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The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.

Non-CBA-negotiation baseball talk: 7/9/20
The Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN NY
58 min
Jeff Passan: 7/9/20
Jeff Passan with an MLB season preview
16 min
Trey Wingo: 7/9/20
Trey Wingo on the return of baseball
19 min
The Decision: 7/8/20
The Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN NY
64 min
Mike Greenberg: 7/8/20
Mike Greenberg on Sam Darnold decision time
16 min
Decisions on Darnold: 7/7/20
The Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN NY
59 min
Jerome Bettis: 7/7/20
Jerome Bettis on playing during a pandemic
8 min
Ariel Helwani: 7/7/20
Ariel Helwani previews Usman-Masvidal
8 min
Mahomes gets PAID: 7/6/20
The Michael Kay Show on 98.7 ESPN NY
58 min
JP Finlay: 7/6/20
JP Finlay on Redskins name change
17 min
Chris Carlin Hosting
98 min
Rich Kleiman
Rich Kleiman Joins Carlin
23 min
Fans at MLB stadiums in 2020?
Will fans be at MLB games in 2020?
49 min
Dianna Russini 7/2/20
Dianna Russini: NFL season will happen
15 min
Hank Azaria
Hank Azaria talks Brockmire.
11 min
The Michael Kay Show 7/1/20
Baseball Summer Camp
68 min
Trey Wingo 7/1/20
Trey Wingo talks Cam Newton & more
18 min
Challenges to an MLB season: 6/30/20
On Mike Tyson's birthday, Don lists his top 5 wins and Peter provides a "tale from Chevy Chase" on the time he met the champ. Plus, Don takes on a high school junior in "Last One Standing."
68 min
Buster Olney: 6/30/20
Buster Olney joins the guys to explain why he's so down on this baseball season actually happening.
11 min
Cam Newton is a Patriot: 6/29/20
The guys discuss Cam Newton signing with the Patriots and whether or not the NFL's latest punishment for New England was enough. Plus, "Last One Standing: Listener Edition."
60 min
Mike Reiss: 6/29/20
Mike Reiss covers the Patriots for ESPN - he shares his thoughts on whether or not Cam is New England's definite starter and if their most recent punishment was strong enough.
9 min
Dan Orlovsky: 6/29/20
Dan Orlovsky joins the guys to share his thoughts on New England signing Cam Newton. Plus, Dan's take on Jamal Adams using his coach as a reason for wanting out of New York.
25 min
Don Van Natta: 6/26/20
Don Van Natta joins the guys to preview his upcoming behind scenes look at everything that went into LeBron's decision 10 years ago... "Backstory," this Sunday at 9pm.
10 min
A Slow Start: 6/26/20
The guys discuss how a 60-game season will be remembered by fans, Jamal Adams desire to get. Plus, Don's top-5 players to have never played in a championship
69 min
Joe Torre: 6/26/20
Joe Torre joins the guys to reminisce on the 2000 Subway Series including the Clemens-Piazza feud and George Steinbrenner's obsession with beating the Mets. Plus, Joe's thoughts on managing in a 60 game season.
22 min
Getting back to sports: 6/25/20
On Thursday's show, the guys discuss the latest Jamal Adams developments. Plus, do you trust pro athletes to socially distance? And Don unveils his top 5 TV spin-offs.
64 min
Larry Brown: 6/25/20
Larry Brown has a very close relationship with the newest Knick exec, World Wide Wes. Larry joins to talk about why the hiring could be massive for the organization.
21 min
Back to Baseball: 6/24/20
The guys discuss the details around baseball's expected return. Plus, Jamal Adams continues to try and push for a trade and Don counts down the top 5 champions in NY history.
76 min
Trey Wingo: 6/24/20
The guys talk with Trey Wingo about some of the challenges facing sports in their hopes of returning.
15 min
Dr. Arthur Caplan: 6/24/20
Arthur Kaplan is a professor of ethics and health policy at NYU and has consulted with MLB players as they prepare to return. He explains why getting back to baseball will be nearly impossible from a health standpoint.
12 min
MLB animosity & Bubba Wallace news: 6/23/20
The Bubba Wallace story takes a turn that many may not have expected. Plus, Michael has an issue with Don's list... he also has an issue with a Last One Standing question... meanwhile, some listeners have an issue with his shirt.
58 min
Buster Olney: 6/23/20
Buster Olney joins the guys to discuss the animosity between MLB players and owners. Plus, is there a particular team that might actually be chomping at the bit for this 60 game season?
14 min
The picture of Don: 6/22/20
On Monday's show, we discuss the troubling developments over the weekend pertaining to Bubba Wallace. Plus, Dave Rothenberg finally makes an appearance in a memorable Last One Standing.
65 min
Dr. Anthony Fauci: 6/22/20
Dr. Anthony Fauci joins the show to discuss how sports can get up and running again. Plus, where we stand with a vaccine and how we can help slow the spread.
27 min
Juneteenth: 6/19/20
On Friday's show, the guys discuss Jamal Adams' contract dispute, COVID's impact on baseball's reopening, Don's 5 greatest local hockey goals and more.
71 min
Mike Tannenbaum: 6/19/20
Mike Tannenbaum joins the guys to discuss how the Jets should handle Jamal Adams' contract dispute and what they could possible get in return should they decide to deal him.
15 min
Jamal Adams wants out: 6/18/20
Which relationship is more strained right now: MLB players vs owners or Jamal Adams vs the Jets? Plus, Don's top 5 MLB defensive plays by New York teams.
69 min
David O'Rourke: 6/18/20
The President of NYRA, David O'Rourke, joins the guys to discuss some of the changes to this Saturday's Belmont Stakes.
8 min
Finally got in the same room: 6/17/20
On Wednesday's show, the guys discuss the first bit good MLB news in months (and it's actually REALLY good news). Plus, a Don top 5 and a bonus Kay top 5!
62 min
Trey Wingo: 6/17/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to discuss Colin Kaepernick's future, whether or not the NFL will be able to have a season, Bryson DeChambeau's new look and much much more.
19 min
The Commish: 6/16/20
On Tuesday's show, Michael and Don debate Rob Manfred's role in the MLB negotiations. Plus, are we moving closer to an NFL-Colin Kaepernick reunion?
65 min
Randy Levine: 6/16/20
Yankees President Randy Levine joins the show to discuss the state of MLB's negotiations and make a plea for the league and the MLBPA to get in the same room.
15 min
Jeff Passan: 6/16/20
Jeff Passan joins the guys to explain why Monday's events might actually be a positive for the league. Plus, just how responsible is Rob Manfred for all of what we've seen?
30 min
NBA and MLB updates: 6/15/20
Is there a rift forming among NBA players? And has baseball found a new all-time low?
69 min
Stephen A. Smith: 6/15/20
Stephen A. Smith joins and explains why he disagrees with players like Kyrie Irving and Dwight Howard in their stance that the NBA should not return.
16 min
Mark Teixeira: 6/15/20
Mark Teixeira joins the guys to share his perspective on the negotiations (if you even want to call them that) between the players and owners...
13 min
MLB status quo and NBA uncertainty: 6/12/20
MLB players are laughing at the owners latest proposal and NBA players are expressing doubts over the league's bubble plan... good times. Plus, the top 5 players of the 1980's.
81 min
Taylor Rooks: 6/12/20
Are NBA players beginning to waver on the league's "Bubble Plan?" Taylor Rooks joins the show to discuss her report suggesting that could be case.
12 min
Possible NBA hesitation?: 6/11/20
On Thursday's show, the guys discuss a possible bump in the road with the NBA's restart. Plus, Don's top 5 80's sitcoms and more controversy in "Last One Standing."
76 min
"What's missing?": 6/10/20
The guys discuss all of the sports that are preparing to return and the one glaring omission from that list. Plus, the top 5 coaches from the 1980's.
81 min
Trey Wingo: 6/10/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to discuss the ugliness of baseball's negotiations. Plus, of the sports that are returning, what is Trey most excited about?
21 min
Joe in Staten Island: 6/9/20
On Tuesday's show, an angry caller finds a way to lecture the guys about not knowing their history while simultaneously admitting that he has no idea who Robert Moses is. Plus, Don's top five school-related movies from the '80's.
64 min
MLB remains in a bad place: 6/8/20
The guys discuss the rapidly deteriorating state of MLB's negotiations. Plus, Don's top 5 Giants of the 1980's and another controversial "Last One Standing."
78 min
Buster Olney: 6/8/20
Buster Olney joins the guys to discuss the spiraling state of MLB's negotiations and discuss when we enter the "11th hour" of this process (spoiler: it was 3 weeks ago).
15 min
Bao Nguyen: 6/5/20
Bao Nguyen is the director of ESPN's latest 30 for 30, "Be Water." He joins the guys to discuss the fascinating life and legacy of Bruce Lee.
10 min
Dipsy Doodles: 6/5/20
On Friday's show, the guys discuss just how crazy the MLB players/owners fight really is. Plus, Michael has not one but two lists, both of which seem to horrify everyone.
71 min
Chris Carlin: 6/5/20
Michael says that a 50 game season is better than nothing... Chris Carlin disagrees... he joins to defend his take.
16 min
Joel Sherman: 6/5/20
Joel Sherman joins the guys to discuss the disappointing state of MLB's negotiations. Plus, how the 1990 Yankees helped create the dynasty to come.
21 min
The Apology: 6/4/20
The guys wonder just how genuine Drew Brees' apology really was and whether or not he even needed to do it in the first place. Plus, the top 5 game shows of all time.
80 min
Drew Brees on kneeling during the anthem: 6/3/20
The guys react to Drew Brees' comments about taking a knee during the national anthem. Plus, Will Michael's dominance in "Last One Standing" continue??
74 min
Bomani Jones: 6/3/20
Bomani Jones the guys to share his perspective of all that has transpired over the last week including the protests, Drew Brees' comments, Vic Fangio's comments and more.
18 min
Trey Wingo: 6/3/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to share his thoughts on Drew Brees' comments regarding the flag.
19 min
"Last One Standing" goes... poorly: 6/2/20
Michael reveals his list of great World Series games, Don has a not-so-proud moment in "Last One Standing," we hear about the La Greca marriage proposal in "Tales from the Crib" and more!
67 min
Greg Schiano: 6/2/20
Rutgers Head Coach Greg Schiano joins the guys to discuss the team's video on racial inequality. Plus, how college football has been impacted by the pandemic.
13 min
Mike Breen: 6/2/20
Mike Breen joins the guys to speak from the heart and share his thoughts on what we're seeing American society right now.
18 min
The Michael Kay Show: 6/1/20
The guys discuss a difficult weekend in America and how we can begin to come together. Plus, a Kenny Albert cameo in "Last One Standing" and another controversial Kay list.
73 min
Herm Edwards: 6/1/20
Arizona State Head Coach and friend of the show, Herman Edwards, joins to share his thoughts on the events of the past few days and his perspective on racism in America.
14 min
Jeff Passan: 6/1/20
Jeff Passan joins the guys to discuss the MLBPA's counter proposal to the owners and how it doesn't really get us much closer to a season.
20 min
John Barr: 5/29/20
On a special edition of E60, John Barr looks back on the Roy Halladay that most fans and teammates never knew. John joins the guys to talk about it...
12 min
Don's on-field access: 5/29/20
The guys share their thoughts on the events of the past few days in Minneapolis as well as a possible NBA restart. Plus, the time Don nearly had his career ruined because he wandered out on to the field at Yankee Stadium...
88 min
Second Chances: 5/28/20
Things aren't looking good between baseball players and owners and the NFL stalls on onside kick rule chances. Plus, Michael reveals his favorite MLB cities and his thoughts on giving second chances.
86 min
Buster Olney: 5/28/20
Buster Olney joins and tells the guys that the owners proposal to the players was darkest day in labor relations between the two since the '94 strike... Not good.
15 min
"Who Am I?": 5/27/20
The guys take a look at where each sport is in their respective quests to return. Plus, it's a frustrating outing for Don in "Last One Standing."
70 min
John Davidson: 5/27/20
Rangers President, John Davidson, talks about the NHL's return, how he assesses their goaltending situation, what he makes of baseball's messy negotiations and more.
23 min
Trey Wingo: 5/27/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys to try and comfort Peter following Michael's blindside swipe. Plus, Trey's thoughts on baseball's public and ugly negotiations.
22 min
Lou Lamoriello: 5/27/20
The President and GM of the NY Islanders, Lou Lamoriello, joins the guys to discuss the NHL's restart and how he feels about his team as they dive right into the playoffs.
15 min
Michael and Don segment swap: 5/26/20
The guys discuss a bad day in baseball but a good one in hockey. Plus, MICHAEL conducts the top 5 while DON gives his tale from the crib.
72 min
Dan Orlovsky: 5/26/20
Dan Orlovsky performs a deep dive analysis of every pass Daniel Jones threw during his rookie season. Dan joins us to share some of his conclusions.
12 min
The Michael Kay Show
Anita Marks sits in for the guys on Memorial Day and breaks down The Match Pt. II, the MLB labor dispute, the future of the Jets and Giants, and the return of sports.
103 min
Let's Towel Off: 5/22/20
The guys discuss how the Jets should handle Jamal Adams' contract. Plus, Don honors Michael in his daily top 5 and the Kayster gives us TWO stories in Tales from the Crib.
80 min
Brian Anderson: 5/22/20
Brian Anderson will be on the call of this Sunday's Tiger/Peyton-Phil/Brady golf match. He joins the guys to preview it and talk about the health precautions being taken.
13 min
Bill Polian: 5/22/20
Legendary GM Bill Polian joins the guys to discuss his new podcast. Plus, his thoughts on how NY should handle Jamal Adams and what he thinks of changes to the Rooney Rule.
25 min
Irreperable Damage: 5/21/20
Michael has a problem with Don's list... and Don agrees??? Plus, is it ok to not know how to spell "Worcester, MA?"
87 min
"Last One Standing" Hahn-troversy: 5/20/20
On Wednesday's show, the guys discuss the continuing public battle between the MLB players and owners. Plus, Alan Hahn lets Don down once more but calls in to explain himself.
69 min
Trey Wingo: 5/20/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys talking about Michael Jordan's new "flu game" story, possible changes to the Rooney Rule and much more.
27 min
"Pizzagate": 5/19/20
The guys discuss whether or not they believe Jordan's food poisoning story. Plus, Michael reveals his inner-tyrant in a stunning "Tales from the Crib."
73 min
Tino Martinez: 5/19/20
On the anniversary of the Yankees epic brawl vs Armando Benitez and the Orioles, Tino Martinez joins to share his memories of the fight.
16 min
Stephen A. Smith: 5/19/20
Stephen A. Smith joins the guys to share his thoughts on "The Last Dance" and reveal the only player he's ever come across who was wired like Jordan.
12 min
Scott Burrell: 5/19/20
Scott Burrell tells the guys what he thought of "The Last Dance" and what the nature of his relationship is with Michael Jordan today.
15 min
Final analysis of "The Last Dance": 5/18/20
The guys discuss the final two episodes of "The Last Dance." Plus, Don's top 5 analysts of all time and Michael with kind of a gross "Tales from the Crib."
68 min
Jason Hehir: 5/18/20
The Director of ESPN's "The Last Dance," Jason Hehir, joins the guys to discuss some of the tough decisions he made, how he feels about Jordan now, the music choices and more!
26 min
DeAndre Baker legal trouble
On Friday's show, the guys discuss the allegations around DeAndre Baker and what, if anything, it says about the Giants. Plus, a truly memorable Tales From the Crib.
94 min
Jordan Raanan
Jordan Raanan talks about DeAndre Baker's legal trouble and shares some interesting stories about his, let's just call it "questionable" work ethic.
10 min
Blake Snell speaks: 5/14/20
Blake Snell makes his feelings known on player paycuts, Don gives his top 5 MLB broadcast booths of all time and Michael has some interesting Centerstage behind-the-scenes info.
72 min
Jon Sciambi: 5/14/20
Jon Sciambi joins the guys to talk about calling Korean baseball games, what he made of Blake Snell's comments, if his work schedule bothers his neighbors and more.
26 min
Optimism over MLB and NBA: 5/13/20
The guys discuss Michael's report that there is some optimism over whether or not we'll have a baseball season. Plus, Don's top 5 NFL broadcast booths of all time.
71 min
Trey Wingo: 5/13/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys and tries to guess ESPN's top 10 NBA players of all time. Plus, the guys all discuss the way in which Michael Jordan bullied some teammates.
24 min
Players/Owners fight starting to get ugly: 5/12/20
The guys discuss the growing battle between MLB's players and owners. Plus, the top 5 Frank Costanza episodes in Seinfeld history.
73 min
David Cone: 5/12/20
David Cone was extremely involved with the MLBPA back during the strike year of 1994 and he joins to share his insight on how THESE negotiations might go.
20 min
Adrian Wojnarowski: 5/12/20
Adrian Wojnarowski joins the guys to discuss the poll being taken of NBA players regarding whether or not they want to continue the season.
14 min