The Next Picture Show

Looking at cinema's present via its past. The Next Picture Show is a biweekly roundtable by the former editorial team of The Dissolve examining how classic films inspire and inform modern movies. Episodes take a deep dive into a classic film and its legacy in the first half, then compare and contrast that film with a modern successor in the second. Hosted and produced by Genevieve Koski, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson and Scott Tobias.

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#280: Window Watchers Pt. 2 — The Woman in the ...
The new Amy Adams thriller in conversation with the masterpiece that inspired it - Hitchcock's "Rear Window."
72 min
#279: Window Watchers, Pt. 1: Rear Window
The new "Woman in the Windown" sends us across the courtyard to the Hitchcock classic.
66 min
#278: Fighting Spirits, Pt. 2: Mortal Kombat (2...
Considering the new "Mortal Kombat" reboot alongside John Carpenter's "Big Trouble in Little China."
68 min
#277: Fighting Spirits, Pt. 1: Big Trouble In L...
The sloppy charm of John Carpenter's '86 action-comedy.
65 min
#276: One Wedding and a Funeral, Pt. 2 — Shiva ...
Emma Seligman's debut film recalls the family dysfunction on display in Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married."
78 min
#275: One Wedding and a Funeral, Pt. 1 — Rachel...
The new "Shiva Baby" recalls the family tensions at play in Jonathan Demme's "Rachel Getting Married."
63 min
#274: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Twice, Pt. ...
Meditations on violence, revenge - and middle age - in the new thriller starring Bob Odenkirk.
61 min
#273: Revenge Is a Dish Best Served Twice, Pt. ...
The style and substance of Soderbergh's '99 revenge thriller.
64 min
#272: A Tina Twofer, Pt. 2 — Tina
HBO's new Tina Turner doc is as exceptional as its subject.
80 min
#271: A Tina Twofer, Pt. 1 — What's Love Got to...
The '93 Oscar-nominated Tina Turner biopic takes some factual liberties. Does it matter?
64 min
#270: Famous Last Worlds, Pt. 2: Raya and the L...
Disney Animation sends its latest heroine on an epic quest—sans the songs this time.
82 min
#269: Famous Last Worlds, Pt. 1: The Last Unicorn
The new "Raya and the Last Dragon" has us looking back at the idiosyncratic - and just plain weird - Rankin and Bass animated feature from 1982.
64 min
#268: Hard Water Pt. 2 — Minari
A Korean American family pursues the American Dream in rural Arkansas in Lee Isaac Chung's acclaimed new film.
57 min
#267: Hard Water Pt. 1 — Jean de Florette
Hardship in the idyllic French countryside in Claude Berri's 1986 film.
52 min
#266: Uneasy Riders Pt. 2 — Nomadland
Frances McDormand hits the road in Chloé Zhao's acclaimed new film.
73 min
#265: Uneasy Riders Pt. 1 — Lost In America
Yuppie adventurers Albert Brooks and Julie Hagerty drop out of society in Brooks' 1985 comedy.
59 min
#264: Lady Killers, Pt. 2 — Promising Young Woman
Director Emerald Fennell brings stylized violence - and high-pop needledrops - to her buzzy debut.
82 min
#263: Lady Killers, Pt. 1 — American Psycho
Christian Bale as the inscrutable Patrick Bateman in Mary Harron's 2000 cult classic.
59 min
#262: Drinking Buddies, Pt. 2 — Another Round
In Thomas Vinterberg's latest, Mads Mikkelsen and friends turn their life "Sideways."
69 min
#261: Drinking Buddies, Pt. 1 — Sideways
The new "Another Round" has us reconsidering Alexander Payne's wine-soaked film—the best reviewed film of 2004.
58 min
#260: Stairways to Heaven, Pt. 2 — Soul
Pixar and the meaning of life.
81 min
#259: Stairways to Heaven, Pt. 1 — A Matter of ...
Pixar's new "Soul" owes a debt to Powell and Pressburger's 1946 fantasy-romance.
62 min
#258: At Home At The Movies: Our Top 5 Films of...
What the movies meant to us in a year like no other.
96 min
#257: The Shape of Nature, Pt. 2 — Wolfwalkers
The latest from Ireland's Cartoon Saloon ("Song of the Sea", "The Secret of Kells") packs a visual - and an emotional - punch.
70 min
#256: The Shape of Nature, Pt. 1 — The Secret o...
John Sayles' 1994 Irish legend is a children's film fit for the arthouse.
59 min