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CQ Roll Call’s Jennifer Shutt and budget tracker David Lerman explain how lawmakers in Congress spend the nation’s money.

Trump forced through some COVID-19 relief. Now ...
14 min
COVID-19 relief talks progress slowly
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Senate Republicans release their COVID-19 relie...
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COVID-19 aid negotiations ramp up
16 min
What’s in the Labor-HHS-Education bill for fisc...
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Confederate statues, COVID-19, nuclear testing ...
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COVID-19’s impact on Social Security and Medica...
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Breakdown in the Senate appropriations process
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Appropriators face busy summer following COVID-...
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Surprising jobs report could slow next coronavi...
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Disparity between police and fire departments o...
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The cost of battling multiple disasters
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The House passed a $3 trillion aid package. Now...
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House Democrats set the bar for the next corona...
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A long road ahead for the next coronavirus reli...
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The US may be heading into one of the worst rec...
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Congress reaches agreement for a fourth relief ...
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Congress struggles to find a solution for small...
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Congressional leaders lay down markers for four...
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What happens to the appropriations process now?
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Coronavirus emergency funding is just getting s...
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Union pension funds trigger congressional rescu...
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Candidates already jockeying to lead House Appr...
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Military weapons funding takes hit for border wall
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Top takeaways from Trump's latest budget proposal
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Infrastructure week is back again
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The most wonderful time of the year: budget for...
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Congress faces narrow spending increase as VA h...
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Previewing the appropriations process in 2020
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Talking Taxes 2020
CQ Budget, Ep. 138
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Year-end spending deal avoids government shutdown
17 min
Lawmakers appear eager to reach year-end spendi...
14 min
The outlook for a year-end tax bill
16 min
Congress barreling toward agreement on stopgap ...
14 min
Senate budget writers offer up a revamped budge...
CQ Budget, Ep. 133
17 min
Congress struggles to agree on funding as Novem...
10 min
Budget deficit nears the $1 trillion mark
CQ Budget, Ep. 131
12 min
Bipartisan cooperation put to the test in Senate
15 min
Power struggle over the House Appropriations Co...
CQ Budget, Ep. 129
12 min
Averting a government shutdown
The Senate takes up a stopgap funding measure to avoid a government shutdown next month. But the continuing resolution does a lot more than just extend current funding.
15 min
Why partisan spending allocations spell trouble...
After months of delay, Senate appropriators finally got to work on their spending bills for the new fiscal year, which begins in just two weeks. But it was a slower start than lawmakers had hoped for, and unlike last year’s effort, it was deeply...
14 min
Can Congress avoid a shutdown?
Congress is finally back in town after a long summer recess and the race is on to avoid a government shutdown before the new fiscal year begins Oct. 1. Not one of the 12 annual spending bills needed to fund the government has cleared the Senate yet...
15 min
Friction over diverted disaster aid ahead of Hu...
Even though Congress is still in a prolonged summer recess, spending battles between the White House and Congress have only been multiplying. The Trump administration plans to divert money from disaster relief and other programs to fund more...
13 min
Tax cuts: Four flips in four days.
With worries about a possible recession in the near future, the Trump administration has thrown around the idea of implementing new tax cuts to help stimulate the economy, only to flip flop on the idea multiple times later on. Specifically, the...
10 min
ICYMI: The Democrats' tax package explained
House Democrats are pushing new changes to the tax code aimed at helping low income individuals and families, with some lawmakers calling for an increase to the corporate tax rate. In this episode, CQ Roll Call's Doug Sword explains who stands to gain...
14 min
CQ Roll Call Analysis: Lower spending, deficits...
CQ Roll Call's Budget Editor Peter Cohn combed through the numbers since Congress passed the Budget Control Act of 2011 and found something remarkable: the spending caps produced some results but most of the savings were because of factors out of...
12 min
Two tax battles await Congress in September
Senate Democrats are preparing to fight the Trump administration over a $10,000 limit on deductions for state and local taxes, says CQ Roll Call's budget and tax editor Peter Cohn. And some conservatives are pressing the White House to bypass Congress...
17 min
What the two-year budget deal means for federal...
With a new budget deal about to become law, CQ Roll Call senior budget reporter Paul M. Krawzak explains how raising the debt limit and raising the spending levels will shape government budget decisions this fall and the year to come. With...
14 min
Budget, debt limit deal nears completion, and r...
Congress is racing to complete work on some big-ticket items before adjourning for the August recess. CQ Roll Call's budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich reports on a deal in the works to extend the debt limit and set spending...
12 min
Debt limit talks pick up pace and tax credit bo...
With new warnings that the U.S. could run out of money to meet its obligations, Congress and the Trump administration are racing to raise the debt limit before lawmakers head home for August, says CQ Roll Call’s appropriations reporter Jennifer...
14 min
Why there's no Senate spending plan as deadline...
With only 25 days left with both the House and Senate in session before the new fiscal year begins, the Senate has yet to draft any of its 12 spending bills and has no plan in place to pass them. The result is likely another short-term stopgap funding...
14 min
Financial Services bill loaded with hot-button ...
House Democrats passed the Financial Services spending bill that includes some controversial provisions, says CQ Roll Call's banking reporter Jim Saksa. Those include blocking money for a border wall, increasing funding to enforce sanctions on Iran,...
9 min
The Democrats' tax package explained
House Democrats are pushing new changes to the tax code aimed at helping low income individuals and families, with some lawmakers calling for an increase to the corporate tax rate. In this episode, CQ Roll Call's Doug Sword explains who stands to gain...
13 min
The politics behind spending limit negotiations
As White House and congressional leaders prepare for another meeting this week to get a bipartisan spending caps deal, CQ Roll Call's Paul M. Krawzak unpacks the political sticking points, the pros and cons of a one-year or two-year agreement, and...
14 min
Democrats' Spending Bill Strategy
House Democrats are packaging spending bills with the aim of completing all 12 by the end of the month, a goal that is likely to generate a lot of policy debates and amendments, explains Jennifer Shutt in this episode of the CQ Budget podcast....
8 min
Ex CBO director knocks GOP on Obamacare and Con...
In an usually candid interview with CQ Roll Call's budget reporter Paul Krawzak, the ex Congressional Budget Office director Keith Hall said the often secretive process the Republicans followed defeated their effort to repeal Obamacare in 2017....
14 min
House to consider disaster aid again after GOP ...
House lawmakers on Tuesday again will try to clear a $19.1 billion disaster aid package via unanimous consent after Republican Rep. Chip Roy of Texas blocked it Friday for a variety of reasons; delaying much needed funds for states still recovering...
10 min
Taliban money and fighter jets at issue in Pe...
House appropriators this week will take up the biggest of the 12 annual spending bills, the $690 billion Pentagon measure that includes some prickly issues such as funding for Taliban expenses for peace talks with the U.S. and money to give the...
15 min
Stalemate over disaster aid frustrates states
Lawmakers are struggling to find agreement on an aid package to help states recover from natural disasters, says CQ Roll Call's budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich. She lays out the issues preventing Congress from passing a disaster aid...
13 min
Why Trump, Chuck and Nancy face huge hurdles in...
CQ budget and appropriations editor Peter Cohn games out the prospects of the ambitious $2 trillion infrastructure spending package touted by President Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer. And we...
15 min
Appropriations Season Begins and the Future of ...
The writing of fiscal 2020 spending bills begins with the biggest nondefense measure, Labor-HHS-Education. CQ's health care reporter Andrew Siddons previews the bill and the partisan fights it triggers, including on gun violence research. And CQ's tax...
17 min
Progressives Power Play:Pentagon-Level Spending...
CQ Roll Call's appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich unpacks the demands and possible consequences of the Democratic party's progressives, who last week derailed plans to vote on raising the spending caps to prevent across-the-board spending cuts...
12 min
Sen. Grassley Sees Chance to Pass Infrastructur...
CQ Budget and appropriations editor Peter Cohn sat down with Sen. Charles Grassley of Iowa, one of the longest and most influential members of Congress. Grassley says that he sees a good opportunity to work with Democrats on several bipartisan...
14 min
Divided Democrats May Forgo a Budget Resolution
The House Budget Committee may punt on a fiscal 2020 budget resolution to avoid exposing Democratic caucus fissures over tax and spending policy. But an effort to reach a deal to raise spending limits for the coming fiscal year could prove just as...
12 min
The Crime Victims Fund Is Not Just for Victims
A fund designed to help crime victims is also used by lawmakers as an annual budgetary gimmick to help pay for other programs. But the victims fund is starting to run dry, making appropriations decisions tougher, as our tax and fiscal policy reporter...
11 min
How Congress Might Rewrite Trump's Budget
The president has proposed deep cuts to planned spending in Medicare and Medicaid, while trying to uphold austere limits on nondefense discretionary spending. But Congress is already talking about a rewrite. CQ's Kellie Mejdrich explains what...
13 min
Spending Deal at Mercy of Trump Budget, Debt Li...
President Donald Trump's fiscal 2020 budget request, due out next week, is likely to skirt a defense spending cap to boost the military while proposing deep cuts to nondefense programs. CQ's Paul M. Krawzak explains how the White House blueprint is...
15 min
Breaking a Trust to Build the Wall
CQ's award-winning defense reporter John M. Donnelly revealed that a Pentagon fund that President Donald Trump wants to use to pay for his wall is nearly depleted, forcing him to look elsewhere in the Pentagon budget for the money. Trump appears...
14 min
Trump Ignites New Budget Fights by Targeting Pe...
CQ defense reporter John M. Donnelly spells out how President Donald Trump's emergency action to raid Pentagon accounts to pay for a border wall could affect military facilities and programs already stretched thin.
10 min
Down to the Wire Amid Setback in Government Fun...
A new snag over immigrant detention policy has thrown a monkey wrench into border security negotiations, as lawmakers look to prevent another government shutdown. CQ appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich explains what both sides are seeking and how...
11 min
Congress' Border Wall Funding Emergency
Congressional negotiators are working to reach bipartisan agreement on a Homeland Security spending bill that can fend off another shutdown and thwart President Donald Trump's threat of declaring a national emergency, CQ appropriations reporter Kellie...
17 min
Congress Looks to Avert Another Shutdown
CQ budget and appropriations reporters Kellie Mejdrich and Jennifer Shutt unpack what could happen in the next three weeks as lawmakers and the White House wrestle with how to prevent another government shutdown in three weeks.
15 min
Shutdown Could Cost Federal Workers Second Payc...
The House and Senate are poised to consider legislation that could end the partial government shutdown — if the competing bills had any chance of passing both chambers, explains CQ budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich. Listen for the...
10 min
Assessing the Bleak Options for Ending the Shut...
As the longest shutdown in modern history enters its fourth week, CQ's fiscal policy reporter Doug Sword assesses the options for ending the spending impasse. But none appear promising, as President Donald Trump rejected the latest proposals.
13 min
How Shutdown Will Sting Across the Board
Within days of the government shutdown setting a record,  federal agencies, employees and the general public will begin to feel the pain, says CQ budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich. She also gives the latest developments...
16 min
Hell Week Amid Shutdown Fears
There is no plan at the moment to prevent a partial government shutdown at the end of the week over President Donald Trump's insistence for $5 billion for a border wall, explains CQ budget reporter Jennifer Shutt. She games out what the options are to...
12 min
Trump's Christmas Wish List: Billions for Wildf...
Just when lawmakers thought they had breathing room to hammer out a year-end spending deal, President Donald Trump drops a request for an extra $4.76 billion, technically referred to as anomalies. CQ's budget and appropriations team, Kellie...
13 min
Spending Talks About to Hit a Wall, New Tax Pla...
Lawmakers are racing against the clock to pass seven more spending bills, but their efforts are likely to be a struggle amid President Trump's insistence for $5 billion for the border wall that Democrats don't want to give him, says CQ budget editor...
15 min
Tax Cuts to Be Revisited, Vows Sen. Van Hollen
This is a special edition podcast to bring you an interview with a key lawmaker, Sen. Chris Van Hollen, about how Democrats will respond to Republican tax cuts. "When it comes to the tax breaks for millionaires that will definitely be revisited,'' the...
32 min
Mueller Probe, Wall Funding Could Trip Up Spend...
With just eight legislative days remaining to avoid a partial government shutdown, lawmakers will confront a slew of prickly issues, including Robert S. Mueller III's Russia investigation, in their government spending talks, says CQ's senior...
12 min
Surprise Roadblock Could Sideline Budget Overha...
The co-chairwoman of the select committee tasked with overhauling the budget process threw her colleagues a curveball that could derail plans to report out a bill by the Nov. 30 deadline, CQ's senior budget reporter Paul Krawzak tells host...
8 min
Democrat to Reshape Priorities on Spending Panel
Democratic Rep. Nita M. Lowey of New York is expected to lead the powerful House appropriations panel in the new Congress and she already has a list of priorities she will be pursuing. CQ's budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich gives us a...
11 min
Committee Charged With Overhauling Budget Proce...
A 16-member bipartisan, bicameral select committee is on the verge of proposing changes to the annual budget and appropriations process, including moving the budget resolution from an annual to a biennial schedule. CQ's Jennifer Shutt talks about the...
15 min
How Trump's Imagined Tax Cut Could Work
President Donald Trump wants another tax cut for the middle class, a proposal that administration officials and members of Congress are now scrambling to make happen. CQ budget and appropriations editor Peter Cohn explains the options available and...
13 min
Despite the Rhetoric, Congress is Unlikely to T...
The rising deficit, the president's request for 5% in budget cuts and discussions of needing to trim Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security set off a storm of debate just three weeks before the midterms. Roll Call's senior Senate reporter Niels...
14 min
Behind the Interest Rate Increases
Stock market losses and interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve may be making some people jittery especially President Donald Trump. But none of it is abnormal, explains CQ's numbers guru, budget and appropriations editor Peter Cohn.
12 min
Key House Appropriators Face Tough Midterm Ele...
Three Republican House Appropriations subcommittee chairmen - Kevin Yoder of Kansas, John Culberson of Texas and John Carter of Texas - face tough re-elections, says Roll Call senior political reporter Bridget Bowman. A loss for Yoder and Culberson...
9 min
Border Wall Funding Battle Could Dominate Lame ...
It's not all 12 as they had hoped, but lawmakers did get five big spending bills signed into law, leaving seven others for the lame-duck session. The president's insistence for border wall funding could take center stage, says CQ appropriations...
12 min
Fiscal Year Ends With Unclear Path for Governme...
With three spending bills signed into law, Congress is unlikely to pass all nine outstanding bills before the fiscal year ends on Sept. 30, says CQ appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich. Meantime, President Donald Trump has sent mixed signals on...
9 min
Spending Splurge
House and Senate lawmakers made a deal to give the Pentagon a huge spending boost and defy President Donald Trump's call to cut various health, education and labor programs. CQ Defense reporter John M. Donnelly and Health reporter Andrew Siddons...
12 min
Spending Milestone Within Reach
Congress is racing to pass at least three spending bills as early as this week and is poised to make progress on others, says CQ Budget Tracker editor David Lerman. Time, however, is running out.
5 min
Hurdles to Passing Spending Bills
House and Senate leaders like to brag about their respective chambers' progress on passing spending bills but not one has won final passage, CQ budget and appropriations reporter Kellie Mejdrich says. She unpacks the reasons behind the bottleneck that...
13 min
Appropriations Rush Before Midterms
With the fiscal year ending Sept. 30 and midterm elections just around the corner, Republicans hope to pass nine spending bills to tout on the campaign trail. CQ senior budget reporter Paul M. Krawzak explains why that might be a heavy lift.
13 min
Senators Rebuke Trump on Education Funding
The Senate takes up a spending package this week that rejects White House attempts to cut school funding by about 11 percent next year. CQ's Kellie Mejdrich explains the conflict over education priorities between Congress and the White House and which...
10 min
Spending Bonanza Heads to Senate Floor
The Senate will attempt to pass the two biggest spending bills of the year in one fell swoop. Consideration of the Defense and Labor-HHS-Education bills could begin this week. CQ's Kellie Mejdrich explains why the package could prove to be a heavy...
12 min
Speeding Through Spending Bills
The Senate is racing through spending bills at a breakneck speed with strong bipartisan support, in contrast to its record of recent years.  CQ’s Ryan McCrimmon explains how the Senate was able to pick up its pace on appropriations, and why...
10 min
Senate Set to Surpass House
Senate lawmakers will try this week to outdo their House colleagues by passing a four-bill spending package —if they can overcome snags, says CQ appropriations reporter Jennifer Shutt.    
10 min
Wall Funding That Isn't Coming From Mexico
House appropriators are set to give President Donald Trump some of the border wall funding he's been seeking, says CQ immigration reporter Dean DeChiaro. He explains what's in the Homeland Security spending bill.
8 min
New Costs for Veterans Health Slow Spending Bil...
CQ budget reporter Kellie Mejdrich breaks down why Senate appropriators face stiff opposition from the House and White House over how to pay for a private health care program for veterans.
11 min
How the Summer Spending Stretch Is Shaping Up
Congress returns from its Fourth of July break with expectations that it will tackle a robust spending agenda including the two chambers negotiating the final shape of three spending bills — as lawmakers hope to avoid another 12-bill...
7 min