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Author Jeff Benedict
Spain and Fitz interview with author Jeff Benedict
8 min
Phoenix Suns center Aron Baynes
This is a great stepping stone for next season
7 min
Bobby Carpenter, 97.1 the Fan in Columbus, Ohio
Why is it safer to bring thousands of students on campus than a hundred players getting tested regularly and under the best care possible?
9 min
Washington State DT Dallas Hobbs
Some schools are doing a great job, others are not properly following protocol
7 min
Dan Wetzel, Yahoo Sports Columnist
There was a pipe dream that Nebraska would join another conference, that's just not going to happen
9 min
Pete Fiutak,
This is a coordinated mess
9 min
Utah Jazz General Manager Justin Zanik
They just needed to work through it
12 min
Hunter Reynolds, Michigan DB, and Benjamin St-J...
We want a seat at the table
8 min
Moriah Jefferson, Dallas Wings guard
There are going to be bumps in the road because we are young and we have to build that chemistry
9 min
Emily Applegate, former Redskins employee
If he wanted to make a change and really spearhead a movement, he has that opportunity
10 min
Zach Banner, Pittsburgh Steelers lineman
There is a certain misogynistic approach within the locker room
11 min
Brittney Sykes, LA Sparks
Brittney Sykes joins ESPN Radio to discuss the Sparks' Bubble experience so far
9 min
A'ja Wilson, Las Vegas Aces
A'ja Wilson talks about the Aces' experience in "The Wubble" so far.
8 min
Diamond DeShields, Chicago Sky
We start our virtual journey through "The Wubble," with Diamond DeShields of the Chicago Sky.
8 min
Rick 'Doc' Walker, Former Washington Football P...
Sarah and Jordan welcome '980 The Team' Host, and Former NFL Player Rick Walker on to the program.
10 min
Gymnast Maggie Nichols
It's heart breaking that the people who were supposed to be taking care of us didn't report the abuse going on
7 min
"Warriors" reportedly the front runner to repla...
This would be a massive missed opportunity to change a name to something unrelated to the past and start fresh
7 min
Trevor Matich, College Gameday on ESPN Radio
If football is gone, the rest of college sports are gone too
7 min
Dr. Scott Brooks, associate professor with the ...
we need to start holding people accountable for their actions.
9 min
Robin Harris, Executive Director of the Ivy League
It wasn't easy to make this decision a 2nd time
9 min
Ray Halbritter, Oneida Indian Nation
On a potential name change for the Redskins - we have subdued optimism
7 min
Stephen Jackson comes to DeSean Jackson's defense
Rarely are people who are truly and deeply invested in one fight not interested in furthering the fight for others
5 min
JA Adande
If resistance can be something as simple as changing a team's nickname, it shows you how long and difficult the fight will be for true equality.
10 min
Bomani Jones, Host of The Right Time Podcast
It feels like DeSean Jackson has come across something that he thinks nobody else understands
10 min
Sarah Spain and Ariel Helwani react to DeSean J...
I don't think DeSean Jackson understands what he did
6 min
Dave Zirin, Host of the Edge of Sports Podcast
People are counting their chickens before they hatch if they think Dan Snyder will change the Redskins name so easily
10 min
Randy Mueller, former NFL Executive
If anyone thought Patrick Mahomes would be wearing a different uniform, they were kidding themselves
7 min
Sarah Spain and Courtney Cronin react to the Pa...
It was a no brainer
5 min
ESPN MLB Analyst Doug Glanville
Ian Desmond laid out a manifesto of some things to consider, MLB should pay attention.
8 min
Sarah Spain on the concerns over college footba...
The way college football is reacting now feels like the opposite of a humble approach
3 min
ESPN MLB Insider Jeff Passan
MLB not telling who tested positive for COVID-19 stigmatizes it, and the last thing we need is to do that to someone who has it
7 min
Angel McCoughtry, Aces / 2x Gold Medalist
Angel talks about her 'jersey concept' and all of the other ideas she has, that will hopefully continue the conversation about Social Justice.
11 min
Kermit Davis, Ole Miss CBB Head Coach
Coach Davis talks about the much-needed change taking place across his home state of Mississippi. He urges us to view this as a movement, not a moment.
11 min
Kristen Lappas, ESPN Films Producer
Kristen stops by 'Spain & Co,' to discuss the debut of her film, 'Blackfeet Boxing: Not Invisible.'
8 min
Ema Ryan Yamazaki, Director
Ema talks about the film, 'Koshien: Field of Dreams,' and why she felt the story of this baseball tournament needed to be told.
9 min
Dwayne Killings, Marquette Associate Head Coach
Dwayne joins the show to discuss the forming of the 'Coaches For Action' group, which will focus on creating change within our communities, and supporting Black Lives Matter.
12 min
Scott Dochterman, The Athletic Iowa Football Re...
The Athletic Iowa Football Reporter Scott Dochterman joined Sarah Spain & Jordan Cornette to discuss the controversy around the Iowa football program right now.
12 min
Bobby Valentine, Former MLB Manager
Former MLB Manager joined Sarah Spain & Jordan Cornette, and explained why baseball could be facing a "death sentence" if the negotiations continue this way.
11 min
Josh Hart, Pelicans G
Pelicans guard Josh Hart joined Spain & Company to discuss the NBA returning, why players need to speak out on social injustice, and what types of protests he's expecting.
10 min
Domonique Foxworth, The Undefeated
Domonique Foxworth joins Sarah Spain and Jordan Cornette on "Spain & Company," to reflect on the impact of protests taking place across the country.
13 min
Floyd Landis, Former Cyclist
Talks about his role in the upcoming 30 for 30 documentary on Lance Armstrong, and his reasoning for blowing the whistle on doping in Cycling.
11 min
Larry Nance Jr, Cavaliers
Jordan and Sarah catch up with Larry Nance Jr, and talk about life during the pandemic.
10 min
Randy Brown, Former Bull
Sarah and Jordan spoke with Former Bull Randy Brown, about "The Last Dance," his memories of playing with Jordan, and why you never order pizza outside of Chicago.
11 min
Jasmine Jordan, Daughter of Michael Jordan
Sarah & Jordan catch up with Jasmine Jordan, about what it's been like to experience "The Last Dance." She explains the fame & pressure that comes with being a Jordan.
12 min
Amanda Kessel, Olympian
Talks about what she and fellow athletes are doing for COVID-19 first responders. She and Sarah "urge" Jordan to do his part and RUN a 5k.
11 min
Sam Perkins, Former SuperSonic
With his tremendous radio voice, Sam tells Sarah and Jordan that MJ DID disrespect Gary Payton on "The Last Dance," but that Jordan had earned that right.
9 min
John Starks, Former Knick
John talks about the classic matchups that his New York Knicks played in, against MJ's Bulls.
10 min
Mike Lupica, Author/NY Daily New Columnist
Mike Lupica joined Spain & Company to talk about Michael Jordan's relationship with the media, and how Patrick Ewing handled constantly losing to MJ.
10 min
Will Perdue, Former Bulls Center
4x NBA Champion & Former Bulls C Will Perdue joined Spain & Company to discuss why Jordan was so disliked at times, MJ stepping away from basketball, and his competitiveness.
10 min
Dick Anderson, Member of 1972 Dolphins
Former Dolphins Safety Dick Anderson joined Sarah Spain & Jason Goff on Spain & Co. to discuss what made Don Shula so special, and why he was such an incredible leader.
10 min
Sarah Spain on the USWNT & Equal Pay
Sarah Spain explains why US Soccer may have beaten the USWNT legally, but lost the PR battle. Also, investing in women's sports would be beneficially to everyone.
3 min
Rick Spielman, Minnesota Vikings GM
What was the virtual draft experience like, from the Front office perspective? Rick Spielman fills us in on the players that will now suit up in purple and gold.
9 min
Bomani Jones, ESPN
Bo talks about the character questions surrounding newly drafted Patriots Kicker, Justin Rohrwasser.
10 min
Will Perdue, Former Bulls C
4x NBA Champion Will Perdue joined Spain & Company to tell some stories from his years with the Bulls, including why the Bulls initially hated the triangle offense.
12 min
Vince Goodwill, Yahoo! Sports Senior Writer
Vince Goodwill & Sarah Spain got into a heated argument about the Pistons walking off the court against the Bulls in 1991, and discuss why it's still contentious to this day.
12 min
Carmen Electra
Carmen Electra joined Sarah Spain & Jordan Cornette to talk about her time dating Dennis Rodman, and tell some fascinating behind-the-scenes stories.
13 min
Ben Richardson, Former Loyola Basketball player
Former Loyola Basketball player Ben Richardson joined Sarah Spain & Jordan Cornette to discuss how the Coronavirus is impacting athletes overseas.
10 min
Natalie Chou, UCLA WBB Player
UCLA women's basketball player Natalie Chou joined Sarah Spain & Jordan Cornette to tell her story about dealing with discrimination due to Coronavirus.
8 min
Steve Donahue, Penn HC
Penn State Head Coach Steve Donahue joins Sarah to discuss the devastation he and his players are feeling after the cancelation of the Ivy League tournament.
7 min
Game Changers
Kathryn Tappen of NBC Sports joins Spain & Company to talk about being part of the 1st all women's broadcast that will be on March 8th at the United Center.
10 min
Redskins Head Coach Ron Rivera
Ron Rivera talks about the future of Washington's QB position. Does it Belong to Dwayne Haskins? Tune in!
10 min
GAME CHANGERS: Aimee Kimball
Devils Director of player and team development Aimee Kimball, talks about her career, and path, to becoming a trailblazer in sports, and the NHL.
10 min
Spain & Company: Derrick Nnadi
Spain speaks with Chiefs DL Derrick Nnadi
6 min
Spain & Company: Interview with McCullough
Sarah Spain speaks with Chiefs RB Coach Deland McCullough
8 min
GameChangers with Sam Rapoport
Sam Rapoport talks to Sarah about bringing more diversity to the game of football.
10 min