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10 BIG Storylines From Week 1
Fantasy Focus: Our BIGGEST Takeaways From Week 1 For Your Lineup
60 min
Week 1 Preview - Who NEEDS To Be In Your Lineup?
Fantasy Focus: Getting You Ready For Your Week 1 Matchups
58 min
Predicting Fantasy MVP's & TNF Preview
Fantasy Focus: Predicting Our Fantasy MVP's For 2023, TNF Preview & Injury Updates
59 min
Week 1 Rankings Reaction For 2023
Fantasy Focus: Reacting To Our Week 1 Rankings For Who Needs To Be In Your Lineups
57 min
10 MOST Important Fantasy Players & Injury Updates
Fantasy Focus: The 10 MOST Important Fantasy Players For This Season
62 min
2023 Cheat Sheet & Show League Draft Recap
Fantasy Focus: Recapping Our Show League Draft For 2023 & Cheat Sheet Info For Your Drafts
62 min
Mock Draft 2.0 Reaction For 2023
Fantasy Focus: Reacting To Our Latest Mock Draft To Get You Ready For Your Drafts
64 min
Jonathan Taylor Update & Best Stacks For 2023
Fantasy Focus: What Stacks Should You Be Targeting In Your Drafts? Taylor Latest Updates
60 min
League Winners For 2023
Fantasy Focus: Who Are The League Winners You Need To Be Drafting This Year?
63 min
ADP Overperformers You NEED To Draft
Fantasy Focus: What Players Will WAY Overperform Their ADP This Season?
61 min
Best Draft Strategies For 2023
Fantasy Focus: Breaking Down All Of The Best Draft Strategies For 2023
65 min
Field's Favorites For 2023
Fantasy Focus: Our FAVORITE Players You NEED To Draft In 2023
60 min
The Perfect Pick For Every Round Of Your Draft
Fantasy Focus: Talking The Perfect Players To Pick In Every Round Of Your Draft
66 min
Backfields You NEED To Avoid & RB Questions
Fantasy Focus: What Backfield Do You NEED To Avoid In Your Draft? Plus, MAJOR RB Questions
62 min
2023 Sleepers, Breakouts & Busts
Fantasy Focus: Must Know Sleeper, Breakout & Bust Candidates For 2023
63 min
NFC South Preview - Is The Bijan Hype Real?
Fantasy Focus: Can You Trust Kyle Pitts? Who's Worth Drafting From The NFC South
62 min
NFC North Preview - Breakout Stars
Fantasy Focus: Will Justin Fields Be QB1? Trust Levels In The Lions Backfield
65 min
NFC West Preview - Differentiating Between Stars
Fantasy Focus: Is Ekeler The True RB1 In Fantasy? Kupp Still Elite? Geno A Starter?
67 min
NFC East Preview & HUGE RB News
Fantasy Focus: Previewing The NFC East and Reacting To The Dalvin Cook & Ezekiel Elliott News
65 min
Injury Updates & Training Camp Breakout Stars
Fantasy Focus: Biggest Injury Updates & Stars Of Training Camp Who Could Have HUGE Seasons
66 min
1st Mock Draft Reaction Of 2023
Fantasy Focus: Reacting To Our First Mock Draft Of 2023, Best Draft Strategy
65 min
AFC South Preview - BIG ADP Values
Fantasy Focus: Is This The Year Trevor Lawrence Breaks Out? Nervous For Jonathan Taylor?
59 min
AFC North Preview - ELITE Value Division
Fantasy Focus: What To Expect From Najee Harris? Who Has The Best WR Core In Fantasy?
64 min
AFC West Preview - Careful Reaching For Stars
Fantasy Focus: Previewing Everything You Need To Know For The AFC West
62 min
AFC East Preview - Potential Fantasy STARS
Fantasy Focus: Could This Be The Best Fantasy Division In Football?
62 min