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The voice of the Yankees pairs with New Jersey native Don La Greca and multifaceted DJ Peter Rosenberg.

Looking ahead to Super Bowl LIV
Super Sunday is four days away. Which team has the edge? Plus, the Knicks have taken a turn for the worse and Lakers coach Frank Vogel speaks about the loss of Kobe Bryant.
52 min
Rich Eisen: 1/29/20
Rich Eisen joins the guys to discuss Chiefs-49ers as well as his upcoming 40 yard dash.
14 min
Trey Wingo: 1/29/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys from Miami to explain why he believes the Chiefs will win the Super Bowl. Plus, Trey's perspective on the Kobe Bryant tragedy.
23 min
Remembering Kobe Bryant: Day II
Michael, Don and Peter continue to reflect on the life and legacy of Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. Plus, where will Tom Brady play in 2020 and is the DH headed to the NL?
61 min
Diana Munson: 1/28/20
Sadly, Diana Munson has an understanding as to what Vanessa Bryant might be going through. Diana joined us to share her unique perspective on this terrible tragedy.
12 min
Saying goodbye to Kobe Bryant
After dying in a tragic helicopter crash along with his daughter and seven others, we remember the life and legacy of Los Angeles Lakers legend, Kobe Bryant.
56 min
Mike Breen: 1/27/20
Mike Breen joined the guys to discuss how difficult it was to call Sunday's Knicks-Nets game, what he thought of the league's decision to postpone Lakers-Clippers and what it was like getting to watch Kobe up close all these years.
27 min
Nancy Lieberman: 1/27/20
Hall of famer Nancy Lieberman shared a close relationship with Kobe Bryant and was even preparing to come coach his daughter, Gianna. Nancy joined the show to reflect on Kobe.
21 min
Marv Albert: 1/27/20
Marv Albert had a front row seat for much of Kobe Bryant's career. He joined the guys to share his perspective on all things Kobe.
13 min
Larry Brown: 1/27/20
Larry Brown coached against Kobe Bryant in two different NBA Finals and knew him well. Coach was kind enough to join us to reflect on the life of a legend.
14 min
John Filippelli: 1/24/20
John Filippelli, the President of Production/Programming at the YES Network, joins with a unique plea to the Hall of Fame.
10 min
Eli Manning walks away from football
Eli Manning walked away from football today. Michael, Don and Peter discuss the legacy he left on the Giants. Plus, the Mets introduce Luis Rojas as their manager.
54 min
Kevin Gilbride: 1/24/20
Eli Manning's former QB Coach/Offensive Coordinator, Kevin Gilbride, joins the guys to reflect on their time together and what made Eli so special.
13 min
Shaun O'Hara: 1/24/20
At Eli Manning's retirement press conference, Michael claimed that he was "snubbed" by Shaun O'Hara. Here's Shaun defending his honor (and talking a little Eli as well).
21 min
Is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer?
Eli Manning is retiring. Has he had a Hall of Fame career with the Giants? Plus, will the Baseball HOF voter that did not select Derek Jeter ever identify themselves?
56 min
RJ Bell: 1/23/20
RJ Bell checks in with the guys to share his thoughts on Niners-Chiefs and he lays out some interesting gambling advice if you're into the prop bets.
14 min
Derek Jeter: 1/23/20
Fresh off the Hall of Fame announcement, Derek Jeter joins to talk about his greatest moments, his outlook on the game, what it was like playing in New York and more.
23 min
Mets new manager & Eli Manning retires
The Mets have their sights on a new manager in Luis Rojas. Plus, reaction to Derek Jeter falling one vote shy of unanimity and Eli Manning has announced his retirement.
51 min
Frank Viola: 1/22/20
Frank Viola worked with Luis Rojas at both Single-A Savannah and AA-Binghamton. Frank joined us earlier to share his thoughts on Luis potentially getting the Mets Manager job.
11 min
Trey Wingo: 1/22/20
Trey Wingo tries to play the role of "Kay Show peacemaker (to no avail)" and talks Astros, Mahomes, Rodgers and more.
21 min
Chris Carlin: 1/22/20
In the wake of his twitter back-and-forth with Marcus Stroman, Chris Carlin joins the guys to explain his stance on new Mets Manager, Luis Rojas.
9 min
Derek Jeter joins HOF
Derek Jeter has been voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Michael, Don and Peter recall their favorite Jeter moments. Plus, what's the latest on the Mets managerial search?
54 min
Paul O'Neil: 1/21/20
Paul O'Neil joins the guys to reflect on the career of Derek Jeter as we await official word of his Hall of Fame announcement.
15 min
Super Sunday is set
It's the Chiefs and 49ers on Super Sunday. What does yesterday's loss mean for the legacy of Aaron Rodgers? Plus, Michael wins the TMKS Pro Picks and lets Don & Peter know...
41 min
Dan Orlovsky: 1/20/20
Dan Orlovsky on both conference championship games, Aaron Rodgers' future in the league and whether or not Dan would consider becoming a QB coach.
22 min
Ariel Helwani: 1/17/20
We make Ariel Helwani's dream come true as he makes his debut appearance on the show to preview UFC 246: McGregor-Cerrone.
14 min
Houston Has A Problem
Does MLB need to re-open the investigation into the Houston Astros and their sign-stealing scandal? Plus, we preview Championship Sunday in the NFL!
53 min
TMKS Pro Picks: 1/17/20
This is the week that decides who will go to the Super Bowl and it COULD be the week that decides the Kay Show Pro Picks.
10 min
Louis Riddick: 1/17/20
Louis Riddick joins the guys to preview the AFC and NFC Championship games including the pressure on Andy Reid and whether or not Aaron Rodgers is starting to dip.
14 min
MLB's Worst Nightmare
Major League Baseball has a bigger scandal on their hands than we imagined. Should more punishments be handed out? Plus, who will be the next manager of the Mets?
51 min
Jomboy: 1/16/20
Jimmy O'Brien (better known as "Jomboy") joins the guys in-studio to discuss the many layers and intricacies of MLB's sign-stealing scandal.
17 min
RJ Bell: 1/16/20
RJ Bell joins the guys to share his betting expertise for the NFC and AFC Championship games.
10 min
Terry Francona: 1/16/20
Indians Manager Terry Francona joins the guys to share his thoughts on the sign-stealing scandal and what he makes of all those involved.
23 min
Don Van Natta: 1/15/20
Don Van Natta Jr. discusses the lifetime bans of Pete Rose and Shoeless Joe Jackson, both of which will be profiled in the upcoming episode of "Backstory" on ESPN.
12 min
Best of The Michael Kay Show
Carlos Beltran is the only name that was involved in the sign-stealing scandal that still has a job. Will that change? Plus, Don adds to the studio with an item Michael hates.
53 min
Trey Wingo: 1/15/20
Trey Wingo joins the guys talking Carlos Beltran, Patrick Mahomes, Adriana from the Sopranos and more.
25 min
Best of The Michael Kay Show
LSU are the new champions of college football. What type of pro will QB Joe Burrow be? Plus, what punishment awaits Red Sox manager Alex Cora for stealing signs?
50 min
Jeff Passan: 1/14/20
Jeff Passan shares his thoughts on MLB deciding not to take Houston's 2017 championship away. Plus, will AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow ever work again? Jeff weighs in.
19 min
Buck Showalter: 1/14/20
Buck Showalter joins the guys to share his thoughts on the Astros punishment and whether or not it was harsh enough.
20 min
The Michael Kay Show
Did MLB get it right with their suspension of AJ Hinch and Jeff Luhnow for their involvement in stealing signs for the Astros? Plus, reaction to divisional weekend in the NFL.
52 min
Victor Cruz: 1/13/20
Victor Cruz joins the guys to look back on the Divisional round including what he felt was the biggest surprise of the weekend and Bill O'Brien's decision making.
11 min
TMKS Pro Picks: 1/10/20
The season is winding down and the picks scoreboard is heating up! Michael, Don and Peter make their picks for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.
13 min
Best of The Michael Kay Show
It's divisional weekend in the NFL! Which teams will make it to the conference finals? Plus, what's the real reason that Kevin Durant turned down the Knicks?
48 min
Rich Kleiman: 1/10/20
Kevin Durant's business partner and manager, Rich Kleiman, joined the guys in-studio talking about the way KD uses social media, his free agency decisions, whether or not he could return this year and more.
52 min
Best of The Michael Kay Show
Joe Judge has been introduced as the head coach of the Giants. Did Big Blue find the right candidate for the job? Plus, Rangers coach David Quinn vs. Larry David.
52 min
RJ Bell: 1/9/20
RJ Bell joins the guys to share his gambling expertise as we get ready for the divisional round of the NFL playoffs.
12 min
Best of The Michael Kay Show
Do changes need to be made to The Rooney Rule in the NFL in order to give minority candidates a better chance to succeed? Plus, a debate about Bar Mitzvahs and peanuts.
52 min
Trey Wingo: 1/8/20
Proud Baylor alum, Trey Wingo, joins the guys to discuss Baylor's former Head Coach, Matt Rhule, and his decision to go with Carolina.
14 min
The Michael Kay Show
The Giants have decided on Joe Judge as their next head coach. What can Giants fans expect from Judge? Plus, are the Giants still a desirable job for candidates?
53 min
Mike Reiss: 1/7/20
Mike Reiss covers the Patriots for ESPN... earlier today, he joined the guys to shed some light on the Giants new coach, Joe Judge.
13 min
Larry David: 1/7/20
Larry David joins the guys in-studio with stories about his draft advice to past Jets GM's, George Steinbrenner's appearance on Seinfeld and much much more.
34 min
The Michael Kay Show
Wild Card weekend lived up to the name. Was Seahawks DE Jadeveon Clowney's hit on Eagles QB Carson Wentz a dirty play? Plus, will Matt Rhule be the next Giants HC?
57 min
Joe Douglas: 1/6/20
Jets GM Joe Douglas joins the guys to discuss the futures of Jamal Adams and Le'Veon Bell. Plus, his thoughts on Sam Darnold's progress and the team's 6-2 finish.
13 min
Dan Orlovsky: 1/6/20
Dan Orlovsky joins the guys to share his thoughts on all things from Wild Card Weekend: Wentz's injury, the Pats dynasty, Josh Allen's mistakes and more.
24 min
The Michael Kay Show
Is Matt Rhule the front-runner to be the next head coach of the Giants? Plus, it's Wild Card weekend in the NFL and Dave Rothenberg goes missing temporarily.
76 min
TMKS Pro Picks: 1/3/20
Michael, Don and Peter make their picks for the 4 Wildcard Weekend games in the NFL.
13 min
The Michael Kay Show
Michael, Don and Peter are back together to weigh in on Pat Shurmur being fired by the Giants, Carmelo Anthony being cheered at MSG and to recap their vacations!
53 min
RJ Bell: 1/2/20
RJ Bell joins the guys to share his expertise on the NFL Wildcard Weekend spreads.
10 min
Dave Gettleman: 1/2/20
New York Giants GM Dave Gettleman joins in a wide ranging interview discussing everything from his mistake in trying to rebuild while winning to criticisms of his personality.
23 min
The Michael Kay Show
Scott Seidenberg in for the guys to ring in 2020. He says the Giants did the right thing in retaining Dave Gettleman as general manager.
59 min
The Michael Kay Show: 12/31/19
Alan Hahn fills in for the guys and discusses Dave Gettleman addressing the media and the direction for the Jets on 98.7 ESPN.
78 min
The Michael Kay Show
Chris Carlin in for the guys, discussing the Giants decision to fire Pat Shurmur and keep Dave Gettleman. Plus, Adam Gase's comments about Le'Veon Bell.
72 min
Adam Schefter
ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joined Chris Carlin on The Michael Kay Show to discuss the Giants head coaching search.
12 min
Sam Darnold
Jets QB Sam Darnold joined Chris Carlin on The Michael Kay Show to discuss the final game of the regular season and looked ahead to next year.
14 min
The Michael Kay Show
Alan Hahn in for the guys, discussing what Week 17 means for the Giants and Jets, and the Knicks victory over the Nets.
65 min
TMKS Pro Picks
Alan Hahn gives the guys picks for Week 17.
3 min
Jordan Raanan
Giants reporter Jordan Raanan joined Alan Hahn on The Michael Kay Show to discuss what the Giants will do in the offseason.
17 min
Bob Wischusen
Jets radio voice Bob Wischusen joined Alan Hahn on the Michael Kay Show to discuss the team's final game of the season with the Bills.
18 min
The Michael Kay Show
Anita Marks in for the guys, discussing Eli Manning's career and looking ahead to the NFL playoffs.
58 min
Adam Gase
Jets Head Coach Adam Gase joins Anita Marks on The Michael Kay Show to discuss the holidays, and the team's final game of the season against the Bills.
11 min
Ian O'Connor
Ian O'Connor joined Anita Marks on The Michael Kay Show to talk about his article recapping Eli Manning's career with the New York Giants.
12 min
The Michael Kay Show
Don and Dan Graca discuss the wins for the Jets and Giants this past weekend, and why tanking doesn't work in the NFL.
80 min
Sam Darnold
Jets QB Sam Darnold joined Don La Greca and Dan Graca to discuss the victory over the Steelers and the outlook for 2020.
12 min
The Michael Kay Show
Chris Carlin fills in for the guys and says that the Giants need to draft Chase Young at all costs. Plus, Le'Veon Bell faces his old team and a preview of Week 16 in the NFL.
66 min
Brent Musburger: 12/20/19
Brent Musburger joins the show to discuss some of his picks for week 16 in the NFL and to describe the scene in Oakland for the Raiders final game.
13 min
The Michael Kay Show
The Giants have struggled since Dave Gettleman took over as GM, so will he be back in 2020? Plus, Peter Rosenberg and Alan Hahn take you around the NFL ahead of Week 16.
53 min
RJ Bell: 12/19/19
RJ Bell joins the guys to share his gambling expertise for week 16 in the NFL.
16 min
Jordan Raanan: 12/18/19
Jordan Raanan joins the guys to discuss the very uncertain future of the New York Giants.
8 min
Trey Wingo: 12/18/19
Trey Wingo joins the guys talking everything from Dak's shoulder to Cole's sign and more.
23 min
The Michael Kay Show
Gerrit Cole has been introduced as a Yankee. What would make Cole's time in New York a success? Plus, is the improved play by the Knicks lately a referendum on David Fizdale?
53 min
Michael Kay: 12/18/19
Fresh off of being at Gerrit Cole's introductory press conference, Michael Kay checks in with his thoughts on the day.
15 min
The Michael Kay Show
Peter Rosenberg is joined by Chris Carlin to debate the top five quarterbacks of all-time. Plus, where does Drew Brees rank on that list and is Eli Manning a Hall of Famer?
51 min
Adam Gase: 12/17/19
Adam Gase joins the guys to explain his sideline conversation with Sam Darnold. Plus, Coach weighs in on Drew Brees' historic night.
21 min
The Michael Kay Show
If Eli Manning's career is about to end, he gave Giants fans a nice moment to remember him by. Plus, a recap of Week 15 in the NFL and Edith calls in!
49 min
Steve Young: 12/16/19
Steve Young joins the guys to discuss Eli's farewell, the Cowboys coin toss, if the Niners are fading and more.
17 min
The Michael Kay Show
The Michael Kay Show broadcasts their holiday party live from Buffalo Wild Wings in Wayne, NJ
59 min
Sam Darnold
Sam Darnold stops by to recap Thursday night's loss to the Ravens and talks about how his season is going.
17 min
Pro Picks
The guys give their picks for Week 15 of the NFL season
10 min
Spike Lee
Spike Lee joins the show to refelct on Danny Aiello's career.
9 min
The Michael Kay Show
The Mets have added Rick Porcello and Michael Wacha. Does that mean their rotation is better than that of the Yankees? Plus, Janoris Jenkins chooses his words poorly.
56 min
RJ Bell: 12/12/19
RJ Bell joins the guys to share his gambling expertise on the week 15 slate.
13 min
The Michael Kay Show
Gerrit Cole is now a Yankee. Was this a move that the Yankees had to make? How many titles do the Yankees need to win during Cole's time in pinstripes to justify the deal?
55 min
Buster Olney: 12/11/19
Buster Olney joins the guys to discuss the Yankees' Gerritt Cole signing. Plus, where might Anthony Rendon wind up playing next season?
14 min
Trey Wingo: 12/11/19
Trey Wingo joins the guys to discuss everything from Gerritt Cole's contract to Le'Veon Bell's bowling.
21 min
Knicks, Nixed: The Future of the New York Knick...
The New York Knicks' former head coach David Fizdale is just the latest in a series of coaches and front office types who have tried in vain to turn things around at Madison Square Garden. It is a tempting challenge, however, to become the legendary figu
19 min
The Michael Kay Show
The Giants came up short in Eli Manning's return to the starting lineup. Plus, Le'Veon Bell speaks about bowling despite being ruled out with the flu & Didi Gregorius signs in PHI.
54 min
Adam Gase: 12/10/19
Adam Gase joins the guys and expresses some of his disappointment over Le'Veon Bell's bowling excursion.
13 min
The Michael Kay Show
The Jets got their revenge against the Dolphins. Plus, we recap a busy Week 14 in the NFL and Stephen Strasburg got paid by the Nationals. What does that mean for Gerrit Cole?
56 min
Steve Young: 12/9/19
Steve Young joins the guys in his weekly segment to discuss Eli Manning's return to the starting role. Plus, his thoughts on Niners-Saints and what's wrong with the Eagles.
20 min
Sam Darnold: 12/9/19
Sam Darnold joins the guys to discuss the team's last second win over the Dolphins and how he evaluated his own performance.
11 min