The Next Picture Show

Looking at cinema's present via its past. The Next Picture Show is a biweekly roundtable by the former editorial team of The Dissolve examining how classic films inspire and inform modern movies. Episodes take a deep dive into a classic film and its legacy in the first half, then compare and contrast that film with a modern successor in the second. Hosted and produced by Genevieve Koski, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson and Scott Tobias.

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#256: The Shape of Nature, Pt. 1 — The Secret o...
John Sayles' 1994 Irish legend is a children's film fit for the arthouse.
59 min
#255: The Manking of Kane, Pt. 2 — Mank
David Fincher's latest invites comparison to "Citizen Kane"—for better and worse.
60 min
#254: The Manking of Kane, Pt. 1—Citizen Kane
Is there anything new to say about Orson Welles' landmark 1941 directing debut? Why, yes there is.
74 min
#253: Family Feuds, Pt. 2 — The Nest
Carrie Coon and June Law are an unhappily married couple in the latest from Sean Durkin ("Martha Marcy May Marlene").
64 min
#252: Family Feuds, Pt. 1 — The Ice Storm
Considering Ang Lee's '97 period family drama another couple decades removed from its 70s setting.
65 min
#251: Byrne-ing Down the House, Pt. 2 — David B...
The Byrne persona on stage and screen.
63 min
#250: Byrne-ing Down the House, Pt. 1 — True St...
Songs and stories about buildings and food in David Byrne's 1986 directing debut.
59 min
#249: Bonus - The Fall (with Elliott Kalan from...
A deep dive on Tarsem Singh's singular - and hard-to-find - 2006 masterpiece.
52 min
#248: Parent Traps, Pt. 2 — Kajillioniare
What if Miranda July made her own version of "Dogtooth"?
66 min
#247: Parent Traps, Pt. 1 — Dogtooth
The sadistic parental experiment in Yorgos Lanthimos' 2009 debut.
60 min
#246: True/False, Pt. 2 — Dick Johnson is Dead
Or is he?
67 min
#245: True/False, Pt. 1 — F For Fake
Orson Welles '73 film essay on fakes and the fakers who fake them.
54 min
#244: Bonus - Mulan (2020)
Disney live-action skeptics Genevieve and Scott talk over the studio's latest remake.
24 min
#243: The Mind of Charlie Kaufman Pt. 2 — I'm T...
Kaufman Kaufman Kaufman.
71 min
#242: The Mind of Charlie Kaufman Pt. 1 — Being...
Kaufman Kaufman.
64 min
#241: Boys Will Be Boys, Pt. 2 — Boys State
Teen tribalism deep in the heart of Texas.
76 min
#240: Boys Will Be Boys, Pt. 1 — Lord of the Fl...
The fascinating new doc "Boys State" sends us back to Peter Brook's adaptation of the William Golding classic.
55 min
#239: The Reichardt Way, Pt. 2 — First Cow
Kelly Reichardt's acclaimed new film shares more than just its 19th century Oregon setting with her 2010 masterpiece "Meek's Cutoff."
81 min
#238: The Reichardt Way, Pt. 1 — Meek's Cutoff
Michelle Williams is on a road to nowhere in Kelly Reichardt's Oregon Trail-set anti-Western from 2010.
61 min
#237: In the Loop, Pt 2 — Palm Springs
In the new spin on "Groundhog Day," Andy Samberg's doomed Nyles doesn't have to do the infinite loop alone.
70 min
#236: In the Loop, Pt. 1 — Groundhog Day
With the new "Palm Springs" revisiting the infinite time loop concept, a look back at the classic '93 Harold Ramis comedy.
65 min
#235: Mirth, Wind & Fire, Pt. 2: Eurovision Son...
The new Will Ferrell/Rachel McAdams comedy has a soft spot for the target of its satire.
69 min
#234: Mirth, Wind & Fire, Pt. 1: A Mighty Wind
Christopher Guest's 2003 folk scene parody has moments of real feeling - something it shares with Will Ferrell's new Eurovision comedy.
55 min
#233: The Price of Gold, Pt. 2 — Da 5 Bloods
The doomed treasure hunt at the heart of Spike Lee's latest is an extended riff on John Huston classic "Treasure of the Sierra Madre.".
66 min
#232: The Price of Gold, Pt. 1 — The Treasure o...
The Bogart-starring John Huston classic runs in the veins of Spike Lee's new "Da 5 Bloods."
60 min