Proof: A True Crime Podcast

Proof: A True Crime Podcast is a serialized investigation into cases of potential wrongful conviction. Hosted by Susan Simpson of the Undisclosed Podcast and Jacinda Davis of TV’s Evil Lives Here, Proof unravels the tangled and competing demands of the legal system, police practices, truth, guilt and innocence.

Season 2: The second season of Proof: Murder at the Warehouse takes Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis to Manteca, CA where they reinvestigate the murder of 18-year-old Renee Ramos. On June 5, 2000, Ramos’ body was found buried under a pile of debris inside the shell of a new Home Depot building. Despite tips hinting at alternate suspects - tips that were ignored until now - Renee’s boyfriend, 18-year-old skateboarder Jake Silva, and Ty Lopes, the 33-year-old uncle of one of Jake's close friends were arrested for her murder. The questionable testimony of a 14-year-old boy was the key evidence used to convict them both to life in prison.

Twenty-three years after Renee Ramos was murdered, Jake Silva remains in prison and maintains he is innocent. In season two of Proof: MURDER AT THE WAREHOUSE, Susan and Jacinda travel the streets of Manteca, reinvestigating the case against Jake and Ty – and in the process uncover long-overlooked evidence about what really happened to Renee

Season 1: In season one of Proof: RUSSIAN ROULETTE Susan Simpson and Jacinda Davis reinvestigate the murder of Brian Bowling.

On an October night in 1996, a gunshot rattles the walls of a double-wide trailer on the outskirts of Rome, Georgia. 15-year-old Brian Bowling is laying on the floor of his room, head bleeding from a gunshot wound. By the next morning, Brian is dead. Investigators quickly conclude that Brian’s wound was self-inflicted, the tragic result of teenage bravado. And yet within six months, two friends are arrested and accused of plotting to kill Brian. Cain Joshua Story and Darrell Lee Clark are convicted and sentenced to life in prison. An evil teenage plot? A horrible tragic accident? Or, a blatant miscarriage of justice? In this first season of PROOF, Susan and Jacinda drive the back roads of Rome, searching for the truth.

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49 min
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Ep. 2 - Us Rome Boys
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48 min
Proof - Teaser
A new investigative true crime podcast from Susan Simpson of Undisclosed and the producers of Evil Live Here.
2 min