The Michael Kay Show

The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.

Trey Wingo: 3/25/20
Trey Wingo brings a little normalcy to our lives as he joins the guys in his weekly spot talking Cam Newton, Trent Williams and more.
24 min
Noah Syndergaard will have Tommy John: 3/24/20
The guys deal with multiple breaking news stories as Robby Anderson bolts New York for Carolina and Noah Syndergaard will undergo Tommy John surgery.
43 min
Dan Orlovsky: 3/24/20
Dan Orlovsky joins the guys to share his thoughts on the very uncertain future of Cam Newton. Plus, what do the Jets do now at WR with Robby Anderson going to Carolina?
12 min
Buck Showalter: 3/24/20
Buck Showalter joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Noah Syndergaard injury and his philosophies on pitching. Plus, how COVID-19 will change the sport when it returns.
24 min
Jeff Passan: 3/24/20
Jeff Passan joins the guys to discuss the breaking news of Noah Syndergaard requiring Tommy John surgery.
17 min
Michael Kay's origin story
On Monday's show, Michael takes us down memory lane in the inaugural edition of "Tales from the Crib." Plus, in "the Daily Don," we look at the most memorable brawls in NY sports history.
54 min
Joe Buck: 3/23/20
Joe Buck joins the guys to provide further analysis to his quarantine/home play by play video. Plus, which sport would he most enjoy calling (hint: look out, Jim Nantz)?
22 min
Louis Riddick: 3/23/20
Louis Riddick joins the guys to share his thoughts on Tom Brady going to the Bucs and where this leaves the Patriots. Plus, are the Jets ok ignoring the WR position in free agency and waiting for the draft?
22 min
Judge update, Brady signs and the Daily Don: 3/...
On Friday's show, the guys discuss a previously unknown Aaron Judge injury as well as what the Patriots will now do at the QB position. Plus, the "Daily Don" looks at the all-time NY sports breakups.
55 min
Mariano Rivera: 3/20/20
Mariano Rivera joins the guys to try and really hammer home the point that people need to practice social distancing. He also weighs in on how disappointed he was by the Astros cheating scandal.
21 min
Rich Cimini: 3/20/20
Rich Cimini joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Jets approach to free agency, whether or not he believes Robby Anderson will be back and how the Pats will be without Brady.
8 min
#DropMadness20 begins!
There may be no sports, but #DropMadness20 is off and rolling! Not sure what it is? Listen to find out. Plus, more reaction to NFL free agency.
49 min
Mike Reiss: 3/19/20
Mike Reiss covers the Patriots for ESPN; he joined the guys to discuss how Boston is reacting to Brady's departure and where New England may turn for their next QB.
14 min
Damien Woody: 3/19/20
Damien Woody joins the guys to shed some light on what it's like playing for Bill Belichick.
24 min
TB-12 to TB, Drop Madness unveiled!
With Tom Brady heading to Tampa Bay, will he be able to prove that he didn't need Bill Belichick to succeed? Plus, the Drop Madness bracket is unveiled!
66 min
Trey Wingo: 3/18/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to share his thoughts on what Tom Brady's departure means for the future of the Patriots.
12 min
Nick Mangold: 3/18/20
Nick Mangold joins the guys to discuss Tom Brady leaving New England, the Jets offseason moves, his new BBQ sauce and more!
13 min
Gary Myers: 3/18/20
Having written a book on Tom Brady and Eli Manning, Gary Myers joins the guys to share his insight on Tom's exit from New England.
17 min
Tom Brady bolts New England
Tom Brady is leaving New England. Is this the right move for both sides? Where will Brady sign? Plus, Don's list on the best QBs ever to change teams late in their career.
54 min
Mike Greenberg: 3/17/20
Mike Greenberg joins the guys to share his thoughts on what Brady's New England exit means for the Jets and to bet Michael about what it means for the Patriots.
25 min
Ian O'Connor: 3/17/20
Ian O'Connor literally wrote the book on Bill Belichick. He joins the guys to discuss the nature of Bill's complex relationship with Tom Brady.
14 min
NFL free agency kicks off
The NFL tampering period has begun and NFL free agency is off and rolling. We bring you the latest on the Jets and Giants plus Don unveils his first lists in a new feature!
57 min
Mike Tannenbaum: 3/16/20
Mike Tannenbaum joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Texans decision to deal DeAndre Hopkins and everything else going on with free agency.
13 min
Seth Greenberg: 3/16/20
Seth Greenberg joins the guys to share his thoughts on Iona's hiring of Rick Pitino. Plus, should the NCAA have released a bracket even without there being a tournament?
23 min
Sports after COVID-19
In a serious time, we try to have some fun and look ahead to what the sports world will look like when live action eventually resumes.
57 min
Robin Harris: 3/13/20
The Ivy League was quick to announce the cancellation of their basketball tournaments as well as their spring sports. The Ivy's Executive Director, Robin Harris, explains why.
13 min
Joe Mihailich: 3/13/20
The Head Coach of Hofstra's Men's basketball team, Joe Mihailich, joins the guys to try and explain just how disappointed they are over the tournament's cancellation.
11 min
Ariel Helwani: 3/13/20
Ariel Helwani joins the guys to try and explain why UFC has decided to keep on fighting as virtually every other sport has decided to shutdown.
15 min
COVID-19 halts American sports
The coronvirus has brought the NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS and the NCAA Tournament to a screeching halt. What do the weeks and months ahead hold for us?
59 min
Gary Thorne: 3/12/20
Gary Thorne has some experience in calling a game in an empty stadium when he did so for the Orioles during the Baltimore riots. He joins to reflect on what it was like.
18 min
RJ Bell: 3/12/20
With different leagues and tournaments shutting down left and right, RJ Bell joins the guys to discuss the impact this is had on the gambling world.
11 min
Coronavirus cancels NCAA crowds
The NCAA has announced that there will be no crowds in attendance during the NCAA Tournament. Is this only the tip of the iceberg? Will events in the U.S. be cancelled soon?
56 min
Bernadette McGlade: 3/11/20
Atlantic 10 Commissioner Bernadette McGlade joins to give the latest update with regards to the Atlantic 10 Tournament.
12 min
Dick Vitale: 3/11/20
Dick Vitale joins the guys to share his thoughts on the NCAA's decision to play March Madness without fans in attendance.
10 min
Trey Wingo: 3/11/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to share his thoughts on the incredible impact that COVID-19 has had on the sports world. Plus, a surprise guest drops in to go at Trey.
24 min
Coronavirus cancels games
Games are being cancelled because of the coronavirus. Is that the right move? Plus, who will be the next coach of the Nets and will Kyrie Irving factor into the decision?
53 min
Nets need a coach & COVID-19
Kenny Atkinson is out as the head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. What was the reason behind the change? Plus, the Coronavirus is having a large impact on the sports world.
57 min
Aaron Judge injured & Zibanejad nets five
Aaron Judge has a rib injury that will have him out for the start of the season. Plus, Mika Zibanejad scores five goals to lead the Rangers to a win over the Capitals.
61 min
Mika Zibanejad: 3/6/20
It was a great night in the midst of a great season for Mika Zibanejad! He joined the guys to look back on his 5 goals vs the Capitals and discuss the team's playoff hopes.
13 min
More MSG drama
It's been a difficult week at Madison Square Garden, and it got even worse last night. Plus, Gerrit Cole's rough outing and it's the anniversary of two players swapping lives.
50 min
Spike Lee saga: Day II
Another day, another chapter in the Spike Lee saga. Either Spike or Madison Square Garden aren't telling the truth, which is it? Plus, the guys aren't touching their faces.
51 min
Buster Olney: 3/4/20
Buster Olney talks with the guys about Aaron Judge's injury, the Yankees meeting with the MLBPA, what it was like fishing with Pete Alonso and more.
14 min
Trey Wingo: 3/4/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to discuss Charles Oakley's appearance on their morning show. Plus, recapping the combine and observing bears in the Wingo backyard.
23 min
Jeff Passan: 3/3/20
Jeff Passan joins the guys to discuss everything happening around Spring Training including friendships that have been effected by the Astros cheating scandal.
14 min
Spike Lee vs. the New York Knicks
Spike Lee and the Knicks are officially engaged in a war of words. Which side is telling the truth and why do things like this only seem to happen to the Knicks?
52 min
Spike Lee: 3/3/20
In the wake of Madison Square Garden's statement which placed blame on Spike Lee for Monday's incident, Spike calls in to share his side of the story.
27 min
Leon Rose & Bar Mitzvah Gifts
Leon Rose is officially leading the Knicks, but in what direction? Plus, what's the latest on Aaron Judge and a debate about how much money to gift at a Bar Mitzvah.
59 min
Giancarlo Stanton's frustrations & Peter attacked
Giancarlo Stanton's injuries as of late have Yankee fans frustrated. Plus, Peter is attacked by a caller and some photos of Kobe Bryant's crash have unjustifiably circulated.
58 min
Greg McElroy: 2/28/20
Greg McElroy joins the guys to share his initial impression of the XFL. Plus, why he's not a fan of the scouting combine and what he thinks of Joe Judge's tactics.
21 min
Is Tom Brady leaving New England?
ESPN's Jeff Darlington said that he expects Tom Brady to leave New England. If Brady leaves, where's he going? Plus, is Brady still a top 10 quarterback in the NFL?
55 min
Giancarlo Stanton injured again
Another day and another Yankee injury. Giancarlo Stanton's status for Opening Day is now in doubt. Plus, Michael believes that Giants HC Joe Judge is misplaying his hand.
60 min
Trey Wingo: 2/26/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to explain his "bear" story. Plus, his thoughts on the NFL's proposed collective bargaining agreement.
24 min
Yankees lose Luis Severino
Luis Severino needs Tommy John surgery and will miss the 2020 season for the Yankees. What does this mean for the team's expectations? Plus, Joe Judge's crazy comments.
52 min
Buster Olney: 2/25/20
Buster Olney joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Luis Severino injury and explain why this isn't necessarily the end of the world.
28 min
Tyson Fury wins & Rangers deadline moves
What does Tyson Fury's victory over Deontay Wilder mean for boxing? Plus, the Rangers were busy at the NHL trade deadline and Kobe Bryant's life is celebrated at Staples.
58 min
Julius Erving: 2/24/20
The hall of famer, Dr. J, joins the guys to share memories of his time with the Nets, discuss his relationship with Kobe Bryant and give his thoughts on today's NBA.
22 min
The Michael Kay Show
A three-pronged effort as Michael's in Florida, Don's in Carolina and Peter's in Las Vegas. They talk NFL CBA, Luis Severino's injury, and Wilder-Fury 2.
69 min
Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith joined the show to give his thoughts on Wilder-Fury 2.
13 min
Yankee injuries & NFL playoff changes
Luis Severino is going to be shut down due to injury. How concerned should Yankees fans be? Plus, the NFL is considering making major changes to their playoff format.
51 min
Bob Costas: 2/20/20
Bob Costas joins the guys to share his thoughts on some possible punishments for the Astros. Plus, his reservations over the proposed playoff format and his run-in with "Nunzio."
25 min
Astro bashing and friend pruining: 2/19/20
Giancarlo Stanton weighs in on the Astros cheating scandal, Michael explains why he chose not to speak to Cindy Crawford on a flight and do Ranger fans really think Lundqvist is overrated??
63 min
Trey Wingo: 2/19/20
Trey is back from Hawaii and joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Astros scandal, Joe Burrow's future, Wilder-Fury and more.
24 min
Aaron Judge goes after the Astros: 2/18/20
Today, it was Aaron Judge's turn to weigh in on the Astros; the guys discuss his comments. Plus, thoughts on Joe Burrow possibly working his way out of Cincinnati.
65 min
Quentin Richardson: 2/18/20
Former Knick Quentin Richardson joins the guys to lay out his perspective on why the team has a hard time attracting big time free agents.
12 min
Jeff Passan: 2/18/20
Jeff Passan joins to discuss the criticism being hurled at Rob Manfred. Plus, Jeff's reaction to the unprecedented and harsh response from other MLB players towards the Astros.
22 min
Nick Elam: 2/18/20
Nick Elam, the creator of basketball's "Elam Ending," joins the guys to explain the process behind his idea. Plus, Nick has another idea to improve pace of play in baseball.
13 min
NBA All Star Weekend and a Special Don Show: 2/...
The guys look back on NBA All-Star Weekend and and discuss Rob Manfred's comments regarding the Astros sign-stealing scandal. Plus, a very special 3 part Don Show.
61 min
Mike Breen: 2/17/20
Fresh off finding out that he'll be going into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Mike Breen joins the guys to try and put into words just how he's feeling.
25 min
Houston has a problem
Major League Baseball's players and teams have seemingly all sided against the Houston Astros, but will that make for a more interesting season? Plus, will A-Rod buy the Mets?
56 min
Steve Levy: 2/14/20
ESPN's lead commentator for the XFL, Steve Levy, joins the guys to share his early impressions of the league's reboot.
11 min
Astros 'Apologize' & Don's Birthday!
The Houston Astros tried to apologize for stealing signs and it didn't go well, particularly for owner Jim Crane. Plus, the Nets add a big win and it's Don's birthday!
49 min
Tim Anderson: 2/13/20
Defending AL batting champion Tim Anderson joins the guys to discuss the Astros scandal as well as the overall popularity of the sport.
24 min
Aaron Boone speaks
Yankees manager Aaron Boone gives his thoughts on the Astros and their sign-stealing ways. Plus, the latest on Antonio Brown and Don's workstation is called into question.
54 min
Bob Costas: 2/12/20
Bob Costas joins the guys to explain why he's in favor of the proposed changes to MLB's playoff format. Plus, his thoughts on the Astros and memories of Kobe Bryant.
27 min
Mike Vaccaro: 2/12/20
Mike Vaccaro is not a fan of the possible MLB playoff format changes. He joins the guys to explain why...
17 min
Jack Curry: 2/12/20
Jack Curry checks in with the guys from Yankees Spring Training in Tampa.
11 min
MLB format & Knicks drama
MLB wants to adopt a new playoff format. Is Rob Manfred's plan crazy, or is he onto something? Plus, the Knicks have another public relations mess on their hands.
59 min
AJ Hinch speaks and XFL recap
Former Astros manager AJ Hinch has spoken on the sign-stealing scandal, and he didn't exactly clear Houston's name. Plus, the XFL receives solid reviews after Week 1.
60 min
Tom Verducci: 2/10/20
Tom Verducci joins to discuss his exclusive interview with AJ Hinch.
19 min
The Michael Kay Show
The guys were live from Mohegan Sun in Connecticut for the 32nd annual Connecticut Cancer Foundation Celebrity Dinner and Memorabilia Auction talking baseball and more.
61 min
Nathan Eovaldi and Christian Vazquez
Red Sox pitcher Nathan Eovaldi and catcher Christian Vazquez joined the show to discuss the sign steal scandal, and look backed at their World Series victory in 2018.
13 min
Adam Ottavino and Gio Urshela
Yankees reliever Adam Ottavino and third baseman Gio Urshela joined the show to discuss the Astros sign stealing scandal, and the upcoming season.
14 min
Gary Sanchez
Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez joined the show to discuss the Astros sign stealing scandal, and how good the Yankees can be this year.
12 min
Ray Pinneault and John Ellis
John Ellis, Director of the Connecticut Cancer Foundation, and Ray Pinneault, President of Mohegan Sun, joined the show to talk about Celebrity Dinner & Memorabilia Auction.
12 min
Jeffrey Lyons: 2/6/20
Film critic Jeffrey Lyons joins the guys to preview this Sunday's Academy Awards.
13 min
Knicks close in on Leon Rose
The Knicks are closing in on Leon Rose as their next Team President. Would hiring an agent be the right move for the Knicks? Plus, Steve Cohen and the Mets are separating.
63 min
Adrian Wojnarowski: 2/6/20
Woj joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Knicks expected hiring of Leon Rose. Plus, how'd New York do in the Marcus Morris deal? Woj weighs in...
24 min
Bernie Williams: 2/5/20
Bernie Williams joins the guys to discuss his upcoming event at the Sheen Center as well as Derek Jeter, the Houston Astros and more.
14 min
Mookie Betts on the move
The Red Sox have sent Mookie Betts to the left coast. What's it mean for the Yankees? Plus, James Paxton will miss some time and the latest on Mets ownership.
62 min
Buster Olney: 2/5/20
Buster Olney joins the guys to discuss the suddenly uncertain state of Mets ownership. Plus, why the Red Sox traded Mookie Betts.
12 min
Dan Shaughnessy: 2/5/20
Dan Shaughnessy of the Boston Globe joins the guys to discuss the Red Sox decision to trade Mookie Betts.
12 min
Steve Mills out & Mets ownership
The Knicks and Steve Mills have parted ways. Who will James Dolan turn to next? Could Steve Cohen's time with the Mets end before it begins? Also, #GutlessPuke trends.
62 min
Stephen A. Smith: 2/4/20
Stephen A. Smith joins the guys to share his thoughts on why Steve Mills is out with the Knicks and who could be coming in next.
8 min
Chiefs are champs
The Kansas City Chiefs are Super Bowl champions. Is this the start of the next great NFL dynasty? Plus, Michael is forced to cancel his Super Bowl party.
55 min
The Michael Kay Show
Live from House of 'Que in Hoboken, the guys preview the big game, and discuss the Lakers first game at Staples Center since the passing of Kobe Bryant.
63 min
TMKS Pro Picks
The biggest pick of the year for Don and Peter as they battle for second. Plus, RJ and Alex Lee give their Super Bowl picks.
11 min
Rex Ryan
Former Jets head coach and ESPN NFL analyst Rex Ryan joined the show to give his thoughts on the Super Bowl.
15 min
Bart Scott
Bart Scott stopped by the show to give his Super Bowl prediction, discuss his time in the NFL, and how he analyzes the defense of both teams.
37 min
Knicks brawl & Super Bowl LIV
The Knicks were involved in a brawl while being blown out by the Grizzlies. Plus, a Super Bowl preview and how well do Michael, Don and Peter know each other?
52 min
RJ Bell: 1/30/20
RJ Bell joins to give the guys his Super Bowl gambling advice on everything from the game itself to the length of the final word of the national anthem.
10 min