
78 min
Fabio Comana - What to Know about COVID19 and E...
Are you ready for the 'shelter-in-place' orders to be over? Do you want to get back to your regular gym workouts? Did you know that too much exercise could actually weaken your immune system???  Yes, you've been staying at shape while exercising...
64 min
Dani Abasi - the drummer for Neck Deep
The fitness program of a touring rock star
44 min
Going to the Gym in a post-COVID World
Star date 2020... After sheltering in place for what seems like an eternity you will soon have the opportunity to return to sweating at your favorite fitness facility. Yes exercising at home has been convenient, but you're probably ready to lift some...
22 min
Tamilee Webb - Buns of Steel for the 21st Century
In the 21st century all social media fitness influencers like @Kaisafit and @Kirastokesfit have to do to make a killer workout video is set up their phone, hit record and go. Okay, maybe they have to coordinate the right outfit, set up some lights,...
64 min
Dr. Natalia Petrzela - Fit Nation with special ...
On this special episode of All About Fitness, I am a guest speaker for Dr. Natalia Petrzela's college class, Fit Nation. this is the first semester Natalia is teaching Fit Nation which provides a contemporary history of how the fitness industry...
72 min
Judi Sheppard Missett - How Jazzercise Helped C...
Classically trained as a dancer and working as an instructor at a studio in Chicago, little did Judi Sheppard Missett know that when she changed her classes to teach dance as a form of exercise that she was creating an entire new way to get people...
63 min
Shanna Missett Nelson - Jazzercise for the Nex...
When asked to name the most well known fitness brands, the average person would probably mention Jazzercise. Started in 1969 by a dance instructor who realized that many people in her class just wanted to move, not necessarily become professional...
51 min
Paul Chek - Holistic Wellness Practitioner
When most people start an exercise program it's for the purpose of making the exterior more attractive. When was the last time you did a workout for your inner-self? is the , an international speaker, published author, recognized as a medicine man by...
85 min
Josh Clemente - A Space Engineer Talks About Ho...
We all know the old saying, "You can't out-train a bad diet." And that's the truth. There are a number of different ways to get results from your workouts, but one of the most effective, time-proven strategies is by monitoring what you put in your...
50 min
Dr. Martin Gibala - HIIT Solutions for Working ...
High intensity exercise is kind of like wine. Let me explain, the occasional glass of wine isn't bad for you and could provide health benefits. However, drinking too much wine it could definitely be bad for your health. High Intensity Interval...
46 min
Dr. John Medina - How Exercise Changes Your Brain
Do you ever have to stop and try to remember why you walked into a room? Do you ever forget where you left your keys? Are you ever concerned that these common mistakes are an indicator of developing dementia or Alzheimer's? Here's some exciting news,...
57 min
Quick Fit Tip: How Exercise Slows Down the Agin...
Losing weight. Toning up. Enhancing athletic performance. Improving health. There are a number of reasons to start an exercise program, but one of the most important reasons for working out is often overlooked which is the fact that exercise can slow...
14 min
Kira Stokes - The creator of the STOKED Method
The human body was made to move, yet most workout programs use only one muscle or muscle group at a time. Combining many exercises into a single movement can help burn more calories while improving the strength and definition of all of the muscles...
61 min
Fitness Industry Roundtable - Response to COVID19
Industry leaders share how their organizations are adapting to the virus.
66 min
Shauna Harrison, MPH, Ph.D - The Sweaty Profess...
Hip hop, yoga and love in the era of COVID19
80 min
Lauren Jamison - Comedian and Fitness Fanatic
Talking fitness with a comedian
64 min
Artemis Scantalides - Creating Optimal Efficien...
From working to working out, living with the COVID19 virus is challenging us all to adjust and adapt to a new reality of managing day-to-day life. For those already working at home this does not mean a big change, but for others working from home...
57 min
Paul McCullough & Dr. Jess Harmon - Developing ...
Optimizing your performance the O2X way
57 min
6 Ways that Exercise CAN Change the Way YOU Feel
Feeling stressed out? Change that with exercise
19 min
Quick Fit Tip: Buying Exercise Equipment for yo...
Affordable workout gear that can keep you fit when you can't make it to the gym
16 min
Workout Solutions for Home
Ideas for staying fit when stuck at home
11 min
Shannon Weinstein, CPA - Financial Fitness
Financial fitness advice for the tax season
36 min
Kaisa Keranen aka @Kaisafit
A conversation about Movement with @Kaisafit
50 min
Quick Fit Tip - Benefits of Cardio Exercise
Why you should be doing your cardio workouts
15 min
Danielle Martin - Mindset Coach
Develop true strength through mindset
55 min
Gunnar Peterson - Strength Coach & Celebrity Tr...
How you can train like a celebrity (or professional athlete)
28 min
Dr. John Rusin - Pain-free Exercise Specialist
How to exercise pain free
62 min
Quick Fit Tip - 6 Benefits of Strength Training
The specific benefits of heavy resistance training
17 min
Brandon Wagner
Exercise for the sport of life
57 min
Quick Fit Tip: The Benefits of the Mind-body Co...
How to get the most out of your workouts
19 min
Jeff Dilts - Fitness Industry Insider
How the equipment you love to hate gets invented!
54 min
Quick Fit Tip - Exercise Equipment
The overlooked workout equipment that you should be using
25 min
Dr. Kelly McGonigal - The Joy of Movement
The types of exercise that can change the way you feel
63 min
Quick Fit Tip: Why do you exercise?
There are many reasons to exercise, what's your reason?
17 min
Dr. Jen Ashton - The Self-Care Solution
Taking care of the most important person in your life
53 min
Quick Fit Tip: Goal Setting for 2020
How to set goals to help you succeed
18 min
Dr. Natalia Petrzela
The Economics of Being a Fitness Professional
42 min
Fitness Trends for 2020
Fitness Trends for 2020
33 min
Sam Berry - Injury-free Workout Solutions
Sam Berry - Injury-free Workout Solutions
27 min
Jesse Ohliger - From Professional Athlete to In...
Jesse Ohliger - From Professional Athlete to Inventor
28 min
John Buultjens - The Secret to a Lifetime of Ex...
John Buultjens - The Secret to a Lifetime of Exercise
39 min
Todd Clever - The life of a professional rugby ...
Todd Clever - The life of a professional rugby player
43 min
Amanda Vogel - the AAF 2019 Holiday Gift-giving...
Amanda Vogel - the AAF 2019 Holiday Gift-giving Guide
46 min
Dr. Nick Winkelman - The Language of Coaching
Dr. Nick Winkelman - The Language of Coaching
73 min
Greg Nigro - How to get a fitness product on th...
Greg Nigro - How to get a fitness product on the Shark Tank
34 min
Sue Falsone: An Athletic Trainer Changing the G...
Sue Falsone: An Athletic Trainer Changing the Game
40 min
Jacqueline Kasen - A Die-hard Fitness Professional
Jacqueline Kasen - A Die-hard Fitness Professional
29 min
Bret Contreras - The Origins of the Hip Thrust
Bret Contreras - The Origins of the Hip Thrust
32 min
Vance Hinds: How to Lose More than 200 lbs!
Vance Hinds: How to Lose More than 200 lbs!
58 min
Quick Fit Tip: The Health Benefits of Social Media
Quick Fit Tip: The Health Benefits of Social Media
9 min
Dr. Kelly McGonigal - The Psychology of Group F...
Dr. Kelly McGonigal - The Psychology of Group Fitness
50 min
Fabio Comana - The Science of HIIT - High Inten...
Fabio Comana - The Science of HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training
41 min
Quick Fit Tip: Benefits of Periodization
Quick Fit Tip: Benefits of Periodization
11 min
Live from IDEA China 2019: The International Gr...
Live from IDEA China 2019: The International Growth of Fitness of the Fitness Industry
28 min
Dr. Scott Trappe - The Benefits of Lifelong Exe...
Dr. Scott Trappe - The Benefits of Lifelong Exercise
32 min