Crawlspace - True Crime & Mysteries

Crawlspace is where crime meets culture.

We host interesting conversations about unsolved murders, serial killers, cold cases and paranormal activity. We go beyond entertainment as we dig deeper to tell stories of crimes, vanished people, and injustices. Our guests include survivors, authors, journalists, podcasters, advocates, and educators. 

Starting in 2017 with a deep dive into the disappearance of Brianna Maitland, Crawlspace is hosted by Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna of the Missing Maura Murray and Missing podcasts; and occasionally by Jennifer Amell of Dark Valley. 

Frequent topics include unsolved murders like the JonBenét Ramsey case, wrongful convictions like John Giuca, serial killers like the Zodiac killer, Christopher Wilder, and Jeffrey Dahmer. We speak with experts in criminal psychology like Dr Michelle Ward, survivors like Jane Boroski, and even Satanist Lucien Greaves. But we also have a lighter side where we discuss ghosts and paranormal activity, weird cryptids like Bigfoot and Mothman, and fun mysteries like the dolls found in a Michigan couple’s mailbox.

Authors like Jon Ronson, Rabia Chaudry, and Daniel Stone have joined us and we’ve even spoken with familiar names in comedy and entertainment like Melissa Rivers, Patrick Hinds, and Dave Holmes.

Crawlspace is a Glassbox Media & Crawlspace Media production.

True Crime
422 // The Murder of Hazelle Fenty
Tim Pilleri and Lance Reenstierna speak with David and Jacob Cockcroft about the unsolved murder of their mother and grandmother, Hazelle Fenty, from Daytona Beach on December 4th of 1992.
50 min
421 // Murder & Racial Tension in The Combat Zo...
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna dig deeper into The Combat Zone with author and journalist, Jan Brogan. The Combat Zone was an area official sanctioned to contain the influx of pornography, strip venues and adult entertainment that was spreading across the nation in the 1970's. All of this boiled over in November of 1976 with the murder of Harvard football player, Andrew Puopolo.
61 min
420 // Crimes of the Occult - The Maxim Gun
In 1885, William Cantelo finished the secret weapon he had been building in the tunnels below his laboratory in Southampton, England. Within three months, both William and his weapon had vanished.
20 min
419 // Crimes of the Occult - The Willing Abductee
20 min
418 // Crimes of the Occult - The Changeling of...
In the spring of 1922, a little girl went missing from her family’s farmstead in the Brittany region of France. She was located a few weeks later wandering 300 miles away from her home. Her parents rejoiced upon their daughter’s prodigal return, but began to notice some bizarre behavior in the girl. When a horrifying discovery was made in a neighboring field, they began to question: Just who was the little girl in their home?
24 min
417 // The Witch of Wellfleet & the Missing Pirate
Spooky season kicks off with this tale of the Witch of Wellfleet and the Missing Pirate. We tell the tale as it's remembered, but then deconstruct the folklore and try to get to the truth of these stories.
20 min
416 // Crime Con '23 Rewind
Tim and Lance recap their whirlwind of a trip to Orlando for Crime Con 2023.
58 min
415 // The Earwitness w/ Beth Shelburne
51 min
414 // Serial Killer Dean Corll w/ LA Not So Co...
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna discuss serial killer Dean Corll with the help of friends and forensic psychologists Dr. Shiloh and Dr. Scott of LA Not So Confidential.
59 min
413 // Missing Dennis Martin
Tim Pilleri, Lance Reenstierna, and Jennifer Amell speak with researcher Laura Riste about the mysterious disappearance of Dennis Lloyd Martin from the Great Smokey Mountains National Park.
58 min
412 // Serial Killer Edward Wayne Edwards
35 min
411 // No Conspiracy - Eric Ulis on JFK Assassi...
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna speak with Eric Ulis about the his findings on the JFK assassination.
59 min
410 // The Phillip Experiment W/Christy Arnhart
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna welcome friend Christy Arnhart back to the show to discuss one of the most perplexing parapsychology experiment ever conducted. In 1972, in Toronto, Ontario Canada, a group of people unaffiliated with the paranormal assembled to determine whether humans can manifest the presence of a long deceased entity through collective thought and will.
41 min
409 // Beyond The Ghosts of the South w/ Profes...
46 min
408 // Lisa Pruett Murder Mystery w/ James Renner
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna speak with author James Renner about his new book Little, Crazy Children.
57 min
407 // Professor Avi Loeb’s Extraterrestrial Di...
In this episode, Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna have one of the most unique and fascinating guests. Harvard professor, astronomer, writer, lecturer and all around great guy Avi Loeb joins them. Recently, Prof. Loeb has made headlines with his discovery of material, taken from the seafloor and determined to be not of this world. In fact, the material could very well be from outside of our solar system.
49 min
406 // Serial Killer Fernando Hernández Leyva
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna discuss the disturbing story of Mexican serial killer Fernando Hernández Leyva.
27 min
405 // Sean Wilson, A Voice For Change
55 min
404 // Dark Valley ep 7 recap by Invisible Tears
This is a feed drop from our friends at Invisible Tears! Jane Boroski, Amanda and Drew Bedard host Invisible Tears and they've been doing recap episodes of Dark Valley.
44 min
403 // Valley Killer Roundtable
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna speak with survivor Jane Boroski and Amanda and Drew Bedard of the Invisible Tears podcast to discuss the River Valley Killer and much more.
43 min
402 // The Blind Plea of Deven Grey w/Liz Flock...
39 min
401 // Dark Valley Live w/ Survivor Jane Borosk...
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna spend the evening with Jennifer Amell & Jane Boroski and go live on YouTube, taking questions and telling behind the scene stories about the production of Crawlspace Media's show, Dark Valley.
34 min
400 // Dark Valley Live w/ Survivor Jane Borosk...
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna spend the evening with Jennifer Amell & Jane Boroski and go live on YouTube, taking questions and telling behind the scene stories about the production of Crawlspace Media's show, Dark Valley.
30 min
399 // Child Last Seen w/ Maureen Boyle
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna speak with author Maureen Boyle about her new book Child Last Seen about the disappearance and murder of Patty Desmond.
46 min
398 // True Survivors w/ Terra Newell & Collier...
Tim Pilleri & Lance Reenstierna are thrilled to be joined by two ultimate survivors, Terra Newell & Collier Landry.
50 min