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Max Muncy
LA Dodgers Infielder Max Muncy came on to talk about his early Minor League days and how he's handling quarantine. Muncy was asked if he prefers to play First Base and the Houston Astros "cheating scandal."
8 min
Best of ESPNLA Kevin Demoff with Kirk Morrison ...
Los Angeles Rams COO Kevin Demoff joins Allen Sliwa and Kirk Morrison as the NFL Schedule is released. Demoff discusses the challenges with the current COVID crisis as well as the Rams upcoming season schedule.
13 min
Best of ESPNLA - Mr Cartoon, LA Originals
Mark Machado aka Mr Cartoon joins the Sliwa show to talk about his Netflix documentary on Netflix.
17 min
Les Snead
LA Rams General Manager Les Snead called in to talk about the Rams' Draft picks in the 2020 NFL Draft and if he thinks 2nd Round Pick Cam Akers could "replace" the production of Todd Gurley. He also had some great comments about the other 2nd Round Pick
15 min
Rob Pelinka
LA Lakers General Manager Rob Pelinka joined the show to talk about how he and the team is handling quarantine and his thoughts on his head coach, Frank Vogel. Also, Rob talked about what he misses most about Kobe Bryant.
17 min
Frank Vogel
LA Lakers Head Coach Frank Vogel called in to talk about how he's handling the quarantine and what kind of things he's been doing. Coach was also asked about the idea of finishing the season in Las Vegas, playing games at casinos. Coach also revealed h
11 min
Avery Bradley
LA Lakers Guard Avery Bradley called in to talk about what he's doing while in quarantine and how he's keeping in shape. Avery talked about how well he has it with shot blockers like Anthony Davis, JaVale McGee and Dwight Howard behind him on the defens
12 min
Jared Dudley
LA Lakers Forward Jared Dudley called in to talk about the team's chemistry and what it's like to play with LeBron and Anthony Davis. He was also asked what's the toughest team the Lakers played against this season and if he can tell the Morris Twins ap
10 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 2) Remembering Kobe
Allen Sliwa moderates calls from the Lakers faithful who pour in the range of express the loss of their fallen hero. Callers from a wide array of backgrounds tells stories about how Kobe came into their lives, their journeys following him and how they ar
31 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 1) Remember Kobe
Allen Sliwa host after 710 ESPN aired Kobe Bryant's last game where he scored 60 points. Callers share moments they remembered about Kobe and what he meant to them in their lives.
29 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 4) - Allen Sliwa
Today we remember Kobe Bryant - the Laker, the basketball player, the friend, the father, the man, the hero. Los Angeles and the nation continues to share their thoughts and memories about Kobe Bryant. Brian Shaw, Vince Carter, our own Greg Bergman, and
42 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 3) - Allen Sliwa
Los Angeles continues to share their memories about Kobe Bryant with Allen. Mike Green (PBP announcer for Knicks), Dwyane Wade, Gregg Popovich and many more react to Kobe Bryant's death.
51 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR2) - Allen Sliwa
Laker fans keep sharing their memories about Kobe Bryant. Bill Plashke of the LA Times calls in and speaks to Allen about Kobe Bryant's passing. Jerry West along with the rest of the NBA react to Kobe's death.
50 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 1) - Allen Sliwa
Allen Sliwa reacts to the passing of Kobe Bryant. Laker fans call in and react to Kobe's death. Jorge Sedano calls in speaks with Allen about Kobe Bryant's death. Damian Lillard along with the NBA react to Kobe's passing.
48 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 5) - Kobe is gone too soon!
LZ and Travis talk about their initial reactions to Kobe Bryant passing away in a Helicopter crash. Kobe wasn't just an athlete, he was a father, husband, son and he's gone too soon.
67 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 4) - What did Kobe Bryant me...
The Kamenetzky bros and Travis continue to react to the sad news of Kobe Bryants passing. What did Kobe Bryant mean to the city? as he was so connected to it.
34 min
Best of ESPNLA (HR 3) -Continuing the coverage ...
Steve Mason along with the Kamenetzky Bros. Continuing the coverage of the passing of Kobe Bryant. We hear from Tiger Woods and other athletes on the shocking news. And we hear form the NTSB on the details of the investigation.
24 min
Best of ESPNLA -Kobe Bryant and seven others di...
Kobe Bryant and seven others die in a helicopter crash outside of Los Angeles. The guys take calls to hear from fans as they are devasted. And we look at Kobe's life outside the court.
29 min
Best of ESPNLA - Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant!
Rest in Peace Kobe Bryant! Steve Mason and the Kamenetzky Bros. react to the passing of Kobe Bryant. We hear from Doc Rivers, John Ireland and the Sheriff of LA speaking on the on going investigation!
54 min
Best of ESPNLA -Steve Mason reacts to the passi...
Steve Mason reacts to the passing of Kobe Bryant. Also , ESPN NBA Insider Ramona Shelburne, calls with her thoughts on this Sad Day in LA as they wait for more details about the reported Helicopter crash.
16 min
Doug Glanville - ESPN MLB Analyst
ESPN MLB Analyst Doug Glanville called in to the Mason/Ireland show to talk about the MLB "Sign-Stealing" scandal. Glanville says all teams steal signs but to do it "electronically" is taking it to another level.
19 min
Johnny Hekker
LA Rams Punter Johnny Hekker joined Mason and Ireland to talk about the Rams' new stadium and who he thinks the best NFL team could be.
4 min
Sean McVay
Rams head coach Sean McVay joins the guys and talks about the up and down season while missing the playoffs. Which team does he think was the best he faced. The adjustments needed for turning things around for next season and more.
11 min
Lakers' Danny Green Stops By...
Los Angeles Lakers' Danny Green joins John Ireland and Brian Kamenetzky and talks about how the Lakers stayed close in Milwaukee, when he's in the zone during games, the great 24-5 start, competing against Kawhi Leonard and his "Inside the Green Room" po
13 min
Max Holloway
UFC Featherweight champ, Max "Blessed" Holloway joins Sedano to talk about his co-main event fight at UFC 245.
7 min