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Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit (SVU)
<p>Filmspotting: SVU is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Alison Willmore and Matt Singer focusing on the world of online movies. Part of the Filmspotting family of podcasts.</p>
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SVU #167: Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping / ...
On SVU's final episode, Matt and Alison discuss the Lonely Island mockumentary and answer listener questions.
101 min
SVU #166: It (1990) / Clown Movies
Just another episode where Matt and Alison reminisce about the clown who terrorized their small town.
64 min
SVU #165: I, Tonya / Movies (And One TV Show) I...
Matt and Alison hit the ice with 2017's Tonya Harding biopic.
71 min
SVU #164: Manhunt / Hong Kong Action Movies
Is John Woo's latest movie a return to form or self-parody?
60 min
SVU #163: Thelma / Supernatural Coming of Age M...
Movies about girls blossoming into a women with terrifying powers and a review of the new film from Joachim Trier ("Oslo 31 Aug").
73 min
SVU #162: The Iron Giant / And More Movies Refe...
Alison and Matt use Steven Spielberg's latest as an excuse to talk about all sorts of movies that turn up in the reference-heavy dystopian adventure, including Brad Bird's beloved 1999 film.
66 min
SVU #161: Wild Wild Country / Movies Made By Br...
Matt and Alison discuss Netflix's stranger-than-fiction docuseries along with movies by the Maysles, The Zuckers and more available to stream.
85 min
SVU #160: The Thin Man / Movies About Drinking
The William Powell/Myrna Loy classic inspires Matt and Alison to go on a cinematic bender.
84 min
SVU #159: Babylon Berlin / Berlin Movies
Matt and Alison pay a visit to Weimar-era Berlin by way of Netflix's new German period drama and recommend some other Berlin-set titles that are available to rent or stream.
80 min
SVU #158: Good Time / Movies That Take Place In...
The uneasy charms of the Safdie brothers' New York set-thriller starring Robert Pattinson.
83 min
SVU #157: On Body and Soul / The Cloverfield Pa...
What is the future for original movies on Netflix?
67 min
SVU #156: Brawl in Cell Block 99 / Neo-Exploita...
S. Craig Zahler's brawny, wry, brutal Vince Vaughn-goes-to-prison drama.
65 min
SVU #155: A Ghost Story / Ghostly Movies
David Lowery's exploration of grief, time, and the afterlife as represented by a sheet with two eye holes cut in it.
66 min
SVU #154: Bright / Will Smith
Matt and Alison delve into the deceptively muddled waters of Netflix's first attempt at a blockbuster.
68 min
SVU #153: The 2017 SVUvie Awards
Matt and Alison share their annual, unconventional and highly personal year-end movie awards.
99 min
SVU #152: A Very Special Flopspotting Live
Matt join's the hosts of the Flop House podcast for a review of "Transformers: The Last Knight."
87 min
SVU #151: Mudbound/Black Female Filmmakers
Dee Rees’ ensemble period drama is a Netflix exclusive with an outside chance at making Oscar history.
63 min
SVU #150: The Meyerowitz Stories / Movies About...
David Sims of the Atlantic and the Blank Check podcast joins Alison to talk Noah Baumbach’s latest.
84 min
SVU #149: Raw / College Movies
French vet school is really intense.
68 min
SVU #148: The Bad Batch / Cannibalism Movies
"A Girl Walks Home Along At Night" director Ana Lily Amirpour's latest has Keanu Reeves as a desert cult leader.
69 min
SVU #147: TIFF 2017 / Graduation
Highlights (and a lowlight) from the Toronto Int'l Film Fest and the latest from Romania's Cristian Mungiu.
76 min
SVU #146: Inside No. 9 / Anthology Shows
The new British anthology series ranges from comedy to horror, but all episodes are set at a location numbered “9.”
73 min
SVU #145: Death Note / Anime Starter Kit
Will there ever be a great American anime adaptation?
70 min
SVU #144: Hudson Hawk / Vanity Projects
Is the Bruce Willis-starring "Hawk" the epic disaster its reputation suggests? And what makes a vanity project anyway?
85 min
SVU #143: To The Bone / When TV Creators Make M...
Matt and Alison discuss writer/director Marti Noxon's ("Buffy" "UnREAL") latest project, the Netflix original about a young woman battling anorexia.
79 min
SVU #142: The Lost City of Z / Movies About Exp...
A recommendation for James Gray's new jungle adventure - and more movies about dashing, daring adventurers available to rent or stream.
75 min
SVU #141: Okja / Multilingual Movies
Matt and Alison discuss the genre-defying Netflix original "Okja" and recommend some other multilingual movies available to rent or stream right now.
82 min
SVU #140: Long Strange Trip / Music Docs
Matt and Alison discuss the new Grateful Dead doc "Long Strange Trip" and the larger question of what makes a music doc worthwhile for audiences beyond the hardcore fans.
79 min
SVU #139: Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me / The T...
Matt and Alison discuss 1992's "Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me" and the not-always-grand movie tradition of the "the beautiful dead girl."
77 min
SVU #138: The Handmaid’s Tale / Female Cinemato...
Matt and Alison discuss "The Handmaid's Tale" and how the new Margaret Atwood adaptation depicts its horrors as experience rather than spectacle.
78 min
SVU #137: Split / Unconventional Superhero Stories
Matt and Alison debate whether SPLIT is the M. Night Shyamalan comeback vehicle it’s been heralded to be, then offer up recommendations for some other convention-defying superhero stories available to stream right now.
78 min
SVU #136: The Love Witch / Technicolor Classics
Matt and Alison bask in the richly hued glory of Technicolor for this week's episode, recommending Technicolor classics to available to stream inspired by their listeners' choice review, 2016's retro-styled "The Love Witch."
72 min
SVU #135: The Devils / Religious Horror
Matt and Alison ackowledge the streaming debut of Ken Russell's infamous "The Devils" (1971) with a review and recs for other streaming Religious Horror movies.
68 min
SVU #134: Frailty / Bill Paxton
Matt and Alison honor the passing of Bill Paxton with a review of the actor's 2001 directorial debut "Frailty."
76 min
SVU #133: I Don’t Feel At Home In This World An...
Matt and Alison review the Sundance winning "I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore" and share other Amateur Detective Movies available to stream.
78 min
SVU #132: The Greasy Strangler / Midnight Movies
Matt and Alison stay up late to make some "Midnight Movie" suggestions, plus a review of "The Greasy Strangler."
72 min
SVU #131: Swiss Army Man / Paul Dano Movies
Matt and Alison dig into one of 2016's most divisive films, the "farting corpse movies" SWISS ARMY MAN and talk other streamable Paul Dano films.
78 min
SVU #130: Cameraperson / 2017 Sundance Film Fes...
Matt and Alison review Kirsten Johnson's innovative "memoir" documentary "Cameraperson" and reflect on their time at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival.
66 min
SVU #129: Under the Shadow / Foreign Horror Films
Matt and Alison get scared with subtitles as they discuss foreign horror films along with a review of 2016 horror flick from Iran "Under the Shadow."
73 min
SVU #128: Café Society / Love Triangle Movies
Matt and Alison bring in the new year with Woody Allen's 2016 period comedy "Cafe Society" and talk other Love Triangle Movies available to stream.
74 min
SVU #127: The Lobster / The 2016 SVUvie Awards
Matt and Alison commemorate their last podcast of 2016 with their annual SVUvie Awards, plus a Listeners' Choice review of "The Lobster."
74 min
SVU #126: Creed / Follow-Ups to Breakthrough Su...
Alison and Matt review Ryan Coogler's "Creed" (2015) and recommend other streaming titles from directors that broke through at Sundance.
80 min
SVU #125: Live at Chicago Podcast Festival / Th...
Live from Schubas Tavern in Chicago, Matt and Alison recommend some cinematic comfort food and introduce the SVUvotron 5000.
49 min
SVU #124: The Neon Demon / Notable 2016 Movies ...
Matt and Alison review Nicholas Winding Refn's "The Neon Demon" and catch up with other notable 2016 releases available to stream.
75 min
SVU #123: 13th / Documentaries By Fiction Filmm...
Matt and Alison review Ana DuVernay's ("Selma") first foray into nonfiction filmmaking - "13th" - and recommend other documentaries made by fiction filmmakers available to stream.
80 min
SVU #122: Fleabag / Movies That Break The Fourt...
Matt and Alison review the new Amazon series "Fleabag" and talk about some other movies available via streaming that break the fourth wall.
80 min
SVU #121: The Witch / 2016 Toronto Film Festiva...
Matt and Alison report on their time at the 2016 TIFF and have a review of the arthouse horror hit THE WITCH.
78 min
SVU #120: Amazon Pilot Season / Further Viewing...
Matt and Alison took time out from their trip to the Toronto International Film Festival to discuss the offerings from Amazon Prime's latest Pilot Season: THE TICK, JEAN-CLAUDE VAN JOHNSON and I LOVE DICK.
80 min
SVU #119: Weiner / Political Documentaries
Matt and Alison review WEINER (2016) about disgraced politician Anthony Weiner and recommend their favorite political docs available to rent and stream.
62 min
SVU #118: The Little Prince / Stop-Motion Anima...
Matt and Alison discuss THE LITTLE PRINCE, now on Netflix, and recommend other stop-motion animated movies you can watch at home right now, and respond to your feedback about their controversial review of STRANGER THINGS.
75 min
SVU #117: Stranger Things / Spielbergian Movies
A review of Netflix's STRANGER THINGS, plus Matt and Alison's favorite Spielbergian movies available to stream.
70 min
SVU #116: Sorcerer / Ghostbusters (2016) / Movi...
Matt and Alison review William Friedkin’s SORCERER and recommend some other movies about men and women with dangerous jobs available to rent or stream right now.
72 min
SVU #115: O.J.: Made in America / 30 For 30 Doc...
Matt and Alison watch and discuss all 7.5 hours of the docuseries O.J. MADE IN AMERICA. Plus, they recommend other films from ESPN's outstanding 30 FOR 30 documentary series that you can rent or stream at home right now.
84 min
SVU #114: Swingers / The Movies of 1996
This episode of SVU is so money and it doesn't even know it. That’s because Matt and Alison review Doug Liman's SWINGERS and recommend some other movies from 1996 that are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year.
74 min
SVU #113: Lady Dynamite / Mental Illness Movies
Alison and Matt break down the new Netflix series LADY DYNAMITE starring Maria Bamford. Plus, they recommend some movies about mental illness you can rent or stream at home right now.
78 min
SVU #112: Cannes Film Festival Review / Mustang
Freshly returned from the Cannes Film Festival, Alison joins Matt to review the highlights and lowlights of the fest. Plus, a review of MUSTANG, last year's Oscar nominee for Best Foreign Language film, and more.
74 min
SVU #111: The Keeping Room / Captain America: C...
Lock the doors. Close the windows. The latest episode of Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit is invading your home with an episode all about home invasion thrillers. Plus, Matt and Alison review the Civil War-set Western (and home invasion thriller) THE KE
66 min
SVU #110: Look Who's Back / Controversial Comedies
What if Adolf Hitler woke up in 2016? That's the provocative subject of the new German comedy Look Who’s Back, which is the subject of this week’s Listeners’ Choice Review on Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit. In honor of Look Who’s Back, Matt an
76 min
SVU #109: The Assassin / Martial Arts Movies
Matt and Alison discuss Hou Hsiao-Hsien's gorgeous wuxia movie THE ASSASSIN and recommend some other martial arts movies you can rent or stream at home right now. Their picks may or may not be fast as lightning.
78 min
SVU #108: Pee-wee’s Big Holiday / Road Trip Movies
Get read to hit the road with Matt and Alison for a Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit road trip! In addition to recommending some great road trip movies you can watch at home right now, they also review the new Netflix original movie PEE-WEE'S BIG HOLIDA
77 min
SVU #107: Mortdecai / The Films of Johnny Depp
Do you think mustaches are inherently hilarious? Then you are going to love the new episode of Filmspotting: SVU, where Alison and Matt discuss the art heist caper (and mustache comedy) MORTDECAI. Plus, they discuss the fascinating and frustrating career
73 min
SVU #106: Love (Netflix) / Unromantic Romantic ...
Love is in the air on the new Filmspotting: SVU... like literally, as Matt and Alison discuss the new Netflix original series LOVE starring Paul Rust and Gillian Jacobs, and co-created by Judd Apatow. Inspired by this unusual show, Matt and Alison also re
71 min
SVU #105: Lady Snowblood / New Release Roundup ...
Quentin Tarantino's a huge fan, but what did Matt and Alison think of the Japanese revenge movie LADY SNOWBLOOD? Find out in the latest episode of SVU. Plus, Matt and Alison discuss all the week's big new releases, and offer some movies you can watch at h
78 min
SVU #104: Chi-Raq / 2016 Sundance Highlights / ...
Matt and Alison head to the Windy City for a serious discussion of Spike Lee’s hip-hop sex comedy CHI-RAQ. Plus, fresh from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival, Alison shares the highlights of her trip, while Matt helps you win your Oscar pool by handicappi
82 min
SVU #103: Bone Tomahawk / 2016 Sundance Film Fe...
Matt is back from paternity leave, just in time for for Alison to leave for the 2016 Sundance Film Festival. Before she goes, though, she's got a preview of some of the most exciting titles at this year's fest. Hopefully her trip out West will go better t
90 min
SVU #102: The Ridiculous 6 / The Highs and Lows...
Alison is joined by special guest Amy Nicholson from LA Weekly and The Canon podcast while Matt’s on leave... Together they brave Adam Sandler’s first (and apparently wildly successful) Netflix original movie THE RIDICULOUS 6, then recommend some Sand
75 min
SVU #101: The Force Awakens Spoiler Special / I...
With Matt away on paternity leave, Alison is joined by special guest Jen Yamato from The Daily Beast to bust into the multiplex and talk about the new Star Wars movie in all its spoilerific glory. Then they
66 min
SVU #100: 2015 SVUvie Awards / Inglourious Bast...
On the 100th episode of Filmspotting: SVU, Matt and Alison celebrate the best (and worst) of 2015 with the latest installment of their annual SVUvie Awards. Plus, with The Hateful Eight on the horizon, they're reviewing Quentin Tarantino's war movie INGLO
107 min
SVU #99: Master of None: (Season 1) / Great 201...
Ladies and gentlemen, on the new Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit, Matt Singer and Alison Willmore discuss all ten episodes of Aziz Ansari's new Netflix series, MASTER OF NONE. We think you'll find the discussion as soothing as a robotic therapy seal. P
83 min
SVU #98: Project Greenlight / The Leisure Class...
Film or digital, digital or film? On the new SVU, Matt and Alison follow Jason Mann as he tries to make THE LEISURE CLASS on the latest season of PROJECT GREENLIGHT and then recommend some other films from producers Ben Affleck and Matt Damon that you can
82 min
SVU #97: Beasts of No Nation / African Films an...
The latest episode of SVU takes a trip across the world, as Matt and Alison review the new Netflix Original Movie BEASTS OF NO NATION and recommend some more films and television shows set across Africa that you can rent or stream at home right now.
77 min
SVU #96: Iris / Great Movie Fashion
Strike a pose, Filmspotting: SVU listeners! On the latest episode of Streaming Video Unit, Matt and Alison dive deep into the world of fashion. First they review the new documentary IRIS from filmmaker Albert Maysles. Then they share some of their own per
81 min
SVU #95: Fall Festival Highlights / Mandingo
A review of Richard Fleischer's infamous MANDINGO, plus – with Matt and Alison traveling around the continent to cover various film festivals – they discuss some of the best movies they've seen from Toronto, New York and Fantastic Fest.
73 min
SVU #94: Queen of Earth / Mental Breakdown Movies
Matt and Alison review Alex Ross Perry's QUEEN OF EARTH, starring Elisabeth Moss. Then they try to hold things together long enough to recommend some other movies about characters in the midst of mental breakdowns you can rent or stream at home right now.
76 min
SVU #93: Two Days, One Night / Workplace Movies
Yeah, hi. We're going to have to ask you to come in on Saturday? And listen to Matt and Alison review Marion Cotillard in TWO DAYS, ONE NIGHT, and then recommend some other movies about work and jobs that you can rent or stream at home right now? If you c
76 min
SVU #92: Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of ...
Just as entertaining as monkey torture, far more valuable than $240 worth of pudding, it's the latest episode of Filmspotting: SVU! Matt and Alison discuss the brand-new Netflix series WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER: FIRST DAY OF CAMP and recommend some other mo
85 min
SVU #91: Beyond the Lights / Music Industry Movies
Alison and Matt discuss the music industry melodrama BEYOND THE LIGHTS, starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and recommend some other movies set in and around the music business that you can rent or stream at home right now.
85 min
SVU #90: Faults / Movies About Cults
No, not cult movies. (Sorry ROCKY HORROR fans!) This week’s new Filmspotting: SVU is all about movies about religious cults. Matt and Alison review the new deprogramming drama FAULTS starring Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and then recommend some other movies
78 min
SVU #89: Sense8 / The Films of the Wachowskis
No, you're not hallucinating; the Wachowskis have come to television, or at least streaming TV, with SENSE8. Matt and Alison have a review of the ambitious new Netflix series. Plus they'll discuss the full careers of Andy and Lana Wachowski, whose movies
83 min
SVU #88: Winter Sleep / Hotel Movies
The calendar may say summer but Matt and Alison are bundling up for the latest episode of SVU, where they travel to the snowy peaks of Anatolia for a discussion of Nuri Bilge Ceylan's Palme d'Or-winning film WINTER SLEEP. Plus they recommend some other mo
81 min
SVU #87: Big Trouble in Little China / '80s Mov...
With Alison missing somewhere in the back alleys of San Francisco, Matt co-hosts this week's SVU with special guest Matt Patches from Esquire.com and the FIGHTING IN THE WAR ROOM podcast. They discuss BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA and – inspired by the ne
75 min
SVU #86: Tomorrowland / Top 5 Streaming Sci-Fi ...
Director Brad Bird has given us an Iron Giant, a Mr. and Mrs. Incredible, and a Rat Chef… what awaits in TOMORROWLAND? Matt and Alison do a little SVU/Filmspotting "Original Recipe" crossover to review Bird's latest and share their Top 5 Streaming Sci-F
104 min
SVU #85: All Good Things / The Jinx / True Crim...
Don't blink or you'll miss all the fun; on the latest episode, Alison and Matt get down and Durst-y by reviewing ALL GOOD THINGS, director Andrew Jarecki’s fiction film about the life of real-estate heir Robert Durst, and THE JINX, Jarecki’s documenta
79 min
SVU #84: Starry Eyes / Avengers: Age of Ultron ...
Filmspotting: SVU *is* big! It's the streaming movies that got small! And on this episode of SVU, we take a journey to the dark side of show business for a podcast recommending movies about Hollywood. That's inspired by Matt and Alison's Listeners' Choice
81 min
SVU #83: Marvel's Daredevil / Movies About Blin...
They are the podcasters without fear: Matt and Alison. And this week on SVU, they dive into Marvel's new DAREDEVIL series for Netflix. Plus, they'll recommend other films featuring blind protagonists that you should have on your radar, all of which are av
93 min
SVU #82: Conspiracy Thrillers / Three Days of t...
Did you hear that clicking in your earbuds? Yep, your iPhone has been bugged by forces far greater and more dangerous than you could possibly imagine. Conspiracies are real – at least on the new episode of SVU, where Alison and Matt review THREE DAYS OF
81 min
SVU #81: House of Cards (Season 3) / Recent TV ...
My fellow Americans, it's time to go back to the White House, where President Frank Underwood and First Lady Claire Underwood fend off rivals both foreign and domestic in the third season of HOUSE OF CARDS. Matt and Alison review Netflix’s hit show, and
77 min
SVU #80: Predestination / Ethan Hawke Movies
Prepare for a journey to the past, all the way back to last weekend, when Matt and Alison convened to record their review of the time-travel thriller PREDESTINATION. Plus, your hosts travel back into the history of Ethan Hawke's work onscreen, recommendin
82 min
SVU #79: 50 Shades of Grey / Joe (2013) / South...
Get ready for the most hospitable episode of Filmspotting: SVU yet, as Matt and Alison share their streaming recommendations for movies set in the South. Plus, a discussion David Gordon Green's JOE, starring Nicolas Cage and Tye Sheridan, and a bonus revi
90 min
SVU #78: Robot Movies / Automata
Warning! Warning! Danger Will Robinson (and other podcast listeners with different names)! The latest episode of Filmspotting: SVU is all about movies featuring robots. Plus, Matt and Alison (or a pair of incredibly lifelike cyborgs) review AUTOMATA, the
77 min
SVU #77: Docs About Artists / Kingdom of Dreams...
Matt and Alison take a trip to THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS AND MADNESS for a tour of the world of Studio Ghibli and legendary animator Hayao Miyazaki, plus recommend other documentaries about great artists you can rent or stream at home right now.
86 min
SVU #76: Black Mirror / Technophobia Movies
Put down that smartphone, you're going to want to hear this one: On the new episode of Filmspotting: SVU, Alison and Matt discuss the British sci-fi series BLACK MIRROR, newly added to Netflix. Plus they'll recommend some technophobic movies you can rent
82 min
SVU #75: Best Films of 2014 / The SVUvie Awards
From Brooklyn, New York, it's the 3rd Annual SVUvie Awards! While Matt and Alison reveal their top ten movies of 2014, they also continue their annual tradition of handing out eclectic year-end awards on this extra-special – meaning extra-long – year-
107 min
SVU #74: Notable 2014 Titles / Nymphomaniac
The year is winding down, and Matt and Alison are finalizing their top ten lists... So on the new episode Filmspotting: SVU, they recommend some other titles notable 2014 titles you can rent or stream at home right now. Plus, they review both halves of La
86 min
SVU #73: Batman Returns / Anti-Heroine Movies
Matt and Alison return to Tim Burton's BATMAN RETURNS. More than 20 years later, how does Burton's edgy, strange superhero sequel hold up? Plus, they recommend some other movies featuring female anti-heroes you can rent or stream at home right now.
91 min
SVU #72: Rock Band Movies / We Are the Best!
Copy: 1! 2! 3! 4! Hey Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit listeners, are you ready to rock? Well, too bad, we're doing it anyway. On the new SVU, Matt and Alison recommend some great movies about rock bands you can rent or stream at home right now. Plus, a
79 min
SVU #71: Indie Horror Movies / Henry: Portrait ...
On this spooktacular episode, Matt and Alison and recommend some indie horror movies you can rent or stream at home right now, perfect for your Halloween viewing plans this weekend. Plus, a review of the iconic indie horror film HENRY: PORTRAIT OF A SERIA
84 min
SVU #70: Scanners / David Cronenberg Movies
The new Filmspotting SVU is all about the new flesh -- and the films of David Cronenberg. Matt and Alison review Cronenberg's 1981 film SCANNERS, and recommend other Cronenberg movies you can rent or stream at home right now. If you're looking for a podca
73 min
SVU #69: Noah / Bible Movies
Get ready for the holiest (or maybe the most blasphemous) episode of SVU yet, as noted heathens Matt and Alison recommend biblical movies you can rent or stream at home right now, in honor of this week's Listeners Choice Review of Darren Aronofsky's NOAH.
72 min
SVU #68: Starred Up / Fathers & Sons Movies
Let's go to prison! Alison and Matt review STARRED UP. Plus, inspired by the new British prison drama (and only three months late for Father's Day 2014!), they recommend other movies about fathers and sons that you can rent or stream at home right now. Do
77 min
SVU #67: The Visitor / WTF Movies
You wanna get nuts? Let's get nuts! On the new SVU, Matt and Alison recommend some of the craziest, weirdest, most WTF movies you can watch at home right now. Plus, their Listeners Choice Review of the trippy sci-fi/horror oddity THE VISITOR. Then they wi
74 min
SVU #66: Southcliffe / Small Town Movies
Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world, listening to the new Filmspotting: SVU, as Matt and Alison recommend some movies set in small towns. Plus, a review of the Netflix miniseries SOUTHCLIFFE from "Martha Marcy May Marlene" director Sean Durki
81 min
SVU #65: Manhunter / Hannibal Lecter Onscreen
Hello, Clarice... and SVU listeners with other names. Matt and Alison review Michael Mann's MANHUNTER, and go film-by-film (and TV show) through the Hannibal Lecter franchise, picking their favorites that you can rent or stream at home while considering w
90 min
SVU #64: They Came Together / Spoofs
Surely they can't be serious: a whole episode about spoofs? They are serious--and don't call them Shirley. They're Matt and Alison, and on the latest episode of Filmspotting: SVU, they're recommending some spoofs you can watch at home right now, and revie
79 min
SVU #63: Under The Skin / Aliens Walk Among Us ...
Scarlett Johansson prowls the streets of Scotland looking for men in UNDER THE SKIN, this week's Listeners Choice pick on Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit. After reviewing the latest film from director Jonathan Glazer (and vowing never to get into a cre
76 min
SVU #62: Orange Is The New Black (Season 2) / N...
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Put down that prison shank you made out of a toothbrush! The new episode of Streaming Video Unit is here! Matt and Alison review the second season of Netflix's ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK and recommend some other recent television shows you
88 min
SVU #61: The Big Chill / Friendship Movies / Ca...
You just call out Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit's name, and you know wherever you are, we will be there (assuming you've downloaded the podcast to your smartphone). On the new SVU, Matt and Allison review THE BIG CHILL and recommend some other movies
87 min
SVU #60: Crocodile Dundee / Fish-out-of-Water M...
Copy: That's not a podcast. THIS is a podcast. Matt and guest host Mike Ryan from ScreenCrush.com review the 1980s comedy CROCODILE DUNDEE. And inspired by everyone's favorite Australian bushman, they also recommend some other fish-out-of-water movies tha
62 min
SVU #59: The Past / Marriage Movies
Matt and Alison review Asghar Farhadi's powerful domestic drama THE PAST. Plus, the SVU team recommends some more movies about marriage that you can rent or stream at home right now. If you're thinking about skipping this podcast, just remember that vow y
78 min
SVU #58: Alan Partridge / British Comedy
Alison and Matt get to know comedy alpha papa Steve Coogan as they review Alan Partridge. Inspired by the film, they'll also recommend some other British comedies from film and television you can rent or stream at home right now.
77 min
SVU #57: Ghost Dog: The Way of the Samurai / Mo...
"The way of the Samurai is found in death. Meditation on inevitable death should be performed daily." Also recommended: listening to Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit's review of Jim Jarmusch's GHOST DOG: THE WAY OF THE SAMURAI. On the new SVU, Matt and
69 min
SVU #56: Panic Room / Claustrophobic Movies
We're on lockdown on the new episode of Filmspotting: SVU, as Matt and Alison review PANIC ROOM. Plus, inspired by the David Fincher film, they'll recommend more claustrophobic movies you can rent or stream at home right now — and, if time permits, stab
76 min
SVU #55: The Counselor / Movies About Nameless ...
Matt and Alison, the most luscious podcasters in all of Internetdom, review Ridley Scott and Cormac McCarthy's THE COUNSELOR. Plus, inspired by the movie's nameless protagonist, they'll recommend more movies about nameless characters you can rent or strea
70 min
SVU #54: House of Cards / Kevin Spacey Films
Welcome back to Washington, and to the second season of Netflix's HOUSE OF CARDS, the subject of Matt and Alison's Listeners Choice Review on the new episode of Filmspotting: SVU. Plus, they examine the career of actor Kevin Spacey, and recommend some of
81 min
SVU #53: Rush / Rivalry Movies
Buckle up, SVU listeners! On this episode, Alison and Matt review Ron Howard's racing movie RUSH. As they compete to determine who is the best podcaster in the world, they'll also recommend some movies about rivalries available for streaming and rental on
69 min
SVU #52: The Hunt / Wrongfully Accused Movies
Matt and Alison review Thomas Vinterberg's THE HUNT, an Oscar nominee this year for Best Foreign Language Film. Plus, the SVU team recommends some streaming and rental titles featuring characters who are accused of crimes they didn't commit.
76 min
SVU #51: Shoot The Piano Player / Hosts' Choice
Matt and Alison put on their berets, eat some baguettes and prove that they clearly know nothing about French culture beyond stereotypes from Pepe Le Pew cartoons as they review Francois Truffaut's SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER. Plus, some hosts' choice recommen
73 min
SVU #50: Prisoners / Best Films and TV of 2013 ...
This is 50! On this golden anniversary episode of Filmspotting: Streaming Video Unit, Matt and Alison celebrate the best of 2013 with the Second Annual SVUvie Awards. Plus, the Listeners' Choice Review of PRISONERS sparks one of the biggest disagreements
92 min
SVU #49: Spring Breakers / The Career of James ...
Spring break forever, y'all. On this dark tanning oil-soaked edition of SVU, Matt and Alison head to St. Petersburg for a little fun (and crime and maybe a Britney Spears cover or two) to review Harmony Korine's SPRING BREAKERS. Plus, their picks for othe
72 min
SVU #48: Frances Ha / 2013 Year-End Catch-up
Matt and Alison are making their year-end lists and checking them twice, and they're going to tell you which films you can watch online right now are worthing tracking down. Plus, their listener's choice review is Noah Baumbach's latest film, FRANCES HA.
75 min
SVU #47: Kaboom / Apocalyptic Movies
The end is nigh! Nigh means "on this week's Filmspotting: SVU" right? That's what I thought. With evil omens and portends of doom everywhere they look, Matt and Alison recommend some apocalyptic movies available on streaming and rental. Plus, their review
79 min
SVU #46: The Dirties / Found Footage Movies
On Nov. 3, 2013, film critics Matt Singer and Alison Willmore went into the studio to record a podcast. Two days later, this podcast was uploaded to their server. Out of respect for their families, it has not been altered in any way. Along with their disc
84 min
SVU #45: Carrie / Stephen King Movies
Let Matt and Alison be your prom dates (but make sure they're not bringing any buckets of pig's blood) during a Listeners' Choice review of Brian De Palma's Carrie. Plus, the Streaming Video Unit recommends other movies adapted from the work of author Ste
81 min
SVU #44: Paris Movies / The Lovers on the Bridge
Sacrebleu! This week the Streaming Video Unit investigators travel to The City of Light for a Paris-themed episode. Plus, Matt and Alison review "The Lovers on the Bridge," the cult film from "Holy Motors" director Leos Carax, and provide lots of streamin
76 min
SVU #43: All The Boys Love Mandy Lane / Shelf-S...
A podcast seven years in the making! On this episode of SVU, Matt and Alison discuss "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane," which premiered way back in 2006, but just came to on demand and digital earlier this month. In honor of Mandy Lane, they also discuss oth
74 min
SVU #42: This Is Martin Bonner / Starting Over ...
You can't teach an old dog new tricks, but it's never too late for podcasters -- or movie characters -- to start over. Inspired by the new indie movie THIS IS MARTIN BONNER, which is now streaming on Netflix Instant, Alison Willmore and Matt Singer recomm
76 min
SVU #41: Antiviral / Body Horror Movies
Long live the new flesh! Alison and Matt share an infectious conversation about the best body horror movies available to rent or stream online. Plus, a review of Brandon Cronenberg's ANTIVIRAL. Find out whether it's the germ of a great movie or something
75 min
SVU #40: Orange Is the New Black / Prison Movies
No touching! On this week's SVU, Alison Willmore and Matt Singer spend some quality time in the SHU while discussing the best prison movies available to rent or stream online. Plus, a long conversation about Netflix's new original series, "Orange Is the N
75 min
SVU #39: The Avengers / Comic Book Movies
Jordan Hoffman from ScreenCrush fills in for Alison to help Matt geek out and share some of their favorite comic book movies currently available via streaming and on demand... Plus, they revisit a little indie movie from last summer, "The Avengers."
76 min
SVU #38: Top 5 Anthology Movies / The ABCs of D...
Matt and Alison invite 10 filmmakers to make their own short movies about each one of their Top 5 Anthology Films (available online). Plus, a discussion of the horror anthology "The ABCs of Death," and a trip to Bangkok to review "Only God
77 min
SVU #37: New on VOD / Stoker
Alison and Matt examine murderous impulses and incestuous longings... you know, the normal coming-of-age stuff... as they discuss Park Chan-wook's "Stoker," starring Mia Wasikowska. Plus, much more from the world of streaming and on demand movies.
45 min
SVU #36: Cold War Movies / K-19: The Widowmaker
Alison and Matt engage in their deepest conversation yet... literally... as they discuss Kathryn Bigelow's K-19: THE WIDOWMAKER, and share their favorite Cold War Movies available via on demand and streaming.
73 min
SVU #35: Arrested Development / Cult Comedies
Matt and Alison have readied their chicken impressions and paid a visit to the Method One Acting Clinic in prep for their review of Netflix's new episodes of "Arrested Development." Plus, some of their favorite cult comedies currently available via stream
82 min
SVU #34: The Paperboy / Over-The-Top Acting
Matt and Alison put the, uh, streaming in Streaming Video Unit with a discussion of "The Paperboy," starring Nicole Kidman and Zac Efron. Plus, your hosts chew the scenery as they highlight some of their favorite movies that feature over-the-top acting an
73 min
SVU #33: Top of the Lake / New Zealand Films an...
SVU is on the case of a missing 12-year-old girl as they discuss the New Zealand filmed and set miniseries from co-creator Jane Campion, "Top of the Lake." Plus, a rundown of some of the best movies shot in New Zealand or made by Kiwi filmmakers that avai
77 min
SVU #32: It's Such a Beautiful Day / Animation ...
Matt and Alison were going to call the theme of this show 'animated adult films' but that just seemed wrong... So instead they'll hand-draw you their picks for some of their favorite animated movies currently available via streaming and on demand. Plus, t
73 min
SVU #31: 48 Hrs. / Streets of Fire / Eddie Murp...
Matt gets Alison out on a weekend pass for a Walter Hill double feature of "48 Hrs." and "Streets of Fire." Plus, a look at Eddie Murphy movies currently available via streaming and on demand.
74 min
SVU #30: Primer / Time Travel Movies
Alison fires up the Delorean powered by Doc Singer's flux capacitor and treks back to 2005 for a discussion Shane Carruth's "Primer" ... then the pair comes back to the present to share some of their favorite time travel movies currently available via str
77 min
SVU #29: Perks of Being From Pennsylvania Edition
From the streets of Philadelphia to the steel mills of Pittsburgh, Alison and Matt share their favorite movies set in Pennsylvania currently available via streaming and on demand -- inspired by their Listener's Choice review of "The Perks of Being a Wallf
66 min
SVU #28: Live From Videology Edition
No, that isn't a prank Skype caller... Live From Videology in Brookyln, Alison and Matt talk to "Compliance" writer/director Craig Zobel and star Pat Healy, plus share some interesting titles currently available via VOD and streaming.
77 min
SVU #27: We Love The '80s Edition
Matt plays Goose to Alison's Maverick -- or is it the other way around? -- as the SVU team takes a look at the '80s action classic "Top Gun." Plus, a look at some of their favorite '80s movies available via streaming and on demand.
69 min
SVU #26: When You Wish Upon a Star Edition
Grab your magic feather and make sure you're home by midnight: on this episode of SVU, Matt and Alison travel to the happiest place on earth for a look at the wide world of Disney movies available on streaming and VOD, plus a review of Disney's "Treasure
73 min
SVU #25: Lone Star Edition
Matt and Alison heard y'all talking about killing mama. They think it's a good idea... SVU investigates the sleazy world of William Friedkin's "Killer Joe" and shares some of their favorite 'Texas movies' available via streaming and VOD.
69 min
SVU #24: Inaugural SVUvie Awards
The end of 2012 means it's time for Matt and Alison's inaugural SVUvie Awards!
82 min
SVU #23: In a Mirror, Darkly Edition
Alison insists on dancing to pop music while stern taskmaster Matt refuses, leading to a lot of tension as SVU discusses the new film from the director of "Dogtooth" about an underground group that helps people mourn their lost loved ones by impersonating
60 min
SVU #22: December Cram Session Edition
With the final exam looming, Matt and Alison cram in some acclaimed 2012 releases currently available via streaming and VOD, including the documentary "The Imposter."
67 min
SVU #21: Give Us the Money and No One Gets Hurt...
Hey, maybe, we should've robbed your house. Did you ever think of that? ... It crossed SVU's mind as Matt and Alison discuss Wes Anderson's debut film "Bottle Rocket" and share some of their favorite heist movies currently available via on demand and stre
62 min
SVU #20: It's a Helluva Town Edition
Chapter One. Matt and Alison are as tough and romantic as the city they love.. New York was their town, and it always would be... This week, your SVU investigators share some of their favorite movies about their favorite city available via streaming. Plus
65 min
SVU #19: Only a Pwn in Their Game Edition
The Master Control Program has chosen Matt and Alison to serve their system on the Game Grid... prompting them to discuss the new documentary Indie Game: The Movie, and help you on your quest to find good movies influenced by video games that are availabl
62 min
SVU #18: Electric Boogaloo Edition
Damnit Jim, Matt and Alison are podcasters not doctors... and they're prepped for the Listener's Choice discussion of "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan." Plus, a conversation with "Hotel Noir" director Sebastian Gutierrez and a look at some 'Superior Seque
66 min
SVU Bonus: Sound of Damsels in Distress
Matt and Alison highlight four new titles available on demand, inclyding "Sound of My Voice" and Whit Stillman's "Damsels in Distress." Plus, is film dead?
26 min
SVU #17: Life, Love and Capachow Edition
Pootie Tang gots to say na nay no... but Matt and Alison say ya yay yes to the Listeners' Choice discussion of Louis C.K.'s ill-fated feature directing debut. Plus, great titles about stand-ups-turned filmmakers that are currently available via streaming
62 min
SVU #16: Going to the Dogs Edition
You know what grandma Singer always used to say? If you want to make God laugh... tell Him your plans. Matt and Alison follow through on their plan to discuss the Listener's Choice pick "Amores Perros," plus share some of their favorite 'connected' movies
66 min
SVU #15: Sights, Sounds and Personae Edition
"The important thing is the effort, not what we achieve"... And, well, Alison and Matt put a lot of effort into discussing Ingmar Bergman's "Persona." Plus, a look at some classic titles from the Sight & Sound Greatest Films Poll currently available via s
65 min
SVU #14: Not Another Teen Movie Podcast Edition
Alison and Matt finally learn the tough lesson that lthis isn't an opera, and we are not all supporting characters to the drama of their amazing lives, as they discuss Kenneth Lonergan's "Margaret," stridently offer up some other great 'teen movies' curre
68 min
SVU #13: Beauty is in the Eye of the Podcaster ...
"Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it," Confucius says. Matt and Alison try to open your eyes to the wonders of some gorgeous films currently available now via streaming, discuss Wong Kar-wai's "Days of Being Wild" and much more.
65 min