The Next Picture Show

Looking at cinema's present via its past. The Next Picture Show is a biweekly roundtable by the former editorial team of The Dissolve examining how classic films inspire and inform modern movies. Episodes take a deep dive into a classic film and its legacy in the first half, then compare and contrast that film with a modern successor in the second. Hosted and produced by Genevieve Koski, Keith Phipps, Tasha Robinson and Scott Tobias.

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#430: Road Warriors, Pt. 2: Furiosa
Hope, despair, grief, and revenge. Processing "Furiosa" (and its failure at the box office).
59 min
#429: Road Warriors, Pt. 1: Mad Max (1979)
Ground zero of the "Mad Max" franchise.
58 min
#428: Teenage Dreams, Pt. 2 — I Saw the TV Glow
Television is a drug in Jane Schoenbrun's tale of teenage alienation.
67 min
#427: Teenage Dreams, Pt. 1 — Donnie Darko
Jake Gyllenhaal struggles to maintain his grip on reality.
76 min
#426: Playing the Hits, Pt. 2 — The Fall Guy
The good, the bad, and the ugly of David Leitch's film set action comedy.
70 min
#425: Playing the Hits, Pt. 1 — The Stunt Man
Richard Rush's 1980 genre oddity in conversation with David Leitch's "The Fall Guy"
65 min
#424: Mixed Doubles, Pt. 2 — Challengers
Luca Guadagnino's tennis world love triangle.
58 min
#423: Mixed Doubles, Pt. 1 — Y Tu Mamá También
Gael Garcia Berna and Diego Luna in Alfonso Cuarón's sexy 2001 indie hit.
59 min
#422: Alex Garland's Catastrophic Visions, Pt. ...
Muddy politics and unsettling violence in Alex Garland's latest.
60 min
#421: Alex Garland's Catastrophic Visions, Pt. ...
Garland penned the script for Danny Boyle's 2002 zombie-adjacent horror film.
50 min
#420: Final Cuts, Pt. 2 — Do Not Expect Too Muc...
The latest from Romania's Radu Jude ("Bad Luck Banging or Loony Porn").
73 min
#419: Final Cuts, Pt. 1 — The Player
65 min
#418: Crimes of Passion, Pt. 2 — Love Lies Blee...
Kristen Stewart in Rose Glass's new lesbian crime thriller.
57 min
#417: Crimes of Passion, Pt. 1 — Bound
The new lesbian crime thriller "Love Lies Bleeding" inspires a look back at the Wachowskis' '96 neo-noir.
55 min
#416: Ethan Coen Co-Capers, Pt. 2 — Drive-Away ...
Coen's solo effort is a crime caper in theory that acts more like a sex romp in practice.
47 min
#415: Ethan Coen Co-Capers, Pt. 1 — Raising Ari...
MacGuffin-chasing madcap escapades in the Coen Brothers' comedy breakout.
42 min
#414: Beach Bummers, Pt. 2 — How to Have Sex
Teens on holiday in the insightful debut feature from UK director Molly Manning walker
68 min
#413: Beach Bummers, Pt. 1 — Where the Boys Are...
The new UK indie "How To Have Sex" is only the latest in a long line of movie about bad spring breaks.
61 min
#412: Road Trip Trios, Pt. 1 — The Holdovers
Alexander Payne's Oscar-nominated film and one of its 70s influences.
65 min
#411: Road Trip Trios, Pt. 1 — The Last Detail
Hal Ashby's 1973 film informed the look and feel - and the narrative - of Alexander Payne's "The Holdovers."
58 min
#410: Hunting Games, Pt. 2 — Self Reliance
Deathsport as comedy in Jake Johnson's directing debut.
60 min
#409: Hunting Games, Pt. 1 — The 10th Victim
Jake Johnson's new "Self Reliance" recalls the 1965 cult oddity from director Elio Petri.
56 min
#408: Succession, Pt. 2 — The Iron Claw
"The Godfather," but wrestling.
59 min
#407: Succession, Pt. 1 — The Godfather
The new "Iron Claw" charts a very similar narrative to Coppola's mafia epic.
53 min
#406: Our Top 10 Films of 2023
Every year is a good year for movies and 2023 especially so.
63 min