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The Hockey Show: 4/17/21
Dave talks with Steve Cangialosi
47 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 4/10/21
Rothenberg: Mets shouldn't apologize for that win
58 min
The Hockey Show: 4/10/21
Dave breaks down the Isles-Devils trade
44 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 4/3/21
Rothenberg: Are Yankees fans overreacting?
70 min
The Hockey Show: 4/3/21
Dave chats with Isles HC Barry Trotz
48 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 3/27/21
Rothenberg: Are the Jets taking Darnold?
60 min
The Hockey Show: 3/27/21
Dave talks with Dan Rosen, Kenny Albert and more.
47 min
Jordan Raanan: 3/20/21
Jordan Ranaan: Giants still talking to Golloday
14 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 3/20/21
Rothenberg: Excited to have college hoops back!
59 min
The Hockey Show: 3/20/21
Dave talks Rangers blowout with Don, Isles with John Tonelli and more
48 min
The Dave Rothenberg: 3/13/21
Rothenberg: The Nets or the field?
86 min
The Hockey Show: 3/13/21
Dave chats with Barry Beck and A.J. Mlezcko
47 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 3/6/21
Rothenberg: What a time to be a Knicks fan
69 min
The Hockey Show: 3/6/21
Dave talks the locals, great NHL moments and more
48 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/27/21
Rothenberg: NYC will always be a Knicks town
86 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/20/21
Rothenberg: Darnold is not the answer
64 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/13/21
Rothenberg: The NFL offseason is going to be fun!
54 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/6/21
Rothenberg: Better story with a win, Brady or Mahomes?
82 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/30/21
Rothenberg: Can the Jets land Watson?
72 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/23/21
Rothenberg: Knicks fans rooting against the Nets?
84 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/16/21
Rothenberg: NFL Playoffs & NYC Sports
65 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/9/21
Rothenberg: NYC Sports is back!
74 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/2/21
Rothenberg: Should the Jets take Fields?
54 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 12/26/2020
Kamara and the Nets
68 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 12/24/20
Rothenberg: The Knicks lack talent
51 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 12/19/20
Rothenberg: NFL Week 15 preview
74 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 12/12/20
Rothenberg: Exciting times for the Giants
53 min
Cynthia Frelund: 12/5/.20
Week 13 with Cynthia Frelund on 98.7 ESPN
16 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 12/5/20
Rothenberg: Should Giants fans be excited?
73 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 11/28/20
Rothenberg: Giants winning the NFC East?
72 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 11/21/20
Rothenberg: Confident in the Knicks?
83 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 11/14/20
Rothenberg: Knicks shouldn't trade for Westbrook
62 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 10/31/20
Rothenberg: Great day to be a Mets fan
70 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 10/24/20
Rothenberg: What a horrendous loss for the Giants
53 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 10/17/20
Rothenberg: Astros winning is great for baseball
70 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 10/10/20
Rothenberg: The Rays are just better
89 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 10/3/20
Rothenberg: Both the Jets & Giants stink!
72 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/26/20
Rothenberg: No excuses for the Yankees
57 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/19/20
Rothenberg: Concerned about Darnold's future?
66 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/12/20
Rothenberg: NFL season is finally here!
88 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/5/20
Rothenberg: Yankees fans panicking?
60 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 8/29/20
Rothenberg: Mets fans should be optimistic & the NFL season is almost here
58 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Larry Hardesty Hosting
62 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Mets' Struggles, Yankees Injuries and Stump Rothenberg
55 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Mets stink, Giants need improvement
43 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
The Mets are Terrible, the MLB season may be over
51 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Washington Football Team Reaction and more
48 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Gordon Damer Hosting
57 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave offers his thoughts on the MLB shortened season, Jamal Adams contract and many more topics. Plus two rounds of Stump Rothenberg.
62 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave takes time to acknowledge that the trajectory of COVID_19 could cancel the sports calendar, reacts to Jamal Adams and Stump Rothenberg.
54 min
Alex Santos: 6/13/20
Houston Astros 2020 second round pick Alex Santos joined the Dave Rothenberg show on 98.7 ESPN to reflect on a dream come true.
7 min
Rich Kleiman
Rich Kleiman joined Dave to offer his thoughts on all but one NFL owner acknowledging BLM, the NBA returning this summer and more.
20 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave reacts to Kyrie Irving's comments during the NBAPA call, Jamal Adams' passive-aggressive post and Stump Rothenberg.
56 min
Rich Kleiman
Rich Kleiman joined Dave Rothenberg to offer his thoughts on Roger Goodell's statement, Drew Brees' apology, and much more.
22 min
Dave Rothenberg
Dave Rothenberg reacts to Roger Goodell's statements on the controversy of kneeling, Drew Brees' apology, Stump Rothenberg, and more.
46 min
Rich Kleiman
Rich Kleiman joined Dave to recap his documentary "Basketball County" and offer some passionate words on the state of our nation.
20 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave takes time to offer his thoughts on the current state of our nation with honesty and respect. Plus, 'Stump Rothenberg" and more.
57 min
Rich Klieman
Rich Klieman joins Dave to offer his thoughts on the top athletes of all-time, preview the upcoming 30 for 30's, and more.
42 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave offers his perspective on the Jamal Adams contract negotiations, performs two rounds of "Stump Rothenberg", and more.
75 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave reacts to the developing DeAndre Baker situation, offers his thoughts on the NFL incentive proposal and 'Stump Rothenberg".
69 min
Rich Klieman
Rich Kleiman joins Dave Rothenberg to discuss the evolution of his relationship with Kevin Durant, their best/worst sports New York moments, the Giant's schedule and much more
43 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave Rothenberg offers his feelings on the latest upcoming installment of "The Last Dance" that is centered around defeating the Knicks, his feelings on the Giants' draft selections, Stump Rothenberg and more.
62 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave Rothenberg offers his take on the first couple rounds of the draft, two solid rounds of Stump Rothenberg, and a Football Frenzy.
70 min
Connor Rogers
Dave Rothenberg was joined by Conner Rogers to offer his thoughts on the draft starting with his satisfaction with the Giants/Jets' selections. Plus, his feelings on the Packers and Eagles' picks.
16 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave Rothenberg offers his thoughts on the Jamal Adams situation, the pain that Michael Jordan caused him during the Bulls dynasty and much more. Plus, Stump Rothenberg returns!
50 min
Bob Wischusen
Dave Rothenberg is joined by Bob Wischusen to offer his thoughts on the Jamal Adams situation, the Jets' draft and much more.
20 min
Chris Trapasso
Dave Rothenberg was joined by Chris Trapasso to discuss the NFL draft specifically how the negative drug test will affect Mekhi Becton, how Dave Gettleman will perform and much more.
15 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 3/14/20
Dave Rothenberg reacts to the coronavirus effect on the world on 98.7 ESPN.
49 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 3/7/20
Dave Rothenberg reacts to the surprising news that the Nets & Kenny Atkinson have parted ways on 98.7 ESPN.
40 min
Connor Rogers: 3/7/20
Connor Rogers of Bleacher Report joined 98.7 ESPN to preview the Jets' NFL draft.
8 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Anita Marks fills in for Dave to recap all the inside information she got at the NFL combine this week specifically Intel on Tom Brady, speculation on other QB movements, NFL Draft and CBA news and much more. Plus, "Question Marks" with Cynthia Frelund.
45 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/22/20
Yankees fans should be concerned about Severino's health in a year that is without question championship or bust. What's the latest on the NFL CBA negotiations?
51 min
Lou DiBella 2-22-20
Pres of DiBella Entertainment Lou DiBella joined 98.7 ESPNs Dave Rothenberg show to preview Wilder-Fury 2.
8 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/15/20
The Astros didn't help themselves with that press conference this past week. Plus Stump Rothenberg.
51 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 2/8/20
The Knicks have gone the agent route for their new President of Basketball Operations. Plus, this week's edition of Stump Rothenberg on 98.7 ESPN.
62 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 1/25/20
Dave Rothenberg reacts to Eli Manning officially announcing his retirement on Friday afternoon.
56 min
Bryan Trottier: 1/18/20
Former Islander Bryan Trottier joined Dave Rothenberg to discuss how the team has fared so far & cheating sports on 98.7 ESPN.
9 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show 1/18/20
Jason Garrett was named the new OC of the Giants. Did the MLB get it right with the Astros? Dave Rothenberg discusses on 98.7 ESPN.
42 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/11/20
Dave Rothenberg discusses the Giants hiring Joe Judge as their head coach. Plus, a preview of the NFL playoff games with RJ Bell on 98.7 ESPN.
54 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 1/4/19
Dave Rothenberg discusses the Giants' search for a new head coach, the news of Yoenis Cespedes' ankle injury and RJ Bell joins to discuss the NFL Playoffs on 98.7 ESPN.
57 min
Cynthia Frelund: 12/28/19
NFL Network's Cynthia Frelund joined Anita Marks on 98.7 ESPN to discuss Week 17 of the NFL season.
10 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 12/28/19
Anita Marks previews Week 17 of the NFL season and analyzes the decisions the Giants have to make on 98.7 ESPN.
44 min
The Dave Rothenberg
Dave offers his thoughts on the Top Tier teams in New York as far as popularity, discusses the Giants, Football Frenzy, Stump Rothenberg and RJ Bell joins.
78 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave reacts to the Yankees' signing Gerrit Cole regretfully admitting they are potentially the best team in baseball, the Knicks 2 win streak, Sam Darnold and more.
83 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Rothenberg talks to SNY reporter, Ian Begley, about the recent firing of Knick's Head Coach, David Fizdale and the pair discuss what the organization needs to do to rebuild.
12 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Rothenberg analyzes the Knicks' firing of David Fizdale and what the team needs moving forward, chats NFL with RJ Bell, "Stump Rothenberg" and "Football Frenzy".
62 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Rothenberg discusses Myles Garrett's allegation against Mason Rudolph, officiating, and the New York Jets and Giants games.
59 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave discusses the punishment for Myles Garrett's helmet hit on Mason Rudolph, how the Knicks performed against Porzingis, and callers try to stump Rothenberg.
64 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave discusses the Knick's revenge win against Porzingas and the Mavs, the Jets-Giants game and much more.
53 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 11/2/19
Dave Rothenberg reacts to the Mets naming Carlos Beltran their new manager on 98.7 ESPN. Plus, the Jets have a disastrous week.
52 min
Matt Ehalt: 11/2/19
Mets reporter Matt Ehalt joined 98.7 ESPN to discuss the Beltran hiring. Plus, how does this roster shape up next season?
12 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Dave takes on the myriad of disappointing sports stories in New York from the Yankees, Mets, Jets, Giants and Knicks. Plus, RJ Bell joins for his best bets.
43 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 10/19/19
Dave was ready to eulogize the Yankees, but they're not dead yet! Plus, RJ Bell joins the show w/ his NFL Week 7 picks on 98.7 ESPN.
62 min
Buster Olney
Buster joins to discuss the Nationals big win last night, previews game 2. Discusses the Astros-Yankees game 1, how the Yankees rotation will hold up and much more.
10 min
Dave Rothenberg Show
Yankees won last night and Game 2 is tonight. Dave discusses the highs and lows of Game 1 and gets you ready for Game 2. Plus, RJ Bell joins
75 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show
Pete Alonso hits his 52nd HR last night and gives Mets reason to be excited about the future. Plus, RJ Bell joins the show.
52 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/21/19
We knew the day was coming & it's finally here, as the Giants bench Eli Manning. How is he going to be remembered? Dave discusses this on 98.7 ESPN.
55 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/14/19
Dave Rothenberg discusses the Mets losing last night to the Dodgers on 98.7 ESPN. Are the Jets done? Plus, RJ Bell of joins the show.
54 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 9/7/19
Dave Rothenberg reacts to the AB saga on 98.7 ESPN. Plus, are the Mets drawing him back in?
76 min
The Dave Rothenberg Show: 8/31/19
Mets get a win, but how much did it matter? Yankees fans concerned about the A's? Football Frenzy & Stump Rothenberg, as Dave returns from vacation on 98.7 ESPN.
54 min