Keyshawn, JWill & Max
Every morning, #1 pick in the NFL Draft, Keyshawn Johnson joins #2 pick in the NBA Draft Jay Williams and Max Kellerman as they set the sports table for the day. From the games that electrified us the night before to the stories that will catch fire during the day, Key, Jay and Max will update, inform and entertain. The sparks will fly as these legends debate what’s happening and grill the best known guests in all of sports. This is the home for hourly podcasts of the national radio show.
Hour 4: Winless WIth A Chance
What 0-2 teams still have a chance to make the playoffs
41 min
Hour 3: Maybe They're Back?
ESPN NFL Front Office Insider Mike Tannenbaum joins the guys for the hour to talk about Aaron Rodgers and the Packers' performance against the Lions.
41 min
Hour 2: A Week Of Injuries
Stephania Bell joins the guys to talk about Carson Wentz and his two sprained ankles, Tua's rib injury and more.
43 min
Hour 1: R-E-L-A-X
Aaron Rodgers quieted the criticism on MNF against the Lions and the crew weighs in
41 min
Hour 4: Culture Shift?
MNF analyst Louis Riddick shares his thoughts on if Dan Campbell can change the culture in Detroit.
40 min
Hour 3: The Difference A Week Makes
Shae, Keyshawn and Jay share their thoughts on the performance Zach Wilson had yesterday against the Patriots
41 min
Hour 2: The Legend of Lamar
Shae, Keyshawn and Jay continue to talk about the performance of Lamar Jackson on Sunday Night Football.
42 min
Hour 1 :A Wild Week 2
The crew weighs in on wild NFL Week 2
40 min
Hour 4: Trouble In New York?
Keyshawn, Jay and Max share their thoughts on Kenny Golladay and Daniel Jones going at it on the sidelines
40 min
Hour 3: Whiteout Weekend At Penn State
ESPN College GameDay's David Pollack joins the show and more
40 min
Hour 2: Brady's Sticking Around For Awhile
Keyshawn, Jay and Max react to Tom Brady’s comments about him wanting to play until he’s 50.
43 min
Hour 1: A Giant Heartbreak
Keyshawn, Jay and Max open the show talking about the Giants heartbreaking loss to the Washington Football Team.
40 min
Hour 4: Thursday Night Football
Key thinks that Taylor Heinicke has what it takes to be a really good QB that can take his team to the Super Bowl
41 min
Hour 2: Bill Parcells Joins
Pro Football HOF Bill Parcells joins the show to discuss the pressures that Daniel Jones has to deal with in NY
43 min
Hour 3: Too Much Pressure
The crew debates if there is too much pressure on Daniel Jones
41 min
Hour 1: Ligers And Giants, and Colts.. Oh My
Key discusses why he is not worried about Saquon Barkley when the Giants meet Washington on Thursday Night Football.
43 min
Hour 4: Championship Or Bust?
Jay thinks that it’s easily a championship or bust season for the Packers.
41 min
Hour 3: Clay Helton Firing Not Surprising
Key breaks down what happened that lead to Clay Helton being fired by USC
40 min
Hour 2: Finley's Got Strong Words
Former Packers TE Jermichael Finley joins the show and shares why the Packers got crushed in Week 1, how concerning that loss is, and more
40 min
Hour 1: Great Expectations?
Keyshawn Johnson, Jay Williams and Max Kellerman discuss which 0-1 team should we be most concerned about
40 min
Hour 4: Raiders Wild Finish
Derek Carr brought the Raiders back from what looked like would be a loss, to an OT win.
41 min
Hour 3: The Wild Wild NFC West
49ers TE George Kittle joins the show and more
41 min
Hour 2: Shaking Up College Football Already
Paul Finebaum weighs in on USC firing Clay Helton and more
40 min
Hour 1: A Wild MNF Ending
The guys weigh in on the second half of the MNF game and more
40 min
Hour 4: Let Me Upgrade You
The guys share thoughts on Matthew Stafford and ask if he is an upgrade over Jared Goff.
41 min
Hour 3: Facing A Familiar Foe
Keyshawn, Jay and Max weigh in on Sam Darnold beating his old team and Zach Wilson's performance
40 min
Hour 2: NFL Week 1 Overreactions
Keyshawn, Jay and Max give their Week 1 overreactions and encourages callers to give theirs as well
40 min
Hour 1: Ramming Over The Bears
Key, Jay and Max recap some of the Week 1 victories in the NFL
43 min
Hour 4: Brady Still Brady
Keyshawn questions why Bill Belichick would not want to keep Tom Brady.
41 min
Hour 3: A Giant Leap?
Keyshawn, JWill and Max weigh in on the Giants and what they expect to see from Daniel Jones
40 min
Hour 2: Missed Call?
Did the refs miss a game changing call against the Bucs in the season opener?
43 min
Hour 1: Quite A Start
Key, Jay and Max share their thoughts on the NFL opening matchup
41 min
Hour 4: Eli Manning Joins The Show
Eli Manning joins the guys to talk about what he expects out of Daniel Jones this season
40 min
Hour 3: Is Dak Really Back?
ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter joins the show to talk about Dak Prescott's health heading into tonight's game
41 min
Hour 2 : Are The Browns Catching The Chiefs?
The guys talk about the differences in situations between Baker Mayfield and Patrick Mahomes.
43 min
Hour 1 - NFL Returns Tonight
The NFL season starts TONIGHT. The guys weigh in on what they are looking forward to seeing most.
40 min
Hour 4: Time To Show And Prove
Harry Douglas weighs in on who has more to prove: Tannehill or Kyler Murray.
41 min
Hour 3: Sam Darnold Or Zach Wilson?
Is Zach Wilson or Sam Darnold is the better option?
41 min
Hour 2: Can The Bucs Repeat?
Keyshawn, Jay and Max react to Tony Gonzalez's Comments about the Bucs and debate if they can repeat as Super Bowl Champions
43 min
Hour 1: Hitting The Next Level
Keyshawn, Jay and Max open the show talking about the Browns/Chiefs matchup in NFL Week 1
41 min
Hour 4: Jalen Hurts Joins The Show
Eagles QB Jalen Hurts join the show to discuss being named the starter for Philadelphia
42 min
Hour 3: The Real CFB Contender... After Week 1
Key, Jay and Max weigh in on the NFC Easter, play "Real or Not Real" on contenders in college football
41 min
Hour 2: Previewing NFL Week 1
Keyshawn, Jay and Max preview Cowboys-Bucs Week 1 and discuss what the expectations are for the Dallas
43 min
Hour 1: Welcome To Mornings Max
A new era in morning radio has begun with Keyshawn, Jay Will and Max Kellerman!
43 min
Hour 4: Super Bowl Predictions
Hour 4: Super Bowl Predictions
39 min
Hour 3: Kirk Herbstreit
Hour 3: Kirk Herbstreit
39 min
Hour 2: Bulletin Board Material
Hour 2: Bulletin Board Material
41 min
Hour 1: ND's Execution
Hour 1: ND's Execution
38 min
Hour 4: Warren Moon
Hour 4: Warren Moon
38 min
Hour 3: Air Raid
Hour 3: Air Raid
38 min
Hour 2: CFP Expansion?
Hour 2: CFP Expansion?
37 min
Hour 1: College Football is back!
Hour 1: College Football is back!
37 min
Hour 4: Organized Chaos
ESPN NFL analyst Rex Ryan weighs in on Cam Newton's release, starting a rookie QB as a contender team and his new podcast with Bart Scott, Organized Chaos
40 min
Hour 3: Nick Saban Joins
Alabama HC Nick Saban joins the show to discuss Mac Jones and more
40 min
Hour 2: Open To Discussion?
Packers GM Brian Gutekunst say he's had excellent conversations with Aaron Rodgers, although Keyshawn thinks that these "conversations" are more like short discussions
42 min
Hour 1: The Youth In Week 1
Freddie Coleman, Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams discuss which division has the best quarterbacks
39 min
Hour 4: More On New England
Mel Kiper and Matt Cassel joins the show
40 min
Hour 3: Why Now?
Former Patriots Offensive Coordinator Charlie Weiss joins the show to talk about why Bill Belichick decided to go with Mac now and the comparisons between Mac & Tom Brady.
40 min
Hour 2: Tell Us How You Really Feel
Callers rip Keyshawn for his views on Mac Jones and more
42 min
Hour 1: Cam Is Out
Key, Jay and Shae discuss the Patriots releasing Cam Newton and why Jay believes Cam not being vaccinated might be at least PART of the reason why
40 min
Hour 4: The Cam Factor
Bill Belichick spoke today and was asked about Cam Newton and his preseason.
43 min
Hour 3: Make Or Break Season For NY Giants
Are the Giants and Daniel Jones ready to make a run in the league?
42 min
Hour 2: Intriguing Divisions In The NFL
What division is the most intriguing not named the NFC West?
42 min
Hour 1: A Whole City Behind You?
Could Jameis rally the city of New Orleans much like Drew Brees after Hurricane Katrina?
42 min
Hour 4: Controversy In New England?
Shae, Keyshawn and Jay continue to talk about the QB controversy in New England.
41 min
Hour 3: Thumbs Down
Keyshawn and Jay tell you why they have no issue with Javier Baez giving the Mets fans the thumbs down
40 min
Hour 2: Cowboys Expectations
Will Dak Prescott be ready for opening night against the Buccs?
42 min
Hour 1: Heating Up In New England
Shae, Keyshawn and Jay open the show talking about Cam Newton and Mac Jones and react to Bill Belichick's comments about the situation
43 min
Hour 4: Jameis Winston Is The Guy
The guys discuss the breaking news that Jameis Winston has been named the Saints starter.
42 min
Hour 3: Giant Frustration
The crew discussed Louis Riddick talking about the frustration that John Mara must be feeling about the Giants
40 min
Hour 2: COVID Conversations In The NFL
ESPN Football Analyst Sam Acho weighs in on how vaccine conversations have been going in the off-season
39 min
Hour 1: It's All A Set Up
Conspiracy Alan thinks that the Patriots were playing their music loud on purpose for Mac Jones
40 min
Hour 4: QB1 In New England
Cam Newton is set to return to practice today. Alan, Bart and Sam wonder who will get the first team reps.
43 min
Hour 3: It's A Trap?
Zach Wilson is going to be the starter but Alan Hahn feels like he's being set up
43 min
Hour 2 : What's Next For Dak?
What is more concerning the shoulder or ankle injury for Dak?
43 min
Hour 1: Padres-Dodgers Battle All Night
Alan Hahn, Bart Scott and Sam Acho react to the 16-inning baseball game between the Padres and Dodgers
43 min
Hour 4: NFL And The Vaccine
Jerry Jones had some explanation on what he thinks should happen with the vaccine and the NFL.
41 min
Hour 3: Could Zach Wilson Be A Household Face?
Zach Wilson is turning into the darling of the preseason. NFL Twitter is having a field day, but could he turn into a “face” of something?
43 min
Hour 2 : Jerry Jones Being Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones came out with some big statements about the vaccine.
43 min
Hour 1: Hard Knock Life
Alan Hahn has a conspiracy theory on what is going on with Cam Newton
43 min
Hour 3: Not Quite A Believer
Is the decision made in New Orleans in regards to their QB situation? Keyshawn feels like the beginning of the game showed a lot
40 min
Hour 4: The Alliance Is Coming
The “Alliance” is set to be announced around 2pm today with a mission to improve football within the NCAA.
40 min
Hour 2: Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Alan Hahn isn't feeling coaches this morning because they say one thing and do another.
40 min
Hour 1: What QB Competition?
Jameis Winston came out and showed out in a big way on Monday Night Football.
40 min
Hour 4: Can Jameis Lead New Orleans?
Alan and Keyshawn wonder who will be the starter for a team like the Saints
42 min
Hour 3: Who Should Start Week 1?
Which rookie QB should be their team's starter Week 1?
41 min
Hour 2: Year Of The Backup?
Alan and Key weigh in on how backup QBs are becoming more important than ever now with an added game.
41 min
Hour 1: Securing Their Spot
Keyshawn hinted over the weekend that he would let us know what rookies are closer to starting
40 min
Hour 4: Chris Doesn't Like It
Key paints a pretty bleak picture of the Philadelphia Eagles and it makes Producer Pat sad.
40 min
Hour 3: Carl Lawson's Out
ESPN Jets Reporter Rich Cimini comes aboard to discuss the impact of the Lawson injury both short and long term, and more
42 min
Hour 2: Reunited
Reuniting college teammates was really a thing in this past NFL draft, so Alan and Key debate which reunion is going to be the most successful?
40 min
Hour 1: Cam Is the Man
After Cam’s performance against the Eagles, both Key and Alan say that the Patriots QB battle is over and Cam is the guy.
40 min
Hour 4: Troy Vincent Joins
NFL Executive Vice President of Football Operations Troy Vincent joins the guys to talk about why there’s been a crackdown on taunting this year and more
40 min
Hour 3: A Fan First
Zach Wilson is fanboy’ing out being around Aaron Rodgers this week
42 min
Hour 2: Cementing A Legacy
Alan and Key ask which QB needs a second Super Bowl win the most for their legacy
42 min
Hour 1: The Challenger
Alan and Keyshawn discuss the challengers for starting QB positions
40 min
Hour 4: Vaccination Requirement?
Key isn’t too sure how he feels about the Raiders requiring fans to prove they’ve been vaccinated before they can get into home games
42 min
Hour 3: On The Hot Seat
Alan and Key ask if John Mara's statement meant that Dave Gettleman is on the hot seat
43 min
Hour 2: Injuries Galore
ESPN NFL Analyst Jeff Saturday joins the guys to talk about how the Colts should handle Carson Wentz & Quenton Nelson coming back from injury
42 min
Hour 1: Jamal Adams Re-signed
Alan and Keyshawn weigh in on Seahawks' Jamal Adams getting paid
42 min