The Michael Kay Show

The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.

Sam Darnold: 5/11/20
The guys check in with Sam Darnold to get his take on the Jets offseason, what he thinks of possibly playing in an empty stadium, how he feels about Brady leaving the division and more.
17 min
NFL schedules and NY's greatest sports year: 5/...
On Friday's show, the guys discuss the release of the NFL schedules. Plus, of the 3 NY titles won in '69-'70 (Mets, Jets and Knicks), which one was the biggest?
64 min
Marv Albert: 5/8/20
Marv Albert joins the guys to take a stroll down memory lane and reflect on the 50th anniversary of the Knicks first title. Plus, Marv's thoughts on "The Last Dance."
24 min
Baseball return plans and All Time QB's: 5/7/20
The guys discuss a brewing battle between the MLB players and owners. Plus, Don really goes for it with today's list as he presents his top 5 QB's of all time.
63 min
Jeff Passan: 5/7/20
Jeff Passan joins the guys to discuss when he thinks baseball could return and how he thinks the financial battle between the players and owners will play out.
19 min
Walt Frazier: 5/7/20
Walt Frazier joins the guys to discuss the 50th anniversary of the team's first championship.
20 min
Did Jordan break the player's code?: 5/6/20
On Wednesday's show, the guys discuss whether or not Michael Jordan broke the player's code. Plus, could the NBA use this moment to shift their schedule altogether?
68 min
Darryl Strawberry: 5/6/20
On the anniversary of Darryl Strawberry breaking into the big leagues, he joins the guys to reflect on getting called up to the Mets. Plus, why he believes the '86 Mets were better than the '98 Yankees.
22 min
Trey Wingo: 5/6/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to share his thoughts on Dallas signing Dalton, bat flipping in South Korea and Michael never seeing a Star Wars movie.
27 min
Flipping over bat flipping: 5/5/20
Bat flipping in the Korean Baseball league is basically an art-form, so why is it still such a big deal here? Plus Don's top 5 coaches without a Super Bowl ring.
68 min
John Starks: 5/5/20
John Starks joins the guys to share his thoughts on the most recent episode of "The Last Dance" and to reflect on the Knicks rivalry with Jordan's Bulls.
14 min
Ariel Helwani: 5/5/20
Ariel Helwani joins the guys to discuss Mike Tyson's latest workout video and whether or not he could actually be training for a comeback.
21 min
"Last Dance" recap: 5/4/20
The guys discuss the life of Don Shula in the wake of his passing at age 90. Plus, recapping episodes 5 and 6 of "The Last Dance," and Don's subtle shade at Michael's tale from the crib.
78 min
Joe Namath: 5/4/20
Joe Namath talks about his friendship with Don Shula in the wake of Shula's passing. Plus, Joe discusses Brady going to Tampa compared with his decision to leave NY for LA.
15 min
The NBA Bubble and father/son duos: 5/1/20
On Friday's show, the guys discuss what it might take for the NBA to return. Plus, Don's top 5 father/son duos in sports.
67 min
Scott Boras: 5/1/20
MLB agent Scott Boras joins the guys to share his viewpoint on whether or not we'll see baseball this year. Plus, what he's hearing about possible vaccine advancements.
26 min
Stephania Bell: 5/1/20
Tonight at 7:30, ESPN's Stephania Bell will bring us an hour long special on Alex Smith's terrible leg injury and his difficult road to recovery. Stephania joins the guys to talk about it...
14 min
Kevin Kernan: 5/1/20
Kevin Kernan joins the guys to look back on his career in journalism and to share his message for young writers looking to break through.
17 min
LeBron speak, Tale from the Crib and more: 4/30/20
LeBron says the NBA should absolutely resume when it's safe, but does everyone agree? Plus, Don's top 5 NY General Managers and Michael's aggressiveness paying off in Tales from The Crib
64 min
Howie Singer: 4/30/20
Longtime MSG Director Howie Singer joins the show to share his experience of what it was like battling the Coronavirus.
16 min
Mike Breen: 4/30/20
Mike Breen joins the guys to talk about the NBA's uncertain future. Plus, his reflections on "Linsanity" and whether or not it could have worked if Carmelo Anthony agreed to change.
24 min
Rich Kleiman: 4/30/20
Kevin Durant's business partner, Rich Kleiman, talks about the Coronavirus' impact on sports, if KD would consider returning when the league resumes and much more...
19 min
Will we see sports in 2020?: 4/29/20
Dr. Anthony Fauci expresses some skepticism over the possibility of sports returning in 2020. Plus, Don's top 5 standup comedians of all time.
76 min
NJ Governor Phil Murphy: 4/29/20
The Governor of New Jersey, Phil Murphy, joins the show to share the latest news pertaining to the Coronavirus and whether or not sports might be able to resume in his state.
12 min
Trey Wingo: 4/29/20
Trey Wingo hosted this year's NFL Draft; he joins to talk about all of the behind-the-scenes work that went into it, what he thought of the Jets and Giants picks and to provide an update on how Todd McShay is doing.
23 min
To spoil or not to spoil: 4/28/20
The guys discuss some possible adjustments to the NFL season, their interview with Joe Judge, whether it's ok to spoil Sopranos storylines and more.
77 min
Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa: 4/28/20
Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa join the show to discuss their new podcast, "Talking Sopranos." And we answer once and for all whether or not Michael is a bad guy for revealing spoilers.
20 min
Bryant Gumbel: 4/28/20
HBO's Bryant Gumbel joins the guys to discuss the 25th anniversary of Real Sports. Plus, his thoughts on if we'll see sports in the year 2020.
20 min
Joe Judge: 4/28/20
Giants HC Joe Judge joins The Michael Kay Show on 98.7FM ESPN New York to reflect on his first draft with the team and explains how he's trying to keep expectations in check.
16 min
NFL Draft and "Last Dance": 4/27/20
On Monday's show, the guys look back on the Jets and Giants' drafts, discuss episodes 3 and 4 of "The Last Dance" and much more.
83 min
Joe Douglas: 4/27/20
Jets GM Joe Douglas joins the guys to discuss what this draft was like as opposed to more conventional drafts. Plus, he shares their thinking on each pick and whether or not they considered trading for Hopkins or Williams.
18 min
1st Round recap: 4/24/20
On Friday's show, the guys discuss both New York 1st round picks, the uncertain future of Aaron Rodgers, Don's 5 greatest NY O-Linemen of all time and more.
67 min
Andrew Thomas: 4/24/20
The Giants used the 4th pick to take OT Andrew Thomas. He joined the guys to talk about the differences between playing RT and LT, his love of music and more.
8 min
Mekhi Becton: 4/24/20
The newest Jet, Mekhi Becton, talks with the guys about his excitement over becoming a Jet. Plus, he addresses questions over his flagged drug test at the combine.
7 min
NFL Draft: 4/23/20
On Thursday's show, the guys get you ready for the 2020 NFL Draft. Plus, the biggest #1 pick draft busts of the past 25 years and that time Michael's dad made him fight someone.
58 min
Mark Sanchez: 4/23/20
Mark Sanchez joins the guys to break down the QB's in the upcoming draft. Plus, why Mark can personally relate to Tua's decision to leave college for the NFL.
13 min
Marty Lyons: 4/23/20
What position and what player should the Jets target in the draft? Marty Lyons joins to share his thoughts.
19 min
Punishment finally handed down: 4/22/20
The guys react to Commissioner Manfred handing down the Red Sox punishment. Plus, the top 5 Giants draft busts in the 2000's.
69 min
Bob Costas: 4/22/20
In a wide ranging interview, Bob Costas debates Don over whether or not Mickey Mantle would be dominant today, discusses Michael Jordan, tells if there will be sports this year and much more.
26 min
Trey Wingo: 4/22/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to help preview the 2020 NFL Draft and share his thoughts on the decisions that both New York teams are faced with.
13 min
Mike Tannenbaum: 4/22/20
Mike Tannenbaum joins the guys to discuss this year's NFL Draft and to take us behind-the-scenes on what this event is like for the league's general managers.
22 min
Jon Pessah: 4/21/20
Jon Pessah has a new book out about one of the most fascinating Yankees of all time. It's called "Yogi: A Life Behind the Mask."
13 min
ARod Mets interest: 4/21/20
On Tuesday's show, the guys discuss ARod and J-Lo's possible interest in buying the Mets. Plus, more controversy in "Last One Standing."
67 min
Bart Scott: 4/21/20
Bart Scott joins the guys to share his thoughts on Gronk's return to the league. Plus, why he believes the Giants absolutely should NOT draft Isaiah Simmons.
23 min
Jim Boeheim: 4/21/20
Jim Boeheim joins the guys to talk about his upcoming virtual-gala to raise money for those affected by COVID-19. Plus, that time he played golf with Jordan at Pebble Beach.
23 min
The Last Dance: 4/20/20
On Monday's show, the guys discuss their personal highlights from parts 1 and 2 of "The Last Dance." Plus, a controversial Don list that turns heated.
82 min
Louis Riddick: 4/20/20
Louis Riddick joins the guys talking Jets and Giants options at 4 and 11, how circumstances may affect how the draft goes and even what he thought of Jerry Krause's handling of the Bulls.
15 min
Mike Greenberg: 4/20/20
Mike Greenberg was in Chicago and covered the the Bulls for much of their run in the 90's. He joins the guys to share his insight on the premiere of "The Last Dance."
18 min
Jamal Adams and MJ trivia: 4/17/20
On Friday's show, the guys discuss whether or not Jamal Adams should get a new contract. Plus, it's an epic Michael Jordan edition of "Last One Standing."
77 min
NFL over/unders: 4/16/20
The guys take a look at some of Caesars win over/unders for the 2020 NFL season. Plus, Don's not pleased with Peter's questioning in "Last One Standing" and it's two stories for the price of one in "Tales from the Crib."
74 min
Jason Hehir: 4/16/20
Jason Hehir is the director of the upcoming 30 for 30, "The Last Dance." He joins the guys to share some of the behind-the-scenes stories from the making of the film.
17 min
Mel Kiper Jr: 4/16/20
Mel Kiper Jr. joins the guys to discuss what the Jets might be thinking at #11, whether or not Burrow still would've gone above Tua had Tua not gotten hurt and his greatest draft regret.
20 min
"You're gonna fail miserably": 4/15/20
On Wednesday's show, the guys discuss Dr. Fauci's comments regarding scenarios for sports to return. Plus, the top 5 rookie seasons in NY sports history.
73 min
Jeff Van Gundy: 4/15/20
Jeff Van Gundy joins the guys to shed some light on Charles Oakley's recent critical comments regarding Patrick Ewing.
23 min
Trey Wingo: 4/15/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to discuss the NFL Draft: who will the Giants take? Could Herbert go before Tua? And how will this all work logistically? Wingo weighs in...
20 min
A potential Giant dilemma: 4/14/20
On Tuesday's show, the guys discuss the death of Hank Steinbrenner, Christian McCaffrey's impact on Saquon Barkley, great moments in NY sports defeats and more.
81 min
Bill Walton: 4/14/20
Bill Walton joins the guys talking about his upcoming initiative to help those battling the Coronavirus, "Bike for Humanity."
18 min
Michael's Eli Manning hot take: 4/13/20
It's a busy Monday on the show as the guys discuss last night's game of H-O-R-S-E, Michael's Eli Manning hot take, Don 5 greatest NY sports nicknames and more.
78 min
Tim Mead: 4/13/20
Tim Mead is the President of baseball's Hall of Fame. He joins the guys to discuss some of the uncertainty around Derek Jeter's upcoming induction ceremony.
8 min
Bruce Beck: 4/13/20
Bruce Beck joins the guys to reflect upon the life of his friend, Anthony Causi.
9 min
A new MLB proposal: 4/10/20
On Friday's show, the guys discuss a new MLB idea, Donovan Mitchell's lost friendship with Rudy Gobert, the Yankee Manager anointed by Billy Martin and more.
64 min
Ariel Helwani: 4/10/20
Ariel Helwani joins the guys to discuss what has been a turbulent 24 hours in UFC.
17 min
Peter Botte: 4/10/20
Peter Botte joins the guys to discuss his new book, "The Big 50: The Men and Moments that Made the New York Yankees."
18 min
Steve Levy: 4/10/20
One of the XFL's most prominent voices, Steve Levy, joins the guys to talk about the unfortunate fall of the league and whether or not he thinks it could have succeeded had it not been for the Coronavirus.
12 min
Options for the NBA and great TV series finales...
On Thursday's show, the guys discuss how the NBA could resume play, the greatest TV series finales of all time, a quick edition of "Last One Standing" and more.
74 min
Adrian Wojnarowski: 4/9/20
Adrian Wojnarowski joins the guys to discuss some possible options for the NBA once games can be played again. Plus, looking back at the Knicks KD/Kyrie whiff.
11 min
Brady's interview, the Daily Don and more: 4/8/20
On Wednesday's show, the guys discuss Tom Brady's interview with Howard Stern, Don looks at the 5 greatest NY playoff performances, the guys play "Last One Standing" and more.
64 min
Roy Firestone: 4/8/20
Roy Firestone has interviewed many of the biggest names that you can think of. He joins the guys to share some incredible behind-the-scenes stories about those interviews.
32 min
Trey Wingo: 4/8/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys talking Brady's logic in leaving New England, the complex nature of the upcoming draft, if he thinks they'll be able to play baseball and more.
19 min
The Arizona Bubble League: 4/7/20
On Tuesday's show, the guys discuss the possibility of baseball creating a "bubble" in Arizona to play games. Plus, a great Tale from the Crib about Billy Martin.
56 min
Keith Hernandez: 4/7/20
Keith Hernandez talks with the guys about the Mets video game simulation that he'll be calling tonight. Plus, what he thinks of baseball's possible return in May.
12 min
Mark Teixeira: 4/7/20
Mark Teixeira joins the guys to share his thoughts on the possible "Arizona Plan." Can it work? What are the biggest hurdles that they'll have to jump? Mark weighs in...
15 min
Mark Cannizzaro: 4/7/20
Mark Cannizzaro joins the guys to discuss his fascinating new book about The Masters, "Seven Days in Augusta."
16 min
When can sports start again?: 4/6/20
On Monday's show, the guys discuss the President's conference call with various league commissioners, Don ranks his greatest NY athletes to NOT be in the HOF and Michael tells us about the time he snuck into Mickey Mantle's restaurant.
73 min
Todd McShay: 4/6/20
Todd McShay joins the guys to discuss the bizarre circumstances around this year's draft as well as what he thinks the Giants and Jets will do in the first round.
22 min
WWE's show must go on: 4/3/20
The guys discuss the WWE's Wrestlemania template and wonder if other sports could follow it. Plus, a new and improved version of "Last One Standing."
51 min
Jeff Van Gundy: 4/3/20
Jeff Van Gundy spoke with the guys about the Coronavirus' impact on the NBA saying they should just end the season now. Plus, his thoughts on the Knicks coaching job.
19 min
Hank Azaria: 4/3/20
"Jim Brockmire" and Hank Azaria join the show to discuss the show "Brockmire" as well some of the most iconic characters in tv history.
26 min
Top NY upsets and Astros punishment news: 4/2/20
On Thursday's show, the guys discuss the possibility of Houston avoiding all punishment, Don gives his top 5 NY upsets of all time and the Kayster reveals the roots of his bad Mussina relationship.
57 min
Buster Olney: 4/2/20
Buster Olney joins the guys to discuss the distinct possibility of no one involved in the Astros cheating scandal being suspended for a single game.
11 min
NFL Draft and a controversial Daily Don: 4/1/20
The guys discuss whether or not the NFL draft should remain on it's current dates at the end of April. Plus, Michael has a tremendous April Fool's Day story and Don presents what may be his most controversial list yet.
55 min
Trey Wingo: 4/1/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys discussing the decision to keep the draft at the end of April, what the Jets and Giants might do with their picks, Tom Brady's upcoming interview with Howard Stern and more.
21 min
Joe Douglas: 4/1/20
Jets GM Joe Douglas joins the guys to discuss how draft prep is going and to share his thoughts on the team's decisions in free agency.
17 min
Patrick McEnroe: 3/31/20
Patrick McEnroe joins the guys to describe how he's feeling and explain the symptoms he was feeling leading up to his positive test for COVID-19.
18 min
Steve Young: 3/31/20
Steve Young joins the guys to share his thoughts on Tom Brady going to New England, the NFL leaving the draft where it is, how he's been impacted by COVID-19 and more.
25 min
New NFL playoff format
The NFL has a new playoff format for 2020. Plus, Todd McShay's new mock draft and Don's list of the most heartbreaking losses in New York football history.
64 min
Jim Foster: 3/31/20
Jim Foster, the Head Coach of Army's baseball team, joins discusses how tough this experience has been for his seniors but explains that they're committed to a higher purpose.
23 min
Scott Van Pelt: 3/30/20
Scott Van Pelt joins the guys to discuss what it's been like conducting Sportscenter without any sports.
15 min
Bob Wischusen: 3/30/20
Bob Wischusen joins the guys to share his thoughts on how the Jets have done in free agency and what he makes of their place in ESPN's power rankings.
19 min
COVID-19 realities & Kay vs. Torre
The realities of COVID-19 are difficult to comprehend. Please stay home when you're able. Also, Michael tells a story about his battle with Joe Torre.
53 min
NFL Draft & MLB salaries
The NFL Draft will go on as scheduled. Good idea? Plus, a debate about salaries for MLB players, Michael's story of being fired and Don's top five NY players without a ring!
65 min
Wade Phillips: 3/27/20
An NFL coaching great, Wade Phillips, joins the guys talking about his book "Son of Bum," the toughest QB's he's faced, what it was like coaching for Jerry Jones and more...
24 min
Jon Sciambi: 3/27/20
Jon "Boog" Sciambi joins to talk baseball, to compare his high school with Michael's high school, to implore people to follow social distancing guidelines and more...
18 min
NO-pening Day
Today would have been Opening Day in MLB. When might baseball be back? Plus, Michael has a 'Tale from the Crib' which includes some strong advice from John Sterling.
55 min
Phil Murphy:3/26/20
New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy joins the guys with a message to the people of his state and an update on how they're dealing with the Coronavirus.
21 min
Aaron Boone: 3/26/20
Yankees Manager Aaron Boone joins the guys to discuss the status of some of the team's injured players, explain why Aaron Judge won't be switching positions and much more.
13 min
Gary Cohen: 3/26/20
Gary Cohen joins the guys to discuss some of what he's feeling on an Opening Day without any baseball.
13 min
Noah surgery, "Daily Don," Mattingly and more
On Wednesday's show, the guys discuss the Mets World Series odds remaining unchanged despite Syndergaard's injury. Plus, a great Don Mattingly story and a controversial list from Don.
62 min
Jeff Passan: 3/25/20
Jeff Passan joins the guys to explain what this baseball season might look like when play does eventually resume.
27 min
Trey Wingo: 3/25/20
Trey Wingo brings a little normalcy to our lives as he joins the guys in his weekly spot talking Cam Newton, Trent Williams and more.
24 min