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Hour 1: The Bears Add A QB: Andy Dalton?
KJZ: Onlin Kreutz joins to weigh in on the Bears signing Andy Dalton
41 min
Hour 4: Play Like A Girl
KJZ: Vanderbilt K Sarah Fuller and Miami Marlins GM Kim Ng join the show
40 min
Hour 3: In the "Knick" Of Time
KJZ: The Knicks' controversial loss; Adam Schefter joins
40 min
Hour 2: More On NFL Free Agency
KJZ: Dan Graziano and Ryan Clark join to talk NFL free agency
42 min
Hour 1: NFL Free Agency
KJZ: The Patriots are making moves in free agency.
40 min
Hour 4: A Revered Saint?
KJZ: Should Drew Brees have a statue in his honor in New Orleans?
40 min
Hour 3: Next Man Up
KJZ: Who will fill in the QB of the Saints?
39 min
Hour 2: Tournament Ready
KJZ: Seth Greenberg joins to weigh in on the NCAA Tournament Brackets
41 min
Hour 1: A Cool Brees
KJZ: Drew Brees retires from the NFL; NCAA Brackets released
40 min
Hour 4: Tourney Tested
KJZ: Should teams forgo the conference tournaments this year?
43 min
Hour 3: Cam Remains In New England
KJZ: Cam Newton signs a deal to remain a Patriot
39 min
Hour 2: Shaking Things Up
KJZ: Should teams opt of their conference tournaments to be safer for the NCAA tournament?
42 min
Hour 1: End of the Line
KJZ: JWill is disappointed that Duke's season is over
39 min
Hour 4: Silent Treatment
KJZ: The guys question the silence from Russell Wilson and the Seahawks
43 min
Hour 3: Who Runs New York?
KJZ: Can the Knicks pull off a more successful season than the Nets?
43 min
Hour 2: Better Owner: LeBron or Jordan?
KJZ: Who would be a better owner: LeBron or MJ?
42 min
Hour 1: An Interesting Year
KJZ: What were you doing when sports stopped? KJ & Z reflect.
40 min
Hour 4: Championship Pedigree
KJZ: The legendary Dawn Staley joins the show and more
40 min
Hour 3: The Madness Awaits
KJZ: Seth Greenberg joins to weigh in on the NCAA Tournament landscape
41 min
Hour 2: Unhappily Married?
KJZ: Russell Wilson is seemingly at odds with Seattle
42 min
Hour 1: Honorable NOT Mentioned
KJZ: Seahawks leave off Russell Wilson's name in letter to season ticket holders
42 min
Hour 4: Deal Is Done
KJZ: Stephen A. Smith and Allison Feaster join the show
40 min
Hour 3: Who's Next?
KJZ: Who's the next QB to get paid?
41 min
Hour 2: What Happens Next In Dallas?
KJZ: What does this deal mean for the expectations in Dallas?
42 min
Hour 1: Dak Gets Paid
KJZ: Dan Graziano joins to weigh in on Dak Prescott
40 min