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All About Fitness is a free podcast that explores how exercise can successfully manage the aging process. From popular fitness programs to recently-developed exercise equipment, discover new trends and evidence-based solutions that can help you slow down the effects of time and stress on your body. No matter your age, learn how to burn calories, build stronger muscles and get YOUR best body straight from the people who conduct the research, invent the products and create the workouts that make you sweat. Host Pete McCall is a master personal trainer, education content creator and blogger for leading fitness organizations including the American Council on Exercise, Nautilus, StairMaster and the National Academy of Sports Medicine. In addition, he is the author of Ageless Intensity: Effective Workouts to Slow the Aging Process and Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple as well as multiple textbook chapters on exercise science. With extensive experience traveling around the world teaching workshops to personal trainers and group fitness instructors, Pete is an engaging host with the unique ability to translate the science of exercise for all to understand. The Quick Fit Tips deliver practical, actionable advice in under 15 minutes; while the interviews are in-depth, informative and engaging conversations with top health and fitness experts. New episodes are posted weekly; listen and subscribe to the All About Fitness podcast in order to learn how exercise can enhance your quality of life while extending your lifespan.

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Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made ...
Continuing with the series, this episode transitions to Chapter 2 of Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple and is titled, Movement and Intensity in Practice. Mobility, strength training and metabolic conditioning are the the 3 primary components of a well-designed exercise program. This episode addresses each of these components and why they are so essential for your workout program. Learn all about the essential components of a workout on this episode of All About Fitness.
19 min
Gary Gray - the Father of Functional Training
Gary Gray has evolved his approach of working with the entire body and created the Gray Institute to teach physical therapists, personal trainers and strength coaches how to help their patients and athletes move more effectively. This episode, originally recorded in 2017, discusses how your body is designed to function and identifies ways that you could be exercising more effectively.
45 min
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made ...
15 min
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made ...
This episode continues with chapter 1 from Smarter Workouts that addresses how exercise changes your body. Your muscles use two different types of energy to produce movement: mechanical and metabolic: this episode covers the basics of energy metabolism and how your muscles convert the food you eat into the energy used to move your body; you'll be surprised at which part of your body is REALLY responsible for the changes that you experience as the result of your workouts.
25 min
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made ...
How exercise changes the body: understanding metabolic and mechanical overload.
27 min
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made ...
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made Simple, chapt 1, part 1: How exercise changes your body. Learn the science of how your body responds to exercise and how to create your own workout programs.
24 min
Smarter Workouts: The Science of Exercise Made ...
Learn how to design your own workout programs.
29 min
Chris Hodson - The Origin Story of All About Fi...
Chris Hodson is a plumbing contractor in North County San Diego who has been a lifelong fan of the iron game; he knows a lot about the science of getting stronger and was one of the people who motivated Pete to pursue his interest in strength training when they worked out together in college. Chris shares what he has learned in a lifetime of reading about various strength-training techniques and how you can apply them to your workouts. On this episode of All About Fitness, it's all about the gym science of strength training with Chris Hodson.
81 min
Dan Duran - Making a Career Change to Personal ...
Dan Duran is a vice-president for the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and he talks about how he went from a government job with a secure salary to working as a personal trainer, in his forties. Dan shares what motivated him to become a personal trainer and how we was able to match his previous salary doing a job that he absolutely loved. Learn all about how to become a fitness professional on this episode of All About Fitness.
60 min
Dr. Lee Burton - Functional Strength Training
Dr. Lee Burton is a founder Functional Movement Systems and one of the leading experts on understanding how and why that humans are designed to move. Dr. Burton helped create the Functional Movement Screen to provide a system for coaches and personal trainers to help athletes train with a lower risk of injury. On this episode, Dr. Burton talks about how the body is designed to function and shares why it is so important to take a movement-first approach with your strength training program. It's all about movement with Dr. Lee Burton on this episode of All About Fitness.
68 min
Dr. Craig Heller - Better Fitness Through Sleep
Sleep, it's something that we all do, but the fact is that we probably do not do enough of it. Sleep is the time when our body repairs itself and should be considered an essential component of a comprehensive fitness program. Dr. Craig Heller is a professor of biology at Stanford University and has been studying why we sleep and the ways that sleep can support physical performance. Learn all about how sleep supports your workouts as well as ways that you can improve your sleep hygiene to achieve optimal health on this episode of All About Fitness.
41 min
Dr. Bret Contreras - The Glute Guy
On this episode of All About Fitness, Dr. Bret Contreras shares how he developed the barbell hip thrust and we discuss the most effective exercises for maximizing your gluteus.
26 min
Adam Sedlak - The Business of Making You Sweat
UFC Gyms are not just for MMA athletes, they have the resources to help anyone work towards any exercise or fitness goal. Adam Sedlak is the Chief Executive Officer of UFC Gym and on this episode he not only talks about what makes UFC Gyms a different type of fitness experience but shares how you could open one of your own. On this episode of All About Fitness, it's all about the business of fitness with one of the leading executives in the industry.
54 min
Danielle Friedman - The Hidden History of Women...
In her book, Let's Get Physical, journalist Danielle Friedman reveals the fascinating history of women's fitness culture. Each chapter of Let's Get Physical reviews a different era of the fitness industry and identifies an important woman who influenced it; the outcome is a fast-paced and entertaining journey through the evolution of the modern fitness industry. On this episode of All About Fitness, Danielle shares what motivated her to tell the story of how women have influenced the fitness industry and what she learned from digging into that history.
62 min
Bill Hayes - Sweat: A History of Exercise
63 min
Quick Fit Tip - Time to Change Your Workouts
The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results. When was the last time that you changed your workout routine? There is a paradox with exercise: performing the same exercises at the same level of intensity for too long could result in a plateau and changing exercises too frequently does not provide enough stimulus for the results that you want. This Quick Fit Tip explains the benefits of changing your workouts on a regular basis and provides an easy schedule for how you can do just that.
8 min
Strength Coach Angelo Gingerelli - Resistance T...
Angelo Gingerelli is a strength coach at Seton Hall University and a running enthusiast; Coach Gingerelli knows that runners have no problem putting in the miles but need some help in the weight room which caused him to write the book, Finish Strong: Resistance Training for Endurance Athletes. Coach Gingerelli talks about the benefits of resistance training for endurance athletes and how the proper workouts allow you to receive the maximal enjoyment from your favorite sport. It's all about how to reduce the risk of injury on this episode of All About Fitness.
63 min
Quick Fit Tip - Transitioning to Outdoor Workouts
This Quick Fit Tip covers a few issues that you should be aware of so that you can make the successful transition from indoor to outdoor workouts while reducing the risk of injury.
8 min
Dr. Kevin Stone - Play Forever: How to Recover ...
Dr. Kevin Stone is an orthopedic surgeon and founder of the Stone Clinic in Northern California; throughout his career, Dr. Stone has helped numerous athletes return to their sport after an injury. In his book, Play Forever: How to Recovery from Injury and Thrive, Dr. Stone shares how you too can structure your workouts and exercise program to do exactly that: enjoy your favorite activities well into your later years. This is a fascinating and engaging conversation about how the evolution of modern sports medicine can help you to play forever.
56 min
Dr. Melina Jampolis - Using Herbs and Spices To...
Dr. Melina Jampolis shares about how her experience as a doctor led her to focus on healthy nutrition as a vital component of preventative healthcare. In addition, she explains how certain spices can not only make food taste better but could also improve our health and help mitigate the effects of the aging process. Develop a deeper understanding about the health benefits of good nutrition on this episode of All About Fitness.
60 min
Aimee Nicotera - Fitness over 40
Yes, it's now a new year, but what does that really mean in terms of your fitness and workout program? Do we have to wait for a new week, new month or new year to start a new, healthier behavior? This episode of All About Fitness features a return of co-host Aimee Nicotera to talk about all issues related to how to stay fit in our 40s; we talk about the right time to start a new workout program, how goals can help with motivation and what you can do to stay active, fit and healthy all year long.
61 min
Dr. Chad Waterbury - Elite Physique, the Scienc...
Dr. Chad Waterbury is a Los Angeles-based physical therapist and author of several books about exercise including Huge in a Hurry and Muscle Revolution; his latest, Elite Physique, the Science of Building a Better Body, provides evidence-based solutions for how to change the way you look. On this episode, enjoy an insightful and educational discussion about how to minimize the risk of injury when you exercise along with learning about how exercise can change your body as we discuss the types of workouts and exercises that can help add lean muscle and improve strength at any age.
52 min
Dr. Mike Simpson - How to Develop Elite Fitness...
At the ripe young age of 48, Mike Simpson was still running missions in Afghanistan with U.S. Special Forces. How did he keep up? His fitness and his mindset were honed by three decades of Special Forces training, martial arts, and his own specialized knowledge as a doctor of emergency medicine. On this episode of All About Fitness you will learn how to maintain and build muscle as we age along with steps that you can take to improve your mindset and mental fortitude. If you think turning 40 means that you’re past your prime, think again, this conversation demonstrates that it’s not too late to find your edge and live the lifestyle of a warrior-athlete.
75 min
Jason Stella - The Evolution of Fitness
Jason Stella is the National Education Manager for LifeTime. On this episode, Jason and I talk about how the fitness industry has evolved over the course of our careers and where we think the industry is heading. We also talk about how our personal workouts have evolved as we 'matured' through our 40s and the role that high-intensity exercise plays in our personal workouts.
61 min
Quick Fit Tip - Top Fitness Trends for 2022
This Quick Fit Tip identifies the top fitness trends that will be making us sweat in 2022 and beyond! If you love to exercise then you will love hearing about these trends that will influence all sectors of the fitness industry.
22 min